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  • Episode 1: A New Dawn Chapter 5: Thank You…

    "I'd say it's best if we build more defenses. We're well stocked and I can't see why more defenses could be considered a bad thing." I decided

    "Sounds like a plan to me, I can get my crew working on it tomorrow." Nico took a sip from his mug.

    Morgan came out of the restroom and used a towel to wipe her mouth. "What'd I miss?"

    "Nothing much." Paige leaned back in her chair.

    Morgan sat back down next to me. "Where's Gwendal?"

    "He's just out with some friends at the moment, should be back soon. You know how it is to be that age." Paige smirked.

    "All the late nights with friends, yeah, I remember." I chuckled.

    "Seems like forever since I was able to go out to a bar with my friends and just enjoy the night." Said Nico

    "Well that's what this is all about, trying to build a better life for everyone." I looked around the room.

    "Hell, I'd say you've brought us a long way in doing that." Nico smiled

    "Hasn't been easy but it's worth it. We don't have to just survive anymore." I looked at Morgan. "We can live." We shared a smile.

    "I can drink to that." Nico raised his glass. "Now if only this was whiskey…"

    We started to laugh together until we heard the door open. "Have fun?" Paige turned to face Gwendal.

    "Yeah, we played some soccer." He noticed Morgan and I. "Oh, hey Cody, hey Morgan."

    Morgan and I waved at Gwendal. "Do we have anything to eat? I missed dinner." Gwendal took off his shoes and made his way to the kitchen.

    "Yeah, we should have something in the pantry." Paige pointed.

    "Thanks." He said and found a protein bar. He left the room and entered his.

    "Damn, he's getting tall." said Morgan

    "Tell me about it, soon enough he'll be taller than me." Paige laughed.

    "Not much of an accomplishment when you think about it." He laughed.

    "You asshole." Paige lightly smacked him on the shoulder and chuckled.

    "She's right you know." I smirked.

    "I know." Nico finished his glass.

    The hours flew by as we shared more memories and laughs. Before we even realized it, it was midnight.

    "We should probably get going." said Morgan

    "Yeah, it's already…" I checked my watch. "twelve o'clock."

    "Wow, it didn't feel like that much time passed." Paige got up from her chair and took the glasses to the kitchen.

    "It was really great getting to spend time with you two." Nico smiled and pulled me in for a hug.

    "Getting all mushy on us?" I grinned.

    "I guess so." He hugged Morgan.

    "We'll have to do this again sometime." Morgan smiled and made her way to the door.

    "Definitely." I handed her coat to her.

    "See you tomorrow!" Paige yelled from the kitchen.

    "See ya!" said Morgan.

    We closed the door behind us and started to walk back to our house. The night air was calming, crickets were chirping softly in the background. Before I knew it, we were at the steps to our house. I opened the door for Morgan and followed her inside.


    "I already told you, we're bringing horses for Wellington. They don't have any more gas and it's surprising that they were able to keep using it this long." Katrina was leading a couple horses to the front of the gate.

    "Where do you want the food?" asked a younger man

    "Just set it over by the rest of the supplies. We're going to be leaving soon, we should have done this sooner." Katrina wiped sweat from her brow.

    "Go tell everyone else that we're ready, load the carts and we can start heading out." Katrina told him

    "You got it." He ran towards the square.

    A few minutes passed until a large group gathered towards the front of the gate. They looked eager to hit the road.

    "Alright, a few people can get in the carts with the rest of the stuff and others can get on their own horses." Katrina directed "Remember to stick together when we're out there, if you see any walkers let it be known. Don't try and take them out yourself, you could end up dead or worse. We'll make it there before sundown if we take off now, so we can't be taking any breaks. It'll be a long trip but just think about tomorrow. Alright, let's get this show on the road." She leapt onto her horse. "Open it up!" The gate opened and allowed just enough room for all the carts and people to get through.

    A few miles down the road Katrina noticed a large group of people in front of them. She stopped everyone in their tracks and looked through a scope. She looked around until she noticed that Nozomi was leading people to Wellington as well. "Well sonuva bitch." She smirked.

    "What's going on?" Someone spoke up.

    "Nothing to worry about, we're just catching up to people from The Mountain Top." She turned back around. "I'm going to catch up to them and let Nozomi know that we're behind her. Don't want anyone getting scared." Katrina rode forward at a brisk pace; the wind filled her hair and sent a shiver through her spine. She came up next to Nozomi. Nozomi jumped a bit when she saw Katrina.

    "Damnit Katrina, you nearly gave me a heart attack!" She laughed.

    "Sorry about that, I just wanted to let you know that my people aren't too far behind." She pointed back to her group.

    "Yeah, I know. I could see you for a while." said Nozomi.

    "Well I'm glad your people weren't too startled by a large group right behind them." Katrina looked at the supplies they brought. "Damn, you've got some nice stuff with you."

    "Yeah, we didn't want to skimp out on this." said Nozomi. "It's a pretty big deal."

    "I know, I'm glad we have this. We've gone through so much, it feels nice to have it be rewarded in a way." Katrina reminisced

    "I hear ya there." Nozomi looked down.

    "Anyway, I better get back. Don't want them thinking something happened." Katrina smiled and placed her hand on Nozomi's shoulder.

    "See you there." said Nozomi

    Katrina rode her horse back to the group and continued to lead them down the road. The hours passed, and the ride was long, but they eventually made it without a scratch on them. The sun was beginning to set, and the air was calm.


    "Just keep it elevated, we have some crutches he can use until it fully heals." The doctor told Blake. She turned to look at Dennis. "Take it easy for a while, ok?"

    "No worries there." Blake smiled at Dennis. "Good to go?"

    "Yep." He hopped off the chair and hopped to the crutches set at the table.

    "Thank you again." said Blake.

    "No problem, if there's any more pain or it doesn't feel right feel free to come back." The doctor nodded.

    Blake opened the door for his son, following him out. There was a lot of commotion towards the center of the community. "Head back to the house, I'll be there in just a bit." Blake told Dennis.

    "Alright." Dennis agreed.

    Blake traversed through the community till he reached the masses. "What's going on?" No one would give him an answer.

    "We've already stayed behind too long, I just got finished talking to Cody. We're going to be leaving for the celebration in a few hours, pack what you need if you're going." Joseph announced.

    People began to disperse, Blake stuck around. He ran to Joseph. "What celebration?"

    "Oh, Blake." Joseph turned "All the communities are gathering at Wellington for a celebration, it's nothing you really need to worry about."

    "Could Dennis and I go with?" Blake asked.

    Joseph paused for a moment to think. "That would be entirely up to you, I was told to keep you two here so that the group chasing you wouldn't be able to find you. However, it's up to you. I'm sure Cody wouldn't mind."

    "Wouldn't we be safer going along with everyone?" Blake asked

    "We're keeping people here to stand guard, we're not leaving this place undefended." Joseph replied

    "I don't know, I think I'd feel better if we went with. I'm not really comfortable with us being here with a few guards." Blake sighed.

    "Pack your things, you can ride with me." Joseph put his arm around Blake and walked with him to his house.

    A few hours had passed, the people of Lakeside were prepared for the trip. Joseph sat at the front leading the others and letting them in on the plan and contingencies. Blake and Dennis were sitting the in the back the wagon and looked around at all the people. "It's crazy." Blake marveled at it.

    "What is?" Dennis looked up at him.

    "These people are having a celebration, they're happy. Their communities are thriving, it's so different." Blake thought of the past. Dennis had a nervous look on his face, Blake turned back to him. "Shit, I'm sorry Dennis." He tried to think of the right words. "We're past that, we're never going back. I promise."

    Joseph opened the sheet and sat down. "You two ready?"

    Blake and Dennis looked at one another. "Yes." Blake answered.

    "Alright, let's get this show on the road." He drove forward.

    Many miles were behind them, Wellington was close, but the trip was still far from over. Dennis had fallen asleep in the first hour or so. This gave Joseph and Blake more time to talk.

    "Where were you when Cody's group found you?" Joseph asked

    "We were running from some people in the woods. They saved us, we would've died if they hadn't come along." said Blake.

    "Who were you running from? If you don't mind me asking." Joseph's curiosity got the best of him.

    Blake took a moment, deciding whether or not he wanted to answer. "The group we were with before."

    "Oh, why were they chasing you?" He continued

    "We had some issues with how things were being ran and I decided it'd be better for my family and I on the road rather than stay there." Blake was hesitant to answer.

    "You'd rather be out here?"

    "Yes," Blake took no time to answer. "I would do anything to keep my son safe, anything."

    "I understand." Joseph nodded in agreement. "I had a son before, I lost him to this. This damned world took him from me. It took me a long time before I was ready to let anyone close again, until I found this place. It gave me hope for the future. Gave me hope that there's still good in the world."

    "From what I hear he's done that for a lot of people." said Blake.

    "He made all of this possible, he brought our communities together. He found us almost a year ago, had some people out here looking for some sort of food. That's when he came along." Joseph told him "It's odd how things turn out."

    "Sir, we've got biters out here!" The rider yelled.

    "How many?" Joseph drew his knife.

    "Around thirty!" He quickly sputtered out

    "Shit, I'm gonna need your help!" Joseph shuffled out of the wagon. Blake followed. The dead were quickly approaching, giving them no time to prepare. "Everyone get ready, don't let them get too close!"

    The people of Lakeside prepared for a fight. Blake went ahead of Joseph and kicked the first walker in the chest, knocking it to the ground. He stomped on its head, crushing it like a melon. Another stumbled toward him, he slammed his knife into its head and threw it to the other side. More people began to join the fight. A few walkers closed in on the cart where kids were hiding, Blake rushed to the aid and kicked a walker in the knee, bringing it to the ground. He stabbed another through the eye and pushed it into the final walker. A man ran over to help Blake, he brought his machete down onto the walker's head and finished it off.

    "Blake, you've got more coming your way!" Joseph yelled. "George, keep them away from the cart!"

    Blake saw five more stumbling towards him, he took two on the left. George stayed in his position as three came his way. Blake slashed one walker and stabbed the other through the temple, his blade was stuck. He fell down along with the walker. Another walker came at Blake while he was down. "Blake!" George rushed in between and wrestled with the walker before falling on his back, the walker on top. George's hands were trapped by the walker's torso, it took a chunk out of his shoulder. "AUGHH!" He screamed.

    Blake pulled his blade out of the walker and killed the one on top of George. "Shit!" He looked at George's bite mark.

    "NO!" Joseph ran to George's side. "Get him in a cart right now! Wrap him up in something goddamnit!"

    "He can't live through this." said Blake

    "I know that damnit, I'm not just going to kill him! He has time left!" Joseph argued.

    "You're right, I'm sorry." Blake was remorseful.

    George was carried onto a cart and set down. Joseph took a large bandage from a basket and started to wrap the wound. Blake went back to Dennis. He opened the sheet and found Dennis petrified. "Oh my god Dennis, are you okay!?"

    "He was bit." Dennis was wide-eyed.

    "I know, but we're going to figure it out." Blake tried

    "He's gonna turn!" said Dennis

    Blake took a moment to answer. "I know, but we're giving him time. He deserves that."
    "Alright." Dennis relaxed himself.

    "It's going to be a while before we can start moving again. People will be wanting to say their goodbyes." Blake said "I'm gonna go back and see what's going on."

    Dennis laid up against the side of the wagon and turned away from his dad. Blake walked over to Joseph and the others. People were gathering, tears were shed. Blake felt something gnawing at him from the inside, telling him this was his fault. He's the reason this man is going to die. He came to George's side and looked down at him. Some time had passed, the sun had set and people went back to their friends and families. Joseph tried to put things back in order to keep everyone's mind off of what happened. Blake stood beside George. "If there's anything I can do…"

    "Could you hand me some water?" He weakly pointed to the canteen lying next to him. Blake took it in his hands and opened the lid. He lifted George's head and poured water into his mouth.

    "Thank you." He wiped the sweat from his brow.

    A moment passed. "You shouldn't have done that." said Blake

    "Stop." George muttered "I made a choice. You shouldn't feel sorry about that."

    "You barely know me." said Blake.

    "Doesn't matter." He coughed. "You have a son to look after."

    Nothing could convey how grateful Blake had been. Though he tried "Thank you…" Blake realized how much time had passed and knew he had to leave. "I need to go back to my son,"

    "Go." George smiled

    Blake left him and made his way back to the cart where Dennis was staying. He lifted the sheet and noticed Dennis wasn't in the back. He began to panic. "Dennis, where are you!?"

    "He's up here with me." Joseph spoke softly.

    Blake joined Dennis and Joseph just ahead of the cart, they were sitting in an open cart. "What are you two up to?"

    "Dennis was asking me about George. I told him he was a good man, he helped me through a lot at Lakeside. He was a valuable member of the community, and my friend." Joseph took a swig from a bottle.

    "Are you drinking?" Blake asked

    "Can't think of a reason not to." He took another drink from the bottle.

    "Dennis, go get some rest." Blake pointed to the wagon. Dennis slid off of the cart and paced away.

    "Can you blame me?" Joseph faced Blake.

    "Actually, I was going to ask if I could have some." Blake sat beside him.

    Joseph handed him the bottle, Blake took it in his hands and thought about what happened. He downed the rest of the bottle. "Looks like you needed some too." Joseph grabbed another bottle.

    Blake tossed the empty bottle into the air. "I guess you're right."

    "One more from my personal inventory." Joseph offered him another drink.

    Blake and Joseph finished the bottle and retired for the night. The night air was foreboding, and uncertainty loomed. Crickets chirped lightly, and the earth was barely lit by the moon. Blake had no trouble sleeping, a nice change of pace.

    "Oh my god!" A woman screamed.

    Blake awoke in an instant, he scanned the area and noticed a large group rushing to George's position. He ran over as quickly as he could.

    "Who would do this?"

    "I just… Jesus."


    Blake understood the reactions, a gunshot wound was in the middle of George's forehead. He took a step away and rubbed his eyes. "WHO THE FUCK DID THIS!?" Blake turned and noticed Joseph pushing through the crowd. "WHOEVER YOU ARE, STEP FORWARD NOW!"

    Blake opened the sheet and found Dennis sitting in the middle of the wagon. "Dennis?"

    Dennis turned to face his father. Blake looked down and had to shut his eyes. Dennis was holding a silenced pistol. "I had to." He declared.


    "They're here!" A guard yelled down to Cody from atop the wall.

    "Alright, let's get that gate open." I told the two guards ahead of me.

    The gate opened and revealed two large communities approaching. I smiled as Nozomi and Katrina came into view. It was a pleasant surprise to see them after so long. Katrina rode up quicker than Nozomi to greet me. "It's been a while." She said

    "Got that right." I offered her a hand.

    She took my hand and climbed down from her horse. "Thanks." She hugged me.

    "How are things at The Sanctuary?" I asked.

    "It's going well, our crops have been doing better this year. Hopefully it keeps up."

    "Yeah, we hit a bit of a rough patch earlier this year." I led her down the pathway. "How was your trip over?"

    "Went better than I expected if I'm being honest." She looked at the community. "Making some more traps?"

    "Yeah, can't be too careful." I said

    "Understandable." She stated "You ready for this thing to get started?"

    "I think so, we've been getting ready for a while now. I've been a little preoccupied though." I revealed

    "Oh?" Katrina looked at me.

    "I'm going to be a dad!" I smiled.

    "Cody," Katrina hugged me "That's amazing!"

    "We found out about five days ago." I said

    "No wonder I couldn't get you on the radio." She laughed.

    "I've been meaning to ask, have you seen April?" I asked

    "No, why?" This peaked her interest.

    "She's been missing." I revealed to her. "Clifford's been looking for her ever since."

    "Jesus…" Her eyes darted down. "Does he have an idea of what could've happened?"

    "I don't think so, he was blindsided by it." I said.

    "Well if you need any help, I'll do anything you need me to." Katrina stated.

    "Thank you, I appreciate that."

    "Have you called any of the outposts?" She asked.

    "I've tried a few, they don't know either." I took a sip of water from my canteen.

    "Well why don't you and I try to ask a few more?" said Katrina

    "I'm supposed to be helping you and Nozomi's groups get settled in. Many of them haven't been here before."

    "That can wait, come on." Katrina insisted.

    [Radio other outposts] or [Guide communities]

  • Ah, Kat, welcome back =) This is great, makes me very happy to see her back in the story proper, apparently as the Sanctuary PoV in the events to come. She seems to be doing nice, properly leading that community even and having adjusted perfectly to that task, now I'm quite proud. Though I assume she will need that new strength in time. In general, this seems to be going suspiciously well and I have no doubt that will change eventually. It's a good thing they have four stable communities together, I have the feeling they are going to need it.

    [Radio other outposts]

    I guess calling all of the outposts is a good idea. Certainly appropriate, given they are essentially dealing with a case of a missing person. Katrina already voiced her approvement of this and I have no doubt Nozomi will understand it as well. This can't possibly take too long, so I guess it won't be too bad for the other people either, but it could possibly be a life saver for April.

    Episode 1: A New Dawn Chapter 5: Thank You… "I'd say it's best if we build more defenses. We're well stocked and I can't see why more de

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  • UPDATE: It's been a long time since a part has come out, and it's completely on me. I haven't had much time to write and it's been something I've been trying to change. I'm hard at work on the next part and still eager to finish out the final season of The Fallen World. I've made a few changes to the overall story to make it a more fitting ending and I'm really excited to get the next parts finished. There's a lot of work left on the next part but it will hopefully be finished soon. I apologize for the incredibly long hiatus and I hope you're still interested in this story as much as I am. Thank you!

  • Ah, welcome back! I can assure you, I am still interested to see what you have in mind for the chapters to come. Not going to lie, the long hiatus was concerning, but I am really glad to hear that you have returned. I honestly missed this story, so I look forward for its return.

    UPDATE: It's been a long time since a part has come out, and it's completely on me. I haven't had much time to write and it's been something

  • With the recent news that came out today, I can't imagine the forums will stay up much longer. That brings a serious question, what will happen to this story? I'm looking into alternatives at the moment, but I am fully planning on continuing. I'll let you know in the coming days where I will move the story. Thank you all for being the greatest fans!

  • Hey, I am glad you wish to continue the story somewhere else. I am similarly looking for alternatives, it would be nice if those writers who wish to continue their stories somewhere else can stay together. somehow. Let me know if you have any ideas. Also, more importantly, could you send me any way of contacting you outside of the forums? I have shared a throwaway e-mail address and some other contact details over at the Forum of Thrones thread, I'd enjoy staying in contact somehow and figuring something out.

    With the recent news that came out today, I can't imagine the forums will stay up much longer. That brings a serious question, what will hap

  • Wow, it’s been so long since this story has been updated. Went through so many periods of not knowing whether I should start it back up. Life has really thrown a curveball. There was also the event of the forum shutting down which completely killed my motivation. I’m glad to see that it’s back! So, where does this leave The Fallen World? I’m considering reintroducing season 4 and continuing from where it was left off. If there’s any interest in seeing this story through to the finish line please let me know!

  • Rereading the story and getting some motivation to see how this whole thing gets wrapped up. ;)

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