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    Catelyn XI

    At King’s Landing

    Little Catelyn’s curiosity got the better of her, as she slowly turned around, shaking in fear. Something came flying at her, shadow just as the 2 others, and it was the biggest creature Cat had ever seen, big as a village. Black fire came out of it’s mouth and Cat came to the conclusion that this must be a dragon.

    Frozen, she just stood there, breathing heavily, warm tears running down her cheeks, watching this dragon coming closer and closer, A deafening sound left the creature's mouth, as it flew right through Catelyn, and all air was pressed out of her little lungs…

    Catelyn almost flew out of the bed as she woke up, scared, breathing heavily. The fuck was that nightmare?!?? Cat thought as she started to walk around her room, thinking, trying her best to calm down by taking slow and deep breaths. She looked out of the window, noticing the morning had come, as the sun shined right through, almost blending her. Alliser could be here any minute. Cat realized and started to take of her nightgown, and put on something more proper.

    When she had taken of the gown, she stretched her left arm, felt how the wound felt. It was still sore, but only over night, it all felt better. She carefully put on her blue and green handmaiden dress, as she had nothing else at the moment. Once that was done, she brushed her hair. Now that’s all done..

    Catelyn turned around to the door when she noticed that the door was open, she let out a short shriek before she walked up to the door, noticing that a knife was stuck with a note on the other side of the door. All her power was needed to get that knife out, as it was stuck deep in the wood. She took the note and read it:

    You saw what you needed to see. I will come back. Remember what you saw.- A Friend.

    Gods… Why does everyone have interest in me all of a sudden? And what does she or he mean with ‘You saw what you needed to see’? Was he or she the one causing my nightmare? Cat closed her door, sat down and read through the letter over and over again, looking at other letters comparing the handwriting without success. It looked like a woman’s writing, but Cat wasn’t certain.

    Finally, someone knocked on the door. “Lady Catelyn.” Alliser’s muffled voice could be heard behind the door, and Catelyn let out a relieved sigh. She rushed to the door and opened it up quickly. “Ser Alliser.” she exclaimed, and Alliser gave her a confused look. Lady Beartilde quickly regained her composure, and calmly spoke. “I’m ready. Shall we go?” To this, Ser Alliser got even more confused. “I… Indeed, if you wish to go to this Spymaster now, we will go now. If I may.” Alliser answered and reached his hand out, as the gentleman he was. Catelyn took it and they walked arms-in-arms through the keep.

    “So what do you know about this Spymaster character, Lady Catelyn?” Alliser curiously asked as they walked through a hallway close to the great hall. “I think it’s in fact a spymistress, Ser Alliser. Not much, I know that she knows a great many things about.. Well, a lot of things. I think I know her location, but not much more.” Catelyn explained. “Sounds like quite the intriguing woman.”

    Alliser quickened the pace, and Catelyn could only do the same. Gods, Alliser really wants to meet this mistress as quick as possible. Can’t blame him, really. I would act the same if Barney would have disappeared. “Don’t you agree, Lady Catelyn?” Cat had been lost in her thoughts, and hadn’t listen to Alliser. “Completely. Yes, I absolutely agree.” Cat lied, as she would’ve been to embarrassed to reveal that she didn’t listen.

    The 2 northerners entered the great hall, and apart from Mysarion sitting and singing a sad song with a godlike voice,, and a couple of groups with highborn men and women, the hall was rather empty.

    ...The smallfolk gathered in the square
    The gallows there were set
    The smallfolk gathered in the square
    The women never wept...

    Alliser and Cat walked down the few steps of the stair and continued to walk towards the door out.

    ...The Gods above all knew his crimes
    The lord read off his lists
    The Gods above all knew his crimes
    The men’s hands balled to fists...

    They walked past Mysarion, who stopped singing and playing and stood up. “My lady. a word if I may?” Mysarion asked with a sad face, and Cat looked at Alliser who nodded. She walked up to Mys. “Yes, Mysarion?”

    “I would like to thank you for standing up for me against the retired Queen Daenerys. It will not be forgotten. Even though I’ll join Laemond’s company anyhow, I appreciate your action.” he spoke and flashed a visibly forced smile, as his violet eyes still was saddened..”So, where are you and the northerner heading?”

    “Oh yes, you might be of help. Do you know anything about the spymistress?” Cat asked casually, and Mys eyes widened. He grabbed her by her right shoulder and walked away from the closest group of highborn. “Are you out of your bloody mind, Lady Catelyn? Do not talk about her so close to other people. That woman is no one you should even be on the same street with. She will ask of something in return that you likely won’t be able to pay back.” Mysarion revealed.

    “I have to, Mys. My friends needs me.” Cat explained as she looked at Alliser, who started to get bored by the wait. “Well… Then I wish you good fortune, My lady.. Now go, your friend seems slightly irritated by the wait.” the bard spoke, and Cat nodded as she started to walk back to Alliser. Mysarion sat down, mumbled something in what sounded like High Valyrian, before he continued on with the song, as Cat and Alliser left the Red Keep..

    ...His legs they kicked, they jerked, then slowed
    The crowd not once did Cheer
    His legs they slowed, then finally stopped
    The crowd not once did Jeer...

    “Alright. Here we are, Ser Alliser. This should be the place.” Cat said and pointed at a brothel just in front of them. They walked in the mud to the brothel, as the poor people of the city walked all around them. Although the people lived under better circumstances than before the new Targaryen rule, they still had a rough time in the capital.

    “She’s in a bloody brothel? Great.” Alliser muttered and sighed. The house was white and made of rock, and rather large. The corners was golden, or at least looked the part. Catelyn highly doubted that was gold, she thought it was painted rock. Ser Alliser walked in front of Cat to open the doors.

    The whole brothel seemed to be one big room, with small booths along the walls for some privacy. All windows were covered with pink and purple large, somewhat transparent curtains, making the light coming in more dark. Cat kneeled down to try to wash of some of the mud. “My lady, let me.” Alliser offered when he noticed. “Alliser, I do appreciate the gesture, but I must do something myself.” Cat replied and gave him a friendly smile, which he reciprocated.

    After a cleaning that likely made her even dirtier, she stood up and the two northerners walked up to the middle of the room, where a scantily clad, to say the least, woman sat in some sort of expensive chair, drowned with fabrics and cloth and wool to make it extravagant and comfortable at the same time. On their way there, countless of lightly dressed or outright naked men and women, young and old, walked past the two.

    Ser Alliser walked in front of Cat, and stopped about 2-3 meters away from this woman, as well as what seemed like a bodyguard to her left. “My lady.” he respectfully greeted her. “My name is Se-” “Ser Alliser Forrester and Lady Catelyn Beartilde. Yes, I was informed that you would arrive. And you were after… Edrick Forrester, no? That would be your younger brother, correct?” The woman spoke with an exotic accent. She had long black hair and piercing violet eyes, indicating some sort of valyrian origin. She has olive skin, and is of medium height and weight. Presumably a real beauty for most men and women. When she rose from her chair you could get a better look at her clothes, or rather, almost lack of clothes. She only hides, if barely, the more intimate parts with exotic clothing.

    Alliser was baffled by the amount of information this woman knew, and could barely respond. “H.. How did y-” “It’s what I do, Ser. Along with this brothel and all the wonderful people who works here, information is the only thing I have.” She cut him off and turned her gaze to Catelyn. “I’m sorry for your loss, Cat. May I call you Cat?” the spymistress proved herself directly to know a lot. Edrick’s disappearance and Bernhard’s death. Even Cat was baffled and shocked and didn’t respond to her question.

    “I’ll take that as a yes then.” the exotic woman responded and turned her gaze back to Edrick. “I know where he is. Or at the very least, which region and likely which city… However, everything has a cost.” she started to walk in a circle around Alliser, with a finger on his armour all the time.

    “I want you in my bed, tonight.” This took Alliser by surprise. “What?” To this, the spymistress smiled. “You’re a handsome, tall man, Ser. That brown colour on your hair and beard.. It’s to die for. My bedroom is upstairs, if you desire something more discreet and private.” Alliser shook his head. “I’m betrothed, I won’t do it.” The spymistress let out a disappointing sigh.

    “Does your honour stand in your way, Ser?” she asked with a seducing tone and stopped in front of him, walking closer towards him. “Among other things, yes.” To this, she laughed happily. “What an honourable man you must be, Ser Alliser.” The spymistress moved her head to his left ear. “I suppose you just forgot your honour with that whore in Moat Cailin.” she whispered for only Alliser to hear, although Cat could also overhear it.

    Surprisingly, Alliser remained calm and unbothered by that sentence, which clearly surprised the spymistress as well. ”That was a mistake my betrothed is aware of.” For a second the spymistress didn’t know what to say, before she smiled again. “Not even I can know everything. But as you wish, if you don’t comply, neither will I. Goodbye.” she simply spoke, but stayed close to Ser Alliser for a few seconds.

    “Please, I need to find my brother. There must be something else, lady…” “Naela. And no, there is nothing else. Now leave.” Naela still stayed close to him, hoping he would change his mind. Alliser was angry, that much Cat could see. “Family before Honour..” he mumbled, and Naela smiled at him, believing he changed his mind. Instead, he did something unexpected.

    He drew a knife he had, grabbed Naela and spun her around and quickly moving the knife to her throat. Only her bodyguard cared and started to move towards them, as Naela raised her hand towards him, ordering him to stop. “Honour means a great deal to me, but family means more. You will tell me where he is, Lady Naela, or it’s over.”

    “You are a fierce Forrester, Ser Alliser. But I will say nothing.” Cat didn’t know what to do, should she intervene. Has Alliser gone to far? But maybe if only a little longer she will reveal the location of Edrick…

    [Stop Alliser] [Remain Quiet]

  • [Remain Quiet] Alliser got this under control, I'm sure. Highly doubt he would kill her.

    Catelyn XI At King’s Landing Little Catelyn’s curiosity got the better of her, as she slowly turned around, shaking in fear. Something

  • [Stop Alliser]
    I think killing her would be a mistake. I'm not sure, if he can contain his anger.

    Catelyn XI At King’s Landing Little Catelyn’s curiosity got the better of her, as she slowly turned around, shaking in fear. Something

  • Hehe, gotta say I like that little song Mysarion sang in this part. Did you write it yourself? If so, great job, this was a really nice one :)

    [Stop Alliser]

    I kinda agree with captainivy, but just to be absolutely sure, it cannot hurt to prevent him from going too far. Even if Alliser has things under control, a gentle reminder can't be a bad idea and as such, this is what I shall pick.

    Catelyn XI At King’s Landing Little Catelyn’s curiosity got the better of her, as she slowly turned around, shaking in fear. Something

  • Hehe, gotta say I like that little song Mysarion sang in this part. Did you write it yourself? If so, great job, this was a really nice one :)

    I wish. At the beginning I tried to write a little song, and I don't think it was godawful, but neither was it good enough. Gonna work on that and maybe one day a song of mine will be used.

    The song used is The Day They Hanged Black Robin. Quite a sad song with a good plottwist in the end. Give it a listen.

    Hehe, gotta say I like that little song Mysarion sang in this part. Did you write it yourself? If so, great job, this was a really nice one

  • I just quickly wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year. I wish you all the best, and I hope to be more active with this story. Have a good one!

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    Le Voting is Closed!

    Y'all choose to Stop Alliser, and we will see where that leads us fairly soon.

    Next part should be up, as per usual, in a few hours or early tomorrow, and let me tell you, this is without question the longest part I've written, and I hope y'all will like it.

    We shall say hi to my boi Barney and see what he and the king are up to, because as you may remember, you decided to stay and talk to the king, and thanks to that, this part got a lot longer than if you would have decided that the bed is more important than the king.

    Oh and also, I am working on a little project I hope to announce soon that I have had a joy to write mostly. It's no wiki or nothing, because this story is way to little right now for me to take my energy to make one. But it is at least something that y'all might find to be an interesting read.

    I also have another smaller project that probably is good for us all, but more of that will come later in the year I hope.

    Thank ye for readin'.

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    Barney XI

    At Winterfell

    “Of course I’ll stay, Robert. I wouldn’t dare to let my king wait.” Barney joked, and they both cracked a smile. “Oh stop it.” The King in the North responded and pulled Barney into a hug. “It’s truly good to see you again, my friend.” he told Barney. “Yes.. Likewise.” Barney replied as the king stopped hugging him.

    “I’m just going to ask this directly. How did the citizens of Beartilde Hall respond to… the passing of their lord.” With every word, Robert’s face got more and more sad. “As well as could be expected. Father was loved by everyone in our hold. I can only try to live up to that.” Robert nodded to this. “Your father was a great man, and I think everyone knows that he raised a good son and a good daughter. Just show them that you are like your father, and you will gain their trust.” Robert advised and strokes his closely-trimmed beard.

    “It would have helped to be able to stay there longer, and not take the majority of our garrison to fight a war. Not exactly the best first decision as a lord.” Barney said, and Robert walked back up to the Royal table. “I apologise for that. But we have to move forward soon. This whole thing with travelling back up to the North costed us. I received a message from someone in the Riverlands, saying that Harrenhal is back under their control, and not by the Halstarks. Now I don’t know exactly which traitorous house from the Riverlands that still has that kind of army to take down this Cadet branch.” King Robert rambled.

    Barney walked up to him, and sat down next to him. “The Mallister’s we have beaten, same with the Frey’s… Actually, there might be a Frey left, who have gathered a militia of the remaining rebellers.” Robert looked confused. “What makes you think there is a Frey running about gathering troops?” To this, Barney gave him a smile. “There isn’t really any shortage of Frey’s, is there. Even though your Aunt’s best efforts to kill them all, some obviously didn’t show up for that feast. Why couldn’t any Frey have slipped under our bloody feets this time as well?”

    “You make a damn fine point, my friend. Although to point out, Arya did kill all the Frey’s, and the Tully’s let a man named Korter Fray take the Frey name a few years after the death of the last real Frey.. However, if that is not the case, it must be the Ironborn. They started this, but have stayed out of it. Isn’t that questionable to you?” King Robert considered, and Barney had to admit that is weird. He nodded as an answer. A horn could be heard from the outside. “And another Lord is coming to town.” King Robert confirmed.

    “How come no one blew a horn when I arrived, your grace?”Barney joked. “Only special guests gets the horn.” the King replied and hit Barney on his arm. “In all seriousness though, the only ones who are greeted by a horn are the ones who come while Magnus stands guard. He always keeps that horn with him, and he would never let it out of his sight. And I simply don’t have the heart to take something so special to someone away. He says it’s a magical horn, but I highly doubt it.”

    The last sentence caused Barney to chuckle, not because he doesn’t believe in magic, but because every time someone mentions a horn in Westeros it’s apparently magical. “We will just have to wait and see if magic comes pouring out of the horn.” Barney spoke and the King gave him a quick smile.

    “Which lord do you think it is?” Robert asked, and the question took Barney slightly off guard. “Ehm.. I don’t even know which lords have arrived apart from me and Marbrand. But maybe House Tallhart?” Barney responded with uncertainty.

    “Really? I just got this feeling it’s Woldkeep.” at the mention of this surname Barney frowned. The two houses had never gotten along well, as both Barney’s father and Barney saw them as the black sheep in the north. The lord, Endrew Woldkeep had been accused of poisoning his own father, who was known to be a coward and a drunkard, 18 years ago. Instead, ‘proof’ had been found pointing at a servant trying to kill the whole Woldkeep family, but that was a story the Beartilde’s had never believed, and they have always been weary around Endrew especially.

    A guard walked into the hall and looked at the Lord to the King before he started to talk. “Your grace, my lord, Lord Endrew Woldkeep have arrived. Shall I show him in?” the guard revealed, and the King smirked at Barney. “What did I say?” The King mumbled to Barney, before he looked at the guard. “Send him in shortly.” The guard nodded. “Will do, your grace.” he assured and left the hall.

    “How in the seven hells did you know Woldk-.. You warged into the Queen’s direwolf, didn’t you?” Barney realised, and the King gave him a smirk. “Are you saying I cheated?” he joked, but his serious gaze returned quickly.

    “Barney. I know how you and your father felt towards Lord Woldkeep, but please, act with respect when you greet him.” The King begged him, but he still made it sound like an order. This was something the King is good at. “I will, as long as he repays that respect himself.” Barney assured the King, who found this all a little childish. “I’m sure he will.”

    Heavy footsteps were heard closing in, and soon the man behind those footsteps was seen. He was a rather tall man, black hair reaching his shoulders, blue-grey cold and calculating eyes with a face hardened by war, although he bears no scars but a broken nose that never fully re-set. He wore a heavy armour, with not many details but Woldkeep’s sigil on the chest. An icesword inside a weirwood tree. He looks to be around 40.

    “Lord Woldkeep!” the King greeted him, and the two shook hands. “Your grace. I already sent my wife, Lady Alison, and my newborn to their chamber. I trust everything is ready?” Lord Woldkeep was down to business immediately. His firm, hoarse and raspy voice echoed in the hall. “Of course. They have everything they need during their stay in Winterfell.” Robert smiled at him, which he only gave a nod to, before turning his gaze towards Barney.

    “Lord Beartilde.” he spoke and reached out for a handshake. Barney took his hand and noted that Woldkeep have a firm grip. “Lord Woldkeep.” Barney replied. “How have your trip been?” Barney realised he had to ask something, and asked the first he could think off. “Good, I made it here at least.” he responded with a firm tone.

    Barney had thought that the Lord would ask him something as well, but no such respect came from him. He only stared into his eyes for what seemed like an eternity, before he finally turned his gaze back to the King.

    “It’s been a long few days, your grace. I would prefer to go to my family.” Lord Woldkeep spoke. “Ah, yes of course, Lord Woldkeep. I will see you in the morn during the meeting.” The King agreed and Lord Woldkeep nodded and headed off.

    “You did good, my friend. Why don’t you go and get some rest? I can see that you are tired. I will see you in the morning, and the day after, we will travel south and win this bloody rebellion.” Robert spoke decisively as a cold wind ran through the room. “It’s getting cold.” Barney said as he clutched his two hands together to warm them.

    “Have the White Raven come yet?” he asked the king. “Not yet, but Winter is Coming. I received word from my sister-in-law and my nephew, who is becoming a Maester in Oldtown, that it’s a question of weeks before they are sent. My only hope is that it won’t be a Winter like the one 12 years ago..” he spoke with sadness.

    It hadn’t been a long winter, barely two years, but it had been a hard one. A plague, known as ‘the Northern Plague’ had killed many, mostly in the North, but also in the Riverlands, The Iron Islands and the Vale with only very few casualties in the South. Among the people that died of the Plague was two out of three of Barney’s aunt’s and uncle’s, as well as his mother and his father’s mother. Meanwhile, the king lost several family members as well, among them a brother and a sister.

    Barney sighed, as he thought back on his mother with sadness. “I hope so to, Robert… Well, I better go then.” he decided and looked at the King. “You do that. I see you in the morning.” “Likewise.” Barney spoke and walked out of the hall, but stopped before he left, and turned around to the King.

    “Just one question though, did you warg into the Queen’s Direwolf?” Barney asked with a smile, trying to lighten the mood. The king smiled. “I didn’t.” he revealed, but there was something sly about his smile. “I warged into a raven.” Barney smiled at the reveal.
    “Would you like a chamber, Barney?” the King asked. “No.. I’ll stay with my men.” The king smiled at this reply. “You’ll be a good lord, Barney.” he praised Barney. Barney nodded and left the hall.

    When he entered the courtyard, he noticed how much his foot had started to hurt, and he didn’t know why. The Lord of Beartilde Hall noticed Jaesa still standing with the horses to tie them up, as the stable was full at this point. He walked up to her, and she noticed him, and his grimace. “Why are you looking like that?” she genuinely asked, and Barney flashed her a grin. “I think a horse might’ve stepped on my foot.”

    “Boohoo, you want me to carry you?” Jaesa sarcastically asked, and turned around to continue to tie a knot for the last horse. “Nah, I should be fine. Maybe some massage could do me good, are you up for it?” To this, Jaesa gave him a quick chuckle. “Yeah, sure. With a hammer.” Barney laughed at the joke.

    “Worth a try. Do you need any help there?” Barney wondered and Jaesa shook her head. “I’ll manage.” Barney took a step closer. “Are you sure?” He asked again. “I said I’ll handle it!” she snarled and Barney was baffled at this response. She sighed as she completed the last knot. “I was almost done anyway. Where are our tents again?” she asked, and Barney couldn’t answer at first, still being a bit shook at her response.

    “It’s… It’s over there.” he said and pointed at a group of tents. Jaesa started to walk to the location, but Barney remained thinking about things. “Barney?” Jaesa had stopped. “Yes?” Barney snapped out of his thoughts as he turned around towards her. “Are you coming?” she wondered. “Oh.. Of course.”

    Around a fire just outside Winterfell’s walls sat Barney, Jaesa, Farengar and Ned. The night came hours ago, and they had all talked and laughed, and also had deep and serious talks for hours. Jaesa had been a bit reserved. Several times had she walked away for a while and she was certainly more quiet than the rest of the bunch. Not to say that she hadn’t laughed several times as well.

    Farengar had talked the most, telling stories of his not so very interesting life upon the walls of Frosthorn. He also talked about that he was born on Skagos, but after a feud between the houses he served, House Crowl of Deepdown and House Magnar of Kingshouse, he felt like he could no longer support his house. Instead he traveled southwest, and found Frosthorn, where he has served for years now.

    Ned had talked about his origins, how he came from a fishing village close to White Harbor, a village that had been sacked by bandits. He talked about how he was the only survivor thanks to his sneaky skills, and how Ned despised Lord Manderly for not taking action in finding these men.

    Jaesa.. Well, she hasn’t revealed much more than she revealed to Barney and Bernhard when she entered the Beartilde guard. That information being that she’s from Essos, and born in Volantis. She is still very secretive about her past, and Barney would like to pry, but he would also want it to be at the right moment, which isn’t now.

    Barney hadn’t said to much himself. He spoke a bit of how it is in Beartilde Hall, but avoided most of the talk about family, since it mostly just hurts to talk about it. He also mentioned about his foot that had started to hurt just out of the blue, but it no longer hurt. “Well, I think it’s time to call it a night for me.” Ned decided and stood up. “So soon?” Farengar asked. “So soon?!? I’ve been sitting here for hours. A man has to rest.” Ned exclaimed and Barney nodded. “Well, goodnight to you then.” the lord spoke. “G’Night my lord. And you two as well of course.” he took farewell and left.

    “Have we really been sitting here for so many hours?” Farengar had barely noticed it going from day to night, and was genuinely surprised of how long they had been sitting here. “Yes, indeed.” Barney answered. “Maybe it’s time to call it a night then.”
    “Aye. Good night to you, Farengar.” Farengar gave the lord a quick smirk. “Aye aye.” he spoke and left. For a while, Jaesa and Barney sat quiet, staring into the fire, until Jaesa broke it with a sigh.

    “Look, Barney.. I’m sorry for snapping at you before. It’s just, this life, being part of a house, going to war, people being kind and want to help.. It’s not something I’m used to. I want to do things on my own, I hope you can Understand that.” she started, took a short pause, and continued.

    “I was, against my better judgement, in a sellsword company before this, called Stormborn.. A bunch of fucked up, evil sons of bitches. I learnt that the only one I could trust is myself. I couldn’t rely on these sick people, not to mention that it was just easier to do things myself.” She continued and took yet another pause.

    “What I’m saying is, this is who I learned to be. I can only trust myself. And to do the work best, I do it alone and so forth. Maybe in time, I’ll change. But right now, that’s who I am, and who I learnt to be, and I truly hope you can respect that.” Jaesa finished and Barney was fascinated that she had, at least to some extent, opened up to him. He felt like he had succeeded, for the first time in a long time.
    “I hope that you can learn to trust me and my house in time.” Barney spoke and to this Jaesa gave him a short smile. “Well.. You’re better than the Stormborns at least.” she complimented him. “Why thank you.”

    Jaesa rose from the ground and bowed deeply in front of him. “G’Night, m’lord.” she took farewell with a sarcastic tone and bow. Barney only nodded, as she left him. For a while, Barney only sat there, seeing the banners of different houses, House Beartilde’s white bear with grey eyes, Marbrand’s grey boars head with blue eyes, Woldkeep’s icesword in the weirwood, Glover’s fist, Mormont’s black bear and so forth. Men walked past him, and on occasion a few women. The castle of Winterfell had turned dark for the night and a few laughters could be heard throughout the campsite.

    With a sigh, he rose and walked into his tent to rest..

    The courtyard of Winterfell was filled with people like never before. Barney had to push and squash through the crowd to reach the King’s hall. Well in there, lord’s from all over the north sat in the hall, and at the Royal table sat Robert with a serious gaze, and next to him sat his wife, Queen in the North, Valla Stark.

    She has long blond hair and green, serious eyes. Valla is a tall woman, although not as long as Robert, it’s close. She wears a royal northern leatherdress. Nothing special about them but the direwolf embroidered on her chest. She is the daughter of the Head Chief of the United Free Folk tribe, and was given to Robert as a gift, as well as a proposition of vassalage, in exchange for protection by the King in the North. Robert accepted the deal, but it sparked controversy through the Northern realm.

    Under the table is Valla’s direwolf, and in memory of Sansa Stark, Valla named her Lady. The direwolf is mostly a light shade of grey, but her nose and back, which has a darker shade of grey.

    To the left of King Robert sits his oldest son and heir, Brandon Stark, named after Brandon the Builder. Brandon have black hair, just like his grandfather, and a short stubble for a beard. He has a muscular frame, and just as his parents he is quite tall. He wears a royal stark outfit, as well as furs to keep him warm. Just as his mother, he has green eyes, that are reading a paper at this moment. His twentieth birthday was only a few short months before this meeting.

    To the right of Valla sits Robert’s only daughter, Lyanna Stark. Just like her older brother, she has long dark hair and green eyes. She wears a similar dress as her mother. She has a lean frame and is considered very beautiful. Barney had talked to her a few time, and through these short conversations he has deduced that she is a spoiled child, as well as a little selfish. She’s 16 years old
    Next to Prince Brandon sits Robert and Valla’s youngest child, named in honour to Robert’s father. Jon Stark is 14 of age and unlike his two older siblings he has received his mother’s blonde, albeit short hair, and his father’s brown-grey eyes. He is a little skinny and wears a usual royal attire.

    Robert noticed Barney, and discreetly pointed at the table closest to the podium and Barney noticed a free space to sit. He walked through a loud and cheerful amount of lords and noticed Woldkeep sitting on a table behind Barney’s. He also noted Arya leaning against the wall close to the podium. Once he reached his seat, Barney noticed Harlund being his neighbour, and greeted him. “Marbrand. Off to venture north soon?” Barney asked curiously and Harlund looked over his shoulder and stared at Arya for a short while. “After this meeting I will travel with Arya, and the Queen it seems.”

    This surprised Barney, as well as making him a lot more curious to know why. “Do you know why?” he tried, and Harlund sighed. “I would suppose it has to do with her father. He has gotten sick and is likely dead soon. Queen Valla decided it would be for the best if she traveled to the Wildlings and helped choose a new Head Chief after her father’s passing.” Harlund explained with little interest, as he grabbed a mug and drank whatever goatpiss was served.

    “That is fair, I-” he was cut of by Robert slamming his empty mug in the table to quiet everyone. “Thank you all for coming, my lords.” Robert greeted them all with a stern gaze. “I overheard some of you asking where the Crannogmen and the knights of the Vale are, and I can reveal that they are gathering at Moat Cailin instead. Lord Arryn send his best Commander, Lord Royce, to gather everyone until we get there.” The King explained, and some mumble was heard from various lords.

    “First order of business, Arya Stark, Lord Harlund Marbrand, a few stark soldiers and my wife, Valla Stark have business elsewhere, and will not travel south. Instead, they will travel north, beyond castle black.” he officially announced and put a hand on his wife’s hand. This caused quite a few lords to stand up and protested. “This is madness!” “You can’t possible send a Queen and a Princess with the protection of one lord and a few soldiers” Robert sighed and slammed the mug in the table so hard the table almost broke. “Quiet!” he yelled with power in his voice, and the lords sat down.

    “I have full faith in Harlund Marbrand.” Robert simply replied, and Barney could feel the proud Marbrand felt for what the king, even though he showed no sign of the pride. “Harlund and Arya lived through the Long Night, and they are two of only 5 in this room that lived during the time. They know what to expect...”

    “Now onto the rebellion.” the king spoke, stood up and leaned on the table by putting both hands on it. “It’s the question of where we will go. It’s come to my attention that Harrenhal has been retaken, and late last night, a raven managed to fly from my garrison at Seagard. The ironborn are attacking from the sea. This wasn’t what I had planned, and therefore, I will call for a voting. Raise your sword if you’re content on destroying the Ironfleet, or keep your sword sheathed if you feel that Harrenhal, my younger brother and my nephew, are to be saved first.” he offered the lord, and Barney knew he had to decide quickly…

    [Keep your sword sheathed] [Raise your sword]

  • Ah, I really liked this part! Barney is surely my favourite PoV at the moment, so I loved this slower part and the talks he had with the other characters. Jaesa was particularly nice here, it was great getting some glimpse of her backstory :)

    [Keep your sword unsheathed]

    I think you mean sheathed here, right? Because I feel like this should be more important, saving Harrenhal first. Destroying the Iron Fleet would mean focussing onto the coast and that would mean leaving Harrenhal unattended in their backs, which could backfire severely. It will probably mean the Ironborn will get some initial victories, but I am confident they can eventually be driven back as well.

    Barney XI At Winterfell “Of course I’ll stay, Robert. I wouldn’t dare to let my king wait.” Barney joked, and they both cracked a smil

  • I am glad you liked the part and to hear that Barney is a favourite. Also really happy that you liked how I treated Jaesa, it always means a lot when y'all say I treat your characters in a good way, also good to hear if I don't, so always feel free to tell me if you feel that your characters are out of character.

    And yes, I meant sheathed. A minor typo that will be fixed. Thanks for notifying me! :3

    Ah, I really liked this part! Barney is surely my favourite PoV at the moment, so I loved this slower part and the talks he had with the oth

  • [Raise your sword] It seems to be the smarter and more strategic move. It seems unwise to leave the attacking Ironborn be.

    Barney XI At Winterfell “Of course I’ll stay, Robert. I wouldn’t dare to let my king wait.” Barney joked, and they both cracked a smil

  • The Voting is Closed!

    We have a tie, so I have decided to flip a fucking coin. I think it's a bit unfair to take the first person who votes and count it as 2, and therefore, it will be decided through flipping a coin. Alrighty, heads for Ironborn, Tails for Harrenhal.. And I do have a result. First thing to take care off is the ironborn, which means that yall decided to raise your sword.

    Now, this wasn't exactly my most active voting, which is a shame, and I hope that my readers find back to my story, or maybe just missed this part.

    Anyhow, next part will either be up today or tomorrow, and again, this seems to be the longest part yet. It's, thanks to my awful planning, another Cat part, and that will happen again now when the end is brewing for the chapter. Last time we met the spymistress of King's Landing, a lady named Naela. Long story short, Alliser lost his bloody temper, and we ended with Naela with a knife to her throat. Y'all chose to intervene.

    And as always..

    Thank ye for readin'!

  • I didn't realize a bunch of readers disappeared. Hopefully they return soon.

    The Voting is Closed! We have a tie, so I have decided to flip a fucking coin. I think it's a bit unfair to take the first person who vot

  • Hey, sorry I just realized I missed this vote. I remember reading the part, but I hadn't decided which one to vote for, at the time. I think I was just going to see what others were saying first. I just ended up forgetting about this vote.

    Barney XI At Winterfell “Of course I’ll stay, Robert. I wouldn’t dare to let my king wait.” Barney joked, and they both cracked a smil

  • It's completely fine. It has happened to me in the past as well, so I understand.

    Talking about it, here's a part hot and fresh..

    Hey, sorry I just realized I missed this vote. I remember reading the part, but I hadn't decided which one to vote for, at the time. I think I was just going to see what others were saying first. I just ended up forgetting about this vote.

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    Catelyn XII

    At King’s Landing

    The Bandit King

    “Stop this madness Ser Alliser!” Catelyn exclaimed and rushed towards him. He spun around towards her and gave her an assuring look. His knife pressed harder against Naela’s throat, and a a drop of blood dropped from the knife. “Tell me, Naela! Or give me another offer.” Alliser demanded with a booming voice as he looked around, slightly confused to why no one intervened, apart from her bodyguard.

    Naela tried her best to show no fear, but Cat could see in her eyes that she was scared, especially thanks to blood actually dropping from her throat. “I may consider another deal.” Naela proposed, with a somewhat pleading tone. “Speak.” Alliser uttered and loosened the pressure on her throat slightly.

    “I would like you to meet with a man in Oldtown, the Lord infact. He hasn’t given me the information he promised, and an example needs to be made. If someone promise to do something, they do it. Don’t you agree?” Naela explained and Ser Alliser curiously asked her a question. “Do you want me to kill him?”

    “Absolutely not. Beat him to a pulp till he promises to continue to feed me with every detail of Oldtown.” Alliser looked from the bodyguard, to his knife, to Catelyn with some uncertainty. “Tell me where Edrick is, and your wish will be granted.” the Forrester chose, and Cat saw Naela smile of relief foremost.

    “Oh, but I already did. I wouldn’t want you to run around all over Westeros, so I gave you an assignment in the same city. Your brother is in Oldtown, at least that is what one of my spies thought.” Alliser slowly took the knife away from her throat and sheathed it. Naela grabbed her throat to feel how deep the cut was, and noted that it was but a scratch. “Now leave before I change my mind.” she ordered and waved her hands against them, and then walked up to her seat.

    “I only have one question.” Ser Alliser spoke and took a step forward, and the bodyguard took a step towards Alliser. Naela sat down and smiled at him, putting her elbow on one of the arms of the chair and her hand under her chin. “Ask along, Ser.” the Spymistress accepted and groaned. “Why didn’t your people here protect you? Why only your guard?” Alliser asked with a hint of curiosity, and pointed at the rest of the people in the room.

    “‘Tis a story for another time, Ser. Now, find my spy, at the Thousand Shades of Flowers. It’s a brothel in town. His face is disgusting, as it’s mostly melted. You’ll know him when you see him.” Naela revealed with a cheerful tone, and again waved them to get out of here. Alliser said nothing, and only bowed quickly and left with a frown.

    “Will you go with him?’ Naela wondered and the question took Catelyn by surprise. She thought about it for a moment, but knew pretty quick what to say. “No.” To this Naela smiled. “Then maybe I’ll see you soon again. Goodbye, Lady Beartilde.” For the last time, Naela waved her hand to make Cat leave, even though she was the one who made her stay. “I wish you a good day, Lady Naela.” Cat ended the conversation and left with quick steps. “Not bloody likely..” Cat hear Naela mutter before she head outside.

    Well outside, Cat noticed the sun just above them, and Alliser walking back and forth in the mud mumbling inaudibly, rubbing his chin. He notices Catelyn and he frowns. “I had it under control, my lady. You shouldn’t have intervened like that..” he spoke and rubbed his face instead of his chin.

    “I panicked, Alliser. I wasn’t sure what you’d d-” Catelyn calmly tried to explain, but Alliser raised his hand towards her and cut her off. “I’m no monster, my lady.” To this, Catelyn gave him a confusing glare. “I never said that.” she protested and just then, Alliser stopped walking back and forth, and gave her a regretting look. “...I know. My apologies.” He extended his arm to hers, and she took it.

    After a quiet walk they had almost entered the Red Keep, when Alliser broke the silence. “I must leave King’s Landing, tomorrow. I have to find Edrick.” he revealed, and Catelyn shot him a surprised expression. “What about the army of the South?” Catelyn asked with surprise in her voice. Alliser chuckled shortly before answering. “They can travel north without me.”he simply answered as they entered the great hall.

    Mysarion still sat there, singing songs, but as quick as he noticed Catelyn, he flew from his seat and waved her over. “If you’ll excuse me, Ser Alliser.” she spoke, and Alliser nodded. “Of course, my lady. Come find me in my chambers when you have time.” he requested and moved on through the hall.

    “What did you learn?” Mysarion curiously asked as Catelyn reached him. “We learnt of a location.” She likes Mysarion, but she chose her words carefully. “And what will you and the Northerner pay for this information?” he asked, with a hint of anger in his voice, not towards Cat, but towards Naela. “Ser Alliser will have to beat up a spy of hers.” Cat revealed, without giving away any details. Mysarion shook his head.

    “That will only be the first step. She will ask for more, and then more..” he stopped himself by putting a hand on his mouth, as he looked around the hall. Catelyn narrowed her eyes at him, curious to how he knows so much. “Mysarion, if I may ask.. How do you know all this about her?”

    Mysarion hesitated for a second, but then he answered. “I once needed her assistance, as I feared for the safety of someone close to me. Naela first asked something simple from me, a night with her. She gave me a location and a spy’s location for further information, and I travelled there and met this spy. He made me do something else, something much worse.” He revealed as his face started to boil with anger, with a hint of tears in his eyes. “After all off that, I still couldn’t save her..” Cat noticed ‘her’, but decided to comfort Mysarion instead.

    She put a hand on his shoulder to calm him down. “I’m so sorry to hear that, Mysarion. If there is anything I ca-” “There isn’t. I can’t dwell in the past. Please my lady, let me give you a word of advice.” Catelyn nodded, and Mys continued. “Don’t trust that woman. If you love your friends, if you love your family, don’t go to her again. She will rip you apart. Friendships, family bonds.. Everything. And if there’s one thing I- One thing I learned, it’s that you can’t leave your life with loose ends, because at the snap of a finger…” he spoke and snapped his finger loudly, causing a few men and women in the hall to look at him, before resuming their talks. “...it could be to late, and the loose ends will remain loose.”

    “Thank you for the advice, Mysarion. I will speak to Ser Alliser about this. Now I must beg my leave.” Catelyn decided and Mysarion sat down again. “Of course, of course. Just remember what I told you, Lady Beartilde. Goodbye” Catelyn flashed him a smile before continuing to the Queen.

    Catelyn knocked on the door to the small council, and a woman’s voice could be heard. “Come in!” Catelyn opened the door, and there sat Elaena alone. The queen’s hair was hanging freely, and not braided or other styles as she usually had. She turned her gaze to her visitor, only to give Cat a surprised glare. “Cat?” she spoke and stood up and walked closer to her. “Why are you knocking? You are a part of this Council now, you can come in here whenever you like. What gives me the honour to have you visiting?”

    “I see you took my advice I gave you in the wagon on our way back to King’s Landing about just leaving the hair hanging.” Catelyn noted and looked at the Queen’s beautiful hair. She gave her a stressed but genuine smile. “I love it, Cat. I thank you for the tip.”

    “You’re welcome… How is Denterys?” Cat asked, and immediately regretted it when Elaena’s face darkened with sadness. “I really don’t know, Cat. He is getting better, he should be able to stand soon again… But he scared me this morning. He snapped on me, calling me horrible things. This poison, whatever it is, is changing him, not only physically, but mentally. He is not the same Denterys as he was just a few weeks ago..” Tears formed in Elaena’s eyes and Cat hugged the Queen.

    “Then we must find a way to cure him.” Cat suggested and let go of Elaena. Elaena scratched her eyes and then grabbed Cat by her arm and dragged her to the table. “Sit. If we find a cure, I will.” She agreed and sighed heavily as Cat sat down. She threw her arms in the air and started to walk around the table several times. “And now we are waging war against the Rebellion as well. It wouldn’t surprise me if all Westerosi kingdoms will fight against each other soon.” she continued to walk in a circle around the table, as she started to point a finger at Catelyn. “And to top it all off, the Martells will arrive. A feast is required. Gods!” She was clearly stressed, understandably so. Elaena had never been needed to do this much alone.

    Catelyn remembered the Martell feast, ever since Elaena’s eldest son, Aegon was promised to House Martell’s Nymeria, 4 years older than the heir of the Throne, the Queen had been uncertain if it has been the right choice. “I know you are still uncertain if it was right, but at the very least Aegon is excited.” Elaena didn’t even answer as she continued to walk.

    “Elaena?” The queen had clearly entered her own world to think about all the things happening “SIT!” Catelyn exclaimed, more as an order than a suggestion. Elaena snapped out of her thoughts and was taken aback by Catelyn’s order, and even Catelyn herself was surprised to her sudden action. She sat down and started smile brightly at Catelyn.

    “That was quite the power in your voice, Catelyn. It’s good to know, it will certainly be needed in the Council.. Speaking of which, the meeting will soon start, take your seat.” She remembered and pointed towards a chair on the right side, which looked slightly different than the other chairs.

    “This chair looks slightly different…” Catelyn remarked, and Elaena flashed Cat a smile. “Because it is, Cat. I had it special-made. It’s Ironwood.” she revealed as Cat touched the chair, feeling the perfectly carved chair, before she sat down. At the mention of Ironwood Cat immediately thought of the Forresters. How she hoped for Edrick to be okay. How she thought that Rodrik and Elaena Forrester were living good, despite being worried for their two grandsons.

    “It was very thoughtful, Elaena. Thank you.” She thanked the Queen, who only gave Cat a smile and a nod in return. Just then, someone entered. The Master of Laws, Ser Edward Swann, wandered in. “Your grace. My lady.” he greeted them both as he walked up to his seat and sat down.

    “We are still in pursuit of this mysterious woman, but we are getting closer, your grace.” he explained to the Queen and turned his gaze to Cat, shifting between her wounded shoulder and her eyes. “We will find her, my lady.” he promised her and gave her a reassuring look. “Thank you, my lord.” She thanked him, and thought of the history of the Swann’s. Especially a question she had for a long time. “So, Edward.. You are related to Bronn of the Blackwater?” Catelyn answered curiously, remembering the tales her father used to tell her of how Lord Bronn single handedly took out more than half of Stannis Baratheon’s fleet.

    “Through marriage, yes. Lord Bronn Goldflow, or more known as Bronn of the Blackwater was my father’s sister’s father-in-law, but he died, as you surely know, around 40 years ago.” Edward explained enthusiastically, with a hint of sadness in his voice. “I wish I had met him.” Cat revealed, and Edward nodded. “So do I, my lady.” he confirmed just as the doors opened.

    Grand Maester Wylis entered the dimly lit room and looked at the three and nodded to all three of them before he walked up to Catelyn. “You still haven’t visited me today, Lady Catelyn. Now let me see the shoulder.” he ordered her, and Cat obeyed. He softly touched the bandage and lifted it carefully to see the wound. “Hmm. It seems fine. As expected.” Thank gods! Carefully, he put the bandage back and sat down next to Catelyn.

    Then the rest entered, within a minute, first Daenerys, who only sighed as she saw Elaena. “What have you done to your hair, Elaena?” the Queen mother asked surprised. “I’m trying something new. Try it, mother.” The Queen returned, and Dany knew there was no use to argue, as she only sighed and sat down.

    Then the Lord Commander of the Queensguard entered. The Lord Commander was Ser Gregor Mertyns, an older man without hair or beard. He have grey, tired eyes and several scars in his face, most notably the one reaching from his mouth to his right ear. The golden armour shined as he entered, with the Queensguard crown on his chest, as well as the Targaryen sigil on both arms. Every kingsguard wore a white cape, apart from the Lord Commander, who wears a red one, with the Queensguard crown imprinted on it.

    “Your grace, Queen Mother, Grand Maester, Swann.” he greeted them all and turned to Cat with a tired smile. “I congratulate you to your new position, my lady. It’s an honour to have you in the council.” he wished her and she thanked him. What has he been doing? He looks so tired. “Ah, and your grace, the master of laws was delayed from his trip to Dorne, and as such, he will return to the Capital together with the Martells.” The lord commander informed her as he sat down. Elaena nodded quickly.

    “And the Master of Coin is still in Braavos.” The queen mother reminded her daughter, who once again nodded. The Queen looked at the 5 other members of the council as she tapped her finger on the table. “Consider the meeting started.” Elaena opened the meeting and looked at Wylis. He cleared his throat and took out a few scrolls from a pocket. “I have a some news.” he said and waved one of the letters in the air, revealing the argent maned and clawed sable lion of house Silvermane. He reached over the table and handed it over to Elaena. She quickly opened it, read through it, sighed, and read it out loud.

    “Your Grace, We traveled to the port of White Harbor just like you said, and traveled to the border between the Riverlands and The North, we were ambushed. Probably not the way you may think. I don’t feel comfortable telling you this through a raven, and therefore I will soon arrive at the capital. These are dire news, and I trust few with this information. I see you soon, Elaena. Yours truly, Laemond Silvermane.” the queen read and threw the letter on the table. “Fantastic..” she muttered and moved her left hand through her silver blonde beautiful hair. “Just fantastic…”

    “There are more..” the Grand Maester revealed and straightened his back. “The white Raven has arrived.. Winter is here.” He spoke with a serious tone. “Will it be a long one?” Daenerys asked as she looked at the letter from Laemond and then to Wylis. “The maesters seem to think it won’t be a rough winter.. Myself? This will be a Winter to go down in the History books. I am sure of it.” he guessed enthusiastically.

    “This Autumn felt a lot like the one 60 years ago, didn’t it Lord Commander?” Daenerys remembers and Gregor Mertyns nods. “I was no older than 10, but I remember the first cold chills. My mother had just given birth to my second brother, and she died doing it. After that our grandmother, Mary Mertyns, took care of us. The cold killed her.” he told the rest of the council with a sorrowful tone. “Yes, Queen Mother, it feels just like that Autumn.” he concluded and agreed with Daenerys.

    “Well, I for one hope the maesters of Oldtown are correct.” Elaena sighed, stressfully tapping her left index finger on the table. Daenerys narrowed her eyes at the finger with an annoyed look. “Would you stop that, Elaena.” she stopped her and Elaena sat straight again, putting her 2 hands together on the table.

    “Now, to our next problem..” the Lord Commander started, and Elaena couldn’t help but chuckle in disbelief. “...The city watch. Since Commander Russell Merryweather died of age last week, the City Watch have been… chaotic to say the least.” the Lord Commander revealed and this took Catelyn by surprise. Commander Merryweather had been the one to show Catelyn around the city when she first arrived, even though Merryweather had aching legs. He was a kind and generous man, who had served as Commander for almost 50 years, which is longer than any other commander thus far.

    “He’s dead?!?” Cat exclaimed surprised and equally sorrowful. The Lord Commander shot you a regretting look. “I remember when he came to me and more or less ordered me to make him show you around the city… Russell was a good man.” Elaena put a hand on Cat’s shoulder. “I’m so sorry, Cat. I was sure I had told you..” Elaena spoke glumly and even Dany glanced sorrowfully at Catelyn. “One of the best decisions I made was to choose him to be Commander.. I am sorry, Lady Beartilde.” Unlike Elaena, Daenerys still was formal in her speaking at all times.

    “I thank you all, but we cannot dwell on me now. Let us carry on.” Catelyn regained her composure and looked at Elaena, who nodded reassuringly. I’m so, so sorry Russell.. “Well, Lord Commander? Do you have any suggestions?” Daenerys impatiently asked, and Mertyns nodded. “That I do. I have a few suggestions. Firstly, Russell’s son, Orwen Merryweather. A competent man and commander, known to command the most prominent army during the Year of the Bandits.” The lord commander started, looking from Elaena, to Catelyn, to Edward.

    The Year of the Bandits was a war approximately 17 years ago, during Daenerys last year at the Throne before her son, Tyrion Targaryen became king. A bandit lord proclaimed himself king, presumably named something common, but took the name Baelor II. He had built an impressive army of bandits, similar to the army Mance Rayder built. Baelor claimed to be a bastard of Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Stark, and therefore had a right for both kingdoms.

    The bandits obviously didn’t care much about this, and was only after money, food and women. Baelor conquered both the Shields and the Arbor, and proved to be a good tactician and strategist, as well as a fine warrior. He had planned everything, and even though it seems unlikely that he would have conquered all of Westeros, he still could have inflicted much more damage than he did.

    Daenerys had a man spy for her in the service of Baelor II, and to tell her his every move. This spy, after around half a year of the war, received a high position, and started to truly spy for Daenerys. However, after only a month, Baelor found out, plunged both the spies eyes out, and sent them to the Queen with a short message saying ‘He won’t be seeing anything of interest anytime soon.’ as well as an invitation to the Arbor for peace negotiations.

    At first the Queen rejected these offers, and sent men down south at the southern coast of the reach. However, when the news reached her that Baelor had killed the army and taken Three Towers and Sunhouse, she accepted a meeting, but it was not a peaceful meeting. The two tried to reason, until Daenerys claimed that she would burn the Arbor to the ground if she had too. Baelor, who had tried to negotiate for hours, had lost his temper, and ended the meeting by cutting the throat of the spy without Eyes. Daenerys left the Arbor on Drogon, but the day after she returned, alone with Drogon, to fulfill her promise to burn the castle to the ground.

    The hand, Lord Paramount Tyrion Lannister adviced against this, as he saw Baelor watching Drogon without fear the day before, and thought that Baelor had some kind of weapon. However, Dany did the reverse and attacked alone with Drogon. This was a success, but with great cost.

    As quick as Drogon was in the sky above the Arbor, a gigantic Ballista bolt, bigger than usual Ballista bolts was shot, and only scratched the tail of Drogon. The second time, Drogon had no such luck. Bolt number two pierced through Drogon’s heart, and he started to crash towards the island. He shrieked in anger and pain, whereas Daenerys cried and screamed at Drogon. Somehow though, the fire from his mouth was stronger than ever before, and Drogon seemed to be determined to finish his last mission. He spun around, still crashing down as his body grew weaker, but the fire only grew stronger.

    Just when he would crash down into the castle, he spun around, and managed to land calmly just south of the castle, to save his mother, who quickly climbed of him and walked up to his massive head. A small sharp part of one of Drogon’s teeths Dany spotted on the ground, and picked it up, the size of a knife. She is said to have been sitting there, next to Drogon, with love looking in each others eyes, crying, patting him, and comforting him in the finale minutes of his life.

    When he finally passed, relatively peaceful and supposedly pretty accepting of his fate, Daenerys boiled with anger, and walked right into the almost destroyed, burning castle. She is said to have found Baelor under some stones and wood, more dead than alive. Daenerys had asked who shoot her last dragon, and Baelor had with pride answered that it was himself.

    Dany supposedly asked if it all was worth it, and to this, King Baelor II had answered ‘It doesn’t matter anymore. All I know and care for is that I succeeded with something no man has for many years. I killed a Dragon, and to top it all off, I started the downfall of Queen Daenerys Targaryen.’

    The Queen had asked what he meant, to which his last words where ‘You don’t understand, do you? You aren’t Queen because you are a very good ruler, because you aren’t a good ruler. You are queen because your dragons were feared, now they are gone. Maybe they will turn to your son, Tyrion Targaryen, or maybe they will turn north to the new king in the North, Robert Stark… or maybe, they would have turned to me. A competent strategist and tactician, a good man,a perfect swordfighter… But most of all, a competent leader..”

    Daenerys supposedly stabbed both of Baelor’s eyes with Drogon’s teeth, and then left him screaming in agony inside the ruins of the arbor. Then, if the stories are to be true, Daenerys walked back to Drogon, dragged the bolt out of his heart, walked back into the castle, dragging the bolt with her and when she reached Baelor, he had stopped screaming. Instead he laughed hysterically. Daenerys reached him and kicked him hard in the head. The stories tell us that she took the bolt, said ‘This is for Drogon.’ and then stabbed him in the heart with the bolt. He supposedly just laughed, till he died from the wounds. The rebellion was dead, and Baelor II, whom would be known as The Bandit King was no more.

    Lord Commander Mertyns shouts for Dany snapped her out of her rage, and followed the voice. When they found each other, Mertyns showed the way to the boat, and they headed home to King’s Landing. Three Towers and Sunhouse had been deserted, and the bandits returned to the forest.

    Orwen Merryweather meanwhile had built a barricade of men on the coast to the east of the shields. When he realized that the bandits will stay put, he travels to the closest isle, Oakenshield and demands an audience. Only he and 2 men beside him stood on the deck, while the others hid in the boat. As an answer the appointed bandit leader of Oakenshield shot an arrow that graced Orwen’s cheek, leaving a nasty scar. Orwen steered the ship on the harbour, and crashed straight into it, destroying several houses in the process. He used this moment of surprise to attack, and soon he would have freed the hostages and killed the leader of Oakenshield. Soon all the other 3 islands, southshield, greyshield and greenshield were freed, and Orwen received much love, but he wanted nothing in return. He only did his duty he said while he kneeled in front of Daenerys in the great hall.

    “I think it is fitting to have him as a commander.” Elaena spoke and Edward and Wylis nodded in agreement. Daenerys stared down on the table, and had been doing so since the Lord Commander mentioned the Year of the Bandits. Her eyes full of sorrow. “Yes. However I have ano-” the Lord Commander started but Elaena cut him off. “I don’t want to hear it. I want Orwen as the new Commander. Summon him to King’s Landing immediately.” Elaena decided firmly, as a voice was heard from the door.

    “No need. I have already arrived.” a tall, reasonably muscular man in his 40s stood in the door frame. His Orange-red slightly curly hair reached his shoulder and he had a beard stubble of the same colour. He wore fine clothing of Yellow and red colour and on the chest the sigil of Merryweather, the horn and all fruit falling out of it. The scar on his cheek made him look like a hardened fighter, which is true.

    “Orwen!” Edward exclaimed equally surprised and happy, as he stood up and walked towards him. They shared a quick friendly hug. “Hello old friend.” Orwen greeted him, as they let go off each other.

    Meanwhile, Elaena glanced surprised at Orwen, and then turned her head to the Lord Commander, with a sly smile on her lips. “You knew who I would choose.” she concluded and Mertyns nodded with a tired smile. “I know you well, your grace. But that wasn’t solely the reason why I told him to come..” When the Lord Commander smiles, you can truly see how old he looks, his wrinkles around his eyes, mouth and nose becoming even more visible.

    “You are welcome to sit down, Ser Orwen..” Elaena pointed at the chair in front of her. He sat down quickly with a stern look on his face. “Your grace, if I may. I need to see my father.. I need to say goodbye properly.” Orwen spoke, without a hint of tears neither a crack in his voice. He remained strong in front of people, that much Catelyn could see directly. “Of course, he is in the morgue.” Elaena started. “I’ll help you find it, Orwen.” Edward finished and looked at the queen, who nodded. “Lead the way then.” Orwen spoke as the 2 men stood up and started to leave the room. Before Orwen could get very far, Daenerys grabbed his arm hard, and he stopped.

    “It’s… It’s good to have you here, Ser Orwen.” Dany said and let go off Orwen. The soon-to-be Lord Commander of the City Watch put his hand on the Queen Mother’s shoulder, reassuringly. “It’s an honour to be here, Queen Mother. We shall talk later.” he assured her, and squeezed her shoulder before letting go and leave. “Yes…” Dany mumbled as the two men closed the door to the chamber. After a short silence, Elaena spoke up.

    “Was there anything else?” she asked Wylis, who shook his head. “Not at this very moment, your grace. But I am sure more problems will arise.” The Grand Maester joked and Elaena nodded. “Then I conclude this meeting.” Maester Wylis and the Lord Commander walked out of the room quickly. “Mother, could we take a walk.” Elaena asked and Dany nodded as she rose from the chair. “Lady Catelyn, would you like to accompany us?” The Queen Mother asked, and this took Catelyn by surprise, and even Elaena glanced slightly surprised at her mother.

    Catelyn quickly thought about it, and realized that she was also supposed to go to Ser Alliser, but maybe she could walk with the Queens before meeting him…

    [Accept and walk with them] [Decline and head to Ser Alliser]

  • [Accept and walk with them]
    I don't see why not. The queen mother invited her after all. Maybe accepting would cause Dany to like her more.

    Catelyn XII At King’s Landing The Bandit King “Stop this madness Ser Alliser!” Catelyn exclaimed and rushed towards him. He spun ar

  • [Decline and head to Ser Alliser] As much as I'd love more scenes with Elaena... yeah Elaena because I don't really care for Dany. :D I think it's more important and pressing to meet with Alliser.

    Catelyn XII At King’s Landing The Bandit King “Stop this madness Ser Alliser!” Catelyn exclaimed and rushed towards him. He spun ar

  • [Decline and head to Ser Alliser]

    Well, I would like more scenes with Elaena and also Dany, but this is merely a walk, Cat would likely do little but listen to both of them doing the talking. Even if she could contribute to the discussion, it mostly sounds like something trivial. Agent is right, meeting with Alliser should be more of a priority goal right here.

    Also Thousand Shades of Flowers name drop noticed! Seems like the brothel business is still going strong hundreds of years later =)

    Catelyn XII At King’s Landing The Bandit King “Stop this madness Ser Alliser!” Catelyn exclaimed and rushed towards him. He spun ar

  • The Voting is Closed!

    I bet this is surprising to see the voting being closed so "soon", but I really had a blast writing the next part, as well as some more spare time than usual.

    Anyhow, y'all decided to Skip a talk with the Queens, and instead head over to Alliser. I must admit, I am a bit surprised by this. I for sure thought you would talk with Elaena and Daenerys, but that clearly was not what you chose. Obviously, Alliser will be pleased that he went to talk to him so soon, but Dany, who tried being kind to Cat (even though Cat has disagreed with her every time) will likely return to be a bit bitchy to Cat.

    Anyways, next part will likely be up early tomorrow, and we will revisit Duncan. Last time we saw the man, he said goodbye to the Hunter's Imperium after staying home for about a week, and started to travel to King's Landing, to meet the Queen's Justice. We ended with the choice of whether to cut Anders ropes, leave them on, or knock him the fuck out. That time y'all chose to leave them on, and now we will see the results, as well as quite a lot of other things.

    Side-note. Epilogue IV has been renamed from Preparations of War to Winds of War instead. Minor, yet important change now when I have planned everything in greater detail.

    Oh, and also, there will be another Stop! Question Time! next part about this Cat part, so y'all can prepare for that.

    And as always..

    Thank ye for readin'!

  • Duncan VIII

    In the Reach


    “Yes, the ropes are necessary, Anders.” Duncan replied sternly as the man steering the carriage shouted at the horses to go faster. “But-” Anders started, but Duncan raised his hand and started to talk. “You don’t ask for trust, Anders. You earn it. How can I trust you after giving our enemy supplies?” Duncan scratches his blonde beard as Anders gives Duncan a glum expression. “I did that to protect the fucking town.” Anders wheezed, slightly irritated.

    “That may be true, but you should have spoken to me, and everyone else.” Duncan answered, as the carriage hit something and made it bounce slightly. “Yes, I should’ve, but I couldn’t.” Anders revealed and straightened his back. Duncan gave him a questionable look. “What do you mean?”

    “They threatened to kill my father.. I would not risk that, I would not risk my family.” Anders admitted, but this made Duncan slightly irritated. “Did you not once think that we could keep that secret? That we could put your father under protection?” Duncan asked with a somewhat higher tone. Anders only shook his head. “It doesn’t matter, does it? Why are you even bringing me to King’s Landing, will the Queen herself judge my horrible crime?”

    “No, The queen will judge me, not you.” This caught Anders by surprise, that much Duncan could see. “For what?” the smith asked and slightly frowned. ”For the murder of one of the Queen’s handmaidens.” Duncan sighed. Anders eyes widened. “What?! Why are you bringing me then?” Anders exclaimed as the carriage hit another rock. “Because she was killed with a Rayner arrow, Anders. You will testify that you gave the bandits that really killed this handmaiden the arrows,” Duncan explained calmly and the young smith stared at the Lord for quite some time before he answered. “So I am going to King’s Landing to save your neck?”

    “You are going to King’s Landing to tell the truth, to do your duty towards your house.” Duncan did not like the rudeness in Anders voice. The young man moved closer to the lord, almost as if he would whisper something to the lord. “Maybe you should consider being kinder to me then..” Anders spoke and moved away from Duncan again. Was that a threat? Duncan thought as Anders continued to speak. “I’m just saying. Maybe my story will change during this trip otherwise.” Anders continued and Duncan narrowed his eyes at Anders. “I see. If that is the game you want to play..” Duncan spoke calmly, only to quickly raise his hand and hit the smith hard right on the nose.

    “Seven fucking hells!” Anders exclaimed in surprise. “Threatening a lord is punishable by far worse than my fist, Anders. Do not threaten me again.” The young man nodded rapidly with genuine fear in his eyes. Anders is the kind of guy that plays tough, but shows his true colours when someone do something like that to him. “Yes, m’lord.”

    “I am not here to h-” Duncan started, but the guard driving the carriage slowed down and shouted at the lord. “M’lord! Someone wants to talk to you!” Duncan looked through one of the carriage windows, and noted that there was at least twice as many men and horses than his own 5 guards and 6 horses. He opened the carriage-door and stepped outside.

    The wind blew heavily, but the winds were at the very least warm. This road is not used very often, that much Duncan could see. It’s no surprise, as this road only leads to the Kingsroad, or the Hunter’s Imperium, and since this isn’t even the main road to the Hunter’s Imperium it is even more understandable that this road is overgrowing.

    Duncan now got a better look at the men, and could quickly see that these at least weren’t ordinary bandits. If Duncan would guess, it’s probably sellswords. “Goodday.” a young man with no hair on his head and a scar taking one of his blue eyes spoke. “How may I hel-” Duncan started but was cut off but the same young man. “I’ll go straight on business. We are headed the same way, we’d like to travel together.”

    “This road only leads north or south. If you are heading north, I really cannot stop you. But I would like to know some things about you first, if I may.” Duncan was as polite as he could, but he was ready for things to go south. “Sure thing.” a big man to the right of the young man said with a deep and booming voice. This man has a massive black beard but just as the young man, he had no hair. The big man had green eyes, and a massive scar from one ear to the other ear, going over the nose.

    “Are you part of a sellsword company?” Duncan decided to ask first, and the big man nodded, while the young man answered. “So we are. We are kind of split into two groups right now, but we are headed to the others up in the north. You are lucky, you met the good half of the Stormborn. The other half are a bunch of mean sons of bitches.”

    “Stormborn is an interesting name for a sellsword company. Is it connected to Daenerys Targa-” Again, Duncan was interrupted by the young bald man. “Positive. It was created by some slave from Essos in honour of Daenerys and bla bla bla, I don’t know the details and to be honest, I don’t care either. That sellsword company with those noble goals is long gone, I am afraid.” the young man clearly was a talkative one, and quite arrogant it seems.

    “I see. What about your name?” Duncan asked and took two steps towards them, the distance between them was still several meters. The young man jumped of his black horse and frowned. “Name is Ser Alexander Vance, and this fat muscular pig over there is Axel, he is ironborn. I won’t bother naming the rest to you.” Alexander joked with a big grin, as he slowly took step by step towards Duncan. Duncan remembered house Vance. There are two branches, both in the Riverlands.

    “Wayfarer’s Rest or Atranta?” Duncan wondered with a hint of curiosity in his voice. Alexander smiled slyly. “A man knows his houses, I like it. I am born in Wayfarer’s Rest, and I left just after I was knighted.” The knight explained as he still took slow steps towards the lord. “What about you? Who are you?” Alexander asked and stopped within handshaking distance to Duncan.

    “My name would be Duncan Rayner, and I am the lord of the Hunter’s Imperium.” The lord revealed to the sellsword company. “I’m not going to fucking lie, I have never heard of that place. I take your word for it though.” Alexander spoke truthfully and as he opened his mouth to continue, Axel could be heard in the background.

    “So how will it be? Can we ride with you or not?” Alexander turned around and shot Axel a glare before turning back around and extended his hand. “I apologise for my Axel’s rudeness, but he is right to ask this question. Can we ride with you?”

    “As I stated earlier-” Duncan started and took Alexander’s hand and shook it. “-I cannot stop you. We can travel together.” Alexander shot Duncan a quick smile, before letting go off his hand. “That is indeed good news. Give me a shout when we start moving.” Alexander spoke and walked back to his steed. Only then Duncan noticed two men who looked a lot different than the others. “Ser Alexander.” Duncan called out for him, and Alexander quickly spun around with a smirk. “It’s been a long time since anyone called me Ser, my lord. What is it?”

    “Those two.” Duncan spoke and pointed at the two men he had noticed. “They don’t look like they are a part of the Stormborn.” To this, Axel’s booming laughter felt like it could be heard for miles. “It seems that goldpurse is mine.” Axel said as he laughed at Alexander. The knight’s smirk had immediately faded and turned into a glum look. “Fuckin’ Fine…” he accepted with a gloomy tone, as he took a bag of coins out of his pocket and threw to Axel, who catched it.

    “Did you two bet on if I would ask that exact question?” Duncan asked as heavy gust blew past them. “We sure did.. Well, something like that at least.” Axel answered instead of Alexander, who looked over his shoulder at his friend. “Shut it, will you?” To this Axel raised both of his hands to show that he will comply. Alexander’s gaze turned back to Duncan who had narrowed his eyes because of the heavy wind. “As for the actual question, we don’t really know. Hedge knights, bandits, mercenaries, fuck if I know. They wanted to accompany us to King’s Landing. Our little family is temporarily just getting bigger and bigger. Go and ask them yourself, I found them to quiet for my own liking.” Alexander explained to the lord and then walked away.

    Duncan made his way to the two men and extended a hand to the man closest to him, as well as greeted him. “Good day. I am Duncan Rayner, Lord of the Hunter’s Imperium.2 He was a tall and thin man, with the skin of a dornishman. He has short black hair and intimidating grey eyes. He wore armour of gold and black colour, clearly symbolizing a house sigil. But if the armour was taken from a dead body or if it was in fact this man’s armour Duncan couldn’t say. It fit the man perfectly at least.

    Right behind the tall man stands a short man with a stocky yet muscular frame. Just as the tall man, he has the sandy skin of a dornishman. His prominent chin is covered with a beard, and also have short black hair. This short man wore a fine steel armour without sigils. The man had a carved white stone greathammer on his back. The hammer clearly hasn’t been cleaned in a while, as the greathammer was covered in what looked to be viscera as well as blood, likely from his foes. The hammer itself had gotten red permanent stains, which probably comes from the lack of cleaning.

    For a time the tall man stares with his intimidating eyes, before slowly extending his hand as well. “Ser TallJack.” he spoke, quickly shook Duncan’s hand and then let go of his hand. Duncan narrowed his eyes as TallJack continued to stare. “You are knighted, and that is a fine armour. Do you happen to have a last name?” Duncan wondered and scratched his neck. “Tollenwood.” Jack sighed as the short man opened his mouth to speak. “Why?” the short man asked with a low tone on his voice. Duncan turned his gaze to the man. “I am just making conversation, Ser…?”

    “Redhammer Jordan, I am no ser nor from a house.” he explained with the same low, dark tone in his voice. Duncan nodded and turned his gaze back to Jack. “May I ask why you are heading to King’s Landing?” Duncan asked as he looked from Jack to Jordan. “No.” Jordan said quickly and Jack turned around to him with a slim smirk. “Don’t be rude.” he told his friend and turned back to the lord. “He is right though. It is a secret.” Duncan gave Jack a stern nod. “Then I will not pry.” Duncan respected their secrecy. He took a few steps back. “One last question. What are you? Hedge knights? Sellswords?”

    The two spoke out at the exact same time. Jack said hedge knights, whereas Jordan said mercenaries. They looked at each other for a short time, and then the two of them looked at Duncan and, again at the same time, spoke up. “Both.” Duncan nodded and turned around. “I suppose I will see you around.” he spoke as he walked away from them. “So you will.” TallJack shouted after him.

    It’s been half a day since Duncan met the Stormborn as well as the two dornishmen. They hadn't spoke much, as Duncan had been sitting in the carriage. However, an hour or so ago Duncan decided to drive the carriage instead. He changed position with the guardsman and drove the wagon instead.

    Alexander slowed his horse down to close in to Duncan. “So, Dunk, why are you headed to the capital?” he asked with curiosity. Duncan thought for a second that he heard something in the woods, but quickly dismissed it as he saw a bunny running into the Queenswood. He narrowed his eyes at the road, and thought for a moment what to respond. He decided to not lie, but to not tell the full truth. “I have business with the queen.”

    “Oooh, thrilling. Care to…” he started but stopped himself, Duncan looked at him with a questionable look. “Wha-” Duncan was going to ask, but Alexander waved his hand at him and hushed him. “Ssh, for fucks sake.” Alexander hissed. The lord silenced himself and listened carefully. Again he heard something in the woods, and was just about to point at one direction, when an arrow flew from the right side of the woods right at Axel, and hit him in his arm. He let out a roar and fell of the horse. “Axel!” Alexander exclaimed and jumped of his horse and hid behind the wagon.

    Duncan jumped off the wagon and stood just next to Alexander. “Seven hells. Did you hear Axel’s fucking roar? Like a fucking bear!” Alexander exclaimed with worry and excitement in his voice. “I heard it, hopefully the arrow isn’t poisoned or something like that.” Duncan answered and Alexander shot him an angry glare. “How reassuring of you!” Duncan didn’t care for the comment and shouted into the carriage to Anders and the guard instead. “Stay in the wagon, Anders!”

    “Sure thing, maybe you could cut the rope while you are at it?” Anders could be heard from inside the carriage, but Duncan didn’t answer. He looked around and noted that Redhammer Jordan lay behind a deceased horse, penetrated with arrows, whereas TallJack just reached the wagon himself. Axel’s groans could be heard in the distance, and Alexander threw a worrying glare in the direction. The rest of the Stormborn company hid as well they could, whereas Duncan’s 4 soldiers outside the carriage moved closer to Duncan as well as he could.

    Alexander grabbed his weapon, an Arakh and showed it to Duncan. “There was a lady in our company during a short time. And bloody hells she could swing an Arakh like a fucking dothraki. I can’t swing it like a Dothraki, but I can at least swing it.” Alexander revealed and boasted. A man could be heard running towards the wagon, and Alexander swung his Arakh hard as the man reached the corner of the wagon and cut the man’s head clean of his body. Alexander let out a prideful cheer, whereas Duncan could quickly see that these people were bandits.

    Duncan opened the carriage and looked at the guard and saw that the guard had a bow. “Hand me the bow!” Duncan ordered and the guard was quick to comply. Anders eyed the arrows when the guard gave Duncan the arrows. “Make sure you don’t shoot a handmaiden.” Anders hissed with a rude tone, and Duncan only slammed the carriage door shut.

    Duncan laid down on his stomach, and TallJack and Alexander looked at him and then each other. “What in the kraken’s dick are you doing? We can sleep later.” Alexander asked before he killed another man who reached the wagon. “Watch and learn.” Duncan simply said with a hint of a smile on his lips as he crawled under the wagon. There was just enough space under the wagon for Duncan to ready his bow. He aimed for a bearded bandit and hit him right in the throat, and another bandit in the heart.

    For the most part, Duncan aimed at archers, and with one arrow left, all the arrows from the bandits had stopped. He crawled out again, quickly stood up and noticed that 3 bandits lay dead at TallJack’s feet, whereas 4 lay dead at Alexander’s feet. Alexander finished another bandit off by slitting a bandits throat. He spun around to Duncan and gave him an impressive nod. “Not bad, Dunk.”

    A bandit started to charge against Alexander, who had his back turned against the bandit, not noticing him. Duncan readied his bow right at Alexander’s face, who gulped and raised his hands. “Wow, okay. I won’t call you Dunk if-” “Duck.” Alexander did as he was told, throwing himself on the ground and Duncan shot the arrow straight in the bandits only remaining eye.

    “Phew, that was close. Thank you.” Alexander thanked the lord as he rose from the ground. “You’re welcome. At least call me Duncan.” the lord replied, and Alexander gave him a quick nod as he turned around to kill another bandit. “Will do.”

    Duncan himself noted that 1 Stormborn sellsword lay dead, whereas 2 others were hurt, including Axel. Whereas 2 in his personal guard was killed and 1 injured. Duncan turned around and ran around the carriage to get a fight. He pulled his sword as bandit charged at him with a battleaxe.

    The lord let the bandit attack first, and so he did. He swung his battleaxe horizontally and Duncan jumped back to avoid being cut in half. The bandit swung again with real strength, this time vertically and this time Duncan took 2 quick steps to the left instead. Thanks to the force the bandit put in his swing, the battleaxe hit the dirt they stood on, and for a second or 2 it was stuck. Duncan took this opportunity to end the fight and swung his sword at the neck of the bandit, and while he didn’t decapitate him, it was enough for the bandit to fall dead on the ground.

    A battlecry could be heard from behind Duncan, who quickly spun around and raised his sword above his head, which narrowly saved his life. It caused him to fall on the ground only to parry the next hit from the bandit and the next. Just when Duncan saw the opportunity to kick the bandit off of him, a large silhouette was seen behind the bandit, and it turned out to be Axel.

    Axel roared with anger as he grabbed the bandits hair, dragged him to the carriage, grabbed the head of the bandit with both his hands and slammed the bandits head in the carriage so hard the bandits skull cracked open. Axel didn’t even check to see if Duncan was alright, but instead charged against another bandit directly.

    Duncan rose quickly from the ground only to see Alexander surrounded by 3 bandits, and to his surprise and anger, he saw Anders outside, still tied up, with 2 bandits around him. He quickly decided who he would go to first.

    [Help Alexander] [Help Anders]

    Stop! Question Time!

    So in the previous part, there was this little history part embedded into the part, with the year of the Bandits and such. Now what I want to know is if this is something that worked? I can see a point of view that it kinda takes you out of what is actually going on with the Council meeting, but at the same time, I think it was needed, at least in this part, as I wouldn't have felt comfortable with just mentioning year of the Bandits without any kind of explanation to what it was, as it holds some pretty big events. At the same time, maybe it shouldn't have taken up almost 3 pages.

    Of course, this isn't something that will happen very often, but I still want to tell the story of the (approx.) 60 years that went by since Season 7 of the series (minus the demise of LF and Jon basically handing the North to Dany, fuck that). And this is definitely the easiest way to tell it.

    Basically, does it work, or is it better if I try to find another way?

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    [Help Anders]
    Anders is defenseless and tied up. He needs Anders alive to testify for him. Plus, this may improve Anders opinion on Duncan and make him less inclined to turn on him, in court. Alexander can probably hold his own, until he rescues Anders. Then he can help him. Plus, there are still others from his sellsword company that could help him till Duncan is ready to help him.

    About your question, I think it might be better if these details are explained in a companion piece to the story. For example, you could write histories & Lore sections that explain events like the year of the Bandits and other events in the timeskip between the series and your story. Unless your characters are explaining these events to someone who genuinely doesn't know, I think it might seem strange for them to go on long explanations to eachother of these somewhat recent events if they all already know what happened, during those years.

    Duncan VIII In the Reach Trust “Yes, the ropes are necessary, Anders.” Duncan replied sternly as the man steering the carriage shou

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    [Help Alexander] I like Alexander too much to not help him. Seriously, this guy grew on me so damn fast. I love his personality and his look, he's pretty unique. I'm hoping to see an unlikely friendship form between him and Duncan. Sure Anders could die and we need him to testify but a likeable character would be much preferred over him.

    The history bit worked pretty well, I think. As long as it's clear that the setting has temporarily changed I don't think it'll ever be a problem.

    Duncan VIII In the Reach Trust “Yes, the ropes are necessary, Anders.” Duncan replied sternly as the man steering the carriage shou

  • About your question, I think it might be better if these details are explained in a companion piece to the story. For example, you could write histories & Lore sections that explain events like the year of the Bandits and other events in the timeskip between the series and your story. Unless your characters are explaining these events to someone who genuinely doesn't know, I think it might seem strange for them to go on long explanations to eachother of these somewhat recent events if they all already know what happened, during those years.

    I think you have a point here. A history and lore thing kinda going on at the side of the story itself can help me show and develop characters from the past. This is a good idea that I will consider!

    [Help Anders] Anders is defenseless and tied up. He needs Anders alive to testify for him. Plus, this may improve Anders opinion on Duncan

  • I like Alexander too much to not help him. Seriously, this guy grew on me so damn fast. I love his personality and his look, he's pretty unique. I'm hoping to see an unlikely friendship form between him and Duncan. Sure Anders could die and we need him to testify but a likeable character would be much preferred over him.

    I am very happy to see that you like Alexander. I had a joy writing him so far. I also saw your PM, so you know.

    AgentZ46 posted: »

    [Help Alexander] I like Alexander too much to not help him. Seriously, this guy grew on me so damn fast. I love his personality and his look

  • I am very sorry it took me forever to vote again, I thought I already had, but my weekend was so busy that I apparently did not and then I forgot to check because I was so certain I had. Apologies :(

    And oooh, I notice something there, with the Stormborn, looks like there is a Jaesa backstory connection right there and we got confirmation some of them are heading up north already. I wonder what for, but this does not bode well. Ah, I must work more on them, I'll let you know more in my next PM. I'm currently working on the ones I still haven't found the time to answer to and I can assure you, I haven't forgotten to answer, I hope to do so this week :)

    [Help Alexander]

    This is a sympathy thing for me as well. Anders sounds like the more pragmatic choice, but honestly, I like Alexander better. Thing is, I don't think Anders is going to die here. The bandits will likely realize that with him being tied up, he is a prisoner of the people they fight against. They never struck me as being out simply for the sake of violence, that they pursue a goal and executing the prisoners of their enemies sounds to me as something that harms such goals.

    When it comes to your question, I felt like it did work. Maybe in some occasion, we don't need the full story behind these events at once, but it didn't particularly distract me from the events going on at the moment. What you could do would be to occasionally release parts taking place entirely during this timespan, showing important events, or maybe in the form of history book texts, stuff like that. That could be a solution, but really, I thought it was fine the way you handled it here.

    Duncan VIII In the Reach Trust “Yes, the ropes are necessary, Anders.” Duncan replied sternly as the man steering the carriage shou

  • And oooh, I notice something there, with the Stormborn, looks like there is a Jaesa backstory connection right there and we got confirmation some of them are heading up north already. I wonder what for, but this does not bode well. Ah, I must work more on them, I'll let you know more in my next PM. I'm currently working on the ones I still haven't found the time to answer to and I can assure you, I haven't forgotten to answer, I hope to do so this week :)

    It's not very likely that another woman was for a short time in the company, and also owns an arakh. So yeah, it's highly likely that it's Jaesa.

    Also, take into consideration that the other half already is in the north, and only awaits the other half (the better half). I will wait patiently for the PM :3

    This is a sympathy thing for me as well. Anders sounds like the more pragmatic choice, but honestly, I like Alexander better. Thing is, I don't think Anders is going to die here. The bandits will likely realize that with him being tied up, he is a prisoner of the people they fight against. They never struck me as being out simply for the sake of violence, that they pursue a goal and executing the prisoners of their enemies sounds to me as something that harms such goals.

    An interesting theory, and it's quite likely. What we can remember is that Anders obviously was the man who gave the bandits arrows, so maybe someone will recognize the boy.

    When it comes to your question, I felt like it did work. Maybe in some occasion, we don't need the full story behind these events at once, but it didn't particularly distract me from the events going on at the moment. What you could do would be to occasionally release parts taking place entirely during this timespan, showing important events, or maybe in the form of history book texts, stuff like that. That could be a solution, but really, I thought it was fine the way you handled it here.

    I'm thinking about doing something like that. History and Lore, or a 'World of Ice and Fire'-like side thing. We'll see what happens.

    I am very sorry it took me forever to vote again, I thought I already had, but my weekend was so busy that I apparently did not and then I f

  • The Voting is Closed!

    Y'all chose to Help Alexander and I must say, I am a bit surprised. I am happy to see that Alexander is a well-received character at the moment though.

    Next part will hopefully be up in a few hours. It won't be a super long part as it looks right now, but it will introduce a few new characters in Winterfell. We will return to Barney and to do a quick recap there I'll say that the king wanted all lords to vote whether to take out the Ironfleet or take out Harrenhal, and through a flip of a coin, we went with the Ironfleet. So that's where we will start, exactly there in fact.

    Have a good one, and as y'all know..

    Thank ye for readin'.

  • Barney XII

    At Winterfell

    The Lord who never dies

    Barney drew his sword and raised it high like most other lords. Marbrand was one of the first to draw his sword. Barney could note other lords, such as Axell Lightfoot, a very old man who surely was a hundred at least, and the last man with the Lightfoot name. Many call him the lord who never dies, and Barney is inclined to agree. If you lived that long, you might just never die.

    The lord of Beartilde hall also noted Kyra Glenmore raising a sword. He was happy to see Kyra, as both he and his sister are closely related to the Glenmore’s. Their mother, Cassandra, was a Glenmore, making Barney and Catelyn half Glenmore’s. Kyra was an older woman, and younger sister to Elaena Forrester, and they both look quite alike. She noted Barney looking at her and gave him a warm smile and nod, which he reciprocated.

    The last lord Barney noted was Torrhen Whitehill, second of his name. He had also raised his sword. Torrhen is a handsome man in his mid-30’s, who is mostly known for, together with Kyra Glenmore and Rodrik Forrester ending the conflict between them. This was the first thing he did as a lord, and was loved for it. The Ironwood was split fairly and the houses now have a good relationship.

    Barney quickly eyed Woldkeep, who was one of few who kept his sword sheathed, before the King spoke up again. “I can see a clear result from you, my lords, and I agree. Keep the North from being invaded is more important than to invade.” The king decided and the lords cheered ‘Aye!’. “Well, if that is all, I conclude this meeting, and wish my wife, my aunt and Lord Marbrand safe travels.” The king concluded, waited a few moments to see if anyone had anything to say, and then smashed his mug in the table one last time, announcing the ending of the meeting. “We will travel to Moat Cailin at first light!”

    As other lords and ladies stood up, so did Barney. He walked over to Kyra Glenmore who also rose from her seat. “Aunt Kyra.” he greeted his aunt with open arms, and they hugged each other for a while. Gods, she really looks just like Elaena does, only a little shorter. “It’s been to long, Barney.” she spoke in a low tone. “I knew your father his entire life, and I am sorry for Bernhard, Barney. He was a superb man, and a loving father. Bernhard raised Catelyn to be a wonderful woman, and you to be a fantastic lord.” Kyra wished Barney with sadness in her voice.

    “I thank you, Kyra. But I am not a fantastic lord..” Barney doubted himself, and has done many times throughout his life, as Kyra knew. “You are.” A weak attempt to convince him. Barney only shook his head. “I didn’t even bury him before I left. I didn’t hunt for a bear to give him bear fur for his final rest, as all other Beartilde-lords before me. And do you know the worst part? I didn’t even realize that I never buried him, til yesterday.” Kyra’s eyes had widened slightly, but her assuring expression quickly returned.

    “One mistake doesn’t make you a bad lord.” she tried again, but Barney only shook his head. “Neither does it make me a good one.” Kyra sighed and gave up. “Just remember what your father taught you, Barney. Now I must make sure that house Glenmore is ready for tomorrow.” she revealed and Barney nodded. “Can I just ask where Lord Rodrik is? I haven’t seen any Forrester men here.” Barney asked her.

    “He travelled to Moat Cailin instead. I think he was looking for Edrick, he ran away from home.” These news didn’t really take Barney by surprise. But not for a second did he think that Edrick ran away. The man loved his family, and would never leave them, if not persuaded to do so. Edrick is a very easily persuaded man. And the way Kyra put emphasis on ‘ran away’ told Barney that Kyra might see it the same way. “Ran away, my arse.”

    “My sentiments exactly. But now I must leave.” Kyra agreed. Many lords started to leave the room about now. “Of course. Lady Kyra.” “Lord Barney.” And with those words, she walked out of the hall. For a while Barney stood on the exact same spot and just stared as men and women streamed out of the hall, with few left talking, this until someone poked Barney with a cane from behind and talked with a very old voice. “May a lord pass?” the voice spoke and poked at Barney’s back.

    Barney quickly spun around to see who poked him and immediately realized it was Lord Lightfoot, the lord who never dies. “Lord Lightfoot, I apologise. Let me help you out of the hall.” Barney offered but Lord Axell shook his head slowly. The man had next to no hair on his head, but a beard for the bards, reaching his knees. He wore easy clothing, nothing heavy, and had a cane in each hand to help him stand straight. “My lord, with respect, you can barely stand.”

    “I’m a northerner damn you.” Axell spoke up with his old voice still being quite strong. “I’ll walk myself till the day I no longer can stand. And then I drag myself till the day I no longer can crawl.” Barney moved out of the way, and the lord shakingly takes each step, and walk about a meter in 10 seconds. “Who are you, boy? Are you a new lord?” Barney showed his arm, displaying the White bear. The lord looked at it closely and then at Barney. “If you think you can show a sigil of a minor house and expect me to know the house, you’re talking to the wrong lord. To many sigils to remember each and every single bloody one.”

    “I see. It’s the sigil of house Beartilde, and I am Lord Barney Beartilde.” Barney explained to the old lord, who stopped walking when he heard the name. “Beartilde?” “Beartilde.” Barney confirmed. “Could you help me sit down, Beartilde.” “But you just sa-” “Could you help me or not?” Barney grabbed the old lord by the back and arm, and slowly helped him down by the table just next to them. “Did you know my father?” Barney asked with curiousity in his voice as the old lord breathed slowly. “To be completely honest, I thought your house were dead.”

    “What do you mean dead?” Barney wondered and frowned. “I’ve never been good with house-history and such, so that might be why. What I mean by dead is that I had a friend who I fought side by side with during the war of the white walkers. His name was Barden Beartilde.” Barney’s eyes widened. “That’s my grandfather.” he exclaimed, probably higher than he should have. “Calm down young man. He was killed by a White Walker, but I made sure to shove a Valyrian Sword deep into the walker.” Axell told Barney, and Barney listened suspensefully. “You killed a White Walker.”

    “Yes, but that is hardly what’s important. I knew he had a wife, but he said that he had no children.” Axell continued. “She got pregnant shortly after grandfather left for the last time, so he never learned of it.” Barney explained to Lightfoot who nodded like everything made sense now, but also with sorrow. “The man died thinking his house died with him, but it never did.. I couldn’t until recently understand that feeling. I couldn’t understand that feeling until I was the last one of my house.” Axell finished and let out a big sigh.

    “What happened to your father?” Lord Lightfoot asked and Barney spoke quickly. “Killed during the battle of Seagard a few weeks ago.” he spoke and sighed afterwards, trying not to think of the arrow through his father’s throat. “Still fresh, eh… I’m sorry. Do you have children of your own?” The old lord wondered and Barney shook his head. “How old are you?”

    “31.” The old lords eyes widened, and Barney could for the first time get a good glimpse on the colour of the eyes. They were grey. “Let me give you some advice, son. Do not do the same mistake as I have done. Find yourself a beautiful wife and get yourself children. Keep your bloodline going.” Barney nodded to this and understood that it was important. “It’s none of my business and I understand that, but follow my advice.”

    “I will try.” Barney agreed and the lord shot the first smile Barney had seen. “Now to the ending of me and your grandfathers story.” Axell spoke and touched the pommel of his sword before grabbing the grip. “The sword I killed the white walker with was your grandfather’s, and I think it has stayed in the wrong keep for far to long. It’s a Beartilde sword, and belongs to a Beartilde.” with those word he drew the valyrian sword, quickly than what Barney would expect from a man his age.

    “Lord Barney Beartilde, this valyrian sword belongs to you, please accept it.” The sword was absolutely magnificent, it almost felt like it was glowing. But Barney didn’t know if he felt comfortable taking it. “My arm is getting tired, take it for fucks sake.”

    [Accept the Valyrian Sword] [Reject the Valyrian Sword]

  • [Accept the Valyrian Sword]
    It wouldn't make much sense to reject it.
    Barney is 31! For some reason, I thought he was younger.

    Barney XII At Winterfell The Lord who never dies Barney drew his sword and raised it high like most other lords. Marbrand was one o

  • [Accept the Valyrian Sword] Take the damn sword, Barney! To reject such a rare gift, especially when it's of your family, madness...

    I like Axell, he's an interesting and amusing character. "My arm is getting tired, take it for fucks sake." :D he'd probably get annoyed if you refused it.

    Barney XII At Winterfell The Lord who never dies Barney drew his sword and raised it high like most other lords. Marbrand was one o

  • [Accept the Valyrian Sword]

    We're talking about Valyrian steel right here. One does not simply refuse Valyrian steel. Well, I mean Jorah of the Friendzone might have done, alright, but that isn't something one usually does. On top of that, I kinda feel like Axell might be a bit insulted by rejecting this gift. It is a noble gesture, one that should be appreciated. And it is a freaking Valyrian steel sword. Barney needs a badass weapon, I am absolutely certain it'll come in handy. I really like Axell as well, there can never be enough cool old guys =)

    Gotta say, I also am a bit surprised by Barney's actual age. I would have guessed him to be about half a decade younger or so, especially as Cat is notably younger if I am not mistaken. It is indeed not too common for a lord to be unmarried at his age, but I suppose up until now, he had more important things to do than getting married.

    Barney XII At Winterfell The Lord who never dies Barney drew his sword and raised it high like most other lords. Marbrand was one o

  • I mean Jorah of the Friendzone might have done, alright, but that isn't something one usually does.

    Talking about Jorah, which obviously leads me into Dany. I'm kinda writing a History & Lore part right now that I hope y'all will enjoy. It will be important for the story and it will develop some characters a bit. You might also learn a bit about the Queens (aye, both of them).

    Anyhow, I hope you will enjoy that, before the next part.

    I really like Axell as well, there can never be enough cool old guys =)

    I'll do it like this to not have to reply to all the comments @AgentZ46 . I am happy that you both like Axell, he will be showing up a bit here and there, as he certainly has at least a lot to stories to tell, as he isn't really a man young and fit enough to fight anymore.

    Gotta say, I also am a bit surprised by Barney's actual age. I would have guessed him to be about half a decade younger or so, especially as Cat is notably younger if I am not mistaken. It is indeed not too common for a lord to be unmarried at his age, but I suppose up until now, he had more important things to do than getting married.

    And again, like this: @Tales-from-Telltale . I can surely see why you are surprised, as he isn't really acting his age. The Northern Plague happened around 13 years ago, when Barney was 18, and since his mother (who was mentioned in this part) died there, he never really left his 18-year old mentality.

    It is indeed quite uncommon to not have gotten a partner at this age, but again, Cassandra (Barney's mum) was the one who was going to get Barney together with someone, but when she died, Bernhard got very protective over his children, and also, even kinder. He couldn't marry his son or daughter to someone he/she didn't even know, and Barney has just not found the woman he want to spend his life with, at least he doesn't know it ;) For Cat Bernhard did try his best, but Cat didn't like any of his few candidates. That's part of the reason he took the opportunity to send Cat to King's Landing. Not only because Cat really wanted it, but Bernhard also thought that Cat might find a love interest down south.

    To Liquid, Catelyn's age might surprise. As far as I know, her age has never been said outright, but she is a bit older than the normal handmaiden.

    Out of curiosity, how old do you think Queen Elaena is?

    [Accept the Valyrian Sword] We're talking about Valyrian steel right here. One does not simply refuse Valyrian steel. Well, I mean Jorah

  • Le Voting is Closed!

    Y'all will accept the Valyrian Sword and as many has pointed out, Axell would have probably been pretty bitter if you hadn't accepted it.

    Alrighty, next part won't be up for a while, however there is a History & Lore part coming up in the next coming days. Easter might stand in my way, making that part coming either this week or early next week. In case it's next week, I wish y'all happy Easter!

    The History & Lore will be from Daenerys PoV, and I will say no more. :3

    Thank ye for readin'!

  • So the History & Lore part is here, and I am hoping for the next part in the actual story to be up soon. I would also like to say that these parts will also be important for the actual story, to further build characters who's still alive today and to generally show what actually has happened in these 60 years.

    What I am saying is that remember all characters appearing, because none of these characters are there just to be there, I chose carefully. :3

    And finally, Happy Easter to everyone! I'm hoping y'all and me have a great weekend!


    There he stood

    Daenerys sat alone in her chambers, taking a break from writing a letter. There wasn’t a lot of things in her chamber. A bed, a desk, and a very large bookshelf filled with books, as well as a quite large rectangular table together with 10 chairs. All of these obviously are the most expensive that you can find, but it’s not to much. It’s just what you need as a queen, but not more.

    She walked up to the shelf, and noted that the people cleaning her chamber isn’t doing a very good job lately. However, that was to be expected. Both women cleaning the chamber are sisters, and they lost their mother recently. I would never push them, losing a mother is a horrid thing. she thought for herself as she wiped the dust from one of the books that was so dusty you couldn’t even see the name of it.

    Dany read the name of the book and her eyes widened, and then desperately she tried to keep her tears back, as she remembered.

    “And then the little dragon rode home on the large dragon to rule the kingdoms again.” Tyrion Targaryen, Dany’s oldest cheered when the story was over and how happy it ended. Tyrion was no older than 5, but he was shaping up to become a great man, and a fantastic king. Blonde short hair and violet eyes. The boy took great responsibility despite his age, and knew a lot about Westeros already.

    Daenerys younger daughter meanwhile, she was only 1, and had just been taught how to walk by Ser Jorah a few days ago. She had also said her first word. ‘Jorah’, or at the very least a version of it. Dany knew that she should be sad that Elaena’s first words wasn’t ‘Dany’ or ‘Mommy’, but the happiness she saw in Jorah’s eyes stopped her from feeling that sadness. Elaena was a beautiful little girl, with blonde hair that has yet to grow long, and piercing and weirdly determinant violet eyes for her age.

    Jorah closed the book he had read for the 2 Targaryen’s, Tyrion still cheering the ending, while Elaena had fallen asleep on Jorah’s arm. Daenerys shifted her attention back and forth from Jorah to her children, to her 2 visitors. “Well your grace, it’s been a nice talk, but Bronn has had to much to drink.” Hand of the Queen Tyrion Lannister spoke, while drinking his fifth glas himself. “Me? No. You on the other hand.. I have a feeling I’ll have to carry you.” Bronn joked and Tyrion gave him a slight chuckle. “Yes, yes. It is a good wine.. Ruby-Red?” Tyrion guessed and Daenerys nodded. “You know your wines.”

    “That I do. I wish you a good night, your grace.” Tyrion jumped off his chair and started to waddle towards the door. Bronn rose from his chair and grabbed Tyrion by his shoulder just as he was about to fall. “I need extra payment for this, my lord.” Tyrion only chuckled to this remark and succeeded to open the door leading out of the room. “Good night, Tyrion.. and Bronn.” Daenerys wished them and Bronn let out a short giggle as he lead Tyrion out. “Good night to you, Jorah.. oh, and also you, your grace.” he joked when as he closed the door to the children’s room.

    Jorah rose carefully and gently carried Elaena to her bed to not wake her up. He put her down slowly and put a blanket on top of her. For a while he just stared at the little girl with a smile on his lips. Daenerys walked up behind him and put a hand on his shoulder. “Isn’t she beautiful?” the Queen spoke and looked at Tyrion, who since long had stopped cheering and was half-sleeping in his bed. “She is.”

    “I’ll just tuck in Little T.” Dany spoke and walked over to her son and tucked him in. Put on a blanket and fixed his pillow. The little boy quickly fell asleep. She kissed him on his forehead and walked over to Jorah, who sat down besides her and stroke through Elaena’s hair. “Shall we?” She asked and Jorah looked up. “Of course, Khaleesi.”he stroke through the little Targaryen’s hair one more time before he stood up and walked to the door.

    He opened it and let Dany walk out first before he himself followed, closing and locking the door.

    For a while, they walked through the corridors, without any real destination just watching the surroundings from the red keep and how beautiful it was. “You’ve made King’s Landing beautiful, Khaleesi.” Jorah spoke up when they stopped in an open corridor with one big window making this more of a balcony than a corridor. A high cry could be heard, and Drogon could be seen flying in the distance. “We’ve done it together, Jorah. You, me, Tyrion.. All of us.”

    “I suppose you are right. Do you know what this reminds me off?” Jorah asked and looked at his queen. “No, tell me.” She gave up after only a few seconds of thinking. “It reminds me of Qarth.” It surprised Daenerys. She couldn’t very much say that King’s Landing looks like Qarth did, but she could see what he means. Just the 2 of them, walking in Qarth admiring the views. “Qarth?”

    “Qarth. Before meeting the Unsullied. Before Missandei. Before Barristan. Before Grey Worm. Before Daario. Just us, 3 young dragons and a few Dothraki standing outside the gates. You would not give up trying to get in, and in the end we did. And it was very beautiful.” Jorah explained and Dany understood even further. They walked away from the balcony-like corridor and the nice views with Drogon flying around. “You’ve risen far since where we were outside the gates of Qarth.” Jorah complimented her and she shot him a smile. “And it’s all thanks to you. Whether you like it or not, I’d be dead if it weren’t for you.”

    “It didn’t start like tha-” “Forget about it. What’s important is that you betrayed the usurper for me, and stayed loyal after that. I’m the one to ask for your forgiveness, not the other way around.” She stopped and stood infront of Jorah. “Can you forgive me?” Jorah looked deep into her eyes and never wavered from them. “How can I forgive you when there is nothing to forgive.”

    “Say it.” Dany demanded and Jorah sighed. “I will not. There is nothing to forgive, Khaleesi.” he repeated and Dany couldn’t help but let out a chuckle. “This is what I love about you, Jorah. No matter what you will not lie or waver from a decision.” Jorah still looked deep into Dany’s eyes and she did the same. “Could you help me back to my chambers, Ser Jorah?

    “That I can do, Kha…” he stopped himself when he finally looked up and noted to hooded men in front of them. He grabbed Daenerys by her arm and dragged her behind him, as well as putting a hand on the tilt of his sword. Jorah wore no armour this evening, and why would he? “A fine night today, gentlemen.” Jorah started a conversation with caution in his voice. The 2 men looked at each other and then on Jorah. Dany couldn’t see much of their faces, but one of them looked no older than 20, whereas the other man looked at least twice his age. This didn’t bode very well, as Jorah was almost 3 and a half times older than the 20 year old. “We’re here for her.” the young man spoke and pointed at Dany. “Not you.”

    “The queen is on her way to her chambers, I’m afraid she won’t have time for you today.” Both the 2 hooded men sighed very audibly and drew 2 knifes each. “We are offering you a way out, a way to live and yet there you stand.” the older hooded man spoke up, and Jorah nodded. “And yet Here I Stand.” he confirmed and drew his sword. “Stay back.” he ordered the queen and the older hooded man ordered the same thing to the younger man.

    “Die!” the hooded man shouted as he charged towards Jorah. Jorah decided to attack him while he charged and swung his sword, which the man only narrowly parried. The man decided to just try to stab Jorah multiple times and tried to hit Jorah in his chest. Jorah walked backwards in the exact right speed, and then spun the sword around the man’s hands to try to cut them off, with little success. Instead, the man managed to cut Jorah on his hand , quite deep, but Jorah also did the same thing.

    The next thing to happen was quite unexpected. They hadn’t walked very far from the balcony, and Drogon must have felt his mother’s worry. He pushed in his head through the balcony and let out a deafening roar, and Jorah took his chance of surprise. While the man was frozen in terror Jorah lifted his arms and swung it down on the man, slicing both the head and a little part of his chest in half before the bones stopped Jorah from going further.

    The young man immediately ran away, and Jorah was about to charge when Dany shouted after him. “Don’t.” Jorah followed the command and looked at the man he had just killed. “Guards!” Jorah shouted after guards and after about a minute 2 Unsullied showed up. Jorah looked at Dany to command the 2. “Clean this up.” she ordered, and without question they did. She looked on in horror as they dragged the corpse who’s almost split in half away.

    She noticed Jorah standing with his back turned against her, looking at his hand. Dany came closer and heard him mumble, and what she heard was terrifying. “Poison…”

    “What? Wh-what do you mean poison?” Dany asked, panic growing inside her. Jorah turned around with tears in his eyes and showed Dany his hand and the reasonably deep cut he had gained. Around the cut the hand had gotten completely green and so had the close veins. “This is not happening. This.. This isn’t the truth.”

    “This poison is working quickly, Khaleesi. Help me back to the children, please.” Dany’s eyes widened at what he said. “You need to get to the grand Maester, right now.” Jorah only shook his head. “Please, Khaleesi, take me to Tyrion and Elaena.” By now Dany felt warm tears on her cheek, and turned to the guards who just started to drag the corpse. “Take that monster to the Grand Maester and then send him to us.” The guard nodded as they continued to drag the corpse, leaving a trail of blood after them.

    Dany walked up to Jorah, who’s knees already had gotten weak. She put herself as extra support as they walked to the chambers. They walked past Drogon, but Jorah stopped and looked at Drogon. Drogon looked back and put his massive head closer to Jorah, who raised his hand and gently stroke him. For the first time ever did Drogon let Jorah touch him. And afterwards Drogon did a nod, like he understood. Dany meanwhile finally managed to drag him away from Drogon and down the halls to the room.

    Dany unlocked the door, opened up and helped Jorah inside who started to get pale. Dany led him to the most comfortable chair in the room and helped him to sit down on it. Jorah breathed heavily, his veins getting greener further on his arm. “The grand maester will be here soon.” Dany assured him, and Jorah shot her a serious glare. “It’s over, Khaleesi.” “What?!” “I won’t survive this.. I know poison to well to be foolish enough to think I can be saved… I have a few minutes.” He took heavy deep breaths between every sentence. “Now you’re the foolish one, Jorah. You survived greyscale… You will survive this!” The queen’s words were only weak and desperate attempts to try to fool herself. Dany could no longer see straight, as her eyes was getting filled with tears. “You will…”

    Jorah gave her one of his fatherly smiles. “I survived Greyscale only because you ordered me to find a cure.” He explained, and Dany shook her head in disbelief. A tear dropped down on Jorah’s leg. “Then find a cure.. Please..” Jorah slowly shook his head, and by now, all veins on his arm had gotten green. “I’m sorry, Khaleesi.” He looked at her for a few seconds, and then to Elaena’s bed. “Can I-” he let out a groan. “Can I hold her, one last time?”

    “Of course.” Dany agreed and quickly walked to Elaena, lifted her slowly to not wake her up, and softly carried her to Jorah. The queen stopped infront of him and looked at the wound. “Could you cover that up, just in case?” Jorah nodded and grabbed a blanket next to him and spinned it around his arm, groaning painfully, but quietly to not wake the children, each time it touched the wound. Dany put Elaena down on his knee, and Jorah reached for her, his hands shaking heavily. He held her close as he flashed a small smile. Tears ran down Daenerys cheek. “I need you, Jorah.” He turned his gaze from Elaena to her, and only shook his head. “No, you don’t, Khaleesi.”

    “What do you mean?” Dany asked, her voice cracking. “I mean exactly what I say. Maybe you needed me to get started. But you don’t need me now.” Jorah explained and coughed a few times, dany could see a hint of green veins on Jorah’s throat. “That’s not true.” Dany tried. “It is, Khaleesi. Look where you are. You’re the queen of the South. You have people you could trust around you.. Lord Tyrion, Lord Varys, Ser Bronn… But most.. most importantly...” Jorah took a deep breath and looked down on Elaena, now Dany could see hints of tears in Jorah’s eyes.

    “You have 2 beautiful children.” He looked from Elaena to Tyrion. “Little T will grow up to be a good and loved king, just like his mother…” his gaze turned back to Elaena. “And this little lady… She’ll be able to do whatever she wants. Despite her young age, she is very determinant. The look in her eyes…” he closed his own eyes and turned his head away for a few seconds, which made Dany see the green veins reaching his just behind his ear. He turned back and opened his eyes. “She will be able to do great things. I… I feel it.”

    Jorah sat quiet for around a minute, just looking at Elaena. His eyes expression was mixed between sadness and pride. “Goodbye.. Little princess.” he whispered to Elaena and looked up at Dany, signalizing her to take the child. So, she did. She grabbed Elaena and looked at Jorah for a second, green veins covering most of his face by now. “Goodbye… … Khaleesi.” he wheezed. “Goodbye, Jorah the Andal.” she spoke, voice cracking, tears running, sobbing. Jorah shot her a quick, small smile filled with pride. He weakly nodded at Elaena’s bed. Jorah clearly wanted Dany to put the sleeping little princess back to bed, and so she did.

    Gently, she put her down, and put a blanket over her. The queen turned around…

    Jorah’s eyes were closed, his face almost glowed of his green veins and it didn’t look like he was breathing, Dany took quick steps towards him. “Jorah?” she wept. “Jorah..?” she asked him again, as she fell on her knees just next to him. She grabbed the hand that hadn’t yet turned green, and squeezed it hard, not knowing what to do.

    Dany said nothing else. She sat on the ground, squeezing Jorah’s hand, crying and sobbing for what seemed to be forever. Deep inside she knew what Jorah had done. She realized quickly that he told her to put Elaena to bed for a reason. He felt his time was over, and Jorah didn’t want his queen to see the absolute end. Daenerys doesn’t blame him, and how could she? The man had just saved her life, and she realized she didn’t even thank him for it. But she knows Jorah knows.

    The man who had saved her life uncountable amount of times was gone. Dany will never forget him. She will remember the unwavering loyalty from Jorah Mormont, and despite his exile from Westeros, he stood by the words of his house. Despite everything Dany did to Jorah, he stood tall to protect Daenerys no matter what she did to him. Despite everything, There he stood...

  • Despite everything, There he stood...

    Well that was sad as fuck. Great part though! Just don't know what to say other than it was really sad. I enjoyed reading about a child Elaena though. She's definitely one of my favorite characters.

    So the History & Lore part is here, and I am hoping for the next part in the actual story to be up soon. I would also like to say that t

  • Phew, I am so glad to hear that you liked it!

    I think this is the part I've been the most nervous to do, because it deals with a fan-favourite death. I obviously was nervous to take in characters such as Arya, or trying to do everyone's characters as good as I can.

    But killing off a character is hard, it really is. The only time I'd get more nervous here is when I will start killing characters from you all.

    Anyways, I am glad you liked it!

    AgentZ46 posted: »

    Despite everything, There he stood... Well that was sad as fuck. Great part though! Just don't know what to say other than it was really sad. I enjoyed reading about a child Elaena though. She's definitely one of my favorite characters.

  • It's funny because when I'm writing, I think I get most excited when planning out major character deaths or having terrible things happen to them. Is that bad? XD

    Phew, I am so glad to hear that you liked it! I think this is the part I've been the most nervous to do, because it deals with a fan-favo

  • edited March 2018

    Oh Jorah :( This was one hell of a sad part, even though I feared something like this the moment the fight started. Obviously, there is no way for him to still be alive by the time the main story is set, if not due to something bad happening, then at least due to old age.

    However, this part gave me a question and I am not certain if it has been answered in the story before. Namely, I have to wonder, who is the father of Dany's children? Is it Jon? Tyrion? Ser Twenty Goodmen? Tormund? For a moment while reading this part, I even had this thought it could be Ser Friendzone himself, in which case I'd have to rename him Ser Fookin Legend, but this is not the case, I think. I'm really not certain if this has ever been stated or if you can tell me more about it, but I am curious :)

    So the History & Lore part is here, and I am hoping for the next part in the actual story to be up soon. I would also like to say that t

  • Oh, those things certainly excites me as well. :3 I think what makes me nervous is afterwards, when the excitement wears off. Then I start contemplating if I've done the characters justice, if the death scene works for the character, if it's to early to kill them off and so forth... I written stories before outside this forum, and only once have I decided against my guts and let the character live. I like to think that when I kill a character, it must be necessary.

    AgentZ46 posted: »

    It's funny because when I'm writing, I think I get most excited when planning out major character deaths or having terrible things happen to them. Is that bad? XD

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