Invent Chuck Norris facts



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    A grue will never eat Chuck Norris,he eats the grue
    The world is rotating because Chuck Norris gives it a round house kick every morning to keep it moving
    The universe is expanding because the stars are afraid of Chuck Norris and flee
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    The meaning of life is whatever Chuck Norris says it is.
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    everything works when CHUCK NORRIS is around... everything.
    CHUCK NORRIS can do NO handed pushups!
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    Chuck Norris can only die by will, and can come back to life if he wanted.

    Even when Chuck has negative chance of winning, he wins. He wins all the better than he would if he were to have had fifty percent chance.
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    Do you know how Santa delivers all the gifts in one night?Chuch Norris helps him.
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    Chuck Norris gets 50% off and free shipping in Telltale's store. Always. Even on prints.
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    Chuck Norris wins on greyhound tracks every time... As contestant
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    The GM Man wrote: »
    Chuck Norris can divide by zero.
    Chuck Norris doesn't have an oven, because justice is a dish best served cold.
    If a tree falls in a forest, does anyone hear it? Chuck Norris does.
    Chuck Norris isn't afraid of the dark. The dark is afraid of Chuck Norris.
    So can quite a few mathmaticians. The answer is in terms of i
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    Everytime Chuck Norris makes a movie the stocks increase in the market.

    The theory of Big Bang was made by Chuck Norris
    The theory of Big Bang states that the universe expands due to the awesomeness powers of Chuck Norris
    Scientist believe this power originates from Chuck Norris beard.
    The theory of Big Bang name came from one Of Chuck Norris ex wife after she described what was her first honeymoon with him like.
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