TWD: Right or Wrong (Interactive) - Season 2 Episode 1 Part 3 Released



  • Sigh Not only did we lose an awesome member, but we also lost an awesome story ='(.

    IDK I was thinking the same thing.


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    Sigh Not only did we lose an awesome member, but we also lost an awesome story ='(.

  • It's too late ='(. Hopefully it isn't too long of a ban. I can't imagine he did anything too bad.


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    Well... I was supposed to tell you guys that he's banned, but it looks like you already know.

    He told me he won't be back for a week or two.

    So... Yeah.

  • He's banned? what did he do?

  • He was part of the thing with NukemDukem, where the mods(Vain) banned a bunch of people for exposing that asshole for the greedy bastard he really is. GHOUSTTTT and Giraffehat were also banned. A total of seven people I think, including TinyC and the others. Giraffehat was banned permanently, but I think TinyC only got a 1-2 week ban.

    He's banned? what did he do?

  • He told me it should only be 1-2 weeks.

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    It's too late ='(. Hopefully it isn't too long of a ban. I can't imagine he did anything too bad.

  • He was part of the NukemDukem thing, trying to expose that asshole for the greedy bastard he really is. Along with Tiny C, six other people were banned, including GHOUSTTTT, and Giraffehat was banned PERMANENTLY.

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    Wait a minute, he's banned!? Why!?

  • Doesnt surprise me. Vain's a jerk

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    He was part of the thing with NukemDukem, where the mods(Vain) banned a bunch of people for exposing that asshole for the greedy bastard he


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    He was part of the NukemDukem thing, trying to expose that asshole for the greedy bastard he really is. Along with Tiny C, six other people were banned, including GHOUSTTTT, and Giraffehat was banned PERMANENTLY.

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    Well, Giraffehat at least. Vain is a real jerk. As it is, NukemDukem, aside from being, ya'know, awful, is also breaking rules. But Vain hasn't banned him because, supposedly, Vain is a fan of his. Ergo, ND's critics being banned for ridiculous things.

    Blind Sniper just confirmed that TinyC was only banned for 10 days. Not sure abou GHOUSTTTT, but Giraffehat was definitely banned permanently.

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  • Okay, so TinyCarlos should be back in ten days or so, according to Blind Sniper.

  • Sigh Well, R.I.P. Giraffehat. You were a good goose.

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    Well, Giraffehat at least. Vain is a real jerk. As it is, NukemDukem, aside from being, ya'know, awful, is also breaking rules. But Vain has

  • Most of those who were banned have moved over to the othertwdforum for the moment it would seem.

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    Sigh Well, R.I.P. Giraffehat. You were a good goose.

  • I find it irritating that tons of users have been banned lately.

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    Okay guys, so some bad news. TinyCarlos has been IP banned by Vain. not surprising, seeing what an asshole that guy is, but this means that TinyC won't be able to update the story here until Blind Sniper gets it all sorted out.

    However, He's also said that he's basically done with the TTG Community. I'm not sure what this means for the fan-fic, but I felt you all should know.

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    Why did they have to take our favorite fanficker. Why.

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    Okay guys, so some bad news. TinyCarlos has been IP banned by Vain. not surprising, seeing what an asshole that guy is, but this means that

  • I made a thread defending you. I truly, truly believe you guys are trying. but Vain? why? why would you do this? Please. All I ask is that you explain why you banned TInyCarlos.

  • Can you link it?

    I made a thread defending you. I truly, truly believe you guys are trying. but Vain? why? why would you do this? Please. All I ask is that you explain why you banned TInyCarlos.

  • Because Vain is a fan of NukemDukem, and he didn't ban him but banned tons of other innocent members. Seriously, what the fuck? Why is he even a mod if he's gonna be all biased and shit?

    I made a thread defending you. I truly, truly believe you guys are trying. but Vain? why? why would you do this? Please. All I ask is that you explain why you banned TInyCarlos.

  • Tiny seems to have been unbanned, why isn't he posting? :'(

  • Has anyone stood up to Vain?

  • Just found out I was unbanned, thanks everyone for being patient - I'll probably get working on the next part either later today or tomorrow.

  • Thanks Carlos.

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    Just found out I was unbanned, thanks everyone for being patient - I'll probably get working on the next part either later today or tomorrow.

  • Hell yeah. I have, and look where that got me.

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    Has anyone stood up to Vain?

  • The Walking Dead: Right or Wrong

    Season 1, Episode 5: No Time Left

    Part III

    Day 170, 7:15 PM

    Adam stared at the wall. Three of his friends were dead. There was only four of them left, who knows what Lucas and his group did to Lee and everyone else.

    "Adam." David called my name. Adam turned around, stepping up. His eyes were halfway closed. He was tired. He didn't want to move.

    "We need to get moving. Staying in this place isn't going to work." David added.

    "Where are we going to go?" Adam asked. David didn't have an answer.

    "Just fucking get up." David answered. Adam didn't want to get angry, so he just stood up.

    "Is it my fault?" Adam asked. David had said anyone who died there was his fault.

    "No." David replied.

    "Why not?" Adam asked.

    "Because it wasn't. It was Lucas, and those crazy fuckers." David replied.

    "I lost my sister a bit before this all started. A man in a black car killed her. I didn't know who it was - and still don't to this day. John Duke, the crazy guy who tried to get on the train - he's been hunting me. He only found out until this one day. I wanted to tell him about the license plate, but I had found out he knew what I was. I ran, and all this began."

    Adam, get inside! Danny's voice played in his head.

    "Ava and Beatrice are waiting for us." David finally said. Adam nodded, and the two of them walked out of the room, walking down the stairs. They walked out of the door and saw Beatrice and Ava standing there. Beatrice was smoking a cigarette.

    "I was so quick to leave them there." Beatrice said, her voice full of regret. Adam frowned.

    "You saved me that day, Adam. You, Xavier, Nero..." Her voice began to break, tears falling down her cheek.

    "And I was fine with leaving him and Sonya back there." Beatrice sighed.

    "Adam, can I speak to you for a second?" Ava asked. Adam nodded, walking over to Beatrice and hugging her. He then walked over to a corner and talked to Ava while David and Beatrice were talking.

    "I'm sorry about Nero, Sonya and Daniel." Ava said.

    "Yeah, me too." Adam sighed.

    "I'm worried about you." Ava said.

    "Why?" Adam asked.

    "You got that look in your eyes. Vengeance. I saw it in my fiance, Alex." Ava told him.

    "Vengeance? You're goddamn right. I'm going to kill those motherfuckers who were with Lucas." Adam growled.

    "That isn't you anymore." Ava replied.

    "Are you sure?" Adam questioned.

    "You're just angry." Ava said.

    "Maybe I am. Doesn't change the fact I'm going to kill them either way." Adam crossed his arms.

    "You said you wanted to change. Killing them doesn't change anything." Ava said.

    "Doesn't change anything!? It actually changes everything! Those motherfuckers won't kill ANY more of us!" Adam retorted.

    "I'm going to check out that shelter around the corner. You try to calm Beatrice down. We gotta move soon." Ava finally said. Adam sighed, walking over to Beatrice and Adam.

    "What was that about?" David asked.

    "Nothing." Adam replied. Adam looked over to Ava walking in the alleyway to get into the shelter that was around the corner.

    "You guys had something, right?" David asked.

    "Had what?" Adam asked.

    "It's fine if you did. We were together once, after her fiance died. It just didn't work out. Then we got split up. I was at a different camp, and she was at Thomas'. I was with a guy named William Carver, a psychopath like Thomas. I escaped Carver's camp alone. Then they took me in, and this place was damn near impossible to escape. And you guys were able to pull it off, even though you lost your friend Frankie." David explained.

    "I think we should head back to the house and see if Lee and everyone else is there." David suggested.

    "We will after Ava-" Adam began to say, but he was interrupted by a scream that sounded like Ava. Adam grabbed his pistol, as did David and they both ran to the noise. They peeked to the corner and Adam saw John Duke, and the two guys who started the fire at the place they were held captive.

    "My car won't start." John complained.

    "Shut up, girl! I'll fuckin' beat your head in if you don't stop fucking screamin'!" Henry yelled, holding her mouth with his hand.

    "Just get in my car. Let's move." Dave said, getting into the drivers seat.

    "Why the fuck are we standing here!?" David questioned. Adam and David came out from the corner, and saw Henry pushing Ava in the car. John Duke looked at him.

    "See ya around, Adam." John chuckled, getting inside Dave's car. Adam fired at John, but missed. David saw Henry and fired at him, he had shot him in the neck. Henry held his wound, gurgling out blood and then falling to the ground, blooding spilling on the concrete. Dave then started the car, and Adam kept firing at the vehicle.

    "FUCK!" Adam yelled.

    "Goddamn it, are you fucking......fuck!" David yelled. Adam then looked at John's car. It was a black sedan, with a license plate labeled Y38910. Adam recognized that number. John said that was his car....

    Adam felt like exploding once he realized something. He flashed back to when his sister was killed. Adam clenched his fist, his face reddening. Adam stood still, all the anger running through his veins.

    "Adam, what is it!?" David questioned. Adam then let everything out, yelling as loud as he could. Adam had one priority now. Find John Duke.

  • YES!!!!!

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    The Walking Dead: Right or Wrong Season 1, Episode 5: No Time Left Part III Day 170, 7:15 PM Adam stared at the wall. Three of h

  • I'm still not sure s to the realism of this revenge mission thing, but it's pretty cool nonetheless.

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    The Walking Dead: Right or Wrong Season 1, Episode 5: No Time Left Part III Day 170, 7:15 PM Adam stared at the wall. Three of h

  • That chapter was so cool! Btw, I made a new character, a girl named Sophia. But it will probably take forever for her to appear in the story :/

  • What will you do with the hundreads of character left?

  • I think there'll be 2 or 3 more parts left.

  • The Walking Dead: Right or Wrong

    Episode Five, No Time Left

    Part IV

    Adam fell to his knees. He had a million questions jumping around in his head. How did John Duke get in Savannah? Adam swore that he was eaten alive.

    "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!" David yelled, punching the brick wall to the left of him. Adam heard the gurgling of Henry, the man who was shot in the neck by David. Adam quickly ran over to the wounded man.

    "Where did they take her!? Tell me. Tell me right fucking now." Adam threatened. The man looked over at Adam, blood spurting out of his neck.

    "Adam. He's gone." David sighed, the man finally dying. Adam rose up, facing David.

    "What happened!?" Beatrice exclaimed, running over. She then looked at the black sedan, and the dead body.

    "They took Ava." David sighed.

    "How!? You didn't stop them!?" Beatrice yelled.

    "We tried-" Adam sighed. Adam then sat down on the ground, rubbing his forehead.

    "We'll find her. But first we better get back to the house and find Lee and the others. I assume they didn't take them." David suggested.

    "Can we get that sedan started?" Beatrice asked.

    "John said he couldn't get it working." Adam replied.

    "John? Who's John?" Beatrice asked.

    "The man who killed my sister." Adam replied, walking off.

    Lee's vision was blurry, all he felt was the pain from his now gone arm.

    "Lee!" Kenny tried to get his attention, Lee groaned in pain looking at his arm.

    "Holy fuck. I thought we lost you." Omid smiled in relief. Ben, Christa, Kenny, and Omid were all sitting in the house in the living room. Lee was laying down on a couch, his hand sawed off by Kenny. He was bandaged properly, fortunately. But he felt that blood was still trickling from his amputation.

    "Where...fuck..." Lee winced.

    "Just take a rest, pal. We ain't goin' nowhere." Kenny said.

    "Do you think we did it fast enough?" Christa questioned.

    "Can't tell. I think we did the right thing cutting it off right away. Good call, Lee." Kenny noted.

    "Where's Clem..?" Lee asked.

    "The guy on the radio. He took her." Ben told him.

    "When you're able. We're goin' to go after him." Kenny informed him.

    "We need to go now..." Lee said, still wincing.

    "We can't, Lee. It's too dangerous. What if you pass out in the middle of a herd?" Christa asked.

    "What about everyone else?" Lee questioned.

    "They left us." Kenny growled.

    "You don't know that." Omid replied.

    "I know they ain't here. Hell, they coulda taken Clementine if we didn't know about the guy on the radio..." Kenny crossed his arms.

    "They wouldn't do such a thing. Maybe they left, but they never would have taken Clementine." Christa gave her opinion about the rest of the group.

    "Well, they're gone n-" Kenny began to say, but he was interrupted when he heard feet running across the grass outside, then the door had opened. Adam, Beatrice and David walked in.

    "Where the hell were you fuckers!?" Kenny growled.

    "KENNY." Christa warned.

    "We got kidnapped by a bunch of fuckin' psychos. You guys didn't?" David questioned.

    "They shot us with tranquilizer darts. Took us to some fucking room. Daniel, Nero, and Sonya didn't make it out. Those motherfuckers came back and took Ava." Adam told them.

    "Jesus Christ." Omid sighed.

    "How did they get in the house without us noticing?" Ben questioned.

    "Which makes it hard to fuckin' believe." Kenny noted, nodding at Ben's question.

    "You think I'm fucking making this up!? You think I'm-" Adam said, but then Adam noticed that he lost an arm. He faced Lee, gasping.

    "What the hell happened to you!?" Adam questioned.

    "Got bit. I cut it off." Lee said.

    "Did you do it right away?" Adam asked, remembering Mitchell. Frankie cut off his hand fast enough so Mitchell had survived. He wondered if he was still with Vince and Justin wherever they were.

    "I think so." Lee winced.

    "Where's Clementine?" Beatrice asked.

    "The guy on the radio took her." Christa replied. Beatrice sighed.

    "Everything got so fucked so fast." Kenny sighed. Then the group heard moaning noises, and Adam quickly jumped up, looking through the window. He spotted many walkers surrounding the house.

    "Oh fuck!" Adam exclaimed.

    "What is it?" Ben asked.

    "Walkers! Lots of 'em!" Adam yelled.

    "They shouldn't be able to get through the backyard right?" Kenny questioned, right after he said that a thud was heard. "Maybe not." Kenny sighed.

    "We can secure this place!" Christa noted.

    "Here, I'll help you get up." David said, trying to lift Lee up.

    "I'm fine." Lee shrugged him off, standing up.

    "Oh shit!" Omid's eye widened, he spotted the front door was open, and a walker was almost inside. He then rushed towards the door, pushing it closed.

    "Everyone help OMID NOW!" Adam ordered. Everyone else was trying to push the door close, and Adam was about to go help but something caught his leg, he then fell over, landing on his stomach, he quickly turned around to see a walker grabbing Adam's shoe, pulling in to bite it. Adam started to kick the hand of the walker to break free. He finally broke free, rising up.

    "Lee, get back from the doors! You don't look too good, Adam - HELP!" Kenny yelled.

    "Cut their fucking arms off!" Christa ordered.

    "There's gotta be a knife or something in there!" Omid suggested. Adam then rushed to the drawers of the counter, pulling the first one he saw. He then spotted a cleaver, grabbing it and rushing over to everyone else. Lee was still holding the door, despite how Kenny had told him to stop. Adam then stepped forward, cleaver in hand. Lee backed off as Adam started hacking off the arms that were trying to get inside the house. Once he was finished, they successfully closed the door. The group then sighed in relief, unsure of what to do next.

    "Now what?" Ben asked.

    "Get ready to fight." Lee sighed.

    "This place seems sturdy to me." Christa said. Boy, was she wrong. The walkers had broke into the glass windows that were in the living room, once specifically had crawled through, landing on the ground. Then, more walkers had taken down the back door where Adam had his foot grabbed by a walker.

    "Sturdy my ass! Get upstairs!" Lee yelled, taking the cleaver from Adam. He noticed two walkers that were familiar, one was Brie, and the other one was Vernon. Lee frowned, then sliced Brie's head, and then Vernon's. He then ran upstairs, behind everyone else.

    "Guys help me with this!" Kenny yelled, pushing a office desk. Adam then helped him while Omid, Christa, David, Beatrice, Lee all fired at the walkers that were trying to get up the stairs. The two of them kept pushing, and the five people who were firing their guns ran into the hallway, Ben following.

    "We get to the end of the hallway and take a fuckin' stand!" Kenny groaned as he and Adam kept pushing. They had blocked the hallway, Kenny and Adam then climbed across the desk, the eight of them all pointing their guns at whatever would show up.

    "Let's get as many as we can. When we see an opening, we go for it." Kenny said.

    "How many bullets y'all have?" Kenny asked.

    "Four." Omid said.

    "Five." Lee said.

    "Six." Christa said.

    "Two." Ben said.

    "Just one." Beatrice sighed.

    "Seven." David said.

    "Three." Adam said.

    "Y'all know where to aim." Kenny said.

    "Up!" Christa pointed to the ladder of the attic. Lee then pulled the string, unleashing the ladder. The group then climbed up, one by one. Then Lee closed it.

    "That coulda gone better." Kenny sighed.

    "Shut up." Christa said.

    "We made it. That's all that matters." Beatrice replied.

    "Sure. But we need to figure out somethin'." Kenny began to say. "Do you think that worked?" Kenny added, referencing to Lee's arm.

    "It did work. If I'm gonna die, it'll be cause of the blood loss. Safe to say that won't be the case, though." Lee looked at his patched up amputation.

    "Guys, we need to get out of here. Maybe wait around the area for Carley to get back." Omid suggested.

    "Where the hell did Carley go, anyways?" Adam questioned.

    "She went to look for you guys. Hopefully she's alright." Christa answered. Kenny frowned.

    "I think we need to have an 'adult' conversation if Lee takes another spill." Kenny said.

    "He looks fine to me." Omid sighed.

    "We could be lookin' at a Larry situation here." Kenny told him.

    "It's nothing like Larry. Trust me, you cut it off at the right time. Any later, and he wouldn't have made it." Adam replied.

    "Lee, I'm not advocating anything here...but how is this not a thing? We're so worked up about Clementine that we forgot what the fuck happened to you!" Kenny growled.

    "What if it was you and it was DUCK out there?" Lee questioned.

    "Whoa there, friend." Kenny growled.

    "I bet you'd rather stay focused on the problem and not have people turn on you." Lee replied.

    "This is getting out of hand." Omid sighed.

    "You're gonna listen to ME. We will get Clementine back - with or without you. Because I haven't given up everything to die because we were STUPID." Kenny retorted.

    "Then just kill me you son of a bitch! Don't even fucking hesitate!" Lee yelled.

    "I WILL." Kenny growled, grabbing a small statue of a head, ready to throw at Lee. He hesitated, then turned around and threw it at the wall.

    "You ruined that dude's face." Omid noted.

    "Shut up, sweetie. Look." Christa pointed to the small damaged part of the wall, Kenny walked up to it crouching and gripping the small piece of wood, pulling it out.

    "It's corroded to hell." Kenny noted.

    "What's on the other side of this wall? A thirty-foot drop?" Christa asked.

    "No this mansion butts up to the one next door." Omid answered. Lee then grabbed the coat rack, slamming it against the broken wall. He then put a decent hole on the wall. Kenny then grabbed the coat rack from Lee, hitting the wall a few times.

    "Yeah. We can do this." Kenny smiled.

    "We'll work in shifts. Omid, Christa, David, Adam, Beatrice and I. Lee, you rest." Kenny told them. Kenny began to hit the wall again and again as everyone else moved over to the couch. Ben sat by himself, as Beatrice, David, Adam, Omid, Christa, and Lee all sat down on the couches.

    "I hope Carley's okay." Lee sighed.

    "I'm sure she is." Christa replied.

    "So what exactly happened?" Omid asked Adam.

    "A few crazy fucks kidnapped us, took us to a room. Sonya was knocked out the whole time, Daniel was killed. Nero stayed behind because he couldn't get Sonya loose. The guys the leader was with, burned down the place we were in. They died. Daniel killed the leader before he died, and then we let Ava out of our sight for one second. They took her." Adam explained, fully.

    "Y'all don't mind if I smoke in here, right?" Beatrice finally said, interrupting the silence. Everybody shook their head, Beatrice then pulled out a cigar that she had found from a local gas station, lighting the cigar.

    "Anyone else want one?" Beatrice asked.

    "Hell, I'll take one." David shrugged, Beatrice then handed him a cigar, lighting it.

    "When you guys meant Larry situation, what did you mean?" Christa asked. Adam and Lee were the only ones who knew the answer to that question.

    "There was an old guy, he had a daughter named Lilly. He had a heart attack, and we weren't sure if he was going to survive. Kenny thought we should kill him, so he wouldn't come back. But we refused. He ended up surviving, and he went off with a few other people - he didn't want to go any further with our group. We haven't seen him since." Lee explained.

    "That guy was an asshole." David sighed.

    "Yes, he was." Lee nodded.

    "His daughter died when bandits attacked the motor inn. Lilly." Adam frowned.

    "I'm sorry." Christa sighed, noticing Adam's reaction when he mentioned Lilly.

    "Aah. I'm outta gas. You look good and rested." Kenny panted, talking to Omid.

    "I can do it." Christa said to Omid.

    "Nah, hon. You can hop in after me." Omid smiled, walking towards the wall, continuing the duty.

    "I'm through!" Omid smiled, the group then crouched through the hole in the wall, then they were greeted with a dead couple laying in the bed, the both of them presumably had shot themselves in the head. Omid and Christa frowned, holding each others.

    "I've seen so many dead people. I don't know why this one breaks my heart so much." Christa sighed.

    "It's what Katjaa did." Kenny felt a tear running down his cheek.

    "You shouldn't dwell on the past, Ken." Lee said.

    "No, Lee. She left me. Everyone that cared about us. I forgive her, but it don't make it any less wrong. You don't just end it because it's hard - you stick it out. You help the folks you care about. Let's get out there and get that little girl." Kenny felt his confidence boosting, and then he smiled. David opened the door which led to a balcony.

    "We can stay off the street all the way to River Street if we're careful." Kenny smiled.

    "Go ahead." Ben nodded. Lee then stood up on the balcony, going first. He jumped across, carefully climbing up. Omid did the same, as did Christa, Kenny and then Adam. After Adam got across, the balcony had gone loose. Nobody had noticed until Ben got on it, and had fallen down. He then yelled in fear as he fell down, clattering onto the hard concrete.

    "Me and my fuckin' mouth." Kenny sighed.

    "Holy fuck, what are we gonna do!?" Omid said, shocked. David and Beatrice were still in the attic. Kenny then quickly rushed down the ladder, into the alleyway. Then he looked at Ben and saw something sticking through his stomach.

    "I'm okay. I'm okay." Ben winced.

    "We can't do anything to help him." Lee said, behind Kenny.

    "We can get him out of this - Just..." Kenny began to say, but then he spotted a few walkers glancing at their direction, and a few behind him also noticed.

    "Fuck!" Kenny growled. Kenny then grabbed Ben by his waist, an attempt to pull him up. Ben yelled in pain, then Kenny rose up.

    "How many bullets you got left? I've only got one." Kenny said.

    "I'm out." Lee replied.

    "Shit. Get the fuck outta here." Kenny told him.

    "WHAT?" Lee questioned.

    "She needs you Lee." Kenny replied.


    "THIS IS NOT A DISCUSSION!" Kenny yelled.

    "Hell, no man - I'm not leaving!" Lee retorted.

    "What did I just say!?" Kenny questioned.

    "Let's get Ben and get out of here!" Lee said. Kenny then frowned, pushing Lee and then closed the gate behind him. Lee grabbed the bars of the gate, pushing up against it.

    "What the fuck, Kenny!?" Lee growled.

    "Lee, Lee. It's okay." Kenny said.

    "No, KEN. No it's NOT!" Lee growled.

    "It's just somethin' I gotta do. You know that." Kenny told him.

    "Go get that girl!" Kenny smiled. The walkers began to block both ways.

    "Back you sons of bitches!" Kenny growled, smacking a walker with his gun, a walker grabbed ahold of him, and then he just kicked it off. He ran towards Ben, and Lee heard one final cry before Kenny had fired a bullet in his head. After that, all Lee heard was eating and groaning. Lee climbed up the ladder, with a sad expression.

    "What happened!?" Christa questioned.

    "Goddamn..." Adam sighed.

    "Jesus Christ!" Beatrice exclaimed.

    "Kenny and Ben didn't make it." Lee finally said.

  • The Walking Dead: Right or Wrong

    Season 1, Episode Five No Time Left

    Part V

    Day 170

    "Maybe you could try jumping across?" Adam suggested to David and Beatrice.

    "I don't think that'll work. Go on without us." David crossed his arms.

    "It's not that far, goddamn it!" Adam retorted.

    "Lucas hurt my leg, I can't jump that far. Beatrice, you go with them." David said.

    "No. I'm not leaving anyone else. Go!" Beatrice ordered. Adam didn't want to, but it's what they wanted. Adam, Christa, Omid, and Lee continued walking on the roof.

    "Now with Kenny gone, Omid and I have to stay safe for her. Who knows what could happen down there." Christa said, looking at the ground where all the walkers were at, Adam looked at the Marsh House sign.

    "Let me take all the risks." Lee said.

    "Correction, let us take the risk." Adam chuckled.

    "That's not what I mean..." Christa said.

    "It's what we mean." Adam replied.

    "Adam, you don't have to-" Said Lee.

    "You aren't getting through that alone." Adam crossed his arms.

    "This sign seems passable." Omid inquired. The sign then creaked, Omid nervously shrugged when Christa gave him a glare.

    "Who's going first?" Omid asked.

    "You're the lightest." Christa noted.

    "He's got a busted leg, and you're walking for two. Me and Adam is two as well. Decision isn't goin' to make itself." Lee sighed.

    "We'll go first." Adam said, placing his feet on the big sign, crawling across.

    "Just go nice and slow..." Omid said.

    "You aren't helping..." Adam sighed. He continued to keep going across the sign, creaking at his every step. He finally reached the end of it, and then climbed up on the roof.

    "Lee, you next!" Adam yelled. Lee took a few breaths before going across. He almost got the end, but then the sign snapped, Lee then quickly grabbed what was left of the sign with his one arm.

    "Shit!" Omid reacted. The broken sign fell on the ground, squashing a few walkers. Adam put his hand down for Lee to grab it, he did and then Adam pulled him up.

    "Fuck! What are you gonna do!?" Omid questioned.

    "We have to go down!" Adam yelled.

    "What does that mean!?" Christa questioned.

    "We're going down there, and we're going to push through them and get to Clementine!" Lee said.

    "Are you nuts!?" Yelled Omid.

    "Get David and Beatrice and meet by the train, alright!?" Adam said.

    "Jesus. We'll be there!" Christa replied.

    "We better get this over with, Lee." Adam sighed, climbing down from the building. Lee looked up to the building to see Omid and Christa running off, out of the sight. That was for the best.

    "Keep your eyes open." Adam warned, grabbing a combat knife and Lee had the cleaver he had acquired back at the house.

    "Don't let them get you." Adam said, walking forward with the knife in his hand, Lee then followed. The two of them kept walking, slicing off heads.

    "Fuck! I'm cornered, help!" Adam yelled, walkers all around him. Lee assisted him, but then a walker grabbed his shoulders, and Lee quickly grabbed the walker by the arms, fortunately not biting him - then slamming him to the ground, then shoving the cleaver in his hand.

    "Lee, go! You got an opening!" Adam yelled, walkers surrounding him once again.

    "No!" Lee growled.

    "Just fucking go! I'll catch up with you!" Adam argued, still pushing them.

    "Clementine is what matters now. Now fucking GO!" Adam yelled. Lee hesitated, then ran towards the marsh house, spotting a small station wagon that Lee shockingly recognized. He looked back and saw no sight of Adam, he was afraid when he saw the walkers eating a corpse where Adam was standing. Lee hoped it wasn't him, and he moved on.

    Adam began to rapidly run, he knew exactly where John Duke was. It was just around the corner, it had to be. He then spotted it 'Pier 13' he ran towards it, jumping across the main gate. He ran into the front door, walking through the hallways.

    "I'm here, you son of a bitch." Adam muttered, his face was bloody and his eyes felt like fire. He kept walking till he reached Dave leaning against the wall.

    "What..? How did you find us?" Dave said, shocked.

    "I'm actually disappointed in John. This is just too obvious." Adam chuckled, rolling his eyes. Dave raised his hands in defense, Adam grabbed his knife again, leaning it against Dave's throat.

    "Tell me where they are, or I'll kill you right now." Adam threatened.

    "Look! I never wanted to get involved with this, alright!? It was Lucas and Henry! Not me! John's down the hall - just please. I'm sorry, I never wanted this to happen." Dave begged.

    "That's bullshit. You lit the fire. You killed Nero and Sonya." Adam growled.

    "That was Henry! It wasn't me! I'm not a killer, I swear! Please!" Dave sobbed.

    "Get the fuck out of here, you pathetic piece of shit." Adam lowered his knife, grabbing Dave by the arm and pushing him onto the ground.

    "T-thank you! Thank you!" Dave cried, running off. Adam then walked down the hall, knife in hand. He faced the door, the one that Dave was talking about, he then opened the door and saw Ava tied up in a chair, with duct tape around her mouth, her screams were muffled, and then something hit Adam in the back of the head, he stumbled - then fell onto the ground. Adam groaned, his vision blurry.

    "You remembered!" John chuckled, holding a gun in his hand. He grabbed the knife off the ground, tossing it on the table. John looked over to Ava who had cuts on her wrists, her cheek, and her clothes were ragged and ripped. Adam held his head, still in pain. He rose up, leaning against the wall.

    "You crafty son of a bitch." Adam groaned.

    "You remember this place? Eight years ago, I took you to this place. It's still beautiful, isn't it?" John Duke chuckled looking out the window of the Pier.

    "You wanted me to find you." Adam noted.

    "Give that man a prize. It all ends here, Adam. Everything." John said, looking over to Ava.

    "Why'd you do it, huh? You'd kill a little girl just to get back at me?" Adam questioned.

    "I'm sorry - you care about your little sister? You killed Avery. You killed over thirty people... don't tell me you gave a shit about that little piece of ass." John growled, Adam clenched his fist in anger. Adam looked over to Ava to see how injured she was, cuts all over her - her clothes ripped.

    "What the hell did you do to her?" Adam questioned.

    "We had fun, isn't that right baby?" John chuckled, cocking the pistol he grabbed from his table.

    "You left me for dead. You kicked me off that train to protect your own ass. You didn't want yourself exposed. Danny boy, however. Where is he? Did you kill him because he told everyone?" John questioned.

    "Lucas killed him." Adam replied.

    "You know, I couldn't believe the odds of finding them. Finding people who had a common enemy. You. It's fascinating, really. Now, I'm going to put an end to the Disformer." John raised the gun towards Adam direction.

    "What the hell happened to you?" Adam asked.


    "You ruined your own life by killing my sister." Adam retorted. John fired the gun, but Adam quickly ducked and charged towards him, grabbing his legs and lifting him up, then smashing him into the wall. John had dropped the gun at that point, John kicked Adam in the face, making him drop John. John crawled to get the gun, but Adam stomped on his hand, kicking the gun away, John grabbed his ankle, biting it. Adam screamed in pain, grabbing his hat, then his hair, he pulled him off and then kicked John in the face. Adam began to punch him, but then John grabbed it, pushing him off. Adam was on the ground now, and John began to punch him.

    "You killed your own sister, ADAM!" John yelled, his nose bleeding from the punches. Adam coughed as John had punched him in the neck. Adam then grabbed John's ear, and twisted it. John yelled in pain as Adam heard a bone snap, Adam then kicked him off, John slamming against the wall once again. John grabbed the knife, stepping back.

    "I'm gonna fucking kill you." John growled, spitting out blood.

    "You can walk away now, John. It's your last chance." Adam warned, but John shook his head, he charged at him, slicing Adam's arm, he groaned and then John punched Adam in the stomach, and then Adam was on the ground, John was beginning to come down with the knife, but Adam just pushed his arms up.

    "Look at what you've become, John! This isn't you!" Adam winced.

    "THIS IS BECAUSE OF YOU!" John yelled, pushing down the knife to reach Adam's chest. Then a shot had fired into John's chest, making him fall back onto the ground. Adam looked over to see Ava holding the gun, her hand shaking like crazy. Adam got back up, taking the knife from John, and walking over to Ava and cutting off the tape that held her down. Good thing Adam had kicked the gun over to her, or else Adam may have died.

    "You alright!?" Adam asked, he then pulled her in for a hug, and he heard crying from Ava, he tried to calm her down by petting the back of her head, and then he looked over to John's body, violently coughing and blood spilling from his chest. Adam then let go of her, walking over to John - holding the knife in his hand. He looked down to John.

    " was a FATHER to you...and look at what you did to me...." John croaked. Adam decided it best to put him out of misery, despite the bad things he had done.

    "I'm sorry." Adam crouched down, shoving the knife into John's skull. Adam sighed, leaning back onto the ground. After a few seconds, Adam walked over to Ava.

    "I'm glad you're not dead." Adam smiled. Ava smiled, her lip all bloody. Adam pulled her in to give her a kiss. The two of them held a kiss for a few seconds, then Ava opened her eyes again, and then her eyes widened. Ava then quickly pulled away, pushing Adam out of the way. Adam fell back to the ground as a bullet flew into Ava's stomach, she then fell back, landing on the chair. Adam gasped, looking at the hallway to see Dave running off with a gun in his hand.

    "FUCK! NO!" Adam yelled, running to her body. She spit out blood. Adam held her, her head laying in his lap.

    "Hey, you're gonna be alright, you will - don't worry...." Adam said.

    "I-I l-ove you..." Ava muttered weakly, then Adam saw the life draining from her body.

    "No...Don't fucking do this. Not you. Not - you..." Adam cried. He then closed her eyes, laying her on the ground. Adam looked over to the pistol on the ground.

    [Shoot Ava.]
    [Leave her.]

  • Goddamnit

    [Shoot Ava.]

    TinyCarlos posted: »

    The Walking Dead: Right or Wrong Season 1, Episode Five No Time Left Part V Day 170 "Maybe you could try jumping across?" Adam s

  • [Shoot Ava.]

    I would normally save the bullet for Dave, but Ava...

    TinyCarlos posted: »

    The Walking Dead: Right or Wrong Season 1, Episode Five No Time Left Part V Day 170 "Maybe you could try jumping across?" Adam s

  • [Shoot Ava.]

    TinyCarlos posted: »

    The Walking Dead: Right or Wrong Season 1, Episode Five No Time Left Part V Day 170 "Maybe you could try jumping across?" Adam s

  • [shoot ava]

    this is the right choice.

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    The Walking Dead: Right or Wrong Season 1, Episode Five No Time Left Part V Day 170 "Maybe you could try jumping across?" Adam s

  • [Shoot Ava.]

    TinyCarlos posted: »

    The Walking Dead: Right or Wrong Season 1, Episode Five No Time Left Part V Day 170 "Maybe you could try jumping across?" Adam s

  • [Shoot Ava.]

    TinyCarlos posted: »

    The Walking Dead: Right or Wrong Season 1, Episode Five No Time Left Part V Day 170 "Maybe you could try jumping across?" Adam s

  • The Walking Dead: Right or Wrong

    Season 1, Episode Five: No Time Left

    Part 6: The Final Chapter

    Adam sighed deeply, feeling a tear falling down his cheek. Yet another person he had lost. He realized it was his own fault, he had let Dave go because he didn't seem suspicious, he thought he seriously felt sorry about everything that happened. Adam was hurt, a girl he had really liked was taken away from him, he lost Nero, Sonya, Daniel, Kenny, Ben, Ava, possibly David, Beatrice and Lee and Clementine. Who even knows if Omid and Christa got out of the city alive. Adam then fired the gun into Ava's head, then rising up and walking towards the hallway, he looked behind him to see the dead bodies of John Duke and Ava Mitchell. He blamed himself for both of their deaths, if Adam never had killed his partner - John may never have done what he did. He was just angry, looking for vengeance. He had done that before. If he had killed Dave, Ava would be alive. Adam clenched his fist, rushing down the hallway, he looked to see Dave, pointing a rifle towards him.

    "You screwed up, you hear me? You screwed up. Today is a day of reckoning, sir." Dave chuckled, evily, gritting his teeth while he cocked the rifle.

    "Are you gonna shoot me?" Adam asked, his expression blank and his tone was rather broken. He felt nothing at the moment - not sadness, not anymore at least. Just blank.

    "No. That was never the plan. But now, I'm considering it." Dave smirked, resting the rifles on his shoulders.

    "Our plan was to kill everyone in that room, and then you'd starved to death while they turned." Dave replied.

    "It was a shitty plan." Adam growled.

    "Don't even get started on shitty plans. If you killed me back there, Ava would be alive. You realize that, don't you?" Dave asked, Adam frowning as the feel of guilt rushed through him once again.

    "You may not want to make the same mistake I did. If you don't kill me, I'll come back and kill you. You can count on that." Adam crossed his arms, feeling threatening again.

    "I don't want to kill you. I want you to feel the pain that we felt. When you robbed us of our possessions, leaving us with nothing but fucking leaves!" Dave growled. Adam chuckled, facing around.

    "Where are you going?" Dave asked, Adam smiled, then quickly turned around, charging towards Dave. Adam was too fast, so Dave and him had wrestled to the ground. Dave had dropped his rifle at that point, Adam thought about going to get it, but he wasn't going to do that. He wanted Dave to feel the pain. Adam grabbed Dave's neck, gripping it and slamming his head to the ground, choking him. Dave tried to free himself from Adam's hands. Adam only heard the choking noises that came from Dave.

    This isn't who you are, anymore. His sister's voice popped into his head. Adam came to a quick realization, she was right. If he killed this man, he would be no better than anyone else. After all that he has done, how could he ever redeem himself, if he even was redeemable.

    Don't let the monster inside you control you. Ava's voice said.

    Let him go, Macho Man. Nero's voice said. Adam let go, Dave gasping for breath and then Adam stepped back. Adam looked to see a pair of handcuffs attached to Dave's belt.

    "Why did you stop?" Dave asked. Adam ignored him, grabbing the pair of handcuffs. There was a radiator attached to the wall, and then Adam handcuffed Dave's hand to it.

    "What are you doing?" Dave questioned.

    "I won't kill you. But I don't have to save you." Adam rose up, walking away.

    "It's the same as killing me! Come back here and free me from this! You think this changes anything!? Makes you a good man!? You're nothing but a MONSTER! Get back here, Adam! GET BACK HERE!!" Dave yelled, Adam walking out the front door. He had blood all over him, hoping he could sneak past the walkers that were there. He was in there for a while, Lee and Clementine could be dead or gone. He had to move on. With nowhere to go, what could he do? He had mentioned to Omid and Christa to meet by the train, but he didn't even remember where exactly that was. He was alone, broken - what could he do?

    One Day Later

    Adam sat down, staring off into the dark night. Everything he had done since all this started was coming back to haunt him.

    Why didn't you save Danny instead of me? I'm fucking useless.

    Why didn't you just leave me? Why couldn't you let me die with Crystal and Luis And soon, everyone's face was embedded in his mind. All the guilt, all the sorrow. Everything.

    "Hands up." A voice called out from behind.

    "Jamie." Another voice said.

    "You mind tellin' me why you're sittin' in our camp." Jamie asked.

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