I'm planning to do a western interactive story . Anyone Interrested ?

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So hi , I'm planning to make a western fiction called " The wild west " (oringal title , i know ;) )

I have some of the script written and the different outcomes that could happen depending of your choices :)
I've made some drawings of the characters and of some major events

the thing is i wrote them during summer vacation ,and i stopped after school took back ,but recently having seen westworld ,i gained back some inspiration and
i'm planning on finishing most of the script at least for the first act ,the reason i'm planning in advance is to be sure that i won't be lost . And also another major reason is that
i'd hate for it to be unfinished because i was either too busy or too much lazy .but before taking the writing back ..

I'd like to know if anyone is interrested in it ?

know that of course you will be able to create your characters , and could be consequential, maybe even more than the characters i have already planned ,and i will certainly draw the consequential characters .


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