The 10 best bosses



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    I'm not sure Trogdor was a boss.
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    All of the bosses in the original Devil May Cry!! and, of course, God of WAR!
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    mine are
    1.sephroth-final fantasy
    2.bowser-mario bros
    3.evil the cat-earthworm jim
    3giant mushroom-maple story
    4.giant cake-maple story aniversery boss
    5 The boss in jak and daxter but he didnt realy have a name i dont think?
    6.evil steroid alien-alien homid
    7.pyramid head-silent hill
    and thats it realy...
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    Where's the Psycho Mantis on people's lists from MGS? Best Boss battle I've ever watched. And most clever
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    Where's the Psycho Mantis on people's lists from MGS? Best Boss battle I've ever watched. And most clever

    "I'm going to be a boss!"
    "Am I hallucinating?!"
    "You like men!!"
    "You can see into my mind?!"
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    Where's the Psycho Mantis on people's lists from MGS? Best Boss battle I've ever watched. And most clever

    He's number six on my list. :p
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    The Giant Butcher Man from Psychonauts was cool too. He looks like a demented Paul Bunyan with those huge meat cleavers. I believe he makes Pyramid Head decide to go on steroids.
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    the only one i can think of is that annoying guy with the water guitar from kindom hearts 2. i can't remember his name.but anyway he traps you between two walls of water and comes flying at you swinging his guitar.i still can not to this day after getting to him a year and a half ago beat him.if i think of anymore ill post 'em.
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    1.culexfrom Super mario rpg(so fun)
    2.bowser final battle Super mario Galaxy
    3. Ganondorf: windwaker
    4.What ever the first boss on Sonic Unleashed is callled.
    5. Ansem: Kingdom Hearts(fun battle)
    that's all I can think of
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    the collosi from shadow of the collosus... who can forget them?
    Strangely nobody reffered them
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    Is that the end boss? Im almost done with the game! The Tank was pretty awesome too....from the 1st level.....ummm...maybe I should stop talkin I think this is spoilers and no one really cares....ok im

    Im not completly sure but I got the very end boss from Resident Evil Outbreak (It took me a while before I realized that you just have to escape.) Sephiroth from FF7 (Best end boss ever.) and im not completly sure about the rest.

    sorry bout that! I didnt put spoilers around it because it doesn't tell who's in the 'copter!
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    I really like Psycho Mantis (metal gear solid)
    But some of my favorites are Rawk Hawk (PM2), NK Cyborg (mother3), New Yokuba (Mother 3), and porky (Mother 3), Giygas (Earthbound), Dead Hand (Ocarina of Time), and Mr Genetor (Mother 3),
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    OH!"through the fire and flames"its really good practice but has annoying notes and really long so your arms get tired and thats what defeats you
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    Through The Fire and Flames on Expert on Guitar Hero.
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    10. Your mother (Life) [You can't defeat her, EVER]
    9.Bunny hunt mini-games (Rayman Raving Rabbids 1 and 2) [Funnest boss fights ever]
    8. GladOS (Portal) [LOL funny]
    7.King Dedede (Kirby series)[Awesome, just awesome]
    6.Lag (any emulator)[self expanitory]
    5. Tom Nook (Animal Crossing series)[Big bastard]
    4. G-Man (Half Life series)[He scares me]
    3.Through The Fire And Flames (Guitar Hero 3)[Self explanitory]
    2. Bowser (Mario series) [Persistant little bugger ain't he?]
    1. Gannondorf (Zelda series) [Even his shadow is hard to beat!]
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    My favorite boss is Alma from F.E.A.R. Look at her, with her cute little red dress and... oh no... she's coming my way... uh, guys? Anyone? Oh dear... she's getting closer... she's... she's... *EEEEEK!* Man, that girl's creepy...
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    Uhhhhh, this will be hard.
    10. I guess bowser, he is pretty good how he's always different
    9.TROGDOR! That was hilarious.
    8. That mantis dude from MGS (his name escapes me at the moment)
    7.I can't remember how to do spoiler tags, but you know who I'm talking about.
    6. I don't know if you could call him a boss, but I would say that fat dude who had the party in assassin's creed. (His run cycle was hilarious!)
    5.Master Hand from Smash Bros(not really a good boss but a classic)
    4.Clockwerk from sly 1 NOT CLOCKLA! (that is how you spell his name)
    3.Mike Tyson from I wanna be the guy
    2.Morpheel from Twighlight princess.
    1.AIRMAN! from Megaman 2. I can't defeat Airman!(use this link to see what I'm talking about)
    Note: These aren't in order of how much i like them (except airman, he IS the best) and they are all just the first things that came to mind. (MY VERSION OF THE AIRMAN SONG IS BETTER SOMEGUY FROM A ZOO!)
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    Personally, one of my favorite bosses is Morpha, the Giant Aquatic Amoeba from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

    I think I mostly like it because I think it was a clever idea to make a boss out of a giant aquatic amoeba. How would someone even think of that?

    I also like Smithy, or whatever his name is, from Super Mario RPG, which ironically did not include a boss modeled after an RPG (rocket propelled grenade) launcher.

    And... of course, the greatest villain of all time is, hands down: Sephiroth. It takes incredible skill to make a villain THAT creepy and awesome when the game that stars him has THAT crappy of graphics. A true work of art.
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    10. Star Wolf (any starfox game)- They have awesome theme music, a hispanic Womanizer, a crazy guy bent on Killing everything, and Red space ships. Come ON.
    9. Bowser (Kaizo Mario World)- Not only is the Boss fight changed, its also MURDEROUS difficult.
    8. Garland (Final Fantasy 1)- Oh no! Its GARLAND! How will my Black mage and three White Mages beat him!
    7. the Tentacle (Half Life 1)- It could only be destroyed by a ROCKET ENGINE.
    6. Specter (ape Escape)- Crazy. White Haired. Technologically ahead of his time. THIS is specter.
    5. Duon (SSB Brawl)- A giant two sided robot with a gun and a sword. Coolio.
    4. Balrog/Pooh Black (Cave Story)- I feel sorry for this Lunchbox/Laptop thing. But his big reveal was gaming GOLD (I'm not spoiling it- It has to be experienced FIRST HAND)
    3. Culex. (SMRPG)- A Mario/FF Crossover? Did I DIE and go to Hell-vean?
    2. the Shadow Queen (PM:TTYD)- I found this match dificult, But I finally beat it by exploiting every HP using thing I had.

    And the number ONE item on the list is...

    Misery, The Doctor, The Core/Hyper misery/Feral Sue and BALLOS. THAT IS PURE WIN.
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    10:the hobo(sonny 2):he IS easy.
    9:giant lazer bird(supertank):fat, lazered, and a tasty meal. looks good to me!
    8:MPI(ms paint adventures):succumb to unfathomable bratwurst!
    7:garland(FF1): "i, garland, will knock you all down!"
    6:krakko(mario remix boss edition): stupid capethingy!
    5:scumm tank(rampage, total destruction):"take this you overgrown lumox!"
    4:darkside heartless(kingdom hearts): beyond words.
    3:bowser(mario): ROWR SPACE MACHINE! ROWR STAR ROD!
    2:the final boss of super smash flash 2(super smash flash 2):i love SSF2
    1:dark beast nightmare overlord(eternal midnight):it will be in a game I make, and it be AMAZING. pulsating, powerful, difficult, evil, ruler of the nightmare realm, and it has a ride with CUP HOLDERS!
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    10. Mr. Burns (Springfield Nuclear Power Plant)
    9. The Monarch (The Fluttering Horde)
    8. Chad Va... Oh, you mean video game bosses?

    10. Joe Head Joe (SkullMonkeys) If you don't know him, Google him. And you'll see why he's awesome.
    9. Pyramid Head (Silent Hill 2, and, unfortunately, Origins, Arcade, and Homecoming) Scary, silent, and overused.
    8. All the bounties (Oddworld Stranger's Wrath) Hilarious, and it feels so good to beat 'em up.
    7. All of the colossuses. colossi? (Shadow of the Colossus) They're all so... beautiful.
    6. LeChuck (LeChuck's Revenge) As scary as playing Clock Tower on the PS1.
    5. Mysterio (Spiderman 2: The Movie) The one where he was robbing a convenience store.
    4. The Overseer at the beginning (Fallout 3) I merely piss him off and make him chase me while I make my grand escape.
    3. GLaDOS (Portal) I just love her and hate her at the same time.
    2. Trogdor (Peasant's Quest) How do you defeat a dragon with a beefy arm and a robot voice? Spoiler:
    You don't.
    1. Kochamara (Psychonauts) HARD TO AVOID.... AREA ATTACK!!!
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    No-one's mentioned the seven-part boss in Gunstar Heroes? Wow, you people are missing out!
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    the sentry gun:tf2.especiallly if youre a scout doo doo doo walkin into base to steal intel doo doo doo *walks around corner* pshewuh uh uh u hu h uh u hu h u h u "oh crap sentry!" *runs back* "okay think how do i get around it?i know!bonk atomic punch!" *glug*.....what!?!?!?! i cant grab the intel? what bullshi-pew pew pew *dead*
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    I didn't see that on any lists. Probably one of the all time favourite bosses
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    1. Darth Traya (KotOR2) - cryptic, mysterious, enemy yet still a teacher.
    2. Dr Morgan (Sanitarium) - scary.
    3. LeChuck (LCR) - real badass. Great scenery (skeletons of your parents, broken machines, feeling of beeing completny lost) + solving a puzzle while he's chasing you.
    4. Ethernal One (PS:T) - great explanation of his origins + possibility to defeat him without a fight.
    5. Darth Nihilus (KotOR2) - well designed but way to easy to defeat.
    6. Domino (Grim Fandango) - I was sooo happy when he died. I really hated the guy.
    7. Firekraag (BG2) - killing him was so rewarding...
    8. Pyramidhead (SH2) - scary. Just wonder how can he walk with such a big head : )
    9. Boc (Jedi Knight) - crazy. Completly crazy.
    10. Queen (American McGee's Alice) - scary.
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    hmm not sure I'll come up with 10 but here are a few

    M Bison / Vega (name differs depending on location)
    Tyrant (Resident Evil)
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