Monument to the Walking Dead: An Interactive Story (Ongoing)

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Introduction: Hello, I'm NoHopeLeft! This is Monument to the Walking Dead, also know as Monument. As the name suggests, this is a fan fiction set in the world of the Walking Dead franchise. This only uses the zombie lore established by the comics. All characters are original and user generated, and the story is primally set in Texas.

I'm most of you are familiar with the interactive stories of the Telltale Community, but let's go over the basics: You, the reader, are able to vote at certain points in the story between two or more choices, each with varying degrees of consequences; your characters inhabit the story, interacting with other submitted characters, with roles all ranging from major to minor. That's the gist of it!

Table of Contents:

Prologue: It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (Revised Version)

Act One: The Gateway Dream

Chapter 1: Sentiment
Chapter 2: A Peaceful House
Chapter 3: Muerte Sombría
Chapter 4: Twilight
Chapter 5: Nine O'clock Lab

Act Two: Marching Band

Chapter 6: Trauma
Chapter 7: Among
Chapter 8: Sin
Chapter 9: A Man Gone
Chapter 10: Dogma

Act Three: By Those Beyond

Chapter 11: Eight Months Later
Chapter 12: Blissful Among the Scary Things
Chapter 13: Murderer
Chapter 14: Red Cloud
Chapter 15: Never Forgotten

Interlude I

Act Four: The Last Song

Chapter 16: Tracing the Cracks (Ongoing)
Chapter 17: Feels Like Sand
Chapter 18: Lay Them Low
Chapter 19: Pretty Little Head
Chapter 20: Down into Nothing

In Memoriam: Land of the Living

Epilogue: Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Other: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, We'll Meet Again, Rustic Roads by RenegadePoncho, Rustic Ruins (Ongoing)

Character Statuses:

All character statuses. References to characters' current locations. Deceased or Unknown means the listed characters are presumably dead. Awaiting introduction means that the listed characters have not been introduced in person within the story. Characters not submitted by users are slanted with italic text.


  • On the road: Alex 'Mason' Kotov, Ryan Bennet

  • Rosa Drive: Daniel Martinez, Atlanta Roberts, Ashley Baker

  • Laredo: Josephine Harper, Jake Morrison, Jefferson Mclannon, Stephen Bennett, Tommy, Lindsay Burk, Keith Carter, Natalie, Freddie Gomez

  • Hiddleston College:

  • San Antonio: John "Jack" Greyson, Shouna Duncan


  • On the road: Maria Espinosa, Violet Moore, Jerry Stewart, Daniel 'Danny' Francis, Sasha Levine, Domenick Salvatoriello, Tom Salvatoriello, Asher Lombardi

  • Colorado Springs: Mei Xia

Deceased or Unknown: Lucia Martinez, Carolina Martinez, Santiago Martinez, Anthony Harper, Dean, Vincent Willows, Christian Rios, Jordan Rivern, Clarice Willows, Trevor Moore, Zafir Carter, Zayne Pattinson, Rooster Thomas, Calvin McGee, Vincent 'Vince' Hale, Adam Drawford, Kurt Weber, James Wilson,

Awaiting Introduction: Fiona Lawrence, Elias Green, Father Norman Irvin, Warren Douglas, Erica Brown, Dominique Brown, Dovus deCrayt, Joker, Asita Kaur, Zara Jefferson, Jakeline Wooster, Phillip Wooster, Fred, Keith Carter, Gregory Burk, Kat Redborn, Rosalie Eccelstone, "The Phantom," Clifford Straftus, Sadie Vargas, Harold 'Harry' Scott, Michael 'Mikey' Leroy Jr., Hope Woodsman, Liliana Jackson, Rembrandt Arter, Steve, Maria Lovett, Bastet LaGatta, Hannah Holly Dawn Rhinehardt, Andrew 'Drew' LeBlanc, John Wade, Alma Espinosa, Mark James, Ken Farraday, Doc SiNn, George Thopson, Fat Jim, Vikki Swing, Travis Baker, John Reddeker, Alisha Bennet, Liz Hart, Chris Smith, Amanda Smith, Murphy Alan, Rusty 'Rust' Slater, Jane Gomez, Scott Callaghan, Devon Hunt, Sarah Hays, Ethan Jones, and Lizzy Jones, Mark Obit, Jasmine Hunt, David Adair

Character submission is closed.



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