Wallace & Gromit 102: The Last Resort "Did you try?" list

EDIT: Forgot to mention this is the UNOFFICIAL DYT list. Sorry bout that.

I've already done one for Ep. 101, didn't see why I shouldn't do one for 102.
Anyway, here's the list:


In Wallace & Gromit 102: The Last Resort, did you...

...notice the spare track floating in the water? (It's near the back right corner)
...show the weather magazine to Duncan and Miss Flitt while they're having an argument?
...show the flower to Miss Flitt while she's outside?
...repeatedly side with either Constable Dibbins or Major Crum during their argument?
...show any other magazine to Paneer while he's outside his shop?
...look in the window of the law house?
...try going into the law house after Dibbins and Crum make up?
...repeatedly let Paneer's sandcastle get smashed?
...put the toy soldier on the wrong sandcastle tower?
...hear all of Duncan's insults to Mrs. Gabberley?
...repeatedly bang the dinner gong?
...repeatedly talk to Gromit in the kitchen?
...hear all of the ambience sounds?
...ask everyone in the house if they want a cuppa after getting the tea from Gromit? (Including Mrs. Gabberley before AND after cheering her up?)
...blame anyone EXCEPT the dogs during the first part of Wallace's deductions?
...choose everything and anything for all three of Wallace's deductions, including random things in your inventory?
...choose Crum for a witness while the dogs aren't wearing the right costumes? While they're wearing no costumes at all?
...click on anything else EXCEPT the "FUN" button while hiding as the cardboard cutout?
...use any of the other stuff floating around in the water in the fourth chapter to get the squeaky toy off?
...throw a starfish at Duncan?


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    Yeah, why Wallace and Gromit doesn't have an official "Did you try" list anyway.
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