Wallace & Gromit in Muzzled! ending discussion (spoilers)

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Okay, I want to hear you all respond to the wild ending of Muzzled. Gotta love Wallace's reaction to Felicia reacting to Wallace's "marriage proposal".


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    They would make one ugly baby
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    What exactly does happen at the end. i can't get the game so i would like to know now.
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    At the end, Wallace & Gromit save the day after an exciting scene, and everything is ok with the world.
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    Poor chap. I wouldn't wish his fate upon my worst enemy.
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    I loved the ending. His expression at the very end was great :D
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    poor wallace =( i would not want anyone having to marry the ugly girl and im sure wallace would not want to after the teabag mistake in ep 1 or as wallace said oh eh ah
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