Peter Sallis

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So... I take it you didn't have enough cash to hire him to reprise his role?

Or did he turn you down? (He is as old as Methuselah so I guess I'd understand if he was sick or something).

Don't get me wrong; I don't mean to sound angry... I'm just a bit disappointed.


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    I personally think they got his backup actor because Peter was too old to do the role again. And you know how many different lines there are going to be in even one Telltale episode.
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    "backup actor"?
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    The replacement actor is the official backup one from Aardman, so yeah, the reason was most likely "way too many lines for him at his age". Since Gromit doesn't talk, Wallace has to do all the talking, which includes not only conversations with every character but multiple comments at items and our beloved "did you try...?" combinations, which make up for a lot of talking, in four episodes with little time inbetween each one.

    EDIT: Yep, the actor in the games is his official replacement, whenever Peter Sallis isn't available they talk to this person because he can mimic Sallis' voice pretty well. He's done a few ads before.
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    Mimic yes but its a very flat voice in the demo, lacks a bit of life
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    Yeah I'd imagine the problem was more the amount of dialogue there is, rather than financial issues.
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