Make your own band album cover (at random!)

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Alright, I just wanted to do this since I found it on the Rifftrax blog. It's an internet meme that basically makes your own album cover at random. The rules are:

Your album cover is the third image from this page.

Your band name is the name of the article at the top on this page. (link down, replacement at bottom of post)

And your album title is the last four words of the final quote on this page. (link down, replacement at bottom of post)

And you edit it all together on Paint or Photoshop or something.

This be mine:


Wow. I don't even think there's any kind of description for this one.

EDIT: The band name link is down, so here's a replacement: Clicky!
EDIT: Here's the other replacement link: Clicky here too!


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    Bad quality, What it says in the corner is 'Take our breath away'
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    Some sort of new wave band? In Wisconsin?
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    Some sort of new way band? In Wisconsin?

    I was thinking more that they were the three artist's nicknames.
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    I don't really think "Winnebago County" is a good nickname. Just sayin.
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    I don't really think "Winnebago County" is a good nickname. Just sayin.

    Nor was 50 cent if you ask me.
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    Nor was 50 cent if you ask me.

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    I wanted to do it again, for the lulz. And here we go:


    Um, yeah. It sounds like some sort of queer-core band where they read a Bathroom Reader out loud.

    I'll just say you can redo it as much as you want, but don't do it every other post. Just do it once every so often.
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    Hehe, here's mine.

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    Are those sequins or snakeskin?
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    Sequins I think.
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    heres mine
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    Did you remember to put on the album title?
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    i couldent, the album title link was broken.
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    I'll get a new one up soon.
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    picture.php?albumid=117&pictureid=1485 Wierd,huh.
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    Album title and band name not from links, unfortunately.

    EDIT: I found the links now. I misunderstood link down as in the website was down.
    (You should move them up!)
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    Get it,a broken bottle of beer, Waisted time
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    Page Title - Gobbler
    Quote - "Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. You wait and watch and work: You don't give up."
    -Anne Lamott
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    I was messing around with the random Wikipedia page link, and I came across a page for Taylor Dooley. HOLY CRAP I FOUND LAVA GIRL.
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    My friend made a site to auto-generate the cover images a few months ago.


    Here's mine, amusingly generated by his auto-assembly script:

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    Best band name ever:


    ... Awesome...


    Good thing for auto-generators.
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    this one is brilliant

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    Wow, the title for Jake's actually makes sense. :p

    Anyway, I tried out the randomizer, and here is my result:

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    Wow. This is one of the best things on the Internet.
    I could.. just.. keep clicking it... all the time.
    And it would still keep giving me these great band names.
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    Last time screwed up, here's a new one:


    EDIT: And for no reason, when I clicked it again, I got a Monk episode for a band name.

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    Sweet :D
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