choose your own adventure #1 by:antirikurox

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this episode is called: mario?

okay, here it goes,

"you are a cat named jake that owns a store, you have A LOT of business! a guy comes up and says "you suck!" you yell at him and say:"
"dear player,
to play this game you have to choose where you are going to go! where should i go next?!


should you:
a: "no! you suck!"
b: "get out of my store NOW!"
c: don't say anything just think that they suck.


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    Even though you have never asked me to give you permission to make this thread, I'll let you go ahead with it anyway. I do not want any more of these threads to be made, due to the possibility of my idea ending up like the silly adventures. I'll let a user make a thread like mine just this once. Have fun. :)
    Please, do not make any more of these. If another one of these shows up, I will ask moderators to lock it.
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    actually, sorry, this is not based off of you! and i am just starting making choose your own adventures, sorry but, you can not say they took your thing without asking without asking them if they did! and 1: where did you get that quote?!
    and 2: I never saw any of your things! so sorry! i couldn't have copied you!
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    now, i just now saw it!
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    Yeah, sorry about that. You can have this thread, but accident or not, if another one is made, I will ask moderators to lock it. By the way, the quote is from benjamins copy of the game entitled, "what do i do?"
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    okay, wow i found yours a few minutes ago it is good! "you hear a BANG"
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    Napoleon! update your thread! do it! do it!
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    Do it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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