The Cost of Loyalty: An Interactive Story! (Ongoing)



  • Liquid!!! Finally I found you. Where have you been, are you ok?

    Ah, I understand how you feel. It is a bit odd how sometimes the number of voters fluctuates so heavily, but this happens. I am sure that fe

  • Oh, hi Lord! Sorry for not answering to your PM yet. As you can imagine, things are kinda hectic for me right now, so I haven't had the time. Same applies for many other PM conversations, though I plan to work on that in the coming days. It's also finally looking a bit up right now, I'll give more of an update on that end when I close the next FoT voting, most likely on Sunday (due to not being home for most of the weekend). After that, I should have more time to talk, but be assured that there have been some slightly positive developments in the last 2-3 days :)

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    Liquid!!! Finally I found you. Where have you been, are you ok?

  • That's good as long as life is happy for you I can wait. I was just worried something bad happened.

    Oh, hi Lord! Sorry for not answering to your PM yet. As you can imagine, things are kinda hectic for me right now, so I haven't had the time

  • I enjoy it. to be honest, this is the only fanfiction that i decided to give a chance as in my opinion all the others are to cringey or just fanservice. So i enjoy this. I may sometimes come slow on the GoT section due to the fact it is exam season and that is my first priority (im often the last person to vote in the choices).But i have enjoying this and i hope to see more fan fictions from you whether its Game of Thrones or Walking dead. Just stick to whatever you are doing because somehow you haven't fell in the cringey fan fictions or those who just make them for fan fictions, it seems like a real story.

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    I've been thinking about this for a while but wasn't sure if I should make this post. I think I need to make an honest post about how I feel

  • [Hand over the scout]

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    Gregor Gregor finally came to his decision and he knew that Marcos would be angry about it. "We'll have a parley in the morning, make the

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    The voting is not closed yet, I just wanted to let you guys know I'm finally back to writing the next part and as it will feature the introduction of Nesa, I figured why not show you this link that was sent along with her description:

  • [Refuse to hand over the scout]

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    Gregor Gregor finally came to his decision and he knew that Marcos would be angry about it. "We'll have a parley in the morning, make the

  • Keep writing, that's all I have to say. It would be great to have it on a regular basis not to be able to forget what is going on.

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    I've been thinking about this for a while but wasn't sure if I should make this post. I think I need to make an honest post about how I feel

  • I get that. I understand that it could be a bit difficult to get into a story that takes so long for each new part. Appreciate the honest feedback. :)

    I think you're totally right so I'm gonna try to post more consistently.

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    Keep writing, that's all I have to say. It would be great to have it on a regular basis not to be able to forget what is going on.

  • Cool, can't wait to finally read about her.

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    The voting is not closed yet, I just wanted to let you guys know I'm finally back to writing the next part and as it will feature the introd

  • The Voting is closed! Gregor will refuse to hand over the scout!

    I'm pretty surprised at the results. I've come to expect you guys to make every choice in favor of the Brandfields but I'm Pleasantly surprised that the vote didn't go the way I expected! You'll see this encounter again in the next Lucas part.

    Got lots of motivation to write recently and I've made some good progress on the next Malcolm part. I'm confident that it'll be finished either later today or tomorrow so look forward to that! :)

  • I hope I can do her justice! Also pleased to see your comments again :)

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    Cool, can't wait to finally read about her.

  • Thanks, I am looking forward for her, especially after so many months. :-)

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    I hope I can do her justice! Also pleased to see your comments again

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    It wouldn't be easy to achieve such a goal going behind Nesa's back, and how could they expect Nesa to trust them if they didn't trust her? "We should let her in on the plan, maybe she'll refuse but we can't go behind her back." Samuel crossed his arms "Very well, we'll tell her what you want to do and then we'll see if we can go through this insane plan of Davith's."
    Dusty smirked "Drama over with? Good, let's get on with it." Samuel sighed but led the way towards the inn. Samuel did have a point, this plan was incredibly risky but they had to try, it was the right thing to do."

    They had arrived at the inn and looked around, Malcolm was trying to spot Nesa but he spotted something unexpected. There were a group of men scattered around the inn. Malcolm looked to Samuel and Samuel nodded, signaling that he noticed. "Five men, well armed, clearly they're together. One talking to the innkeeper, two questioning the drunks around the room, two more just went upstairs, I'm guessing they're searching the rooms." Samuel always had an eye for detail "What are they searching for?" Dusty entered the conversation "Whatever they're looking for, they're expecting a fight." He pointed out and Samuel raised an eyebrow "How could you know such a thing?" Dusty smirked in response "I'm a people person." Samuel sighed before looking back at the suspicious group of men "Shit... those are Trant men, see the colours?" Malcolm widened his eyes "What? Why are they here?" Samuel turned around signalling Malcolm and Dusty to do the same and he whispered "I'm willing to bet that they're looking for us, well me and Malcolm, I doubt they even know you exist, Dusty." Dusty glared at Samuel "Appreciate the honesty, Samuel." He said sarcastically.

    Malcolm sighed "So what do we do? How do we find Nesa and avoid these guys?" Samuel sighed "Just try to blend in and wait for them to leave, that's the best we can do."
    "HEY! Samuel Branfield!" They heard one of the men shout behind them "Well scratch that plan." Samuel said as he slowly turned around "You've heard of me? Didn't realize I was famous around here." Malcolm and Dusty reached for their swords but didn't draw them, Malcolm was just preparing for the worst, knowing Samuel he'd try to avoid bloodshed, he never went looking for a fight.

    The aggressive man wasn't amused "Don't play games Branfield, your family has picked the wrong side in this war and you'll pay for it, you and your whole family will hang!" Samuel smirked "I think you'll find that won't be the case we're rather infamous for fighting to the death. Let's not fight, just leave, pretend you never saw me and no one dies." Samuel slowly approached and the man yelled "Stop!" And Samuel immediately stopped in his steps. Dusty growled "Screw these guys, we can take them!" As Dusty said this, the rest of the Trant men approached, including the ones from upstairs, and drew their swords. Malcolm & Dusty did the same. They had five men to contend with, they were outnumbered by two but Malcolm was confident that they could take them. Malcolm heard gasps and whispers from the men and women around the inn, clearly fearing a battle.

    The man that appeared to be in charge took a step forward "You want to avoid bloodshed? Then listen to this, you come with us, without a fight and we let your companions go." Why would he let them go? Did he not know who Malcolm was? Samuel looked as if he was actually considered the offer. He nodded "Very well, I accept your offer." Malcolm wouldn't allow this "Samuel, no!" Samuel glared at his brother "Be quite!" Malcolm intended to ignore the order and was about to charge forward but Dusty pulled him back and whispered "Just watch, I think he has a plan." Malcolm reluctantly nodded and waited to see what Samuel intended.

    The Trant leader eyed Samuel suspiciously "Drop your sword first, then kick it over here." Samuel sighed but did as he was told, he drew his sword, then dropped it and kicked it towards the Trant men. The leader smiled "I must admit I'm surprised but I applaud your willingness to sacrifice yourself for your companions, they chose a good leader." As the leader approached Malcolm got a good look at him, he had short dark hair, brown eyes and he was a rather slender man. As the leader got close to Samuel, he smirked and chuckled. The leader glared at him "Is something funny?" Samuel looked him directly in the eyes "You really should have found out who you were dealing with before coming here. A Branfield is never truly unarmed." The leader looked alarmed and he looked as if he was about to shout an order but Samuel was too quick. He had pulled out a dagger he had hidden in his boot and stabbed him in the eye, the man screamed in agony as he dropped to the ground, the men and women in the inn began screaming and ran out of the inn in fear, then Samuel shouted "In Arms to the End!" Taking that as an order to attack Malcolm charged forward and Dusty did the same. With the leader down they only had to deal with four men, still outnumbered by one man. Malcolm went on the offensive against a single man, striking again and again but he managed to parry his strikes fairly well, these men were trained well.

    Malcolm saw over his enemies soldier that Samuel had picked up the fallen leaders sword and charged against another man while Dusty took on the two other men on the two other men on his own. Malcolm too concerned about Samuel and Dusty, was hit with a headbutt sending him off balance. His opponent seeming ready to attack and Malcolm smirked "No fair! I was distracted." His opponent spat at him "Piss on your excuses, you'll die here today!" Malcolm needed to focus, these men were no pushovers. He prepared a stance and smirked "Come kill me then." The man angrily charged at Malcolm and Malcolm kicked a nearby chair towards him to slow him down, it worked and the man didn't have enough room to charge again however he kept on the offensive and Malcolm kept on the defensive, doing his best to parry his strikes. The man was striking more angrily, and it kept Malcolm on the defensive, this infuriated Malcolm, he wanted to hit him back but he wouldn't let up. Malcolm felt a table behind him and realized he'd soon be cornered if he didn't move, Malcolm quickly turned around and climbed over the table and as he turned around he saw the man climb on top of the table to pursue Malcolm Malcolm spotted a vulnerability, with him standing on the table he couldn't defend his legs. Malcolm swung at the man's right leg and he screamed as he was brought down to his knees, Malcolm then followed by piercing his sword right through the man's throat, he fell ans choked on his own blood. Disgusted by the sight Malcolm didn't hear Dusty yelling his name right away. "Malcolm!" He heard that one and he looked towards him he had downed one of his opponents but was tired and backed against the wall, but that wasn't the problem. Dusty was trying to get to Samuel but couldn't with his own opponent attacking him. Malcolm turned and saw Samuel seriously struggling with his fight, he was never a good fighter and that was when Samuel was disarmed, he needed help desperately. Malcolm ran forward to help Samuel but he was all the way across the room. That was when Samuel fell and his opponent was swinging down his blade for one final strike. Samuel was too far away and Malcolm couldn't reach him. "Samuel, no!" Malcolm screamed his brother's name and desperately commanded no as if that would somehow stop the man's blade from ending his brother. It couldn't end like this! It wasn't fair! The mans blade swung down but he suddenly stopped and clawed at his neck. He was choking? That was when Malcolm realized there was a whip around his neck! That was when he fell backwards and he saw a familiar face plunge a sword into his chest.

    Malcolm saw the whip, the copper skin then the light leather armor and medium height, he was looking at Nesa Vynen. As Malcolm got closer to help Samuel onto his feet he got a better look at her and saw her light brown eyes, then her short black hair and athletic build. Despite her intimidating presence she was a remarkably beautiful woman, despite the scar on her right cheek.

    Malcolm quickly turned to see if Dusty needed help, it didn't look that way. He was covered in blood but he had managed to knock his opponent backwards then grabbed him by the hair and then repeatedly smashed his head onto a nearby table until parts of his brains had fallen out of his head, it was a disturbing sight. Dusty turned and gave a relied smile "Good, you're both alive!" Malcolm couldn't understand Dusty, he seemed unstable and bloodthirsty but at the same time he was so loyal. Malcolm turned and saw Nesa glaring as she sheathed her sword and whip. "I see you've made some new friends, Malcolm." Samuel then stepped forward with a smirk "Actually I'm his brother, appreciate the save miss...?" Samuel asked awaiting her name as he held out his hand waiting for her to shake it but she simply glared at it "Nesa..." she clarified.

    Nesa then turned to Malcolm "What are you doing here Malcolm?" Malcolm sighed "We actually came here looking for you." Nesa then eyed the group suspiciously "Who told you I was here?" Samuel attempted to speak "It was--" but then Nesa raised her hand aggressively "Quite! I'm talking to your brother, not you." Samuel looked visibly annoyed and Dusty had a huge grin on his face, clearly amused. Malcolm sighed "It was Tom Wolfson, he sent us to help you." Nesa looked surprised as well as skeptical "You've allied yourself with Tom Wolfson?" Malcolm nodded "It's complicated, favor for a favor, kind of thing. We need him and his men to help us, our family is in danger and he promised he'd help if we helped you kill whoever's been giving him trouble." Nesa sighed "This makes things complicated but before we continue we need to deal with the one you left alive." Dusty scoffed "We killed all of them!"

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    Nesa shook her head and pointed towards the man that Samuel stabbed in the eye "That one there's still alive, barely." Malcolm was impressed "Tough bastard..." Samuel scoffed "He lasted two seconds!" Dusty shrugged "Just leave him, his wounds will take him soon enough." Malcolm shook his head "That's not necessary, we can save him." Samuel sighed "That's a bad idea, Malcolm. We can't trust him and besides that we couldn't save him if we wanted to." Malcolm wasn't having this "It's not about trust, we shouldn't just let him die! The innkeeper knows some stuff about healing, he could look after him and we'll tie him up until we can let him go. He's probably upstairs, he's a coward but he wouldn't abandon his inn." Samuel sighed "Fine, I'll take him upstairs, at the very least he'll have useful information." Samuel picked the man up and carried him upstairs.

    Malcolm then turned back to Nesa "Anyway, Tom sent us to help you." Nesa crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes "You're here to help me kill a man you don't even know? I thought the great Ser Malcolm was above such things?" Malcolm sighed "That's the thing I was hoping we wouldn't kill him." Nesa smirked "I doubt Tom would approve of such a thing." Malcolm nodded "Yeah, he wouldn't. I was hoping we could convince this guy to back off and then tell Tom that we killed him." Nesa widened her eyes "You mean trick him? You're asking me to betray Tom Wolfson?" She shook her head "No way. It's too risky he'd kill me if he found out." An expected reaction, Malcolm doubted she'd easily accept such a plan, he needed to convince her. "He won't find out. My brother's smart, Tom will believe him." Nesa paced around the room, clearly she was conflicted "If I'm even willing to accept such a plan and put myself at risk, I need some kind of reward." Dusty chuckled "There we go, everybody likes gold!" Nesa nodded "Exactly. You'll pay Tom Wolfson, but set aside some of that gold for me." Malcolm nodded "Done. We have a deal."

    Samuel came back downstairs "I still think this is a bad idea." Nesa sighed as Samuel spoke, it appeared that she already didn't like him. Malcolm sighed "It's at least worth a shot Samuel, we don't even know this guy we're supposed to murder." Dusty stepped forward "Enough! Let's just get this over with!" Nesa clapped her hands together "Couldn't agree more, Malcolm you're coming with me, your brother and your psycho can clean up this mess." She gestured towards the bodies. Dusty seemed angered by the psycho comment and Samuel seemed like he was about to protest but before anyone could say anything Nesa dragged Malcolm outside.

    Nesa took the lead "Keep up, I recently found where this guy lives and I believe he knows I'm coming." Malcolm narrowed his eyes but followed "What makes you say that?" Nesa explained "I managed to track him back to this shack out in the woods, I saw him and I'm pretty sure he saw me, he hasn't left the shack since then, I think he's waiting for me." Malcolm didn't like that. "Hold on, so we're willingly walking into an ambush?" Nesa scoffed "Of course not. I have a plan and it works for your foolish sense of morality. You're going to go and talk to him and I'll remain at a distance, he'll probably attack me on sight but I doubt he'd attack you, a total stranger." Malcolm wasn't sure he liked the idea of being bait, but it gave him a chance to strike a deal with the man so it was better than nothing."

    Malcolm wasn't sure why only he and Nesa were going "Why did you want to leave Samuel and Dusty?" Nesa shook her head as if the answer should be obvious "Because we don't need them, I don't know them and I don't trust them." Malcolm smirked "Does that mean you trust me?" Nesa let loose a chuckle "I don't trust anyone, but I know you. Something's better than nothing." He wasn't surprised that she didn't trust him but Malcolm frowned at her "Sounds pretty lonely to me." Nesa didn't let Malcolm see any emotional reaction on her face "Never said it wasn't" Malcolm wasn't sure what it was but he found Nesa interesting and wanted to know more about her. Maybe if he kept at it he could get her to lighten up to him.

    After walking for quite a while they had reached the woods "It shouldn't be much farther now." Nesa clarified. Malcolm was relieved to get this over with but also a little nervous to meet this man. That was when Malcolm remembered that Nesa wasn't working with Wolfson anymore last they met so he got curious "Why are you working with Wolfson again? Last time we met he didn't seem like your favorite person. If I remember correctly you said you were sick of him because he's an annoying psycho with a power fetish." Malcolm smirked and Nesa sighed "He still is, but it turns out that Tom doesn't like when people leave. He kept sending people after me and it became difficult to avoid them. It became clear to me that once you ally with him you're either forever an ally or a dead enemy. I like living." Malcolm chuckled "So do I. I knew we had something in common." Nesa sighed but Malcolm thought he caught the hint of a smirk. Suddenly he got serious "Maybe you don't have to worry about Wolfson." Nesa suddenly stopped and glared at Malcolm "What do you mean?" Malcolm shrugged "Maybe you could stay with us. Once the war is over, we could protect you from him." Nesa narrowed her eyes "I don't need a bodyguard, Malcolm." That was certainly true "How about a friend?" Nesa didn't respond to his question and turned around "Keep moving." Malcolm followed but he thought he saw her frown.

    Nesa finally stopped and pointed forward "That's it there." Malcolm nodded as he saw the shack, it looked old and ugly, not much like a home. "Let's go over the plan one more time." Nesa nodded in agreement "It's a pretty simple but no doubt effective plan. You're simply going to walk up to that shack and talk to him, try to work out a deal with him, I doubt he'll attack you but if he does don't worry, I'll be there." Malcolm nodded "So what will you be doing?" Nesa took a quick glance around the area "I'm going to remain out of sight, try to circle around and sneak up on him. That's when you signal me to attack if you can't reach a deal with him." It seemed all well and good but there was one thing Malcolm was unclear about "What's the signal?" Nesa glared at Malcolm "I was thinking we could go with... attack." Malcolm glared back "It seems a little too obvious." Nesa groaned "Then say you've always loved lemon cakes, it doesn't matter!" Malcolm held up his hands in surrender "Okay, okay! I'm going." Nesa sighed as Malcolm made his way towards the shack.

    As Malcolm approached he noticed a total of six graves lined up by the shack, perhaps he had a family? Malcolm stopped in front of the shack with his sword sheathed, trying his best not to appear threatening. He was unsure how to handle this. Should he just walk up and knock or call out? Before he could decide the door in front of him slammed open and Malcolm saw a large broad shouldered men with a bow aimed straight at Malcolm. He had long dark hair, blue eyes and a thick beard, he also had several scars along his face and he seemed older. Around his father's age, at least fourty.

    The man glared at Malcolm and seemed angry "You're not one of Tom Wolfson's men." He stated as if Malcolm didn't already know that. Malcolm shook his head "No I'm not, but I know that you've been harassing him and his men, why?" The man seemed agitated by what Malcolm said "So he sent you here!?" Malcolm got nervous and tried to quickly explain himself "Listen! I'm not looking for a fight! My name is Malcolm Branfield, mind telling me yours?" He seemed hesitant to answer but complied "My name is Lorgan" he still had his arrow trained on Malcolm but this was a good start. "Tom.Wolfson doesn't seem to know why you're attacking him, what's your issue with him?" Lorgan growled "The man is scum and deserves to suffer! I also made a promise, more than that you need not know."

    Malcolm sighed "Look I need Tom Wolfson's help, he won't do that unless I stop you." Lorgan narrowed his eyes "You're here to kill me then?" Malcolm shook his head "I'm hoping that I won't have to. I'm hoping that I can convince you to leave him alone." Lorgan shook his head "Not a chance!" Malcolm sighed and took a step forward "Look whatever--" suddenly an arrow was shot in front of Malcolm's feet. Clearly a warning not to take another step. Malcolm looked up and Lorgan already had another arrow ready "Next one goes in the knee."

    Malcolm nodded, understanding his warning "Whatever Tom has done to you, maybe he has a chance to fight for a good cause. He can change." Lorgan laughed "Change? People don't change! I don't believe in redemption Malcolm, I believe there are good people and bad people and if the gods won't make Tom Wolfson suffer then I'll do it myself!" Malcolm was running out of ideas, there had to be some way to convince him. Perhaps he could appeal to his sense of family, those graves must belong to someone important to him. "Are you a family man, Lorgan?" Lorgan glared at him "What does that matter?" Malcolm looked at him directly in the eyes "It's all that matters, my family's in grave danger and I can't save them without Wolfson's help."

    Lorgan expression seemed to have softened "That's why you're working with Tom? To save your family?" Malcolm nodded "We're stuck in a war we can't get out of. My mother, my father, my two older brothers and then my two younger brothers. Preston, he's the youngest, he's only ten years old and I'm afraid that I'm going to lose him and the rest of my family without Tom Wolfson's help! Please I can't lose them." Malcolm pleaded and Lorgan lowered his bow, he was getting through to him! That was when Malcolm spotted Nesa behind Lorgan, hiding in his shack. Clearly she was waiting for Malcolm's signal.

    Lorgan stepped forward "Let me offer you this, Malcolm. I can't let Wolfson go, he needs to pay for what he's done, but I'm willing to wait."

  • Wait? What does that mean? "I'm sorry, I don't understand." Lorgan was vulnerable now, his arrow was separated from the bow. "I'll let Tom Wolfson fight your war... for a time, at some point, I'm going to strike and give him what he deserves." That wasn't what Malcolm was hoping for "I was hoping on getting you to back off completely." Lorgan shook his head "Not possible, I can't let Tom walk away." This made things complicated. Malcolm didn't want to kill this man but was it truly wise to spare him now? This would mean using and deceiving Tom, knowing that at some point Lorgan would attack him. Could Malcolm truly take this deal now in good conscience?

    Malcolm frowned "You don't have to hurt him, just let Wolfson go!" Lorgan sighed and shook his head "Like I said, I don't believe in redemption. I believe there are good and bad people. Which are you?"

    [Signal Nesa to attack] [Accept Lorgan's deal]

  • [Accept Lorgan's deal] Malcolm is a good guy. We can get an ally from this guy after all. Hey, that was pretty long part! Good job.

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    Wait? What does that mean? "I'm sorry, I don't understand." Lorgan was vulnerable now, his arrow was separated from the bow. "I'll let Tom W

  • I'm actually rather pleased with how it turned out. I didn't plan for it to be this long,, it just kinda happened while writing. :)

    Thoughts on how I've handed Nesa so far? Don't be afraid of being honest, I can handle it. Of course we've only seen a little as of right now but I just want to know if I'm doing her justice or if she's how you imagined her.

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    [Accept Lorgan's deal] Malcolm is a good guy. We can get an ally from this guy after all. Hey, that was pretty long part! Good job.

  • Sure she is written nicely, as soon I read about those guys I knew she will join the fight and I was just waiting for the whip to appear. Keep the story going, Malcolm storyline is for me so far the most interesting and it's not because it featuring my own submission.

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    I'm actually rather pleased with how it turned out. I didn't plan for it to be this long,, it just kinda happened while writing. Thought

  • Oh I loved writing that fight! I just knew that I had to throw the whip in there somewhere. I'm really happy that you like Malcolm's POV best. I was a little worried people would lose interest in it as he's away from Summerspring. My hope was that all the action would make up for that.

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    Sure she is written nicely, as soon I read about those guys I knew she will join the fight and I was just waiting for the whip to appear. Ke

  • I think I'm a bit late to the party, but this interactive story thing sure seems interesting. I'll try to catch up to the story, I hope I'm not too far behind lol

  • Well we're only 8 pages in so you're not too far behind. :p

    Welcome to the story! :)

    I think I'm a bit late to the party, but this interactive story thing sure seems interesting. I'll try to catch up to the story, I hope I'm not too far behind lol

  • Whoa, this was a seriously long part! I did not expect it to be that long, great job :) And it featured one of my favourite scenes to date, that fight was legitimately amazing!

    [Accept Lorgan's deal]

    Hm... well... I had a bit trouble deciding here, but I believe that Lorgan is not the kind of guy who deserves to be killed over this dispute. Neither do I think he would stand down if Malcolm attacks him here. This might lead to trouble down the road and Tom Wolfson might not be all that thrilled about this deal, but well, I think this fight here can be avoided and who knows, maybe by proving to Lorgan that Malcolm is a good man, he might gain an ally in the long run. Perhaps he can be convinced to refrain from taking his revenge on Tom until House Branfield got the aid they need. Maybe Tom even dies during the coming siege, that would satisfy all parties. Well, except Tom himself of course. But I hope he is never going to find out about the details of this deal.

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    Wait? What does that mean? "I'm sorry, I don't understand." Lorgan was vulnerable now, his arrow was separated from the bow. "I'll let Tom W

  • Okay, I finally caught up to the story haha. I gotta say that I'm really liking the story so far and I'm totally invested in it. I never thought that I would be able to sympathize with Ludd... I bet things are going to be a little weird when S2 (rip) finally comes. And Lucas is a great character, I'm liking his POV a lot.

    And as far as the last choice, I'll have to go with [Accept Lorgan's deal], its going to be pretty crazy if Lorgan go at it with Wolfson right in the middle of all this chaos xD

  • I am really happy with this part and I didn't actually intend for the part to be this long. I'm glad you enjoyed the fight! I'm kind of considering it practice for the bigger battles to come as I don't believe I'm very good with writing fights but hopefully I'm getting better.

    Well as of right now very little about Lorgan has been revealed so based on what Malcolm knows so far he doesn't deserve to die. But can you say with 100% certainty that Tom Wolfson (as Lorgan puts it) deserves to suffer?

    Whoa, this was a seriously long part! I did not expect it to be that long, great job And it featured one of my favourite scenes to date, th

  • This is a good question. I doubt Lorgan deserves to die at least and I doubt there is much of a possibility to just subdue him, he seems willing to fight to the death if necessary. Tom meanwhile, we really don't know him enough for this. There is a chance that he is a terrible human being and that Lorgan is justified in his anger, yet at the same time there is the chance that Lorgan is way out of line with his wishes. I kind of hope that the battle for Summerspring will make such decisions moot, or that there might be a chance to convince Lorgan to give up on his revenge later down the line. Obviously, such a chance would be impossible if we end up killing or seriouly wounding him here.

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    I am really happy with this part and I didn't actually intend for the part to be this long. I'm glad you enjoyed the fight! I'm kind of cons

  • [Accept Lorgan's deal]

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    Wait? What does that mean? "I'm sorry, I don't understand." Lorgan was vulnerable now, his arrow was separated from the bow. "I'll let Tom W

  • Accept the Deal, seems more responsible

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    Wait? What does that mean? "I'm sorry, I don't understand." Lorgan was vulnerable now, his arrow was separated from the bow. "I'll let Tom W

  • The Voting is closed! Malcolm will Accept Lorgan's deal!

    Next part will be a Lucas part and we'll see the parley unfold from his perspective.

  • Lucas

    It didn't seem like this parley was going over well, Gregor's men seemed on edge and ready for a fight, it didn't help that Simon was angry as well after Gregor revealed they had captured one of their scouts, Owen Cerrick. Though Lucas was still convinced that Gregor was a good man and he waited for him to agree to hand Owen over. Unexpectedly Gregor shook his head "You are not in charge here Lord Branfield." What was Gregor doing? Lucas' father wasn't one to take lightly. Damien glared at Gregor "What is that supposed to mean?" Gregor sighed "To put it bluntly, the scout stays with us, you can't have him." Simon snapped at this "Then why even bring him here? Owen's a good lad just following orders, give him back!"

    Things were getting out of hand and this time Damien didn't calm Simon down. "You've got some nerve, Forrester, you come to my home and propose a parley, reveal that you've taken one of my men and now you refuse to give him back!?" Damien was furious and Lucas had to agree, this was outrageous and he thought better of Gregor. Now Lucas spoke up "What exactly do you hope to accomplish by doing this? If you knew anything about us than you'd know that we'd do anything for our own." Damien nodded in agreement "In Arms to the End." Then Simon and Lucas repeated "In Arms to the End."

    Gregor showed no signs of wavering as he stood his ground "Fact of the matter is that we're not here to negotiate, we came to demand that you bend the knee, you've no hope of winning this war and I assumed you'd have enough sense to save your family." The Trant Knight seemed pleased with Gregor's sudden attitude, Ludd seemed surprised however. Lucas looked to Ludd hoping that they're former friendship still meant something to him "Ludd, you can't seriously support this, you must know that this is wrong!" Ludd reluctantly shook his head "It's out of my hands Lucas, I'm sorry." Lucas felt like he had a terrible taste in his mouth, why he ever considered Gregor a good man was beyond him now."

    Lucas sighed "I thought you were a good man, in the short time I knew you I felt that you were honorable" the Trant knight scoffed "Way I see it, the boy just finally grew some sense, we're enemies, that isn't changing and we didn't come here to make friends." Damien growled "I won't forget this, boy! You're actions here today are despicable especially from someone who claims to be an honorable man." Gregor seemed to be affected by Damien's words but he showed no signs of changing his mind. Damien continued "And what of my daughter? Will you return her to where she belongs or are you determined to anger me?"

    Gregor shook his head "I wouldn't bring Elissa here even if wanted to, we're at war. It isn't safe here and I'd rather she not witness the deaths of her family." Lucas scoffed "Don't expect us go down that easily." Damien sighed "You'd best leave boy, as much as I'm itching for a fight, I won't attack you during a parley but know this Forrester, next time we meet we'll be enemies and there will be no more talking." Gregor nodded "That's how things must be. I expect my word doesn't mean much to you but I swear that I'll treat Elissa as she deserves, she's my wife and I'll respect her."

    Damien didn't seem reassured, in fact he looked like he felt insulted. "Get the fuck out of my sight." He spat. Gregor nodded "Until next time then." Gregor looked to his men "We're done here." Gregor and his men turned to leave, however the blonde Northener with the sadistic smile hesitated before looking at Simon "Simon Oakheart, is it?" Simon glared at him "What's it to you?" The man simply smirked and didn't answer as he followed Gregor. That was an odd exchange "Do you know each other?" Lucas asked and Simon shook his head "Never seen him before in my life." That exchange certainly could've gone better, the parley ended with each side on bad terms and the Branfields gained exactly nothing. Lucas looked to Damien "Father, what should we do?" Damien was clearly very angry as he looked to Simon "Prepare the Small Council immediately." He ordered without saying another word and headed back to the keep.

    The Small Council had gathered. Lucas and Damien had waited at the table until Simon returned with Maester Nathaniel, and Kiran. Damien sighed "We need to prepare for the worst, Gregor didn't mince words, they're going to attack and I don't imagine it'll be long before they do." Simon nodded "I've already filled the others in on the situation my Lord." Kiran nodded confirming what Simon said "The way you've described this surprises me. I thought you said Gregor was a good man?" He said as he looked towards Lucas. Lucas shook his head "He was! It's the only reason I insisted on the betrohel." Simon seemed angry "Whatever kind of man you thought he was, he's proven to be no better than his father!"

    Damien shook his head "That's enough!" Everyone was now silent as they looked to their Lord, Damien always commanded a presence. "Whether Lucas misjudged the Forrester doesn't matter. He is here for our heads, what kind of man he is, is irrelevant. Kiran nodded "My brother is right, we need to discuss preparations for the coming siege because make no mistake there will be a siege." Maester Nathaniel sighed but didn't say anything which resulted in a glare from Damien. "If you have something to say, Maester then say it. You're not on my council to give disapproving sighs.

    This resulted in a slight smirk from Kiran and the Maester glared at him before answering Damien. "This all just seems unnecessary. We can avoid all of this bloodshed if we simply bent the knee." This seemed to becoming a recurring argument at Summerspring. Simon scoffed "Of course you'd say that! Do you hate the Targaryens so much that you'd see House Branfield destroy what it is?" Simon brought up an interesting point that effectively made the council members question the Maester's loyalties. Nathaniel's House was destroyed for defying the Targaryen's so he does have hate towards them. "I'm a Maester, the past has nothing to do with this! I admit that I still hold anger towards the Targaryens but that has nothing to do with this! I'm saying this because I don't want to see this House destroyed as mine was!" The Maester snapped at Simon. Before Simon could respond Damien silenced them both "Shut the fuck up!" He shouted as he slammed his fist on the table.

    "You!" Damien pointed at Simon angrily "You are my most trusted friend and advisor, but you're here to advise me, not to bicker with every man you disagree with." Simon frowned, he looked ashamed "Of course, my Lord. It won't happen again." Damien nodded then glared at Maester Nathaniel "We've had this discussion time and again. We're not having it anymore. I'll die before I bend the knee." Nathaniel frowned "That's my fear." This caused Lucas to frown as well, but Damien was intent on ending this discussion "Enough, Maester! We will not throw away who we are to save ourselves!" The Maester seemed to get angry "Will you let your children die for your pride!? Your children? Your wife?"

    Kiran tried to calm things down "Nathaniel, that's enough!" But Nathaniel wasn't listening "Your youngest son is only ten years old and he will die if you continue down this path and you'll have no one to blame but yourself--" suddenly Damien punched Nathaniel in the face and he fell from his chair. "Get the fuck out." Damien commanded. Nathaniel stood up and defiantly pointed at Damien "You know I'm right." And then he marched out of the room. That was unnecessary, despite his past Nathaniel has always been loyal despite what happened to his House and he's honest, always speaks his mind. Lucas wanted to say something "Father, I--" Kiran stared at Lucas, letting him know to let it go "He'll get over it."

    Quickly moving on before things got awkward Damien looked to Simon "How many men do we have?" Simon sighed "Only around three hundred, not enough." Damien shook his head as he reassured them. "My sons will be back to make up the numbers." Kiran didn't seem convinced "Even so, we can't rely on them. We need to plan what to do until they get here." Simon stepped in "Well firstly we should try to get Owen back." Kiran shook his head at the mention of the scout "That isn't possible, Simon. Also we can't unnecessarily risk our men to save one Scout." Simon looked as if he wanted to argue this but Kiran had a point, it was too risky.

    Simon sighed "I hate to admit it but you're right." Damien seemed troubled "So we can't bring the fight to them, what do we do? Nothing?" Simon shook his head "No, I prepare our forces as much as possible and sort out a formidable defense. Secure the main gate, get archers atop the wall..." Kiran sighed "So unfortunately there's not much we can do." Lucas hated this, knowing there was an enemy and that they're not far but unable to do anything about it. He hated waiting. "Surely there's something more we can do. I can't just sit around and do nothing." Damien glared at Lucas "Perhaps you could get back to training." Lucas glared in return, Damien was clearly making a remark about Lucas not training anymore. "Are we done?" He asked bluntly and Damien reluctantly nodded "For now. Simon, brother, get to work." Taking that as permission Lucas marched out of the room.

  • Lucas had to find something to do. He found himself stuck with nothing to do. Perhaps he could take his father's suggestion and try to force himself to get back into training, you can never be too good in a fight. But Lucas just didn't see the point anymore, and he still wasn't ready to talk about it. Lucas remembered Maester Nathaniel's dramatic exit from the small council meeting, he tended to be bitter and could be holding a grudge against Damien, it might be good to talk to him and calm him down. Though Lucas was getting pretty stressed lately, Samuel always said Lucas needed to relax more, try to enjoy himself for a bit. Samuel usually spent his time among the Smallfolk, perhaps Lucas should do that. A break could be nice. Though it didn't feel like something Lucas would do, especially now. He was always so focused on the goal and working, but maybe that was the problem.

    [Try to get back into training] [Talk to Maester Nathaniel] [Take a break among the Smallfolk]

  • [Talk to Maester Nathaniel] seems to be the most productive choice.

  • [Talk to Maester Nathaniel] I think having a reasonable discussion with him regarding the council meeting will help them both in the long run. Besides, I'd like to get to know more about this maester.

    AgentZ46 posted: »

    Lucas had to find something to do. He found himself stuck with nothing to do. Perhaps he could take his father's suggestion and try to force

  • [Talk to Maester Nathaniel]

    AgentZ46 posted: »

    Lucas had to find something to do. He found himself stuck with nothing to do. Perhaps he could take his father's suggestion and try to force

  • Ah, this was very harsh to read, how the meeting went to hell because of our latest Gregor choice. I can understand why the Branfield's dislike him so much, the Elissa bit surely can be seen as him teasing them, even if it probably wasn't meant that way. But I think we did the right choice in making Marcos respect him a bit more, maybe this will make him and others more likely to follow him in the later stages of the siege.

    [Talk to Maester Nathaniel]

    Nathaniel is clearly the one that makes the most sense in Summerspring right now. He seems like the kind of man that won't be blinded by foolish pride and loyalty to a mad king. While I respect Damien somewhat, he is not thinking straight and I don't want Lucas to take too much after him. Instead, he should talk to Nathaniel, maybe to see his point of view and to become more open to his arguments. Also, naturally, calming the man down is not a bad thing to do either and all in all, this feels like a really good choice. Taking a break of training, those are things Lucas can always do later on, but the Maester is angry now and we might have to calm him down before he makes a mistake.

    AgentZ46 posted: »

    Lucas had to find something to do. He found himself stuck with nothing to do. Perhaps he could take his father's suggestion and try to force

  • Talk to the maester

  • The voting is closed! Lucas will talk to Maester Nathaniel.

    A very clear voting and I'm a bit surprised but I'm glad people find talking to Nathaniel important.

    Gregor is next but fair warning, it's looking to be another short part. Also it'll feature tge introduction of a couple submitted characters, so look forward to that.

  • Gregor

    Gregor, Eamon, Ludd and the Warricks were heading back to the camp and it was extremely quiet. Gregor was in disbelief of the way he acted at the parley. He felt that the right thing to do was to just hand over the scout and yet he didn't do it. And only because he feared losing the men's respect and appearing to be weak. Gregor was concerned about how his men saw him now. Marcos was clearly pleased but he wasn't sure about Eamon and Ludd.

    Gregor decided to find out himself. He approached Eamon "How do you feel about that?" Eamon raised an eyebrow "About what?" Gregor sighed, there's no way Eamon was stupid enough not to know what he was talking about. "About what just happened. What I did and how I acted." Eamon nodded to acknowledge that he understood "Admittedly I was surprised, the Branfields clearly didn't appreciate it but honestly, I approve" Gregor felt relieved to hear that, it was good to know that someone approved. Eamon smirked "It's bothering you that much, huh? There's a time and a place for morality and honor. War isn't one if them. Handing over that scout would've been foolish. Maybe it'd gain your enemy's respect but they're all going to die anyway and we'd have been handing them an advantage." Gregor nodded, he understood but wasn't sure if he agreed, honor has always been important to him, but maybe Eamon was right and war wasn't the right time for honor. "I appreciate it, Eamon." Eamon nodded "You did good, Gregor. Don't forget that. Keep doing what you're doing and maybe you'll even win over Marcos." Gregor laughed "I don't know about that but it won't hurt to try." Gregor then turned to Ludd, if Marcos and Eamon approved maybe Ludd felt the same way.

    Gregor smiled as he approached Ludd "Ludd!" Ludd turned and seemed distant "Need something Gregor?" Gregor was surprised by the attitude but shrugged "I just wanted to see if you had any thoughts about what happened back there." Ludd shook his head "Your father would be proud." Gregor normally would've felt honored to hear that but Ludd's tone suggested that it wasn't intended it as a compliment. "Come on, Ludd. That's not fair." Ludd raised his voice "What do you want me to say, Gregor? I didn't like it. It might've been the smart move and it definitely made sure we were in control, but I've known Lucas a long time, Gregor. Doing that to him and his family... it felt wrong." Gregor sighed "I didn't like it either but we're at war, we'll be fighting those men soon." Ludd nodded "And killing them will probably feel even worse, I know but it still doesn't sit right with me." Gregor didn't know what to say, he knew that he'd disappointed Ludd but it still felt more beneficial to do things this way and he hated that Ludd didn't agree. Ludd sighed and put his hand on Gregor's shoulder "Look, don't worry about it. You may have done something I disagree with but I still think you're a good man. I just think it's important that you stay a good man." Gregor nodded, he understood what he meant, this war wouldn't last forever. Eventually Gregor would be going home, assuming he survived this. "I get it, I'll try to keep that in mind." Ludd smiled "Good, you're a good man, Gregor. I know that but I think the stress of command is getting to you. I think it always does to truly good men, they find themselves struggling between being a good commander and being a good person. You need to decide which is more important to you."

    Before their conversation could continue Gregor saw Larion running towards them and Ludd turned to address him "Ser Larion, you were supposed to be with us at the parley. What happened?" Larion breathed heavily, he did just run over here and he was an older man "Apologies my Lord, but something came up and I thought it best that I stay behind to keep order. Walter Whitehill's just arrived." Marcos stepped into the conversation "It's about damn, time. That means we can get the siege underway." Marcos was clearly pleased that Walter had arrived but Larion seemed concerned "what happened Ser Larion?" Gregor asked. Larion looked at Gregor but didn't respond, clearly he still wasn't fond of Gregor. Ludd groaned "Out with it, Larion! What happened?" Larion nodded "Walter and his troops have somehow gotten a group of Forrester men riled up, I expect there will be a fight soon if we don't put an end to it." Gregor sighed "Come on! We better get in there." Gregor then ran forward with Ludd following close behind.

    Gregor alongside Ludd returned to camp and just as Larion said there were Whitehill men and Forrester men clearly arguing and appeared very angry. Ludd pointed towards the tall muscular man with short golden hair, green eyes and a short trimmed beard. "That's him! That's my brother, Walter." Gregor looked closely and saw that the man had the Whitehill sigil on his breastplate. He was definitely Walter Whitehill. Gregor took another look and saw his cousin Marcus at the head of the Forrester men with a short but bulky Forrester soldier beside him that had black eyes short black hair, a short mustache and a pointy goatee. No more than two days he's been here and he's already started another bloody brawl. "I don't fucking believe this." Gregor spat as he ran into the fray.

    As Gregor got closer he could hear Walter speaking to Marcus. "We'll never be friends, Forrester, but we don't have to be enemies. Have these men stand down." The short man spat "Fuck that, we heard you and your men spouting shit about us not being trustworthy." Walter chuckled "You overhear some whispers among my men and take that as a personal insult? It is nothing personal, our House has lost a great deal after the battle at the River Valley, so there's some understandable sore spots." Marcus laughed as he stepped forward "We took back what was rightfully ours after your House took it from us. You only have yourselves to blame for any losses you suffered." Walter appeared to be slightly angered by Marcus' words but Gregor could tell Walter was trying to remain calm.

    "You need to back off" Walter warned Marcus. Cleary what happened at the River Valley was a sore spot for Walter. However the short Forrester seemed to have taken that as a threat and he reacted by punching Walter in the face. "Hey, that's enough!" Gregor shouted as he rushed between them. Walter smirked as he wiped blood from his mouth "Just in time, Forrester." Ludd then marched forward towards the short soldier "I should kill you, dwarf!" He growled and in response the soldier gave Ludd a headbutt. Ludd was about to draw his sword but Gregor quickly stepped in between "Ludd, there's no need for that! I'll deal with this." Ludd seemed like he was about to argue but Walter stepped in "It's fine, Ludd. Just let it be." Ludd calmed down but pointed at Gregor "You better deal with this!" Before he marched off with Walter.

    Gregor sighed, just when he felt like he was back in control something goes wrong. Gregor glared at his cousin "YOU! I'll deal with you later, don't start anymore trouble." Marcus offered no reaction. Gregor then turned to the short soldier "Come with me." He commanded as he marched away from Marcus and the soldier followed him.

    "What's your name?" Gregor asked him "Braedon Snow, M'lord." He said. Gregor sighed "If Ludd was in command here and not me you'd be a dead man. Maybe you'd just lose a hand if he was merciful. Why would you do what you did?" Brandon smirked "What can I say, M'lord? Hitting people I'm not supposed to hit helps me feel alive." Gregor raised his voice "I'm NOT in a joking mood, Snow!" Braedon lost the smirk and nodded "Apologies, M'lord, it won't happen again." Gregor nodded "It better not, I might not be able to save you next time." Braedon nodded "Of course m'lord, I wouldn't want to put you in a difficult position." Gregor sighed "Listen, of course I would try to save you but I'm not popular with these people. There's only so much that they'll tolerate from me." Braedon sighed "Maybe I acted rashly but I heard them talking about you and your father and it set me off." They were talking about Thorren? Gregor didn't like that, Thorren's name was normally brought up in a negative light. "What did they say?" He asked and Braedon shrugged "I didn't hear the whole thing. I heard 'weren't trustworthy' and that you could be just as bad as your father." Gregor was disappointed but he wasn't surprised, the Forresters and Whitehills have always had issues. "I appreciate you're honesty but keep this to yourself, our alliance is uneasy enough. We can't have people thinking we don't trust each other." Braedon nodded "I understand, m'lord. You can trust me." Gregor smiled "Thank you, you can go now, but don't start anymore trouble." Braedon nodded and walked away.

    Gregor had to deal with Marcus now. He was tempted to punch him in the face to teach him a lesson but before he could speak to him Bryce Warrick, Ammett's younger brother rushed towards him and whispered "Gregor, I need to speak with you!" Gregor sighed, he wasn't in the mood to deal with the Warricks "Can it wait? I need to deal with something." Bryce looked around and he seemed quite distressed "I think you should deal with this as soon as possible." Gregor felt that any issue the Warricks have should be brought to Ludd "Wouldn't it be more appropriate to go to Ludd?" Bryce nodded "I thought so but Ammett told me to go straight to you and not to Ludd. Be honest with me, do you trust Ammett?" Gregor firmly shook his head "No." He answered bluntly and Bryce nodded in understanding "I understand why Ammett may have given you a bad impression but he wasn't always like this. He was a good person once and I think he can be again. I try to keep him on right path and I think if you gave him a chance he may try to change." Gregor doubted someone like Ammett could've been a good person once but perhaps he did deserve a chance. Nobody is born a bad person.

  • Bryce bit his lip and seemed to be in a hurry to get to the point "Ammett is well aware of the fact that you don't trust him and he's eager to prove himself to you. But the thing is that Ammett can do some very rash things when he's eager." Gregor was pleased that Ammett wanted to prove himself trust worthy but Bryce was speaking ominously and Gregor began to worry "What has he done?" Bryce looked around as if to make sure no one would overhear their conversation and he whispered "Follow me." Gregor reluctantly followed. Marcus would have to wait, if Ammett had done something bad then Gregor needed to know.

    Bryce led Gregor to a tent in the Warricks camp and as they entered Gregor found Ammett with bloody fists and Kevan holding his hand as if it were in pain. "Oh don't be such a baby, Kevan! You've handled worse." Ammett said to his silent brother and Kevan responded with a glare. Ammett turned to see Gregor and smiled "Ahh, welcome back, Forrester! Nice work, Bryce." Ammett praised his younger brother. Clearly something had happened, Kevan seemed hurt and Ammett had blood on his fists.

    Gregor spoke sternly "What's going on?" Ammett picked up a rag and began to clean his fists "Calm down the blood isn't mine, it's hers." Ammett gestured behind him and Gregor saw a woman bound to a post, her mouth was gagged and she appeared to be unconscious. She was a tall woman with brown eyes and long dark hair. Gregor might've thought she was beautiful if she didn't have a black eye and a fat lip. "What the fuck?" Gregor raised his voice before glaring at Bryce and Bryce attempted to defend himself "She was conscious before I left! What happened, Ammett?"

    "Kevan being the stupid softie that he is tried to give her some water and the bitch bit him! So I knocked her out and gagged her, just in case. Let me tell you she's a tough one, took a few good hits to knock her out." Ammett explained. Gregor was furious that someone was being treated like this and didn't know about it. "Explain yourself, Ammett! Who is she?" Ammett glared as if he felt Gregor should be showing gratitude and not anger but he explained "This here is Keira Flowers. Sellsword, great in a fight and apparently she's got strong teeth." He smirked at Kevan and Kevan responded with yet another glare.

    Gregor stepped closer to make sure she was breathing "Why is she here?" Gregor directed the question to Bryce as Ammett was taking his time to get to the point "This is Simon Oakheart's bastard daughter." Bryce said. Simon was at the parley and seemed to be a trusted advisor to House Branfield. "And you're only bringing this to me now?" Ammett nodded "I wasn't certain that Simon Oakheart was a trusted advisor to House Branfield, not until the parley. Now that I know I thought it best that you be told and understand the opportunity we have here." Gregor glared at Ammett "What opportunity is there in kidnapping a woman and beating her?" Bryce stepped forward "Gregor, I understand that this may seem dishonorable but we could do some serious damage by using this woman as a hostage. A man would do anything to protect his family." Gregor sighed, Ammett had a point, Keira could be useful but Gregor didn't understand why they came to him and not Ludd. "Why wasn't Ludd told?" Ammett shrugged "Well you're in command aren't you? I wanted to bring this to you and let you act as you saw fit without having to worry about if someone disapproved." Gregor looked to Bryce, he did mention that Ammett was eager to gain Gregor's trust.

    Gregor took another look at Keira. The way she was being treated was intolerable "You're not to hurt her anymore, understood?" Ammett sighed and reluctantly nodded "Fine, I won't touch her." Gregor realized that Ammett was trying to help and that Gregor probably seemed ungrateful and he sighed "I appreciate you coming to me with this. Maybe she'll be useful. But I'm going to need to tell the council about this." Ammett chuckled "What, Trant, Glenmore and the dog? Tell Ludd if you must but those assholes will just judge you for keeping her here." Bryce sighed "I recommend keeping this to yourself, Gregor. This way you can act however you see fit without worry of how the others will react." Ammett spoke up "And if that's not reason enough for you, think about what some of the less honorable men will do if they find out there's a woman in camp." Gregor glared at Ammett as he has yet to deny raping and dared to talk about honor. But he brought up a good point. Bryce also had a good point as Gregor could act however he wished as only he and the Warricks knew about this. Though Ludd likely wouldn't be happy to find out his own men were keeping something from him. Perhaps Gregor should at least tell him or maybe even the whole council. Some of them would no doubt disapprove and he just got Marcos' respect but perhaps they'd appreciate Gregor being honest with them. Though there was no telling how they'd react.

    [Tell only Ludd] [Tell no one] [Tell the whole council]

  • Whoa, another long and seriously awesome part! And it held amazing development for the characters. I do enjoy Gregor a lot more now than I did in the beginning, where I highly preferred Malcolm. I still do, to be honest, but I also love Gregor's viewpoint now. And I found this part to hold some exciting developmnt for Ammett. I don't trust him, he's a loon and a psychopath and I'd prefer for him to be kept away from anything that cannot fight back, but he surely is interesting at the same time. Not a one-dimensional bad guy, that much is for sure. I look forward for what you have planned for him in the future :)

    [Tell only Ludd]

    Now, it is strange to say this, but Ammett indeed seems like he wants to help. He is violent, unstable and a total lunatic, but he seems to want to pull his weight, for the better or worse. Maybe by granting him some minor freedom, Gregor can win his respect and keep him under control if things get worse. Telling the whole council seems a bit too early and I don't know how they woul react. Marcos just started to respect Gregor, as he himself said, and this is a very good thing, so I would like for it to stay that way. Telling no one however seem irresponsible, so Ludd it is. That makes sense to me as well, because he is sort of Ammett's master, the guy who can control him so far. Ludd will know how to deal with this, what to do and he will understand Gregor, I am sure of it. And if this ever becomes public, surely everyone will be less angry with Gregor if he has shared this at least with one other person.

    AgentZ46 posted: »

    Bryce bit his lip and seemed to be in a hurry to get to the point "Ammett is well aware of the fact that you don't trust him and he's eager

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