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  • However, this part gave me a question and I am not certain if it has been answered in the story before. Namely, I have to wonder, who is the father of Dany's children? Is it Jon? Tyrion? Ser Twenty Goodmen? Tormund? For a moment while reading this part, I even had this thought it could be Ser Friendzone himself, in which case I'd have to rename him Ser Fookin Legend, but this is not the case, I think. I'm really not certain if this has ever been stated or if you can tell me more about it, but I am curious :)

    It has not been stated in the Story, but it will at some point in the future. I know who it is, and can safely confirm it was not Jorah. It's not Tormund either, I think that guy got another woman in mind. Time will tell!

    Oh Jorah This was one hell of a sad part, even though I feared something like this the moment the fight started. Obviously, there is no way

  • Well, Jon remains my strongest bet, for obvious reasons, but at the same time, I think he would almost be too easy for something that has not been revealed yet. You know, it would be hilarious if it ends up being some completely outlandish option, such as Podrick or Dolorous Edd. Of course they'd keep it a secret and then there's everyone at court speculating who is the father of the Queen's children, making theories and Pod is in the background all smug and shit, knowing the truth will be safely hidden due to everyone underestimating him :D

    However, this part gave me a question and I am not certain if it has been answered in the story before. Namely, I have to wonder, who is the

  • Fuck. You got it, you got it. It's Pod, I admit it! Dany just couldn't stay away from him. And to be honest, who could stay away from this guy?

    Well, Jon remains my strongest bet, for obvious reasons, but at the same time, I think he would almost be too easy for something that has no

  • That was an interesting histories & lore part. I wonder who sent those two mysterious assassins. I'm sure she has plenty of enemies to be suspects. I'm curious, why she didn't want Jorah or her guards to go, after the younger assassin. They could have captured him and questioned him about who sent them and why.

    So the History & Lore part is here, and I am hoping for the next part in the actual story to be up soon. I would also like to say that t

  • I think it was pure reflex to tell Jorah to stay. Knowing he could run into a trap, knowing that she would be left alone and so forth. She also probably wanted to check the wound (for good reason, as we learn).

    I am glad that you found it interesting!

    That was an interesting histories & lore part. I wonder who sent those two mysterious assassins. I'm sure she has plenty of enemies to b

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    Y'all decided to not do a goddamn thing, because there are no voting to close.

    I just quickly wanted to say that it hasn't been a proper part in almost 2 months (part from H&L a month ago) and I am terribly sorry for that. Really, I apologize. But it's not because I just haven't had time (albeit that is also one reason), it's more because I have worked on a few projects, and I am ready to share a few of them here today. Note that they are still in an early stage, and far from done.

    First one is just a little something that I slammed together so it would be easier to understand when who reigned when (that is not very easy to understand though). So basically what I am rounding up here is Who reigned, and when they did. I also tell a little something about them as well, but mostly it's just to show how long someone ruled.


    So that's the smaller project that I'll try to update as much as I can.

    Then we got the far bigger project, which will take me quite some time to finish. Firstly, if you find anything that is not correct, tell me, and I will correct it. Secondly, this is an Appendix, and I have tried to somewhat made it as friendly to read as i possibly can, so it's easier to understand.

    The reason I am doing these are firstly to help me keep everything in order. It's not easy to remember it all and it will at least certainly help me. Secondly, as I said, it could also help you out.

    Quick mention here as well - As y'all might notice I slightly changed up how that First Cousin's and First Cousin once removed nonsense that's going on. If people find it generally easier to understand if I follow the actual rules off lineage in the american language (which you might very well do) I will absolutely change it, and then keep a copy of my own. So now basically First Cousins are Cousins and First Cousins once removed are First Cousins.

    Keep in mind that it is still in a very early stage, far from all houses I want in the Appendix are there, more will plop up in time. And again, for each character there is a little description, and later on I use the comment function on Google Docs, so if something is highlighted in yellow, you got a comment with some info there.


    And the next part should be up tomorrow morning hopefully. We will meet up with Duncan, and it will be the part before the finale. Anyways, Duncan met up with parts of the company of the Stormborn, but was later attacked by bandits. You all got to choose whether to save Ser Alexander Vance or Anders the Smith, and you chose Alexander. That is where this part takes off. It won't be a super long part, but I hope you all will like it.

    Thank you for readin'!

  • Duncan XI

    In the Reach


    Alexander was surrounded by 3, and was the one closest. Duncan rushed to Alexander who fended off the bandits well. Duncan came from behind and shoved his sword through the neck of one of them. Alexander parried one of the bandits slashes and spun his Arakh around to impale the bandit in the guts. This left him as an easy target for the last bandit who swung his axe with full power at Alexander.

    Alexander turned around and raised his arm to take all damage, but Duncan managed to parry the strike, at least somewhat. The axe still entered Alexander’s armour and scratched his arm. Alexander let out a grunt of pain as Duncan swung his sword at the bandits head, killing him instantly.

    Duncan looked around and saw Anders being dragged away, kicking at them and trying to get loose the best he could. Alexander spat on the man who almost cut of his arm. “I have a profound hatred for this man.” Alexander spat on the corpse again. “Good thing he’s dead then.” Duncan replied and Alexander chuckled. “Aye.”

    Duncan turned around and noted that bandits still flooded in. Alexander regained his composure and clenched his teeth. Duncan and Alexander’s respective companies were outnumbered, that much is clear, but the men they had vastly outskilled the bandits. Alexander had a painful grimace.

    “We need to achieve some godsdamn equilibrium here, Dunk.” Alexander suggested and spinned his Arakh, getting ready to fight. Anders was kicking as he was dragged behind enemy lines. “Agreed, but I must rescue Anders.” Duncan decided. Alexander looked around and then pointed at the kicking Anders. “That little bitch right there?” he asked with a smirk. “Aye, that would be Anders.”

    “Let’s save him then.” Alexander shrugged as Axel, TallJack and Redhammer Jordan and the rest of Duncan’s men as well as the Stormborn reached them and stood ready to fight. “The goal is to get to him, and save him.” Duncan pointed his finger at Anders, and they all nodded.

    Jordan raised his hammer and smashed, with great power, one of the bandits head. The bandit fell to the ground with half a head still attached to his shoulder. Axel grabbed one of bandits by the throat and cut the bandit’s guts out. After that, Duncan, Alexander and company charge to get to Anders.

    Alexander reached the myriad of bandits first, and ducked to the ground when the bandit swinged first. With his good arm, Alexander swung his Arakh up between the bandits legs, who screamed in terror and pain. “Suck on that, you cock.” he cut out his arakh, kicked the bandit in the balls and then cut his throat.

    Duncan parried two strikes from an old bandit before seeing the opportunity to impale him through the heart, and so he did. TallJack reached for a small knife in his belt, and threw it at one of the bandits. A clean hit in a bandit’s throat.

    Duncan reached Anders and took out 2 bandits surrounding him from behind. One through the heart, and one through the throat. The third one didn’t have time to attack at all, thanks to Anders kicking that bandit’s leg and made him trip over. Duncan quickly stabbed him through the back, and then helped Anders up.

    “Everyone, retreat back to camp!” one bandit with a short beard ordered, and all bandits listened, and ran away. “We need to follow and kill them all.” Axel decided but Duncan and TallJack shook their heads. “With what army?” Duncan countered and Axel gave him a smirk and pointed at all the bandits. “How many men are we? 20? How many bandits are dead? At least triple as many. We don’t need an army.” Axel deduced.

    In the middle of this debate Alexander fell to his knees with a painful expression. “Stop your bickering!” Alexander snapped at them and looked at his arm with the cut. “Were anyone else her cut by a bandit?” Alexander asked them, and all of them shook their heads. “Good. Because I am pretty fucking sure there was poison on their blades.” he revealed.

    Axel dragged out an arrow that had hit him, but nothing suspect about it. No Liquid or anything of it. “Arrows seems to not be poisoned.” Axel muttered.

    Duncan picked up the sword closest to him and examined it, and Axel quickly moved to his friend and talked to him. The sword had a green-ish transparent liquid, most definitely potion. He turned towards Alexander and Axel with a stern gaze and took a few steps to him before reaching them. Alexander looked up on him with a decisive face.

    “I studied poison and different effects from them when I met Lo- A woman, who knew a lot about it. This is definitely The Slow Toad.” Duncan narrowed his eyes while Alexander told him this. “The fuck is the slow toad?” Axel asked and Alexander let out a very audible sigh and rolled his eyes.

    “Poison, you bloody jackanape! It’s blood from a poisonous toad that lives in these woods. If mixtured correctly, I wouldn’t be able to stand now-” he rose up, albeit with some difficulty. “-But I can stand. This is amateur work.” Alexander turned his gaze to Duncan. “We need to get to King’s Landing quickly. I know a man there who can save me” Duncan nodded and helped Alexander into Duncan’s carriage.

    Quickly, Duncan counted casualties, and noted that 2 men from his guard survived, and most of Stormborn lived. He then helped Anders into the carriage who shot him an angry glare to say the least. “Since when is a complete stranger more important than a man from your own village?” he snarled during the time he walks into the van. Duncan only tilted his head slightly. “Maybe you should think about being nicer to me.” he shot Anders a smirk, who just ignored him. And in after him Duncan walked in, and then they set of in quick speed to King’s Landing.

    “I cannot believe you, my lord. I cannot believe you. I could’ve died!” Anders ranted and Duncan only sighed. “You didn’t die, Anders. Calm down.” Duncan reasoned with him, but Anders wouldn’t hear it. “Calm down?!? Get out of here! I gave bandits arrows, so I should expect to be kille-” “You gave them arrows that killed several of my guards tonight! Good men. That’s your fault, not mine. If you had stayed in the carriage, as I told you, I wouldn’t have to choose in the first bloody place.” Duncan snapped at Anders, who showed no signs of calm down.

    “Mayhaps, but if I hadn’t, the Hunter’s Imperium would’ve burned to the fucking ground! Thanks to me, it’s still standing. But that doesn’t change the fact that you almost let me die toda-” Anders was cut off by Alexander. “How old are you, boy? You’re acting like a 5 year old kid who doesn’t get to pet an elephant. Grow a fucking backbone and take response for your actions. Fight your own battles and don’t blame others for your complete cock-deep stupidity.” Anders was shocked that Alexander had spoken up, and quieted down.

    Alexander had gotten pale, very very pale, but he kept strong. He looked at Duncan. “I am not going to ask why this shit is with us… But why is this shit with us?” Alexander asked him and Duncan thought for a while. Would he reveal the truth to Alexander? What bad consequence could it have? he decided and told Alexander everything.

    He certainly was a good listener. Not once did he interrupt, as Duncan told Alexander about his meeting with Queen Elaena, how she thought he had killed one of her handmaidens and how she send him to King’s Landing for a trial, and how Anders could help convince her that she is mistaken to think that Duncan is behind this. “So basically, he want me to take all responsibility.” Anders said in the end with a fake smile, and Alexander gave him a questioning look.

    “Yeah, you take all responsibility because you are responsible. What is your problem?” Alexander argued with Anders, but Anders just decided that he was done arguing, and sat quiet for the rest of the trip. “That’s what I thought, smither boy.”

    “So, you mentioned that this was only a part of the Stormborns?” Duncan asked Alexander, trying to keep a conversation going. They were likely around an hour away from King’s Landing. “Aye, as I said we are the ask questions first, fuck them up later kind of guys of our company, meanwhile the ones north are more of kill them first, ask the corpses later kind of deal.” he explained, visibly glad to see Duncan asking these questions.

    “You mentioned this woman it an Arakh?” Duncan continued. Alexander’s smiled brightly as he mentioned her. “Yes. What a woman, clearly my type. She was only in our company for a short time. She kept a lot to herself, but in the end she almost opened up to me… But then she left. We had something special, me and Jaesa, I hope I’ll meet her again sometime.” he revealed the name of the woman, but the name really told him nothing.

    “I learnt next to nothing about her sadly. I know she has a very influential Iron banker as a father, and that she fled from that place a few years ago. Her last name is Brennys, but it will obviously be Vance when me and her meet again.” he winked at Duncan and smirked at him.

    “What about you, Dunk? You got wife and kids?” Alexander asked, genuinely interested in Duncan and his family. “Wife and 3 children. A bastard grandchild as well.” Duncan spoke sternly, and Alexander looked slightly surprised. “What? How old are you?” Alexander asked him and straightened his back. “40.”

    “Really? Never would’ve guessed.” Duncan wasn’t sure to take it as a compliment or not, and Alexander could see that he thinks just that. “I obviously mean that you look younger than 40. Would’ve liked those Rayner-genes.” he admitted and Duncan tilted his head slightly. “How old are you?” he asked. “Guess.”

    I wouldn’t want to be rude. Duncan thought to himself and decided to say “35.” Alexander nodded. “Around there is what I usually get. See, I’m 24. In this pace I’ll look like 100 before I turn 40.” he joked as they continued on their journey.

    When they got through the gates of King’s Landing, Alexander was deathly pale and soaking wet, and if it weren’t for Duncan talking to him he would likely be unconscious. Alexander was able to point them to a shady, white building in Flea Bottom. Duncan slammed the door open, where a man sat at a fireplace.

    An old man, surely 60 years with grey short beard but clean shaven. Duncan had never seen a man with more wrinkles than him, and his grey eyes were so tired Duncan thought the man would faint any second. He wore easy white clothing, and looked surprised at the man barging in his home. But when he saw Alexander it changed to worry instead.

    “My gods, what happened to him?” he rose a lot quicker than Duncan had thought, and walked up to the only furniture in the room apart from a table and a few chairs. It was a desk with vials with all kinds of colours. The old man eyed Alexander with worry in his eyes. Duncan decided to speak up, since Alexander could barely mutter any longer. “He claimed to be poisoned by some poison called The Slow Toad.”

    “Yes, that looks to be correct.. I assume the poison was green and transparent, yes?” he asked and Duncan nodded just as Axel entered the house full of worry for his friend. “Can you fix him old man?” Axel asked and the old man shot him an angry stare. “Do you know who you are talking to?”

    “Actually, I don’t.” the old man sighed when Axel revealed that and simply said. “I can fix him.” He grabbed 2 vials, one with a purple-pink substance and one with a completely black substance. “He pointed impatiently at the table to signalize to put Alexander there, and Axel quickly lifted him up and put him on the table. By now, Alexander had lost consciousness, but he was still breathing.

    The old man did something so simple. He just poured the black substance in Alexander’s mouth and the other one on his wound. “Done.” he proclaimed and walked upstairs. “That’s all?” Axel asked with worry in his tone, but he received no answer from him.

    For a while they sat next to Alexander, before Axel cleared his throat. “You had business in King’s Landing, maybe you should go and do that. If that can wait, I would like you to find some lemon cake, he really likes lemon cake.” Axel suggested, no anger in his voice, no need to sound tough. He just was himself here.

    Duncan quickly decided what he would do…

    [Find the Queen] [Find Lemon cake] [Stay]

  • [Find the Queen] I think it best to settle things with the Queen as soon as possible before encountering any more setbacks. Though it'd be nice to get brownie points with Alexander, I'm confident he'll be fine and hopefully they can meet up again later.

    As short as it was I really liked this part. Alexander may already be one of my favorite characters. He's great and I'm really enjoying his dynamic with Duncan. Anders is just annoying at this point. :D

    I'm curious, if you're comfortable saying at this point, what would have happened if Duncan saved Anders, instead? Was it more of a relationship building choice?

    Duncan XI In the Reach Fleshwounds Alexander was surrounded by 3, and was the one closest. Duncan rushed to Alexander who fended of

  • I will do one of these Choice things, telling the outcome of all choices after the finale, which should be out by the end of the week, hopefully. But I can in short say that it's partly a relationship building choice, but it also would have had larger consequences, such as Alexander loosing a hand. More detail when I release that ASAP.

    I'm glad that you enjoyed the part!

    AgentZ46 posted: »

    [Find the Queen] I think it best to settle things with the Queen as soon as possible before encountering any more setbacks. Though it'd be n

  • [Find the Queen]

    Duncan XI In the Reach Fleshwounds Alexander was surrounded by 3, and was the one closest. Duncan rushed to Alexander who fended of

  • Poison, you bloody jackanape!

    Well, would you look at that... I learned a new word today =) This story is officially educational now! But yeah, I really liked this part. Alexander is indeed quickly growing on me. I liked this small bit of him mentioning Jaesa here, seems like he remembers her quite fondly. I kinda doubt it's mutual, but if they ever meet, which could happen if Alexander's part of the Stormborn moves north, it'd be interesting to learn what she thinks of him.

    [Find the Queen]

    I... well, I don't think we should postpone the business with the queen for lemon cake. The thought is amusing, especially if he tells it to Elaena at some point ("I'm sorry your grace, but before meeting you, I had to find lemon cake"), that'd be priceless, but probably not the wisest outcome here. So, queen it is. I am confident there'll be more chances to bond with Alexander that won't require leaving the literal queen waiting.

    Duncan XI In the Reach Fleshwounds Alexander was surrounded by 3, and was the one closest. Duncan rushed to Alexander who fended of

  • Originally, it was gonna be Oaf, but I figured that Alexander is the kind of guy who uses the lesser known, and harder to understand words. So I searched up all synonyms to Oaf I could find, and finally landed on Jackanape. I'd say expect more of those kind of words from my boi Alexander.

    Poison, you bloody jackanape! Well, would you look at that... I learned a new word today This story is officially educational now!

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    Guess to the what? I really had a joy writing the finale, so it's almost done already. Anyways, y'all want us to find the queen and get the trial over with.

    Next part will hopefully be out in a few hours, which will be the chapter finale, I know I released the last part not even 48 hours ago, but I thinks it's for the best to end this chapter after such a long time. And as quickly as I can I'll get the Epilogue out (albeit it will certainly not be this week).

    It will be 2 PoV's, namely the Beartilde siblings, Catelyn and Barney. Last time we saw Catelyn y'all got to decide whether or not Cat would followe the Queens or head to Ser Alliser, and the majority fell on the latter. Meanwhile, Barney ended with Axel Lightfoot, the lord who never dies, offering Barney's grandfather's valyrian steel sword to Barney, as it is a Beartilde sword.

    Thank ye for readin'!

  • Catelyn XIII

    At King’s Landing

    The Silver Lion

    “I would love to, your grace, but I have business with Ser Alliser.” Catelyn revealed, a little scared of Dany’s reaction. Luckily, it wasn’t as bad as she thought. Dany narrowed her eyes and looked at her for a few seconds, before answering. “I see. Elaena and I shouldn’t keep you waiting.” she simply replied and started to leave slowly, with Elaena behind her. “Meet me in the Great Hall after your talk with Ser Alistair.” Elaena told Cat with a stressful smile. “I will, Elaena, but it’s Alliser.” “What did I say?” “Alistair.”

    Elaena sighed at this. “I really need a drink.” she mumbled as she left the room. Cat couldn’t help but let out a quiet chuckle when the Queens had left.

    Knock Knock “Ser Alliser.” Cat knocked on Alliser’s door, and he was quick to open up. “Lady Catelyn, please, come in.” he welcomed her and Catelyn walked in. The room wasn’t anything special. The usual bed and desk and chair, as well as a window. Cat walked up to the window and noted that the view wasn’t very good, mostly showing other parts of the red keep. “Not the best view.” Alliser said and Cat turned around and nodded in agreement. “Then again, you never really cared for views if I recall correctly.” Cat remembered to which Alliser nodded. “Correct. Would you like to sit, my lady?”

    “No, it’s quite alright, Ser Alliser. I need to speak with you about Naela.” To this, Alliser gave her a questioning look. “What of her?” he asked, and Cat tried to remember as many details as Mysarion had told her as possible. “Mysarion tol-” “Mysarion is the bard, correct?” “Yes. Mysarion told me that Naela is not to be trusted.” Cat revealed and Alliser frowned. “You think?” Alliser replied, with a hint of sarcasm, sounding just like the joking Alliser Cat knew many years ago.

    “Let me finish. He told me that Naela was evil and manipulative to the bones. He told me that she rip families and friendships apart, and he told me to not go there again.” Cat finished and turned back to the window, looking out of it, while Alliser sat down. “Then I am standing at the crossroads where both ways leads to despair, Lady Catelyn. If I don’t receive help from Naela, my family will be ripped apart, and if I receive help from Naela, my family will be ripped apart..” He started and stood up again.

    “But you see, my lady. Naela is a problem that won’t necessarily stay forever. If Naela takes action against me and my family, House Forrester will take action against her.” Alliser continued and walked up next to Cat. “But I doubt it would go that far. If there is one thing I learned about King’s Landing, it’s that this city is a Nest of Vipers. Next to no one is to be trusted here… You know of Ned Stark?”

    “Of course I know who Ned Stark were.” Catelyn replied. I would like to meet a northerner who don’t know who Ned Stark were.. “Then you know what I mean. He traveled here, as an honourable man. I like to see myself as an honourable man and knight, but I am ready to lie, especially here. Ned Stark traveled here and trusted the wrong people, I intend to trust no one here.” he spoke and looked at Catelyn. “No one but you. And that is only because we have known each other for many years.”

    “I am grateful for that, Ser Alliser.” Cat thanked him and both stood quiet for awhile, until Alliser sat down on his bed, rubbing his face and then just staring into the stonewall. “Do you ever think back and miss when we played in the Ironwood grove? No worry, no responsibility. Hells, Everything was easier..” Alliser turned his gaze from the wall to Cat. She remembered her recent dream, and quickly decided not to mention it.

    “Yes, I do miss it greatly. We have all changed so much. Barney is the lord of Beartilde Hall, I’m a handmaiden of the queen of the South.. Edrick, while easily fooled a very capable fighter, and you, sent to the south by the king for official business. What about Rodrik and Elaena, how are they?” Cat realized she hadn’t asked Alliser that yet. Alliser’s face darkened. “Grandfather is still going strong. His right leg is going to hell, he need to use a cane to walk straight. Grandmother… She was quite ill when I left.. I hope she’ll pull through.”

    “I’m sorry, Alliser.” she spoke. I really hope Elaena will pull through. She was so very kind to me and Barney. “Don’t be.” he spoke and scratched his cheek. “Do you still plan on leaving to find Edrick tomorrow?” Cat asked him as she recalled that he had said just that earlier today. “I do.” He answered and walked up to his door.

    Cat decided to take off a necklace she wore and look at it. It’s mostly a red ruby on a silverEdrick had given it to her just before Cat’s mother died for good luck. It didn’t work for my mother, but maybe it will work for Edrick or Eleana she thought to herself. “Will you return to King’s Landing when you head back north?” Cat asked while staring at the necklace. “It’s likely. The kingsroad goes this way.”

    “Then take this.” Cat extended the hand she held the necklace with, and Alliser looked at it, a little questioning. “Wha-” “Edrick gave it to me just before my mother died.” Cat revealed to Alliser, who extended his hand to her hand, but instead of taking the necklace, he closed the hand.

    “I can’t do that. It’s special for you.” he let go of her hand, but Cat only opened it again. “Which is why I am giving it to you. He gave it to me for good luck, and I am doing the same.” Alliser looked at the necklace, then Cat and then back at the necklace again. He let out a sigh and grabbed it. “You will get this back, Lady Catelyn.”

    Cat looked at the necklace with pain in her eyes, realizing how hard it will be to leave it behind. “I must leave.” she decided and walked up to the door. “I suppose this is goodbye for now.” Alliser realized as Cat opened the door. “I suppose so.” she replied and stepped outside.

    Cat turned around and Alliser and Cat looked at each other for a short while. “Goodbye, Ser Alliser. I wish you the best of luck in finding Edrick.” she bid her farewell and grabbed the door to close it.

    “Goodbye, Lady Catelyn.” he spoke and held up the necklace. “But I don’t need you to wish me luck, you gave me this after all.” he spoke and gave Cat a short smile, which she reciprocated before closing the door. I better get that necklace back. she thought to herself as she felt a tear running down her cheek and as she headed off to the Great Hall.

    Catelyn entered the Great Hall and noted that the hall was filled with people. Many had arrived to speak with the queen. She pushed her way through the large crowd of southerners and made her way up the throne where Elaena spoke with the Grand Maester. They finished their talk just about when Cat reached the podium and walked past the Queensguard, giving Lord Commander Mertyns a quick nod as she walked past him, which he reciprocated.

    Elaena quickly grabbed her arms and looked at her with a serious expression. “You look different.” the Queen concluded after looking at Cat from toe to forehead. At first Cat didn’t know what she meant. “What?” she asked with a questioning look. Elaena continued to look at Cat until she stopped at her throat, and Cat realized what was different about her.

    Elaena’s eyes widened for a short moment and then she looked up back at Catelyn. “You’re necklace!” the queen exclaimed. “I have not seen you without it for the years you’ve been here.”

    “I’m trying something new.” she joked and then continued. “Actually, I gave it away. I had to move on.” Elaena rose an eyebrow first, and then shot her a joyful smile. “I’m proud of you, Cat.” The smile quickly disappeared as she let out a sigh and looked at the crowd.

    “We better get to work.. But after this, we will plan for the Martell feast.” she revealed, and Cat nodded as Elaena let go of her arms and walked up to the Iron Throne and sat down. Cat herself sat down to the left of the queen, on a similar Ironwood chair as the one in the small council chamber. Dany sat to the Queen’s right, and the Grand Maester sat next to her. The crowd backed off slightly to create room for whoever will request something and created something resembling a line.

    Cat looked at the line and could see both highborn in fine clothings, but also men and women looking almost like beggars with dirty, worn out torn clothes. “We may start.” Elaena announced and the first man in the line walked forward. He looked like a highborn, but wore no sigil. The man wore yellow fine clothing with a fox-fur around his neck. He had blonde short hair and beard and had charming blue eyes. The man kneeled. “Your grace.”

    “Rise.” Elaena ordered him, and he did as commanded. “My name is Roland Marbrand of Ashemark.” he started and Cat was slightly surprised at first. She remembered when she was younger when her house was close to House Marbrand of Frosthorn. She had forgotten that there was a Marbrand in the South as well.

    “My father, Joel, has sent me here to ask for assistance. He received your letter and will travel here with his men, but he would like to bring up the bandits.” he continued and walked around in the space he has between the audience and the queensguard. “They are growing larger by the day, cutting off the large roads demanding large taxes, and if they cannot pay, the bandits will attack in a kill-or-be-killed manner.” Cat looked at Elaena, who listened carefully at Roland, and then looked back at Roland.

    “What my father is asking is if you could put out guard-parties to keep the bandits at bay. We don’t expect you to send parties to the River Road, but it would be appreciated if you would do it on the Kingsroad.” he finished and awaited an answer. Elaena looked at Dany, who cleared her throat to answer. “As you said, Roland Marbrand of Ashemark, we cannot help you with River road at this time. However, we will send out larger parties on the Kingsroad between King’s Landing and the Trident.”

    Roland shot both queens a smile and nodded with appreciation. “Thank you, your grace. My father will be glad to hear of this.” he thanked them. “Will you stay here, Roland?” Elaena asked him but Roland shook his head. “I will not. My father sent me on business in the Reach as well, but after that, I will return.” he explained to them, and Elaena nodded. “Then I will see you then” she wished him farewell, and Roland nodded at her before leaving the hall.

    Next man up was not a highborn, or at the very least not a very successful one. All he wore was a dirty torn tunic and the same with his pants. He has black messy, dirty hair and a beard stubble. A scar from his lips just narrowly missing his left eye. The man looked to be in his 40s, and he was clearly drunk. He could barely stand up as he wobbled forward. When he stood in front of Elaena and she realized he wouldn’t kneel, she spoke up.

    “Good day, Ser…?” Elaena started and the man spat on the floor. “Do I look like fuckin’ knight?” he hissed with hatred in his eyes. “Could we have your name?” Cat asked, and the man turned his gaze from the queen to Cat, and then he let out a very audible fart. The crowd started mumbling but quickly went quiet again. “Rhymes with fart.” The man revealed, and Cat frowned, started thinking of names rhyming with fart.

    The man started to laugh hysterically when Cat frowned. “You.. you actually believed that?!?” he continued to laughed for a little while before talking again. No one else laughed. “Name’s Stan.” he spoke and Elaena decided to move on and ask him what he wanted. “What I want?” he started, the hatred has returned to his eyes. “I want my life back, that’s what I fucking want.”

    “Explain.” Grand Maester Wylis asked him. “I’ll explain something for you. People like me always live to see the seven hells come down on us. My family and I lived on the border to the Riverlands, and one would expect some kind of border control, especially during a Rebellion. But no.. No guard to be seen from the Riverlands to fucking Essos.” His face darkened. “My family died because an incompetent bitch can’t protect her own-”

    “Take him away!” Daenerys ordered the moment he started talking ill of her daughter. Two queensguard’s moved towards him, but Elaena raised her voice. “Do not!” she ordered the 2 knights and stood up as the knights returned to their positions. Elaena walked down the podium and stood next to Lord Commander Mertyns. “I cannot give you back your family.”

    “But what? You can give me gold? You think any amount of gold could ever pay for my little boy or my little girl?!?” Stan bellowed and he was cooking with anger. “What is it you want?” Elaena asked, standing tall against the screaming Stan.

    “I want the fishfuckers to pay in blood! I-” Elaena raised her hand and cut him off. “Let me stop you there and ease your pain slightly. We will help the North in ending the rebellion.” Stan stood quiet for a moment, stumbling slightly. Then he looked up at Elaena “So I came here for nothing..” he spat and turned around to leave. “Thanks a fucking lot..” Cat could hear him mumble as he stumbled through the crowd.

    Elaena walked back up to her throne “Next!”...

    “My home burned down to the ground, and I have nowhere to go.” the young woman with farming clothes explained, who had just revealed her name to be Selyne. “We could use another cleaner in the castle. You are welcome to join, Selyne” The woman fell on her knees and thanked the Queen. “Thank you, thank you..”


    “What is a royal family without the Seven? What is a kingdom without our gods?” The High Septon started as he walked up in white fine clothing. He was an old man, clean shaven with short grey hair and rather fat. “Get to the point!” someone shouted in the crowd, and the High Septon looked at the crowd before continuing.

    “Very well. Your grace, The religious fanatics are growing by the day in the capital. We cannot have them throwing the name of our gods in the dirt. They are a disgrace to what the Seven stands for!” The High Septon bellowed. He’s good at this. Cat thought to herself.

    Since Cat arrived at King’s Landing there had been rumours of the High Septon not even believing in the seven himself, but only is High Septon for the power. This speech made it clear to Cat that he very much enjoys the power he has, and is scared to lose it.

    “The City Guard are doing all they can in the matter. They are under new management, and I am confident that the new commander, Ser Orwen Merryweather, will handle these fanatics.” Elaena responded and the High Septon nodded. “Thank you, your grace. May the Warrior protect you against the rebellion.” He wished her, and left the hall.


    “My helper died just 2 days ago, but I can’t take care of my tavern without a helper.” The blind tavern-keeper Eylon explained. He wore the usual grey tavern clothing and a black tunic on it. He also have a black cane“I mean no disrespect, Eylon, but might I ask how you managed to travel here?” The Grand Maester asked while staring at Eylon’s eyes.

    Cat has met a few blind persons in her life, but all of them had cloudy eyes or even completely white eyes. Eylon’s eyes was clear as day. Like he wasn’t blind at all. Eylon chuckled at the question as he stared just right to the Grand Maester.

    “‘Tis a fair question. I have a few regulars, 2 fuckers more or less living in my tavern, who would never work for me, but neither would they want me to shut down. So they decided to help me to travel here, to maybe get someone to help me out and to keep the tavern going.” Eylon explained and looked around at the podium, and just for a moment he looked into Cat’s eyes.

    She felt slightly uneasy when someone who can’t see her looked right at her. Elaena cleared her throat. “I think we can find a few honest workers for you, Eylon.” she assured him, and Eylon gave her a thankful nod. “I thank you, your grace.” Lord Commander Mertyns walked from his position up to the blind man and extended his hand. “Let me help you out, Eyl-”

    “Queen Elaena!” A powerful voice bellowed as the doors to the great hall opened hastily and in walked one man alone. The man was Lord Laemond Silvermane, and the crowd and the line walked to the sides of the hall when he walked through them. Laemond is very tall, taller than most in the room and quite muscular. His long, curly targaryen-blonde hair waved in the air, giving the impression of a lion’s mane and bright green eyes almost glowing.

    He wears a shining steel armour covered with silver. On his chest there is a dragon and a lion playfully circling eachother, and this thanks to be being a grandson of Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister. There was blood on his armour and his face, with a cut on his right cheek. It was clear that he had gotten here in a hurry. Elaena and Daenerys already stood up and walked down from the podium.

    “Lord Silvermane!” Elaena explained as she walked past the Lord Commander and Eylon, who looked very confused. Cat walked down to the Lord Commander. “Help Eylon out to his 2 men.” Cat told him, and Gregor nodded and helped him out. “What is the matter, Laemond?” Daenerys spoke up as she walked up to her grandson.

    His mother, Taella Targaryen, died a long time ago giving birth to his youngest sister and his father, Bronn Lannister, committed suicide about a decade later. “We have a situation, grandmother.” Laemond admitted and just as he said a few silvermane-soldiers walked in dragging a wagon after them with a cover over it, not revealing it’s content.

    “I think it would be for the best if the crowd leaves the hall.” Laemond adviced and so Elaena ordered everyone to leave, and so the did. Only highborn stayed on the walkway on the left and right walls of the hall. Laemond, Daenerys, Elaena, Catelyn and Wylis stood around the wagon. “Now tell me what this is, Laemond.” Elaena asked him and he nodded.

    “Me and my men were ambushed by soldiers-” he started but Wylis cut him off. “Riverlanders?” the Grand Maester wondered, but it was clear to see this was not the case. Laemond let out a sigh and replied. “No, Grand Maester. Not Riverlanders.” he spoke and looked up at Catelyn, sorrow in his eyes. “Northerners.” This can’t be true.. Robert would never.. Cat thought, but decided to keep quiet for now.

    Elaena ripped of the cover and in it was lots of Northerner helmets. Bloody and broken. “The bodies are outside the gate together with Daeron and Daemon. “And this happened on the border between the Riverlands and the North?” Elaena wanted a confirmation, and Laemond nodded.

    Elaena looked from Cat to her mother to Laemond and then back at the helmet. “How can I see this as anything else then an act of war?” she asked her mother, who let out a sigh. “I don’t know, my dear.” Dany spoke and squeezed her daughter’s hand.

    “They couldn’t have possibly thought you were Riverlanders trespassing?” Cat wondered and Laemond shook his head. “At first, maybe. I tried to reason with the man leading the troops, a certain Lord Waterman, but he was out for blood. He said that he knew I was Lord Silvermane, he said that King Robert sent him.”

    A closer look on the helmets did reveal that one of them had a helmet with the sigil of House Waterman, the 2 oars. She had met Lord Waterman twice and he came off as a bit bloodthirsty, but undoubtedly loyal to the King. If he wasn’t ordered to do this, he wouldn’t have done it. “I see that you knew him, Lady Catelyn.” Laemond said. “I’m sorry, but be assured that I tried to reason.”

    Catelyn believed him. Laemond is one of the most honest men she knew, and Lord Waterman was a bloodthirsty warrior. What she needs to piece together is why Robert would do this, and why Barney wouldn’t have told her. “Take this away, Lord Silvermane. Have you gathered your troops?” Elaena asked Laemond who nodded.

    “All 20 000 Silvermane men are ready to march. From what I’ve gathered the Lannisters are gathering all Westerland- and Reach-men. The Dornishmen should be here within a week and the Stormlanders should be here soon.” Laemond reported and Cat couldn’t even imagine how many men this could be or how it would look to see the amount. “Do we know the amount of men in total?” Dany asked him.

    “Silvermane and our vassals gather 20 000, the Lannisters and their vassals gather 60 000 men. Stormlanders could gather around 30 000, Dorne around the same amount and the Reachmen brings the largest army of 80 000 men. And you Elaena gathered 10 000?” Laemond revealed in a lower tone to not let the highborn on the walkways hear him, but Elaena shook her head. “15 000 for the Crownlands.” she smirked and Laemond gave her a sly smile. “15 000.” he confirmed.

    “Now, if I can count correctly we have well over 230 000 men.” he concluded and Cat could only ever imagine being the one in control of that many men. “If needed I could hire sellswords, 20 000, maybe more.” Laemond offered, but Dany shook her head. “Wait with that, Laemond.” the Grand Maester cleared his throat. “Maybe we should take this discussion in the council chamber.” Wylis suggested. “Agreed.” Elaena decided.

    Cat noted Ser Alliser standing on the walkways. He had clearly overheard some things, and nervously nodded his head at the door as if asking if he should leave now already. Cat could understand him getting nervous. If it turns out Robert actually ordered this then Alliser could be used against him, and Cat wouldn’t want that. But at the same time, maybe Alliser could give Cat some information about the situation.

    Catelyn quickly decided between the safety of Ser Alliser or information about King Robert…

    [Eye the door, signalizing him to leave now] [Slightly shake your head, signalizing him to leave tomorrow as planned]

    Barney XIII

    At Winterfell


    “I am very honoured, Lord Lightfoot.” Barney thanked the old lord and grabbed the sword. He looked at the sword for a while, admiring the fine craftsmanship. Lord Axell grabbed the scabbard and handed it to Barney, who put it on and sheathed the sword.

    Barney thought back on the story from Axell, with Barney’s grandfather, and decided to ask him a question about. “Was it just you and grandfather?” Barney asked him. “Aye. Just me and Barden against the White Walker army.” the old lord joked before answering. “We were a few minor lords flanking one of the White Walkers. Me, Barden the Visionary..”

    Barney remembered that his grandfather was called this for his great plans for Beartilde Hall, but these plans he sadly never got to experience. “...Harmund the Frozen…” Harlund’s father, if Barney remembered correctly. Why Harmund was called that Barney never really learned, but there was someone who said that Harmund almost froze to death as a child, and his skin stayed in a light blue-ish colour.

    “...Rodrik the Unbroken…” Lord of house Forrester Barney thought as he remembered his childhood and playing in the Ironwood Grove with his sister together with Alliser and Edrick Forrester. From what Barney has learned from the Forresters, Rodrik is called the Unbroken for never giving up. He stood tall against all threats from the Whitehills and the Boltons.

    “...And at last, Morgen the Slayer.” Lord Lightfoot finished and took a deep breath. “Who?” Barney wondered. He had never heard of a Morgen before. “Morgen the Slayer. Morgen Woldkeep.” This surprised Barney, visibly, and Axell decided to clear things out. “I can see this surprises you, Lord Beartilde. But we were all houses who stood very close to each other at this time.”

    Barney could definitely understand it. Now when Axell mentions it, Barney can recall a moment when he was young when Elmont Woldkeep, or Elmont the Drunk, visited Beartilde Hall, and Barney’s father was far from hostile towards him. “Why was he called the Slayer?” Barney asked with excitement in his voice. He loved stories as a child, especially stories involving his family. This brought back memories for him.

    “He didn’t rule for very long. 6 years. But he fought for King Robb Stark during the War of the Five Kings, and was one of few lords managing to escape the Red Wedding. Why he was called the Slayer is because he was like a fucking arrow. Everything in front of him died and he just moved forward. Then he died during the War of the White Walkers, together with your grandfather and Harmund.” Axell explained.

    “So you and Rodrik were the only survivors then.” Barney concluded and Axell gave him a sad nod, then he let out a short chuckle. “Aye, me and Rodrik. The last 2 of our generation. Come to think of it, there’s only Harlund Marbrand left from our children’s generations, so I suppose we fared better.”

    “What I mean is that out of us 5, Me, Rodrik, Barden, Harmund and Morgen there’s 2 left, our children, my son Oscar is dead, Rodrik’s heirs are dead, Morgen’s son is gone… What was your father’s name?” Axell asked him and realized that he never told him. “Bernhard.” he replied. “Bernhard is deceased.. Only Harlund is left, that stubborn old goat.” Axell finished.

    Barney had never thought about it that way. And now with his father gone Harlund is the last one from that generation of friends. “Your generation is faring far better, Beartilde. But I sense a war coming.” Axell spoke. “Well, we are at war.” Barney replied with a hint of sarcasm. “Your sarcasm is not appreciated, boy. This is a bigger war, bigger than ever before.”

    “Then we deal with it as it comes.” King Robert had approached them and gave Lord Lightfoot a pat on the back. “How are your legs?” the king asked Axell, who looked up at the king. “Better. But with the cold coming, I won’t be surprised if I wake up frozen from toe to cock.” he responded and the King shot him a smile. “May I borrow Lord Beartilde?” the king looked at Barney as he asked that. “Ask Beartilde instead of me.”

    Barney rose from the bench and glanced at Lightfoot. “Do you need help anywh-” Lord Lightfoot cut Barney off. “Have you not paid attention, Beartilde? I walk myself.” Barney just nodded and left the lord who never dies, and so did the king after giving him another pat on the back.

    “I see you’ve met Axell.” Robert spoke as they walked out to the courtyard. “He’s an interesting man, with an interesting story… Did you know he was close to my grandfather?” Barney asked his king who shook his head. “Can’t say I do, Barney. But it doesn’t surprise me. The Beartilde’s have made many friends throughout the years.” The king declared and stopped.

    “Are you ready for tomorrow, Barney?” The King looked deep in Barney’s eyes with concern. Barney sighed and gave him a quick nod. “I have to be, your grace.” Robert nodded, and at that moment Barney realized that there was something he had not asked the king. “What happened to Lord Mallister?” Anger flared up the King’s eyes and they stared at each other for some time. “Come.”

    Robert, Barney and 2 guards had been walking down to the deepest of dungeons of Winterfell as they entered a pitch-black room. The torch the King had with him lit it up a little, but the view was still very limited. Stone all around them, but Barney could make out bars, and someone behind those bars. “This happened.” The King revealed in a dark tone as he turned his gaze to Barney and held the torch closer to the cage for Barney to get a better look.

    There the Lord was. The man had certainly received a few slams and slaps, but Barney was relieved to see that Robert hadn’t tortured him. The lord was handsome, brown fine hair and a beard that has grown more than what the Lord usually would have. Blue eyes that still shows strength, and also quite muscular.

    His arms was tied with chains and so was his feet. He was chained in a way to sit down rather comfortably, so he could move his legs and his arms slightly. “He is not telling us anything.. about anything.” The king revealed, almost pressing himself to the bars looking at the imprisoned Lord.

    “This is a ploy from the Greyjoy’s. Maybe they didn’t tell him much.” Beartilde suggested and looked around in the darkness. “Maybe.” The King started. “Or maybe he can take a lot before breaking.”

    “What was that?!?” One of the guards exclaimed and looked around, clearly frightened. Lord Mallister started laughing and coughing heavily. “The sound of Freedom.” he coughed as quick footsteps came closer..

    Barney drew his new Valyrian Steel sword, and the guards and Robert drew their swords as well. “What in the hells is that?” the guard spoke just before being impaled by a sword Barney had never seen before. You could see right through the sword and the man holding it, like a shadow. Barney turned around to the King. “We have to leave, your grace!” Barney grabbed Robert’s arm, but he pulled the arm away.

    “I’d rather kill Mallister than let him escape!” he decided and put his sword between the bars just for the sword to not quite reach Lord Mallister. “We can kill him another time, your grace.” the living guard shouted at him, as the weird sound from the shadow moved around them. The king grunted and nodded and they ran back up. The shadow was not following them.

    “What was that?” The guard breathed heavily and had a shaky voice. The guard was young, probably no older than 20. The king and Barney catched their breath. “I’ve heard about these before.” The king spoke when as he regained his composure. “This must be the same kind of creature that killed King Renly Baratheon during the War of the Five Kings.” The King remembered and his eyes widened.

    “Did anyone of you recognize the shadow?” he asked in a low tone. Barney certainly didn’t. He barely saw the shadow at all. Neither did the guard, since he shook his head. “Damn it.” Robert growled and slowly started to walk towards Winterfell’s gates, as these reasonably new dungeons were built just outside the gates. “Why does it matter?” Barney wondered as he walked up next to him.

    “If I were to believe that Renly Baratheon was killed by a shadow, I would also believe the rest of the story. Evidently, that shadow was a child between Stannis Baratheon and Red Priestess Melisandre, and the shadow itself looked just like Stannis. Which in theory would mean that this shadow we just saw…” the king told Barney and pointed back at the dungeon opening. “Would have the face of it’s father.”

    “Do you think it could be that Red Priestess again?” the young guard asked the king, who shook his head. “No. Melisandre hasn’t been seen for 60 years, since my father banished her. I’m sure that there are more Priestesses who are capable of Shadowbabies than her.” The king deduced when they walked through the gates of Winterfell.

    Robert grabbed one of the young guard’s arms and looked at him. “You are… Addam, correct?” The young guards eyes lit up when his king remembered his name. “Yes, your grace.” he nodded. “You got very lucky today, Addam. I noticed that you froze. You cannot let that happen again.” The king ordered him in a stern and firm, yet warm tone to not scare the young man. Addam nodded rapidly and then left.

    “Ronald!” the King shouted at the Master-at-Arms. A redhead, big bushy beard and grey tired eyes. A little fat, but certainly a capable fighter. He had a set of armour with a Direwolf on it’s chest? A sour expression was usually his resting face, and he is likely around 50.

    “Your grace.” he shouted back and finished of one of the soon-to-be soldier of the Winterfell army and then walked towards the 2. “I need at least 2 guards standing there at all time.” The king pointed at the wall, and just behind the wall the dungeon is located. “Always keeping an eye on the actual dungeon.”

    Ronald knew better than to question his king and just nodded. “Will do, your grace. I will ask you about this later.” Robert shot Ronald a quick smirk. “I know you will, Ron.” Robert answered and Ronald left.

    “Robb and Ron.. Sounds like 2 failed pirate-twins.” Barney joked and Robert let out a chuckle. “It does, doesn’t it… Well, Barney. I have some business to attend, maybe you should find your half-cousin?” The King advised and Barney was slightly surprised. “Are they here?”

    “Aye. Deanna and Brutus, the two of them.” Robert replied and patted Barney on the shoulder, and then left. Meanwhile, Barney went to camp to find his family..

    Barney had been looking for them for several minutes when he finally found them in the Glover camp. “Deanna!” Barney greeted his late half-uncle’s wife. A beautiful woman, with brown, long hair and green persuasive eyes. There was always something sly about her, and Barney could never quite put his finger on it. She wore a warm blood-red dress.

    “Barney!” Deanna smiled brightly as he entered and they pulled each other into a long, long hug. “It’s so good to see you.” She spoke, still hugging each other. “I’m so sorry about your father, Barney.” she finished as they let go of each other. “Thank you for that, Deanna… Where is Brutus?”

    “You tell me, Barney. He’s 14, probably sparring with someone.” she answered with a sigh, and Barney himself remembered that he could be a bit of a pain in that age. “Which brings me to a question I was meaning to ask you.” She revealed with a little uncertainty in her voice. “Tell me.”

    “As I said, Brutus is 14. I’d like him to become a Squire, for y-” She was cut off by a horn booming from Westeros. Got to be Magnus with the Magical Horn Barney thought to himself with a hint of a smile before realizing why the horn was blowing. It must be the Queen, Arya and Harlund leaving. “I will think of it, Deanna, but I have to get back to Winterfell now. I’ll return later.”

    “Of course.” She spoke as Barney darted out of her tent and towards the gate of Winterfell.

    And right he was. Arya and the Queen had already jumped up on their horses, and Harlund, Farengar and Sneaky Ned was getting ready. “I wish you good luck, your grace.” Barney wished the Queen, who shot him a smile. “I don’t need luck, Lord Beartilde. But thank you nonetheless.”

    He was about to move to Arya when the queen called out for Barney. “Lord Beartilde.” she spoke with a hint of concern. Barney turned back around to listen to her. “Try to take care of my husband.” She asked of him, and Barney nodded, “I’ll do my absolute best, your grace.” To this the Queen smiled quickly. “Thank you, Lord Beartilde.”

    He moved up to Arya who had an adventurous look in her eyes. Barney tilted his head slightly as he looked up on her. “Are you excited?” he asked her and she looked down on him, nodding. “Indeed, Barney. If my mission proves correct I will have a lot to tell you when we both return to Winterfell.” she revealed and Barney had to admit that he was intrigued. “I look forward to it. Goodbye, your grace.” Barney wished her farewell and so did she. “Farewell, Barney.”

    He gave Sneaky Ned a nod and Farengar a farewell-wave as he walked up to Harlund. “I see that it’s time for you to leave, Lord Marbrand.” Barney concluded as Harlund readied his horse. “Then we at least know that you aren’t blind. I wish you good fortune, Beartilde.”

    “There are some things I’d like to ask you when you return, Lord Marbrand, about our ancestors.” Barney revealed and Harlund was hardly surprised. He seem to have learned that Barney is a curious man. “I’m sure you will, Beartilde.” Harlund replied as he finished his horse, and was about to jump up on it, when Barney extended his hand. Harlund stood still for a short while before extending his hand as well.

    A firm handshake was their goodbye, as well as a few words. “Till we meet again, Barney.” Harlund spoke, and let go of Barney’s hand. “Till we meet again, Harlund.” Barney replied as Harlund jumped up on his horse. “I wish you luck in the South.” Harlund spoke as the Queen and Arya in the front started to ride. “And you in the North.” As Barney uttered those words, Harlund started to ride out of Winterfell.

    “And there they go..” Jaesa sneaked up on him as the last 2 men, Farengar and Sneaky Ned rode out of Winterfell. “Aye. There they go..”

    No Choices Here

    The end of A New Age Chapter II - Pressures of Family


    Family: Duncan did only lock his son in after breaking the rules

    Promise: Harlund promised Arya to not tell anyone about Sansa’s face

    Blood-Path: Jeyne was put on a dark path by killing an innocent guard

    Trust: Jeyne did not trust Kendra and left her in the cage beneath the Eyrie

    Priorities: Barney prioritised the Iron Fleet over Harrenhal.

    Loyalty: Duncan didn’t cut Anders ropes, and helped Alexander over Anders

    The obligatory questions will be asked after the epilogue to give me at least some time to plan chapter 3 better than the previous 2. After that I'll post that choice thingy to show what could have happened, and there especially are 2 choices that would have altered storylines massively in this chapter and the coming ones. And after that, I might do one of those Next Time on, if I have time for it. At last, what I will do is a Previously on before starting Chapter III, to freshen up yours, but mostly mine memory! :3

    And finally. I had some trouble finding some fitting music to end the chapter, and for the lack of a better one, I chose the one I did, because it's very peaceful, and I think Barney finished this chapter off quite peacefully. I also really like this soundtrack, so you know, why not just go for it.

    I see you in Epilogue II - Men Without Honour.

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    [Slightly shake your head, signalizing him to leave tomorrow as planned]
    Hmm... That was a good finale. I can't wait to see what you got planned for the next chapter. Anyways, the reason why I picked this is because Cat may need to speak to him again about what was just revealed. We the readers know that this attack was a false flag attack intending on starting a war between the two kingdoms of Westeros. I forgot which group did this and who they were working for, but I remember them disguising themselves as Northeners. Can you remind us who they where that did this, if you already did? I don't remember if you did. Anyways, Cat may need to see if Alliser can learn about the attack. If he realizes that the North did not do this, he can send a message to Cat. If he finds out the true culprits, then that would be even better. That way if he learns the truth and sends a message to Cat, she can attempt to stop the war by telling the Queen what she finds out.

    Catelyn XIII At King’s Landing The Silver Lion “I would love to, your grace, but I have business with Ser Alliser.” Catelyn reveale

  • [Slightly shake your head, signalizing him to leave tomorrow as planned] Originally I chose to leave early but then I thought it may make him and the Northeners look guilty and I don't want Cat's loyalty to be questioned. Elaena needs to know she can be trusted.

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    To all readers, this is the recap for the Epilogue coming in a few hours

    I can certainly remind y'all what actually happened in the previous Epilogue.

    Laemond with many of his men stood at the border between the South and the Riverlands, waiting for a riverlands patrol to kill. (Note that Laemond just could have killed some southerners, but he value all Southern life highly) They finally came as Laemond whistled on the Rains of Castamere. The pack of riverlanders were killed in mere seconds, and the goal was initially to bring the heads to Elaena, however, somewhere on his way to King's Landing, he thought it might be to vulgar, and just decided to keep the bodies outside the gate and just bring helmets that he bought in the North on a trip he made about a week before.

    So what he does here is claiming that he was attacked by Northerners by showing the northern helmets, and then he have bodies outside the gate (which he has stripped clean from anything riverland-ish) and claim that all of them are northerners (of House Waterman). But in reality, they are just a riverland patrol.

    The Epilogue will once again be a Laemond part, his second one and it will tell a lot of this and it might or might no go into more detail of his plan. It's almost done, so the part will be up in a few hours, and I hope you will enjoy it. Because after this, I can officially close Chapter 2 after such a long time!

    If I wasn't clear enough, or missed any of your questions, feel free to ask them!


    To all readers, this is the recap for the Epilogue coming in a few hours

    [Slightly shake your head, signalizing him to leave tomorrow as planned] Hmm... That was a good finale. I can't wait to see what you got pl

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    Just a quick mention here! The voting is still open, so y'all can still vote on the final choice there!

    Laemond II

    Men Without Honour

    Laemond was the first to enter the small council chamber. Shortly after him, Elaena, Daenerys, Wylis, Catelyn. “We need to plan this out, Elaena.” Laemond concluded and let everyone sit down before continuing. “I propose to push our way through the Riverlands and use the element of surprise to attack the North.”

    The Queen tilted her head slightly and narrowed her eyes. “I will not dishonour the South by attacking the North in secret. If I go to war with the North, I will send a declaration of war to King Robert.”

    “There is nothing honourable in war.” Laemond deduced as he put both his hands on the small council table. “But alright.” he complied, and as he did, Edward Swann walked into the room with a scroll in his hand and a sorrowful face. Daenerys was the first to notice. “What has happened, Ser?” the queen asked with worry in her voice. “A letter..” Edward spoke and threw the scroll on the table. “..From Braavos.”

    Laemond realized immediately what it was about, and so did the others. He recalled that the Master of Coin, Erich Tyrell had travelled to Braavos to discuss the Crowns debts. Laemond feared the worst. Elaena picked up the letter and read it loudly.

    We from the Iron Bank of Braavos regret to inform you that Ser Erich Tyrell was assassinated on the streets of Braavos. We are doing a thorough inspection of the corpse to see if any information about the murder can be found before we send him to King’s Landing.

    Our Condolences,
    Keyholder Tavor Brennys

    For a while, everyone sat or stood quietly. Dany, Cat and Wylis stared on the table, Edward had turned his back from them and had crossed his arms. Laemond kept one hand on the table and scratched his forehead with the other and Elaena stared into the distance with her mouth slightly open.

    Erich had served as Master of Coin for 20 years, ever since he was knighted at the age of 18. A good man. Laemond knew him very well. An honest, bright man. “Well… Shit.” Laemond muttered.

    “You knew him well, did you not?” Edward spoke and turned around to the others again. “Yes, I did. We are.. We were good friends.” Laemond replied and Edward put a hand on Laemond’s left shoulder. “My condolences, Lord Silvermane.”

    “You all knew him just as good as me. My condolences to all of you.” Laemond wished them all, and Edward let go of Laemond’s shoulder. He looked around at all of them and realized it would be better to take this at a later time. “I realize this is a bad time. I think it would be for the best if we discuss this at a later time.” Laemond suggested and Elaena snapped out of her thoughts.

    “No… No, it would be better if we.. If we discuss-” she started but was cut of by her mother. “I must agree with Laemond, Elaena. It’s better to discuss and plan such things with a clear head.” First, Elaena stared at her mother, but finally she nodded slightly stood up. “Fine. I will find my children, you know where to find me. Come along, Catelyn.” Elaena spoke and grabbed Cat’s arm as they left the chamber. Dany did the same and walked over to her grandson. “We have a gift for you.”

    “What is this gift, grandmother?” Laemond asked Dany as the 2 left the small council chamber and entered the great hall. The wagon of helmets was nowhere to be found, and the highborn had spread out on the floor again. “An annoying bard.” Dany simply said and Laemond was very surprised to say the least. A bard wasn’t exactly the first thing that came to mind when he thought of gifts from his grandmother, least of all an annoying one.

    But it does make sense. Dany has made it a habit to give away things that annoys her. “Here he is!” she stopped infront if the so called bard. Laemond would say that he looks like a jester more than anything else, but each to their own. “His name is Mysarion, and he will follow you on your travels once you leave the capital.”

    “What help will he be to me?” Laemond asked as Dany started to leave them, she turned around towards Laemond again. “That is none of my concern, my dear. Perhaps he could sing you to victory.” she joked and left the 2 men. Laemond was more surprised by the fact that his grandmother actually uttered a joke. He wasn’t sure that was in the realms of possibility until now.

    “Tell me, Mysarion, what did you do to make Daenerys dislike you?” Laemond asked the bard, who for the first time looked up from his instrument to Laemond. He shot Laemond a sly grin. “I reckon she’s just not into my kind of man.” he spoke and stood up. “Oh gods..” Laemond muttered before deciding to see if Mysarion is of any use to him. “Come along, Mysarion, I have a test of sorts for you.” he revealed and Mysarion narrowed his eyes curiously. “How exciting!”

    They walked for quite some time, and deep beneath the Red Keep Laemond stopped in front of a steel door. Laemond would not have seen a godsdamn thing if it weren’t for his torch. Mysarion knocked on it, and the sound of someone knocking on steel echoed in the dungeon. “Steel.” Mysarion concluded and Laemond shook his head in disbelief. “I’m well aware.”

    “Did you know that Eddard Stark was imprisoned here before he was so carelessly killed?” Laemond grabbed a key he had on him while asking this question to Mysarion. He put the key in the keyhole and spun it until a click could be heard. “I have heard the stories.” Mys said and Laemond opened up the steel door, creaking horribly.

    “Joffrey was a maniac, and so was his mother. I’m glad I live in A New Age.” Laemond spoke and stepped inside the room where a scared man sat, shaking and surely dying. “I prisoned this man here when I left King’s Landing last time, 2 weeks ago. I only left him a flask of water. It surprises me to see that he’s still breath... ing.” To Laemond surprise the man rolled around slightly, revealing that he had fed himself his own arm.

    “What a survivor he is. Gives me an idea for a song, actually.” Mysarion seemed unbothered by the fact that the man had eaten his own left arm to stay alive, which made Laemond think what Mysarion's been through to not care for this. “Eat the meat.. Eat the meat...” the man mumbled to himself where he lay on the ground in a fetal position. “He’s been driven to insanity, that much is clear.” Laemond deduced, but as he said that, the insane man stopped moving all together, before charging up from his position.

    “You southron scum!”The insane man rose quicker than Laemond thought was possible for a weak man like that, and showed the bones of his arm that he would use to try to kill Laemond. He charged fastly, but just before reaching Laemond, Mysarion threw a knife at the man that hit him straight in the throat. The insane man’s mouth filled with blood as he fell to the ground, gurgling his last breath. “You brought a knife?” Laemond examined the wound and the knife, and could clearly see that Mysarion has done this before. “You can never be to careful.” he replied with a big smile.

    “How did you know him?” Mysarion asked, taking a step closer to examine the man. “He was, ehm… He was an informant to me, but no longer useful.” Laemond started and stood up, done examining the dead insane man. “How does that make you feel, Mysarion?” he asked, and Mysarion turned his gaze to Laemond. “A puppet that can no longer be used is mere garbage, my lord. But I can assure you, I will be useful for quite some time.” Mysarion replied, and there was darkness in his voice that Laemond didn’t expect. “Maybe this is better discussed in my chambers.” Laemond decided and they headed up from the dungeons, leaving the dead, insane man for the rats.

    Mysarion and Laemond were back in the great hall and walked up a few stairs, into a corridor, where they met Catelyn and Alliser, walking and talking. Laemond eyed them and as they walked past each other, Laemond gave them a nod, which Ser Alliser reciprocated. I’d like to have a talk with him soon. Laemond thought as they reached his chambers.

    He opened up and entered, Mysarion shortly behind. Just like I left it! A desk with a few scrolls, a chair, a chest as well as a table can be described as Laemond’s room. The room was completely dark, save for his window, thanks to him not being present for 1 and a half week, and as he lighted up his torches, Mysarion looked around. “You have an awful lot of nothing for a man of your rank.” he remarked with a smirk as he looked out the window.

    “You may see it that way, but I do not need the extravagant, flamboyant decoration in my chambers in King’s Landing. Riverspring, my seat, is magnificent enough for me.” he explained. “You’re not very gay, are you?” Mysarion concluded. “Depends on situation, really.” Laemond replied as he lit the last torch and turned around, noticing Mysarion eyeing Laemond’s letters. “You are a curious one, are you not?” Laemond noted and put his scrolls in a chest next to his desk.

    “Depends on situation, really. I just recently had a highborn in this very castle looking through all of my letters. I’m confident she doesn’t yet know I know, but she will learn of it.” Mysarion caught Laemond’s interest, and sat down on the chair. “Just like I know that you never killed Lord Waterman like you told the Queen.” Mysarion revealed and Laemond tilted his head, not showing any emotion. How could he know?

    Mysarion smiled at him, cleverly so. “I have a few contacts on the border between the Riverlands and the South, as well as the Riverlands and the North. No one in the North had seen a Silvermane, yet several in the South had. This tells me that you have killed bought northern helmet, and the bodies you claim to have are in fact Riverlanders.” Laemond said nothing. He was interested to see where Mysarion would get with this, and only stared deeply into Mysarion's eyes, who grew more confident by the second.

    “These contacts are not always trustworthy, but do you know what gave you away? You bringing me down in the dungeons. You see, I met Lord Waterman once, and I remember his face. You didn’t kill Lord Waterman, because I did. He was the madman in the dungeons.” Mysarion concluded and for a moment they both sat completely still, staring into each other’s eyes.

    “Your logic is sound, Mysarion, but when could I have brought a lord here without notice?” Laemond asked, and Mysarion grew even more confident in this. “That’s the easy part, my lord. Elaena and all her handmaidens visited Highgarden, the king fell deadly sick, leaving grand maester treating him. The master of coin and the master of laws have their own errands in Westeros and Essos. And finally, Edward Swann, the Kingsguard and the complete citywatch attended the memorial of Commander Merryweather.” he made a gesture with 2 fingers as legs walking. “And you could just walk right through without anyone even seeing you.”

    Laemond decided to confess, Mysarion knew what he talked about. Laemond slowly started to smirk and slowly clapped 4 times. “I highly underestimated you, my friend. You are far more useful than I initially thought. Uncovering all of this, my plan, everything. Well done.” Laemond applauded Mysarion, who now had a massive grin.

    “Rest assured, your secret is safe with me.” Mysarion promised and put a hand on his chest and stood up. “Of course it will, you won’t leave this room.” Laemond revealed, and Mysarion spun around towards Laemond and tilted his head slightly. “I think I will.” he said. “How come?”

    “Because I have some secrets to share of my own.”Mysarion revealed with a maniacal smile. “Is that so?” Laemond could colour himself intrigued, yet again. “I think you will find me far more intriguing than you initially thought.” Mysarion’s maniacal grin grew only wider and wider, as secrets started to flourish out, and Laemond listened, and observed cautiously..

    End of Epilogue 2 - Men Without Honour

    See y'all in Chapter III - The Fall

  • Well... Mysarion is turning out to be a lot more interesting than he appears. I like it. I think he and Laemond could make a good and interesting pair of antagonists, assuming that will be their role in the story. I'm really excited to see where the story will go from here! I also really liked that line about being happy to be in A New Age. Very clever. :wink:

    Just a quick mention here! The voting is still open, so y'all can still vote on the final choice there! Laemond II Men Without Honou

  • So, Mysarion seems to me to be some sort of assassin. I'm guessing that he use to work for Daenarys. Maybe he failed her, and that is why she doesn't like him.

    Just a quick mention here! The voting is still open, so y'all can still vote on the final choice there! Laemond II Men Without Honou

  • Pretty sure she just thinks he's annoying.

    So, Mysarion seems to me to be some sort of assassin. I'm guessing that he use to work for Daenarys. Maybe he failed her, and that is why she doesn't like him.

  • My apologies for not commenting already, I thought I had already voted on the latest part D:

    [Slightly shake your head, signalizing him to leave tomorrow as planned]

    I was originally leaning to the other choice, Agent actually brought up a good point there, one I find myself agreeing with. I wouldn't want to risk the consequences this could have for the North and by extension the Seven Kingdoms as a whole. I am not sure if this is truly such a crucial choice, but it might very well be and this choice here seems more like playing it safe, which I am always a fan of.

    And the epilogue has been quite a nice one, certainly one of my favourite parts of the chapter! Mysarion intrigues me. When he was originally introduced, I did not think too much of him, neither did I dislike him. Now however, I am actually super excited to see more about him and what his deal is. It seems he's got quite a lot of secrets and I look forward to learn about them. Anyways, this chapter in general has been a lot of fun. I look forward for the next chapter :)

    Just a quick mention here! The voting is still open, so y'all can still vote on the final choice there! Laemond II Men Without Honou

  • Mysarion kind of gives me a Petyr Baelish vibe. In the smart, behind-the-scenes, kind of way. He's obviously a very different character. I'm really excited to see where he goes from here.

    My apologies for not commenting already, I thought I had already voted on the latest part [Slightly shake your head, signalizing him to

  • Right? I've been looking for a perfect place to do that name-drop for 1 year and 9 month, and I finally found it! Really glad to see it recognized.

    Really glad to see that y'all find Mysarion a lot more interesting! He will play a large role, together with Laemond especially in the chapters and Epilogues to come.

    AgentZ46 posted: »

    Well... Mysarion is turning out to be a lot more interesting than he appears. I like it. I think he and Laemond could make a good and intere

  • Firstly, yes. Mysarion has, at the very least, had some major training sessions with throwing knives. Secondly, I will obviously not debunk or confirm your theory. I mean, everything is in the realms of possibility. We will just have to wait and see how it pans out.

    So, Mysarion seems to me to be some sort of assassin. I'm guessing that he use to work for Daenarys. Maybe he failed her, and that is why she doesn't like him.

  • [Slightly shake your head, signalizing him to leave tomorrow as planned]

    I'm following the people ^^ , very good parts , and the song you put in the end really brings back memories. :)

  • First off, welcome to the story! (At least I think it's your first time voting, right?) I am absolutely thrilled to have a new reader who likes what I am doing, and I thoroughly hope that you will enjoy what's to come.

    Secondly, yes! Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls series in general has such a wide selection of soundtracks it's unbelievable really. That said, it's quite likely that will be the only Skyrim soundtrack at the end of a Chapter. I have quite a large playlist of suitable songs for chapters to come, and well, there is not a lot of Skyrim songs, more of... sad songs, actually.

    Welcome, once again, to A New Age!

    Dydix958 posted: »

    [Slightly shake your head, signalizing him to leave tomorrow as planned] I'm following the people ^^ , very good parts , and the song you put in the end really brings back memories.

  • Sad songs? * fears that every chapter will now end with a soul crushing death *

    First off, welcome to the story! (At least I think it's your first time voting, right?) I am absolutely thrilled to have a new reader who li

  • Not all chapters can have a nice ending, even though I would like that. :3

    Fear not! The playlist is not entirely sad songs, there are a few select ones that are mildly not that sad.

    AgentZ46 posted: »

    Sad songs? * fears that every chapter will now end with a soul crushing death *

  • Next time on A New Age

    “Are you denying your crimes, Lord Rayner?” The Queen asked and Duncan nodded. The crowd murmured inaudibly. “I do.” he confirmed, and Queen Elaena leaned forward where she sat on the throne. “What proof do you have?” She was uncertain, Duncan could see it. Queen Elaena never sentenced Duncan to a trial, the Targaryen Rage did. Duncan realized that now. “I have the man who sold the bandits the arrows.” Duncan revealed, and the Queen listened closely.

    The sea was still, the wind was still. Everything was peaceful when Bhorras walked on the deck of his swan ship, the Cinnamon Wind. He called his crew together and everyone rallied quickly. All of them men, but one, his wife. “Men! and my beautiful wife.” he started and a few of the crewmembers chuckled at this remark. “After we have gotten hands on a sellsword company in Braavos, we will travel across the world. We will see to it that the map of the world will get bigger, and severely more detailed. We will venture further than any of you have ever known was possible, and we will live our lives like we all wanted to live it!” The crew cheered as they readied for the adventure of their lives.

    “We must tread carefully taking down the fleet.” Barney spoke up, but Woldkeep shook his head. “This is war, Beartilde. The Iron Fleet must be destroyed quickly, so we can properly end this rebellion once and for all.” Woldkeep replied, but the king threw his fist down on the table, leaving a permanent mark on it. “Walder Mallister was rescued from my cell, by a shadow, now is not the time for rash actions!” he roared and left the others. That was unlike Robert, but then again, he hasn’t been himself since they left Winterfell Barney thought to himself.

    Catelyn walked alone through the halls of the Red Keep, lost in her thoughts when a crowd ran past her. Cat forgot about her thoughts, and wondered why everyone was running. She walked after the crowd, but they were far gone when Cat looked around the corner. To her surprise another small crowd of highborns ran the same way, and Catelyn managed to grab one of them. “What is happening?” she asked the woman she grabbed, and let go of her as she asked it. “It’s the queen!” she spoke before continuing on to her destination. Catelyn froze for a while before following the rest waves of highborn’s running the same way, down to the cellars of the dragon skulls, scared of what she would find…

    “Je-eynee” the maniacal, yet calmly melodic voice closed in on her, as she lay hidden under a bed. The source of the voice could not be found no matter how hard Jeyne tried to find it. “Jeee-eynee” Jeyne shivered. She couldn’t even tell if it was a woman or a man. Where does it come from? She readied a knife in her hand. “There you are.” Jeyne froze when the calm, calm voice suddenly breathed her in the neck..

    “Fucking hells!” Harlund roared, the winds and snow so heavily blowing he had trouble standing. The horses had since long been left behind at Castle Black and Harlund doubted that Arya would be able to walk through this if it weren’t for Nymeria. Granted, Harlund himself was well over 60, but he was still strong for that age. Sneaky Ned was quited, Farengar tries to talk but his mouth would only be filled with snow if he talked more than a sentence. The winter had truly come, and it looked to be quite a Winter to remember..

    Just a quick heads-up that most of these are choice based, and may or may not happen. It’s all up to you guys! But some of these are already set in stone, thanks to choices you've made in the past.

    STOP! Question Time!

    Who were your favourite character(s) in Chapter 2?

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    Which PoV was your favourite in Chapter 2?

    Which PoV was your least favourite in Chapter 2?

    Any favourite moments in Chapter 2?

    Other thoughts? Anything you disliked, mayhaps. Or maybe any advice for me.

    I cannot thank you people enough for these past 1 year and 9 months. For all the support, advice and criticism that I have achieved. Really, many thanks!

  • Just in the case that someone missed the questions (or Next Time on...) above, do not miss them. If you do not want to answer them, that is fine, but they do help evolve the story, so it would certainly be appreciated!

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    All of y'all choose to shake your head to Ser Alliser, signalizing him to stay in King's Landing till the morn. And we will see what happens there in not to long, since Cat will begin chapter III. Buuut first, we have some more things to do before we start Chapter III. I am more or less done with the alternate choice thingy and after that, I'll get ya an Previously on... as well, to freshen up our memories.

    So yeah, Alternate Choices up tomorrow likely. Previously on... shortly afterwards and then we can continue on with the story.

    See you in Chapter III - The Fall


  • Alternate Choices

    Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

    Chapter 1 - Never Defeated

    Wouldn’t be surprised if y’all don’t remember this, but I decided to do it for this chapter as well, since it isn’t that long.

    Catelyn I

    [Stay and bond with the other three handmaidens]

    Again, if you even remember these 3 handmaidens, you have my respect. Fact of the matter is that I had completely forgotten about them. But to the choice. You would’ve learnt a little about 2 of the handmaidens, where they came from, and so forth. Then the carriage would’ve been attacked, where the 3 handmaidens died, whereas Elia Pyke and Cat would’ve managed to escape. Elia would’ve died shortly after and Cat would have actually seen that the killer wasn’t Duncan, which would have resulted in Duncan not being called to a trial. On the downside Catelyn would receive a very ugly scar on her cheek that never quite would heal properly. And obviously Cat would be a bit hurt after seeing 4 handmaidens die just in front of her.

    Barney II

    [Make the Captain do it and write a letter to Cat]

    This choice would’ve given the smallfolk a bit of a negative opinion of Barney as a lord. They’d feel that the first thing Barney would do is to run and hide, sending other men to do his work. Right now, it doesn’t change a whole lot, it was more of a relationship building choice with the people of Beartilde Hall.

    Barney III

    [Have Jaesa accompany Barney]

    Not a lot to say here, they just would’ve talked for a bit and then Barney would have dismissed her at the end of ‘Barney IV’.

    Harlund I

    [Let them argue]

    Harlund would have let his sons argue for some time, until his daughter had intervened. In the long run, this changes next to nothing, and I realize I had a few choices without any real impact back in the start, whereas now, I am really trying to make every choice mean something.

    Barney IV

    [Ride the day after tomorrow]

    Some of the smallfolk would have really liked if Barney had stayed an extra day, and another part to explore Beartilde Hall would have been made.

    Catelyn III

    [Head to your chambers]

    Catelyn would have learned of her father’s death quicker, and she also would’ve been attacked earlier. She would not have run into Mysarion as she did (as the character wasn’t submitted at the time), instead, Edward Swann would’ve been the one to find her and help her to the Maester.

    Harlund II

    [Open the letter from house Beartilde first]

    Literally just threw in this choice back then to find a place to end the part. Only difference would’ve been that you opened Barney’s letter before the King’s.

    Catelyn IV

    [Nevermind her]

    Elaena would not have revealed that she planned to put Cat on the council until the later in the part, instead of the beginning, and that’s it.

    Harlund III

    [Let Harald rule while Harlund is gone]

    As established, Harald is a far better person and leader in every way. While I cannot comment on how he would have ruled yet, I can say that he definitely is more capable than Adrion. I’ll return on this once Harlund eventually returns to Frosthorn. I’ll comment on this one further when I can in the future.

    Chapter II - Pressures of Family

    Duncan III - Part 1

    Bear in mind that this is the first and only double choice so far, meaning that during the part there are 2 different choices to make, so that’s why it’s Duncan III - Part 1 and Duncan III - Part 2.

    [Take a Hand]

    Would’ve been a little extreme to take your own son’s hand for a crime not that horrible. Needless to say, Dustin would’ve been pissed right the fuck off. So far a lot wouldn’t have changed, he would still be in his room, but he would not have that goodbye talk with Duncan as he actually did with the choice you made. Even Dustin, who usually is more extreme in punishment than his father, would’ve thought that was taking it to far. Cannot go into how Dustin would’ve acted in the future, as it would have me spoiling things for you. I’ll comment on this one further when I can in the future.

    [Let Dustin go unpunished]

    Dustin would have been severely disappointed in his father, and would have told him so during their goodbye talk. In the long run he’d be thankful for having both hands, but between this choice and the one you chose, there only are so minor dialogue changes, even in the long run.

    Duncan III - Part 2

    [Take a Hand]

    I will admit right here and right now that the choice you chose didn’t mean shit, sadly. This was because I somehow forgot that I wanted Anders in King’s landing, so I just slid over to that. Obviously though, it will mean some things later on. No matter what happens in King’s Landing, he is no longer welcome to the Hunter’s Imperium. But over to this choice. Anders would no longer have hands at all, since he already misses one. In the long run, Anders would’ve been pissed right off at Duncan, no matter what good deeds he did to him. What a shit Anders is.

    Harlund IV

    [Continue to listen to Farengar and ignore the woods]

    Arya would’ve jumped them and scared the whole parade, but in the long run, no major changes. Farengar would’ve finished his story in the beginning of the part.

    Harlund V

    [Stand tall]

    Not kneeling would result in Arya being slightly amused, she’d just laugh it off. Afterall, she never wanted to be a Princess or a Lady who people kneeled to. She would’ve later mentioned this in the cellar, and possibly later on, but not a whole lot more than that.

    Catelyn VI

    [Tell her that Cat would keep her troops here]

    Would’ve surprised Dany and Elaena both. But Dany would ultimately respect Cat more for it. Elaena would still decide to send troops north, but she would be a lot more uncertain of it. They would’ve had a talk about it, where you would’ve chosen to reveal that Cat lied to please Dany or if she actually meant it.

    [Tell her to follow her heart]

    Ultimately, this would’ve been the worst choice if the goal is to please Dany. She would’ve called it a very diplomatic answer and would have scolded Cat in standing by your own opinions and not pussy out and just not decide at all (she would not exactly use those words, but you get the idea). Elaena meanwhile would’ve seen it a little the same, telling Cat to say her opinion, and not be afraid to tell them.

    Duncan IV

    [Stay and try to fight]

    Would’ve been pretty devastating. Thanks to the brick that hit him, Duncan would not see a lot, and been an easy target. The Nightmare would’ve knocked him to the ground, and lived to tell the tale, as he wouldn’t let Duncan stand up. The Nightmare would then have returned to fight Duncan, Alexander and co during the 2 last Duncan parts, where he possibly could have been killed, or lived yet again and plopping up somewhere else.

    [Try to get the smallfolk to safety]

    Would’ve played out pretty similar to the one you chose. He would’ve helped a few smallfolk out of harm’s way, then entered the inn and from there it would continue as it did. This would obviously make the smallfolk like him more.

    Harlund VI and VII Slamming them together to just get them over with.

    [Literally all of the choices to make]

    This one is one of the most embarrassing for me, since all choices would’ve led to the outcome. The only difference would be is if where you entered. And thanks to where you entered, you got to see a glimpse of the cellar before Arya would show it to them.

    Catelyn VII

    [Go and sit on the bed]

    The part would be a lot shorter, and we would never have gotten that glimpse of My marion's backstory or that he was to late to the bard contest in Raylansfair, or which everyone’s favourite drinks are (as well as the drink Dany despises the most) and so forth. Cat would, more or less, just sit on the bed and think while waiting on Mysarion.

    Duncan V


    This would have led to Duncan accepting, and I cannot comment a lot in this. But needless to say, this will have big consequences in the future. What I can say is that Duncan would have had a choice before he left his town to whether or not he would order Kail to give the Nightmare the arrows he request or refuse it when he arrives. Needless to say, the Nightmare would have survived in this instance, and would not have been present attacking Duncan and Alexander. In fact, the bandits would not have attacked them there at all, which would result in less Duncan in chapter 2. I’ll comment on this one further when I can in the future.


    Would’ve played out to some extent to the choice you chose. Alicia wouldn’t have gotten there, which means that Duncan wouldn’t have the back up he needed to kill the Nightmare. The Nightmare would have lived in this instance. I’ll comment on this one further when I can in the future. (Yes that is a message I put on the ones that I will return to. Just so I can find them easier.)

    [Ask for more time]

    Pretty much the same as the one you chose, only that The Nightmare would be a little more hostile, as he said that he was in a rush. He’d tell him to fuck right off and then once again ask for some more time, where Duncan would insist on some more time, so Alicia could show up in time.

    Catelyn VIII

    [Cat thinks that Mys should go with Lord Silvermane]

    Dany still decides that Mys goes with Laemond, but Dany would appreciate Cat’s support and would have eased up on her a lot. Elaena would have mentioned later quickly, saying that she at least is no coward, standing up for her own opinions like that. Mys wouldn’t have been as open as he was when he talked about Naela, the spymistress.

    Jeyne I

    [Attack the guard]

    This would have put her on a dark path completely from the get go. She would have succeeded in running away. And her story this chapter wouldn’t be as long, at all. She wouldn’t have met Kendra, nor talked to Lord Richard again, Willem would be dead, and the young guard she killed instead would be alive. Her husband, Tommy, would help her escape properly. There would have been a lot of things we wouldn’t have learned, but I would have been able to establish Tommy better. That will happen later instead.

    Harlund VIII

    [Don’t promise]

    Arya would have been amused by the answer, telling Harlund that he have some balls. She wouldn’t have said a whole lot about the other faces, but she would still reveal it’s sansa’s face. She would also tell him again that if Harlund tells anyone, she would carve his face off while he still is alive, then put it on to kill him.

    Catelyn IX

    [Stay in the King’s quarters]

    Would have resulted in a longer part, where we would have talked a bit to the different people in the quarters, including the king. But later she would leave and Alliser would have met her and escorted her, where he would tell her all about his mission.

    Jeyne II
    [Leave the guard to death]

    Interestingly, this would have resulted in the better outcome if you want a more sane Jeyne (that kinda rhymes). As she kinda feels like she didn’t actually kill him, and that he might be alive. Spoiler alert, he died, but Jeyne wouldn’t know of this. She would have shouted for help twice and then ran down the stairs, meeting Kendra. This means she wouldn’t meet Lord Arryn again.

    Duncan VI

    [Try to build up the original wall]

    Cannot comment on anything else but this, the wall would not have been finsihed, only half finished in fact. I’ll comment on this one further when I can in the future.

    Harlund XI

    [Go to your tent]

    The scene between Barney and Harlund by the weirwood wouldn’t have happened, which me as a writer wouldn’t particularly would have liked. Apart from that, no major difference, likely a few dialogue changes later on.

    Catelyn X

    [Run] [Stay]

    No major differences, she would have woken up shortly afterwards. Minor dialogue changes.

    Jeyne III

    [Help her out]

    They would ally together in getting out of the Eyrie, which they would have succeeded at. Jeyne would have the choice to betray Kendra and leave her in the Eyrie, or have her with her. With the latter, they would meet up with Kendra’s gang and Jeyne would choose to join them or leave (which wasn’t a choice given to her, she would have fled more or less with that choice).

    Duncan VII

    [Cut the ropes]

    Not a whole lot can be said here right now, but Anders would not have been such a dick, even thankful actually. He would have been able to stand his ground against bandits, finding a sword and using it. He isn’t professionally trained, but like Will Turner, he trained in the smith. Meaning that choice between Alexander and Anders never would have happened, which would have resulted in one less part for Duncan (albeit the last one would have been longer, obviously). I’ll comment on this one further when I can in the future.

    [Knock Anders out]

    This would have pissed Anders right the fuck off, but he would have been knocked out even during the bandit hunt, meaning the bandits never would have taken him. This would have lead to the longest final part of Duncan, but not necessarily the best one. Future consequences will be told in the future. I’ll comment on this one further when I can in the future.

    Barney VIII

    [Go and Rest First]

    Barney would have talked a little to various characters, before resting. Then he would have woken up during the meeting, meaning the Woldkeep introduction would be vastly different.

    Jeyne IV

    [Run Back]

    She would have been caught, obviously you will have to wait and see what the other choice leads to that you chose, but she would have been caught this was around. She would have escaped later on.

    Catelyn XI

    [Remain Quiet]

    Alliser would have eventually made the deal he made with Naela in the next part, but this put him in a negative light for Naela. She’s not one who likes being held at knifepoint. Later on, she would demand more and more from Alliser, and even Catelyn.

    Barney XI

    [Keep your sword sheathed]

    Barney would have been outvoted, and they would have gone for the Ironfleet first anyhow, but Lord Woldkeep and the King both would have noted this and mentioned it in the future.

    Catelyn XII

    [Accept and Walk with them]

    Dany, Elaena and Cat would have walked for a while, discussing a few things. Reasonably soon the part would have carried on the way it did, but first we would have maybe learnt a thing or two from the queens.

    Duncan VIII

    [Help Anders]

    Duncan would have helped Anders out, which would result in his gratitude, which I will return to at a later time. Alexander meanwhile would have fared far worse than he did. Duncan wouldn’t have been able to parry the strike going for Alexander’s hand, and he would have lost it. He would talk about being poison, but in a more sluttering manner, and then directed them to a house in King’s Landing, after that he would have fainted for the entire trip. He would have survived, albeit obviously under worse circumstances. Luckily though, he didn’t lose his swordhand, like a certain other knight 60 years prior.

    Barney XII

    [Reject the Valyrian Sword]

    Lord Lightfoot wouldn’t take lightly on this, in reality he wouldn’t understand why he wouldn’t take it. He would have told Barney to fuck off until he has grown enough balls to accept a gift from an old man. Later Lightfoot would leave the sword in Barney’s tent, with a note saying

    Maybe you should call it Ball-Grower. I hope the sword will grow you a pair of balls the same size as your grandfather’s was. Good luck in your duties.

    Duncan XI


    He would have stayed with Alexander till he was ensured that he would pull through. Then he would find the queen for the trial.

    [Find Lemon Cake]

    Duncan would have ventured out on the hunt for the Lemon Cake, searching house from house till he smells the heavenly smell of the cake, getting it and then returning it to Axel. Axel would eat most of it, and only leave a very small part for Alexander, which would be an absolutely heartwarming scene to write!

    Catelyn XIII

    [Eye the door, signalizing him to leave now]

    Alliser would have left the hall, and when the Small Council headed off, he would have returned and Cat would have been able to speak only 2-3 sentences to him before they left each other. The gist of the conversation would basically have been Cat quickly asking ‘Did you know?’ and Alliser would have answered ‘No, but I promise to learn more about this after I find my brother, now I must beg my leave.’ And then Alliser would walk out of the Red Keep and travel to Oldtown. Grand Maester Wylis would have called out for her, and then she would have followed to the Small Council room, where the epilogue takes place.

    Perhaps the 3 biggest gamechangers are in order to put here, in case you wouldn’t have the time to read it all.

    There was a possibility for Duncan to not being sent to King’s Landing, if Cat had stayed with the 3 handmaidens.

    Barney and Harlund could have changed positions. If Harlund wouldn’t have kneeled and wouldn’t promise to tell anyone about the faces, Arya would have chosen Barney to head north instead. But only if you had picked both those choices that you did not. It would have been an interesting dynamic, but ultimately, I am glad that Barney goes South and Harlund North. You will realize later why I say this specifically. And I say nothing more.

    Jeyne and Kendra could have teamed up, resulting in Jeyne becoming a stonecold killer. Not a lot more can be said here at this moment, but her storyline would be vastly different.

  • Sorry for being gone a few weeks. I had a lot of shit to do and didn't really have time to write. I just wanted to let Y'all know that I will be skipping the Previously on for the moment. If any of you really want a Previously On, I'll set it up, but I think we are good for now.

    Next part should be up by tomorrow morning. We will start the chapter with a new PoV, and I will say nothing more than that we will be introduced to a shitload of characters. Another thing I can say is that this PoV will widen the story a whole lot. That is all for this quick lil' update. See you tomorrow when we finally start a new chapter, namely Chapter III - The Fall.

    Thank ye for readin'!

  • Bhorras I

    On the Narrow Sea


    The Narrow Sea was calm tonight. No large waves, not much wind. Everything so calm and still. The ship Bhorras owned, the Cinnamon Wind, was an old ship. For many years Quhuru Mo owned it, but as death cam closer to the man, he decided once he’s dead the ship to fall to Bhorras, and for 16 years now he has owned the ship. After a hard days work on his ship he started to take off his clothes in the captain’s cabin. Bhorras had but one goal in his life, and that was to explore. For his life to mean something someday.

    “Why are we doing this again, Bho?” his wife, Eshi, previously Khaleesi, nowadays the wife of Bhorras and quartermaster of the Cinnamon Wind, asked as she spun around in their bed. A beaut, that’s for sure. Everything Bhorras would like in a woman, she had. The dark, Dothraki skin, her long dark hair which she curls and brown, determined eyes, showcasing the strength that Bhorras wants. She’s quite tall, and for a woman, quite muscular... Not as tall or as strong as Bhorras, of course, but close to it. He wouldn’t want to look down on the woman he loves for being too weak, neither would he want the woman he loves beating him in arm wrestling. Her nose was quite pointy, but not too pointy and her lips had just the right balance between full and thin. All in all, the woman of Bhorras dreams.

    Bhorras himself hoped that he was the man Eshi dreamt for, and since she decided to marry him, he dared hope he was the man. Bhorras was born on the Summer Isles, but only his father was from there. Tall Trees Town was the birthplace of both Bhorras and his father, but thanks to his mother being a Crownlander, he is not of the black skin as many other Summer Islanders. He has a darker skin than a Crownlander, more of the skin of a Dothraki, like his wife.

    He has blue, calm eyes, which is a rather uncommon eye-colour for a man of his skin colour. The area around his mouth and his lips were full of scars from a time he’d rather forget. Dark brown, messy hair reaching his shoulders and probably hasn’t been combed for the past decade. The 2 shared the same age, 25, met each other 10 years ago and been married for 5.

    “We promised each other adventure, my fair maiden. This is the best adventure we could ever wish for.” Bhorras replied. The last piece of clothing fell of Bhorras as he was getting ready for bed. He drank the last drops of rum before stumbling towards the bed. Eshi chuckled brightly as he almost fell on his way to the bed. “Too much rum, Ser Pirate?” she mocked him with a happy, yet tired smiled. “Too little.” He fell flat on the bed, right on his wife, who gently pushed him off of her. “That’s your side tonight.” she stated as he was put on his spot.

    The 2 lay on their sides, staring at each other for a good while. Eshi grabbed Bhorras hand and squeezed it tightly and then kissed it. “Anha athfiezar yer.” she spoke in Dothraki. Bhorras had learned a lot of Dothraki during the 10 years they’ve known each other, and luckily, Eshi has learned the common tongue and very well so. “I love you too, my little fish.” Bhorras replied and slowly and calmly stroke his finger on Eshi’s cheek and Eshi smiled at him for a time, before Bhorras watched her eyelids getting closer and closer to closing, and when her quiet little snores set in, Bhorras closed his eyes as well, and soon he fell asleep…

    Bhorras woke up first of the 2, as the sunlight hit him in his face. He stretched about in the bed, carefully, not to wake Eshi up. He stood up and yawned. Then he took a few steps before turning around to his wife who still slept. A devilish grin appeared on his face, and he quickly walked out of the cabin, completely naked. Bhorras, or Eshi for that matter, wasn’t the kinds of people who put on clothes too early. All crewmembers on the Cinnamon Wind are sure to see their Captain and his Wife without clothes more than once.

    He slowly opened the doors and stepped outside. The sun shined brightly at him, and he had to put a hand in the direction of the sun to get used to it. a few seconds later he was used to it and scratched his leg instead. A few crewmembers were already up, preparing for today’s ride. Bhorras sucked on his index finger, and then put it in the air to feel which way the wind blew. The wind touched the west side of his finger, indicating the wind blew east, which was perfect since they are going east. A few men prepped the sails as Bhorras took a few steps from his cabin out on deck. One of them noticed him and waved firmly to Bhorras, who reciprocated it. He walked up to Karl, his first mate, who looked out on the sea.

    Karl turned around and eyed the Captain from toe to head. “Cap’n.” he greeted Bhorras and coughed heavily. He was a rather short and rather fat man. But a good friend. One eye blue as the sea and the other one was covered with an eyepatch. He wore a bandana around his bald head and his grey-haired massive sideburns touched his shoulders. Karl usually grinded his old, rotten teeth and today was no different. He wore grey, old pants and a large shirt, even for him, revealing his hairy chest. Karl had the skin of a dornishman, but in all his life he lived in Oldtown.

    “Karl.” he returned and stood next to him, looking at the small waves of the Narrow Sea. He could see Braavos, or rather the Titan, far away in the distance, and deduced that if the wind kept its direction and strength, they would reach Braavos by the evening. The devilish grin returned to Bhorras’ face, and Karl noted it. He knew exactly what Bhorras was going to do, as he has done a few times before. “Let me guess, ye need a bucket of water.” Karl sighed, and Bhorras nodded. “You know me too well.”

    “I do, but foremost I know who yer wife will blame.” Karl spoke as he hoisted down an old wooden bucket in the sea. “She has a bit of a temper in the mornings, yes.” Bhorras admitted as he patiently awaited the bucket of water. “A bit of a temper?!” Karl spat as he started to hoist up the now filled bucket. “I swear, Cap’n, one of these days she will throw me overboard.” Karl spoke and Bhorras was inclined to agree.

    “Mayhaps.” he started as the bucket reached the deck and Karl lifted it up. “But she would jump in to save you afterwards. She likes you.” Bhorras winked as he grabbed the filled bucket from Karl. Bhorras dipped his hand in the bucket and splashed a bit of water in Karl’s face before heading off to the cabin again. “Fucker.” Karl muttered as he wiped his face from the water. “Don’t call me a fucker, mate.” Bhorras remarked with a smirk and then enter his cabin.

    Eshi was still sleeping in the exact same position as before, on her back with one arm outflung and the other one on her stomach. Perfect for Bhorras little stunt. He dipped his finger in the water again and noted that it was quite warm water today. He held the bucket above his wife’s head and was ready. “Wakey wakey.” he mumbled with a massive grin on his face and then poured all the water at once on his wife.

    She flew up from the now soaked bed and slapped Bhorras across the face. It was certainly worth it! he thought, highly amused by his wife, soaked. “Goood morning, dear wife!” he exclaimed, and Bhorras could almost hear Karl sighing from the other side of the ship, ready for what’s to come. “Govak!” she cursed, and Bhorras only found his wife cuter when she did. “Do not call me a fucker, my dear.” One could believe that Bhorras head would explode after all his grinning and laughing. Eshi flew to the door, and slammed it open, walking out, also her without any clothes whatsoever. She pointed her right index finger at Karl. “One of these days I swear I will push you overboard!” she yelled at him, and Karl bowed at this. “I know, missy.”

    Eshi darted back into the cabin and slammed the doors closed. A smirk appeared on her lips as she slowly walked towards her husband. “How about a kiss, Ser Pirate?” she asked and Bhorras shook his head. “I think I’ll abstain, da-” before he could finish Eshi charged at him, throwing him down the soaked bed. But Bhorras didn’t care about that for long. Water hasn’t killed me yet. Instead, the 2 kissed passionately in the bed for a time.

    After a while, Eshi stopped slowly and jumped off him and lay beside him on the bed instead. The 2 just breathed for a while, looking up on the wooden roof, hearing someone's heavy footsteps above them. Both lay on their backs, and almost simultaneously they turned their heads toward each other, looking into each other's eyes. “What do you think we will find, Bho?” she asked him, with a hint of uncertainty. Bhorras shot her a confident smile. “You know, my dear… I really have no clue. Not much is known East of Qarth, and next to nothing is known east of the Mossovy, the Grey Waste or Asshai. I’d like to see what exists there.” he spoke and turned his gaze back to the roof.

    Eshi couldn’t help but get excited instead of uncertain. Bhorras knew that she was worried that so much could happen to the 2 of them during this adventure, but that uncertainty lost against her excitement to maybe write history one day. “It’s exciting, is it not?” she spoke, excitement shining in her eyes. “Yes.. Let’s hope we can find this sellsword company you spoke off.” Now Bho was the one who sounded more worried. “Do not worry. If Burtis is alive, they will help us. He owes me.”

    “Dare I ask what you did to earn a favour from a sellsword?” he looked back at his wife, and could just not believe how lucky he was to have met her. She shot him a quick smile and then looked at the door out to the deck instead of the roof or her husband. “I think it’s best not to, Bho.”

    “That bad, huh.. How about we get us some rum?” Bho asked and sat up in bed. “I’d rather drink your blood if I am being honest.” Eshi sighed. “Well, I think my blood might be quite filled with Rum.” he replied with a smirk and Eshi sat up in bed as well and rested her head on Bhorras left shoulder. She gave him a playful hit on the arm. “Smartarse.” she muttered with a hint of a smile.

    “What do you say we put some clothes on?” Bho stood up, and almost slipped thanks to the puddle of water that had been collected there. Eshi quite visibly suppressed a laugh as she herself stood up, albeit more careful than her husband. “I’d rather stay in here.” she said and Bho tilted his head slightly. “Really?” he asked her to which she nodded her head rapidly with an almost begging expression. “Too bad, my dear.” he teased her and she hit him hard on his chest. “Hey now..” he mumbled with a smile. “You awful tease!” she told him and hit him again, albeit this time not even close as hard.

    “Well, how about this then, my absolute dearest husband… I have an idea - Just till we have dried up - that I think you might enjoy.” she grabbed his hand, and gently dragged it to a small other bed in the cabin. “You do have a point... Just until we dry up, okay?” Bhorras wanted a confirmation from his wife, who nodded. “Just until we dry up…”

    1 hour later they were dressed after trying Eshi’s “idea” for quite some time. “What a nice idea that was.” Bhorras concluded with a smile as he put on his belt. Eshi shot him a smirk. “I know. But then again, when did I ever have a bad idea?” she asked him while putting on some black vest-like clothing on top of her armless shirt. "Well, I can at least easily remember… about a million times.” Bho responded, and Eshi turned towards her man. “Name one.”

    “That brothel in Oldtown you almost burned to the ground when you thought that candles all around was a good idea?” he gave an example, but also ended it as a bit of a question. Eshi smirked. “That was under your influence, Ser.” she returned and Bho chuckled for a few seconds. “Don’t you dare tell me that you don’t have a free will of your own.” he waved his finger back and forth while saying this. Eshi bit her lip, knowing fully well that Bho won this argument.

    She went for a sea-blue, dirty bandana she wore from time to time, and Bhorras absolutely despised it. He pointed his finger right at her. “Do not, Eshi.” she looked at him with a grin, slowly lifting it up. “Tell me that you influenced that decision in Oldtown.” she hissed and held it over her head, ready to put it on. Foul play! The guts on that woman!... Is why I love her.. he thought, his mouth a thin line, contemplating whether he would have to see his wife wandering about with that god awful bandana around her luscious hair, or if he would colour himself defeated. He decided for the latter, planning to maybe throw it overboard tomorrow when she sleeps.

    “Fiiine. I influenced you... Somewhat, in your decision.” She held it over her head for a few more seconds, building tension before finally throwing it back on the box it rested on before. “As usual, I am right.” she smirked and walked out of her captain’s cabin. The captain himself followed shortly thereafter...

    The sun had moved upwards, not casting quite as much sunlight on Bhorras when he walked out. The crewmembers had already hoisted the green-red sails who had taken up the wind and in a good speed, they moved towards Braavos. “I’ll go and see what food we’ll get for today, Ser Captain.” she gave him a quick kiss and then walked below deck. Karl walked up to his captain and gave him a nod to greet him. “You lived to sail another day, Karl.” Karl gave him a quick, obviously forced chuckle. “No thanks to ye, Cap'n. Ye will be the death of me, mark me words.”

    “It’s not unlikely to think that I may be the death of all of us when we travel to unexplored land. Hells, only the trip there will be hard. Old Valyria, Great Moraq and Asshai, all dangerous places.” he spoke, and Karl nodded. “Aye, but we chose this life, Cap’n. I am with ye till the end.” he slammed his hand on Bho’s back and started heading up the stairs to the quarterdeck when all crewmembers heard the sound they had been waiting for all morning. Eshi was likely hitting some steel with a hammer like she does and all knew that meant food. They all rushed down, Karl certainly was hungry, for he almost fell down the stairs when he headed for the hold of the ship. “If ye are in me way I throw ye overboard!” he screamed as he pushed his way through them.

    Bhorras himself waited until it had calmed down, he calmly walked down the hatch and into the hold and there he noted most men eating some sort of soup. Fish soup in rum, surely. “How about I get some more, girl?” one of the younger men on the ship spoke. He had been recruited when they left Oldtown to travel to Braavos. He had short blonde hair, but you could think he has brown hair, thanks to him never washing it. Blue eyes. Not very muscular built, and certainly not stronger than the Captain or the Quartermaster. Seven hells, he probably wasn’t any stronger than Karl even, and Karl isn’t precisely known to be the most muscular man on the crew.

    A sleazy man, Morden was. Bho or Eshi wasn’t sure why they recruited him. He was not kind to anyone, whiny, playing tough, appearing much more masculine than anyone would believe. But there was just something about him that intrigued them. There was more to him than meets the eye. The worst thing is that he has a pretty high pitched voice, so when he tries to make demands you’d rather laugh at him than get frightened.

    “How about I throw you in the bilge and let you drink that old, pissy water?” she returned, a few of the crewmembers chuckled. She sounded a hundred times more manly than Morden and she didn’t even try. He quieted down, staring down his wooden bowl with soup as he sat down alone in a corner. “Landlubber!” Karl shouted after him, mouth filled with rum and fish. Bhorras walked in and grabbed a wooden bowl. “May I have some soup, dearest wife?” he smiled and received some soup, just as much as all the others. “Of course, dearest husband.” the last bit of hot soup she poured on his hand, and while he resisted to scream out he almost dropped it. “Not nice!” he sat down next to her and spoke that in a low tone.

    Eshi suppressed a laugh but not a smile before she finally got around to eat as well. The whole crew sat quietly in the hold and ate their food that the cook, George, made them. He insisted to be called by his last name, which he himself came up with 2 years ago. Ser George Crum, he insists to be called, or at the very least Ser Crum or Ser George. He had quite a massive brown moustache which just started to grey. He has very short brown-grey hair and dark blue, melancholy eyes. He wore completely white clothing and a white large bandana which he has made into a hat. Baggy cheeks, baggy body really. Ser Crum likes his body very much and if someone would call him fat he’d be sure to slip some rotten fish into their meals. Crum himself was just about as white and pale as his clothes until he was recruited to this crew. He had gotten some colour, but still quite pale.

    He was a proud man, and would not tolerate anyone joking or talking ill of his food. That just is not acceptable anywhere near hi- “What is this piss you are serving?!” Morden spat out a large bone from the salmon he just ate. George calmly stood up with a large wooden spoon in his hand and dragged his feet as he walked towards Morden. “Oh, lords.” Eshi whispered to Bho who awaited George’s rage patiently.

    “Take out the damn bones from the fis-” Morden didn’t get to finish before being slammed with one strike from the wooden spoon. Right across Morden’s face George slammed his spoon, hard enough for Morden to fall to the ground, and of course, all the hot soup spilt right on his face.

    “Rude.” George spoke with a calm voice and walked back to where he sat before. Morden screamed of pain of the hot soup in his eyes and most of the crewmembers laughed heavily as well. Weirdly enough, Bho and Eshi did not. The both of them usually would laugh hysterically at such an event, but there was just something about this Morden, both of them pitied him. They wanted to know more about the lad, and they hoped he would tell them at some point.

    A braavosi pirate walked by Morden with an empty wooden bowl. He had been on the ship for about a year, but he liked keeping to himself. He was not shy by any means, but he just enjoys being by himself. His name was Vyror. Rather fair skin, short blue hair and a pinkish short beard and green bloodthirsty eyes. He loves a good fight. Going into early 30s, most of his teeth had been lost in quarrels, and the teeth still there were rotting rather nicely. “Cap’n. Quarter Master.” he greeted them while walking past them and both of them nodded at him. “We should do something about his teeth.” Bhorras mumbled to his wife with a hint of a smile. “Golden teeth, mayhaps.” she replied with a smile.

    They recruited 3 men in Oldtown. Morden, and 2 maesters who are here to document everything new. Bho noted that one of the maesters, the older fellow was present, but the other was not. “Maester Mason.” he spoke to the bald, clean-shaven, pale older fellow without an iris whatsoever, only a black dot in his white eyes. It’s quite disturbing, to be honest, and the Maester wouldn’t speak of it. His body was covered by brown maester robes, as well as the chain of 16 links hanging over his shoulder. “Captain Bhorras.” he politely replied with his northern accent while chewing on some fish.

    “Where is Maester Addam?” Bhorras asked him. Maester Mason shrugged. “Acolyte Addam.” Mason corrected him. “I haven’t seen the boy since yesterday evening.” he continued, finishing the last of is soup. He clearly did not enjoy the soup. A close eye on Crum he always kept, carefully studying the cook. “Well, I’m sure he will show up eventually.” Bho answered and the Maester looked at Bho, and it made Bho shiver. Those eyes are horrific! “He must. Without him we cannot document half as much as we could with him…” the Maester spoke and put down the bowl on the floor.

    Mason stood up on slightly shaky legs, grabbing a nearby barrel. “I will return to my hut.” Bho stood up as well, extending a hand. “Let me help you, Maester.” he wagged his hand at him, stubborn to do it on his own, but taking another step almost made him fall to the floor. “I need you to live through this trip, Maester. I’m helping you.” Bho decided, grabbing the Maester’s arm, who only sighed. “You clearly don’t have the sea-legs we experienced seafarers have yet.” Bho concluded as they stepped over some old, dirty rope.

    Once away from the rest of the crew, Mason had at least straightened his legs, trying his best to stand tall. “You might just be the kindest seafarer I’ve met, Captain Bhorras.” he revealed and Bho gave him a curious look. “How come?” he asked him, and the Maester’s eyes filled with melancholy. “Every other seafarer have mocked me and ridiculed me for not walking well on ships. You and your wife are the first to not do that, and I am thankful.. May I just ask, Captain, why the rest of the crew is so very kind as well. They are not even that kind to each other.”

    Bho shot him a witty smirk, slowly walking over a few loose planks. “I told them to not lay a finger on you. I told them to not laugh at you. I want you to feel welcome here, Maester Mason, and I hope that you will.” he replied and the Maester nodded. “I see. That other young fellow is not getting the same treatment.” he said and the Maester must have spoken of Morden. Bho was quiet for a short while, before answering. “He is a different case. You have wit about you, he doesn’t. I brought him on for I saw something else in him, beneath that character he pretends to be there is a real man, scared for what the world might offer him.”

    “Well, let’s hope he reveals himself in tim-.” the maester stopped himself when he stepped in something sticky. Blood it was. Red and fresh. “Have any of your men been fighting recently?” The maester asked him, now wary of his surroundings. Bho looked down on it, concluding that it must have been more than a fight, judging by the amount of blood. “Perhaps, but this was more than a simple brawl, maester. Stay on your guard.”

    Bho noted a trail of blood leading to the front of the ship, and he followed it, keeping the Maester close to him. Why the hell is the Maester smelling garlic? Bho thought and decided to ask him. “Do you like garlic, Maester?” Bho questioned him, as they rounded a corner. “Absolutely not. There is nothing I despise more. Sadly, I have to drink a garlic mixture for my aching legs.” he explained, and Bho kneeled down to touch the blood. * Fresh... Must be the same.*

    “I see. Does it help?” Bho barely listened to the Maester, he examined the blood more than anything else. “For the moment, yes… I suppose you smell the garlic odour from me.” the Maester concluded as he put a hand against a wall. “I do. It really is a disgusting smell.” he spoke with a hint of a smirk, as he grabbed the Maester again, following the blood trail. The maester let out a coarse chuckle. “Imagine me then. Having to live with the scent.”

    Bho heard that the Maester spoke, but not what he spoke, for he saw 2 feet sticking out of a hut. He froze, dragging his shortsword, ready for a fight. The Maester himself looked questioning at Bho, and then he looked around, finally noticing the 2 feet. He lost his composure and sank in height. This made him look a lot older than he was, but Bho also realized that he kept his composure in front of the crew to look younger and agiler than he was. Bho looked at the feet again and noted robe around the legs, something the maester no doubt already had seen.

    “We have a murderer among us.” the maester sighed. The tone of his voice said it all. He knew it was Maester Addam. They walked closer, revealing the rest of the corpse. To their surprise, it wasn’t a corpse. Addam was still breathing. Bho kneeled down next to Addam and sat him upright. The poor boy was stabbed in the stomach, twice, Bho gathered. His whole back was sticky with blood. His already pale northern skin was even paler now, thanks to the bloodloss, and his blue, scared eyes could barely keep open. His breathing was not good, which was to be expected. He sighed and groaned and moaned in pain when Bho sat him up.

    “What can we do here, Maester?” Bho asked him while pressing both hands on the wounds. The maester stood completely still in shock. Clearly, he had accepted the fact that Addam was dead, and was not in the least ready to see that he still lived. “Maester!” he shouted at him, and the Maester snapped back at it. “Put him in my bed.” he decided and pointed with a shaky finger on the old bed that he had received. Part from Bho’s and Eshi’s bed the only actual bed around is the one the Maester got.

    Bho lifted the skinny acolyte without problem and put him in the bed. “And now you need?” Bho asked, and the maester thought for a second, then he closed his eyes. “Heated steel.” he spoke, and Bho tilted his head at him. The maester turned around and noticed this. “I have to melt the skin together. He has lost too much blood for me to stitch it. Find me heated steel, and do so quickly.”

    Bho walked out of the hut. “KARL!” he shouted from the top of his lungs. A faint “Cap’n.” could be heard, then heavy footsteps came closer and closer. Albeit only running for about 10 seconds, Karl was ready to lie down and rest for 10 minutes when he arrived. “Cap’n” he breathed heavily. “You go, and you find heated steel this instance!” Bho ordered him, and without question, he shot him a nod and rumbled away.

    In a second Bho was back in the hut, and the Maester had put forward some Milk of the Poppy. However, In this exact moment, he ripped off the robe of Addam to examine the wounds. They were deep, but Addam sighed in relief. “You lucky boy.” he mumbled. Bho walked up just behind him. “What?” he asked.

    “It seems it missed all his vital organs.” he spoke with a calmer voice than before. Heavy footsteps stomped in the distance. Karl’s coming, can’t be anyone else. “Cap’n!” Yepp, it’s Karl. He ran into the hut, wielding a massive steel rod that glowed red on the end. “Here ye go.” he handed the cool end of the rod to Bho and Bho handed the cool end of the rod to the Maester. Karl now noticed Addam and the blood. “Shiver me timbers..” he mumbled with widened eyes.

    Maester Mason forced milk of the Poppy down Addam’s throat, and he stopped groaning almost immediately. With precision, he melted the skin of Addam, and he probably didn’t feel it. The milk calmed him down a lot, but he fainted about the same time as he got the milk, so it did not matter too much. The Maester turned about and pointed on a bottle with some liquid in it. Bho went for the green, transparent bottle and quickly handed it over to the Maester. He poured it all at Addam’s stomach, and then he did his best to spin clean cloth around the stomach.

    After it was done, Addam was still unconscious but breathing and pale as a bloody ghost. The Maester sat next to him. Karl stood, still catching his breath properly. Bho put a hand on the Maester. “I will find the man who did this.” he reassured him and walked over to Karl. “We must find who did this.” he spoke to Karl, and Karl nodded. “Aye, Cap'n... Do ye have a plan to find the scallywag?” To this, Bho slowly smirked. “I do.” he revealed and turned his head to the Maester, eyeing him...

    “Hearties! Thank you all for gathering so quickly.” Bhorras started, where he stood on the quarterdeck. Behind him stood Eshi and Karl and below on deck stood the rest of the crew, save for the Maester and Acolyte Addam. “I learned, as of this morning, that the young maester had a hidden agenda. He was going to send information to other pirates, and they were going to kill us.” The crew started to murmur. “I could kill him and put him in my stew.” Crum said with a raised arm which he held a large wooden spoon he always brings.

    “Aye!” Several pirates agreed, with them Vyror. “It would be nice with something else than salmon soup.” Karl muttered low enough for only Bhorras and Eshi to hear, and Bho couldn’t help but shoot him a smile, and so did Eshi. Bho raised his hands to quiet the crew down. “No need, Ser Crum. In fact, when I walked down to kill him myself, I already found him stabbed several times in the stomach. Overjoyed, I was!” he finished in a jovial tone and the crew cheered.

    “What I want to know is who it was that killed the man. For you have my thanks.” Several men raised their hands, and Bho sighed. “Truthfully! You who lie will be thrown overboard.” Bho threatened them, and all but one took down their hands. Vyror’s hand stayed up. With a proud smirk he moved forward in the crowd. “‘Twas me, Cap'n.” voice filled with pride. Bho waved at him. “Come up here, Vyror.” Vyror walked up the stairs to the quarterdeck. Bho shot him a fake smile and patted him on his back. “Good work, Vyror!” his voice filled with fake gratitude. Karl and Eshi smiled at Vyror as well, thanking him for what he did.

    “Can I just ask you why you did it, Vyror?” Bho asked him and guided him towards one of the sides of the quarter-deck, looking out on the narrow sea. Bho looked at the Titan, noting that they would reach Braavos in the next hour at most. “He was being a piece of work, he was. He wouldn’t answer me questions.” Bho gave him a questioning look. “Is that all?” Vyror nodded. “Aye, Cap'n.”

    “Let me tell you something then, Vyror..” Bho started and his face turned from the cheerful face he had shown Vyror before to a cold, flat face. “Well, tell me cap’n…” clearly without any patience whatsoever. “Addam lived.” with a voice cold as ice, Bho spoke up. Vyror looked confused. “Wha-” before he could continue, Bho grabbed Vyror by his legs, lifted him up with all his strength and threw him overboard. Vyror let out a deep scream before he hit the water, and the scream died down. When he resurfaced from the water he cursed and shouted at Bho.

    “I would have prefered to see him walk the plank.” Karl mumbled and Eshi nodded. “Agreed.” both she and Bho said together, and the 2 exchanged a quick smile and a kiss. The crew was shouting, wondering what that was for. “Alright, alright.” Bho calmed them down to explain. “I lied. Addam is not a traitor, Vyror was.” Bho revealed to his crew. “How was he a traitor, if I might ask?” Crum asked Bho. “You may. He stabbed Addam for nothing. I brought them on the ship, promising to protect them. I failed with that. The least I could do was finding the man who almost killed the poor lad.” Few crew members nodded, others just walked back to their duties.

    Bho was lucky to be well liked by his crew. Otherwise, there would have been no telling what they had done. Another lucky thing was that no one really cared for Vyror. He had fought many of the crewmembers, and Bho himself had knocked out a tooth or 2 from Vyror. Most crewmembers probably enjoyed seeing that. It showed that their captain still was capable to throw members overboard if they disobeyed or betrayed him. No one would feel safe with a man murdering people at night.

    Bho softly grabbed Eshi’s arm and pulled her close. “What do you say we head down to the Captain’s cabin one last time before our arrival in Braavos?” he asked his wife, who looked astonishing when the sunlight hit her from the side. “I’d like that, Ser Captain.” she replied. Gods, I am so very lucky. “Karl.” Bho didn’t turn his gaze from his wife, but he could hear Karl turning around with a sigh. “I’ll keep us afloat while ye fuck.” Karl bluntly confirmed. Eshi smiled at him. “You are too good for us, Karl.”

    Karl chuckled. “That’s not what I heard this morning, missy.” Eshi let out an audible sigh, and discreetly stomped on Bhorras foot. Bho don’t know what she hit on his foot exactly, but it hurt like 7 hells. “Do not remind me.”

    “That was very nice, dear husband.” Eshi spoke. They had both, for the second time today put on all the clothes. Alden Long-eye, a one-eyed 40-year old riverlander pirate had entered the cabin in the middle of their session, announcing that they had arrived in Braavos. “I will kill Karl.” Eshi had mumbled after Alden left.

    Alden had gotten the name ‘Long-eye’ for how far he can see with his eye. He was usually the one seated in the Crow’s Nest and enjoyed greatly to be there. Red short hair but a big bushy beard would be all the hair on his head. His one eye the same colour as his hair.

    The 2 walked out through the doors, and indeed they had arrived in Braavos. First thing Bho did was turn around to look at the Titan. Magnificent and massive. How in the hells did they build that? Bho thought to himself. “Maybe we should find our way up there before we leave.” Eshi suggested. “Maybe we should.” Bho agreed.

    The lagoon was filled with isles, dozens upon dozens of them, smaller and bigger. It’s quite an interesting city, Bhorras must admit. The whole city just being many, many isles connected through bridges. The Cinnamon Wind docked at Ragman’s Harbour. “Karl. Wifey and I will find the sellsword company. See if you find a Harbourmaster or something like that.” Bho ordered Karl and Karl nodded. “Aye aye, Cap’n.”

    They climbed down a board Bho put down to get to the docks. Bho held Eshi’s hand the way down so she wouldn’t fall. “I can walk down myself you know.” she insisted, but Bho wouldn’t let go. I have half a mind throwing her in the water. he thought, amused to do another stunt at her. In the end, he abstained from it. “Perhaps I just want to feel your skin, my little fish.” Eshi shot him a smile. Eshi had reached the docks, and Bho started to walk down the wooden board.

    Eshi jerked her arm, causing him to almost fall down in the water. He managed to land his feet on the dock and jerked his own arm and pulled her close. “I’d like to confess something.” Bho revealed with a little smirk. “Whaaat?” Eshi spoke, playing cute so Bho wouldn’t throw her in the sea. “I thought about throwing you into the sea just now, but I didn’t, for I am too kind.” Eshi shook her head. “You’re kind, that is true, but the reason you wouldn’t throw me in the river is that you.. are.. a.. wimp.”

    “I am not.” Bho protested, and Eshi started to drag her of the docks into the city of Braavos. “No matter. Let’s find the sellswords I know.”

    For an hour they walked about in Braavos, past old houses, over bridges, until they stopped in front of a large tavern. “This is it.” Eshi concluded. The tavern was made of old wood starting to rot. They walked through the door, that was sure to be no more in the foreseeable future. You had to open it very carefully to not break it.

    Gods, the stench! Bho thought as he walked through the door. The smell of rot, old mead and men who have waited to long since they bathed last time hit Bho like a wall when he entered. “This place will fall any second, Eshi.” Bho remarked, taking a step further in. The floor creaked. “Stop whining, Bho.” she hissed in a joking manner. Bho was surprised to see how many actually sat in this rotten so-called tavern. All seats were filled. A few barmaids walked about taking orders from everyone. “Why don’t you go and get yourself something to drink while I find Burtis?” Eshi asked him, but it was more of a command really.

    “I’d rather drink my own piss... But fine.” Bhorras agreed with a sigh and Eshi gave him a few soft light smacks on his cheek. “That’s my boy.” she spoke and left him with a quick kiss on the cheek. Bho pushed his way through the crowd till he found a barmaid. Pretty lass, redhead, blue eyes, fair skin and high cheekbones. No older than 16, with a grey-brown barmaid clothing. “Lass.” Bho had her attention before he even spoke up.

    “Carla.” she revealed. “Carla. Could you get me the man in charge? I have some serious complaints.” Bho spoke and Carla tilted her head, smirking. “What complaints would you like to make?” she asked him with a soft voice. Bho realized then and there that she owned the place, and he couldn’t help but grin. “You must forgive me, dear. You didn’t strike me as a person to own a tavern.” Bho apologized with a hand on his heart. “Yeah, I get that a lot.” she said and waved at him to follow. “Do you?” Bho questioned her as they walked past a few tables. She looked over her shoulder at him with a shy smile. “No, I don’t.” she shook her head.

    “I assume you’d like a drink?” she asked, picking up a wooden mug as rotten as the establishment she runs. He lifted the mug and put it as far away from him as he could. “I’d prefer to drink from the jar.” Bhorras dictated and with an uncertain look she put down the jar of mead on the bar table they stood at. Bhorras lifted the jar and tasted it. He had to do his absolute best to swallow it. The piss-coloured mead in his mouth had a lump in it. Oh gods, give me rum.

    “When he had grimaced for about a minute and finally gotten through his one sip Carla had raised an eyebrow. “Wow.” she uttered and Bho shook his head. “Do you have rum?” he wondered. “I do not... Are you a pirate?” she realized now. The clothing, how he talked and rum obviously made it clear to her. “Aye.”

    Her eyes lit up with excitement. She moved closer and lowered her voice considerably. “Could I come with you? Please?” she begged him. “I hate it here. My mom... died a year ago and I had to take over, but I cannot bear it anymore.” she revealed, every word more and more begging. “We are embarking on a very dangerous journey, lass. One that many of my crewmates may not return from. Are you ready for that?” he tried to make it sound as dangerous as he could without lying to see if she has guts. “Aye aye captain!” she agreed excitedly.

    “You say cap’n, Carla. Not Captain.” Bhorras explained to her, and she nodded. “Cap’n, okay. I’ll remember that!” she spoke and hugged the captain. “Thank you!” she mumbled while pressed against him, and Bhorras, a little uncomfortable, patted her a few times on the back. “Getting too old for you, am I?” Bho immediately recognized his wife’s voice.

    Carla let go of Bho, and he turned around to face his wife. “You will never grow too old, Eshi.” they kissed quickly, and then turned to Carla. “Who is this girl?” Eshi asked her husband. “Eshi, meet our newest crewmember, Carla. She owns this place, but she doesn’t want to.” he explained to his wife, who nodded. “Alright… Carla, why don’t you run along to Ragman’s Harbour and find our ship. Green-red sails.” Eshi told Carla, who nodded excessively. “I’ll just gather some things, and then I’ll head out.”

    “Come along, Ser Pirate, I have found him.” she took his arm and steered him the way. “She was cute.” Eshi admitted to Bho, who looked at his wife. “Sure. I’m afraid this life will not be for her, but we will see.” Bho replied and a booming laughter close to them was heard. “Maybe she can brighten up things at least.” Eshi said and stopped. “Maybe. Is that the man?” he wondered and pointed at the man who clearly was the man with the booming laugh.

    He was quite tall, surely towering Bhorras even. Long blonde hair and a thick beard of the same colour. Several scars covered his face, with one almost taking one of his brown eyes, and his nose had been broken several times for sure. He looked rather intimidating, but the laughter Bho had heard said otherwise.

    The man next to him had a similar thick beard and long hair, but it was brown instead of blonde. He as well was tall and had several scars close to his blue eyes. But they didn’t really look alike apart from their hair and beard, despite the different colour. The brown-haired one had the pale skin of a northerner, but the blonde man had more of the fair skin of a southerner. The blonde one looked like he was in his early 40’s, and the other man looked to be mid-40’s more. The blonde man noticed Eshi, and welcomed her with open arms. “Eshi!” he started. “You look.. a little rounder around the stomach.” What a welcoming speech. Bho thought.

    “So do you.” Eshi returned, but that wasn’t really true. There wasn’t much fat on his body, surely not beneath all that chainmail he wore. “All the mead has to take its toll.” he joked and laughed. “It’s good to see you, Burtis.”

    “Now, let’s get straight to business. I need you and the other swords in the sellsword company you’re in.” she was direct, just like she always is. She sat down right in front of Burtis. “We will need protection, and you-” Burtis cut her off. “-I owe you one, yes. And I’ll follow. But first I think introductions are in order.” He had turned his gaze to Bhorras. “You are Bhorras?” he asked him, and Bho nodded. “Your girl here spoke very warmly of you when we worked together. It’s a pleasure, Bhorras. I am Burtis Rayner.”

    “And I am Brandon Beartilde, the leader of the Stolen Swords.” Brandon extended his hand, and Bhorras shook it firmly. “A pleasure.” Bho uttered and let go of the hand. “Alright. You have my help, Eshi. I am hoping you have Brandon’s as well..?” Burtis said it as more of a statement turning into a question while he turned his eyes to his friend. Brandon lifted both his hands. “If that is what you wish. We don’t have much to do anyhow, as you can see.” he joked and lifted his rotten mug of disgusting mead and drank. Bhorras lost his appetite only seeing someone else drink it. “Good.” Eshi smiled and took a mug of her own and started to drink. Oh gods. She will not be kissing me tonight.

    “Do you want a mug?” Burtis asked Bho, who politely shook his head. “I think I’ll pass, thank you.” Brandon shrugged. “Your loss.” he muttered and drank. My gain, more like.

    “I’ll return to the ship, Eshi.” he held her hand, and let go of it. “We will be there shortly, love.” Eshi replied and Bhorras walked off. He did turn around however. “Oh, and we only have rum on the ship, so if you want that mead you are drinking you’ll have to bring a few barrels of your own.” Bho told them and Burtis nodded. “We don’t have the coin to by that amount of mead.” Brandon complained and drank the last mead in his mug. “Do not worry.. This place recently went out of business. All mead is free..” Brandon gave him a curious look, and Bho walked out of the building. “What do you mean by that?” Brandon shouted after him, but Bho just left.

    “Karl.” The second he stepped on his ship again he noted Karl, speaking to a man he did not know. A young boy, not a day over 20. Brown curly hair, blue eyes and not a scar to be seen on his face. He wore some fine clothing. A purple tunic and Brown pants. Bhorras noted that he missed his left middle finger. “Who is this?” Bho wondered and put a hand on Karl’s shoulder. Karl himself pointed his hand towards the young man. “This here is our newest crewmember. Martin.” Karl revealed. Bho looked at Martin who held 2 smaller axes in his hands. He spun the axes between his fingers, trying to impress Bho, who only smirked at this.

    “A great honour to be part of this crew, Captain.” Martin spoke. How hard is it to say Cap’n? He let go of one off the axes to shake Bhorras’ hand. Bhorras took the hand and shook it. “Do you know how to wield those axes, Martin?” Bho let go of Martin’s hand, and Martin picked up his other axe again. “I can fuck people up with them, yep.” Bho looked at Martin for a few seconds, completely quiet. Then he shot him a fake smile and a thumbs up. “Fantastic.” he lied and turned his gaze to Karl. “Karl. A word.” They walked up to the front of the ship, to be alone. “Who is this boy?” Karl shrugged to this question. “He was the Harbourmaster, he was. He begged on his knees to become part of the crew. I let him.”

    “Really?” Bho wanted a confirmation, and Karl nodded. “I had a very similar encounter with the owner of the tavern I visited. She should be on here as well.” Bhorras explained to Karl, and Karl nodded, like he already knew. “A fine-lookin’ lass, she is.” Karl admitted. “She’s to young for you, Karl. But no matter, I’d like you to keep a good eye on the 2 of them, just to be s-” Bho was interrupted by a hoarse voice from the docks. “Cap’n Bhorras.” immense power in his voice. Bhorras gave Karl a look and then walked over to see the docks properly. “I’ll be sure to keep a good eye on the lass.” Bho could hear Karl mutter. “Who’s asking?” Bho replied when he saw the man on the dock.

    Short black greasy hair, short black beard. He was of a bulky build, and moderately tall. His tanned skin gave him away to be from Essos, but Bho couldn’t tell from exactly where. His hazel eyes eyed Bhorras carefully. “Captain Gregoro Baakaris. I’ve come to strike a deal.” he revealed without any facial expression whatsoever. Bho waited a few seconds, believing Gregoro would continue, but he didn’t. “Go on.” Bho told him, and finally, Gregoro did.

    “I am ready to protect you and your company, for the right coin.” he proposed, walking back and forth on the docks, never letting his eyes of Bhorras. “We don’t have a whole lot of coin, I’m afraid.” Bho replied, and Gregoro raised his hand. “That is fine, as long as you pay me and my crew after you are done with the journey.”

    It’s always nice with more protection.. But on the other hand, Bho’s crew surely would like all the booty for themselves. Handing over large sums of gold that they might not even find on the journey is a risky tactic. Bhorras doesn’t know what this Gregoro is capable of, after all.

    [Accept the Deal] [Decline the Deal]

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    [Decline the Deal]
    We don't know anything about this Gregoro or his men. We don't know what their motive could be for randomly offering protection for this mission. Eshi is already getting protection from a group she knows and trusts. This random group may have bad intentions for them.

    Also, I enjoyed this longer part introducing all these new characters. Bhorras and Eshi seems quite interesting. I hope we get to see more of their backstory. For example, how did Eshi go from being a Khaleesi to meeting and marrying Bhorras? I'm interested in seeing more from these characters.

    Bhorras I On the Narrow Sea Mysteries The Narrow Sea was calm tonight. No large waves, not much wind. Everything so calm and still.

  • Sorry for the late response. I had a prrtty hectic week!

    I'm thrilled to hear that you enjoyed the part and find characters interesting. Needless to say is that you will learn a lot about these characters in the future!


    [Decline the Deal] We don't know anything about this Gregoro or his men. We don't know what their motive could be for randomly offering pro

  • [Decline the Deal]

    Alright, I've got a pretty weird bug, which I had before in another thread, but that was in the old forums. For some reason, I don't get a notification for the thread. It is among my followed bookmarks, but there's no notification for any new post. Has been pure luck I saw the update. So, might be temporary, but for the time being, could you do me a favour and send me a PM any time you release a new part? I'd hate to not notice a new part for a whole week, especially as this is quite a nice one. Bhorras seems like an interesting PoV, quite the addition to our current PoV cast and I look forward to learn more about him and, as Tales said, his story with Eshi, because that seems to be quite a unique one.

    For once, I do have to leave a tiny bit of criticism, might be just personal preference, but I think it looks better if numbers are written out, so instead of 16 you have sixteen and so on. Nothing major, it didn't distract me from enjoying the part at all, just some feedback I'd like to share :)

    Bhorras I On the Narrow Sea Mysteries The Narrow Sea was calm tonight. No large waves, not much wind. Everything so calm and still.

  • That is a weird bug. I'll be sure to send you a PM until it is fixed.

    And for the criticism, I'll be taking that into account. I haven't really paid much attention to it, but I do see your point, especially since I think that I from time to time write it in numbers and sometimes in letters. I agree that it looks better.

    From now on, I promise to not write out a single number in the story. Shall it happen, I will... Well, I will replace the number with letters. Seriously though, it's nice that you tell me this. I thank you for the feedback! :3

    [Decline the Deal] Alright, I've got a pretty weird bug, which I had before in another thread, but that was in the old forums. For some r

  • [Accept the Deal]

    I mean sure they're not trustworthy , but who knows when danger lurks around .
    And if they win , i'm sure they'll have plenty of gold for their men.

    Bhorras I On the Narrow Sea Mysteries The Narrow Sea was calm tonight. No large waves, not much wind. Everything so calm and still.

  • The Voting is Closed!

    Y'all will decline Gregoro's deal. How Gregoro will feel about this will be revealed next time we see Bhorras.

    Next part will be up later today or early tomorrow. We will meet Cat again for the first time this chapter. Most of the part will play out at the same time as the Epilogue. Last time we saw her we saw a lot of new faces asking for Queen Elaena's help. Roland Marbrand, who wanted more patrols along the Kingsroad with the growing Bandit-threat. Stan, a sour man to say the least. He had lost his family thanks to living on the border between The South and The Riverlands, and demanded Elaena to help the North taking down the Riverlands, which she confirmed she will. Selyne, a young woman who lost her house and begged for help, and Elaena made her a cleaner of the Red Keep. High Septon Corvin talked about the religious fanatics of King's Landing, and Elaena promised that the City Guard would do better now, with new management. Lastly, we met Eylon, a blind innkeeper begging for help with his inn, which Elaena accepted, sending a few honest men with him.

    After that, Laemond walked in through the halls, revealing that he was attacked by Northerners (which we obviously know is false, since Y'all read the 2 Epilogues), which may cause Elaena to go to war with the North.

    That is probably my longest recap so far, but I think it is needed.

    Now, a quick announcement Nothing big, just letting y'all know that Epilogue IV has been renamed from Winds of War to The Forgotten Lady. This due to I have completely re-planned that epilogue. Again, nothing big, just letting you know! :3


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