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Hey everybody, i already have a Fan-fic, but i also decided to make this idea which has been in my head for quite a while, this is not a fan-fic but a story in a world completely made up by me.

The story takes place in a far future in a far galaxy, Harvey is a bounty hunter who works for an organization called Thanatos, along with his best friend Trent, Thanatos takes care of pretty much any kind of work, as long you pay them of course, the organozation is used by a lot of rich people and even the goverment to do their dirty work, when a work is accepted Thanatos sends a team, comformed by 5 of their bounty hunters, each one with a role in the team.

The Strategic: He studies the situation, the vantage points and the targets strenght and weakenesess.

The Silent Assassin: He's an stealth expert, he mostly uses knifes, swords and sniper rifles.

The Technician: He takes care of pretty much anything that has to do with thecnolgy, hacking, interfering communitcations, etc.

The Gunner: He takes care of the heavy and violent work, he's an expert on any kind of weapons

The Medic: He takes care of the wounded team members, though his role is vital on the team, his position is often understimated by the others

Also as a rule, there must be at least one member of each gender in the team.

You can submit your characters like this:



Role in the team: (if he/she's part of Thanatos)

Race: (If it's not human please describe the race)



Extra Info:

Remember that the story is set on the future, there's lots of alien races and technlogy, unleash your imagination.

Characters Introduced:

Rebels: Vivienne Emprior, Harvey,Jerek Firkraag, Ne0 ,Moira Ikro, Hanran

Thanatos Team Jeff McClannon,Hook Norkm,Dan Eames, Luthor Griff, Hizzdahr Rezznak, Nadia Hernandez

The Keres: Deimos,Nekros,?,?,?

Other Characters: Senator Mykas, Jade, Elara Thryme, General Dim,Sophia


Characters Waiting to be Introduced: Astor Nero

Deceased Characters Characters (Spoilers): Bandit King, Harik Domes,Mr. Kravic ,Aerys Vicmar.,Trent

There will be 5 episodes.

Episode 1: White Lies COMPLETED

Episode 2: Fear ONGOING

Episode 3: Dead Man Walking SOON

Episode 4: Good Intentions SOON

Episode 5: A Fallen Hero SOON

Thanks :)

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  • Name: Hook Norkm

    Age: 18

    Role in the team: The Technician

    Race: Human

    Appearance: black short heddle hair , brown eyes , caucasian , 5,2 feet tall

    Personality: Nervous , Dumb , Funny

    Extra Info: He got abandoned when he was younger by his family and another person of the team adopt him

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    That sounds like a great idea for a story. I have one question though: Are we allowed to submit more than one character?

    Name: Elara Thryme

    Age: 25

    Role in the Team: Silent Assassin

    Race: Human

    Appearance: Elara is a slim and athletic woman in her mid-twenties. She is short, about 5'4 and very pale. She has green eyes and long black hair which she keeps in a bun. Though she has a bright smile, she rarely shows it, often having a cold expression on her face. While she can be considered pretty she does not really care for her appearance. She always moves very graceful and silent. She has several technical implants in her spine, arms and legs, that greatly enhance her agility, speed, strength and jumping height. These implants aren't visible, but highly beneficial to her. Slightly more visible is a retinal implant in her right eye that increases her sight and aim. She usually wears black clothes when she isn't on the battlefield.

    Personality: Elara is a calm, aloof and often easily annoyed woman who is fiercly independent and has a problem with authorities. She isn't talkative, but when she speaks she comes off as very sarcastic, a bit mean and slightly arrogant. Whenever someone around her makes a mistake, she mercilessly mocks him/her. She absolutley hates talking about her past, unless it is with good friends. Besides that she likes to appear completely ruthless. However, she isn't nearly as ruthless or arrogant as she likes to appear. She has a soft spot for weaker people, especially children and tries her best to keep them out of any trouble. She also cares deeply for her squadmates (not that she would ever admit it) and personally blames herself every time anyone she likes is killed or wounded. She is very bad at socializing with others and whenever she tries to initiate a normal conversation it ends awkward. It takes a lot for her to come out of her shell, but when she manages to make a friend, she tries her best to be a good friend. She has a surprising fondness for children and likes to read novels in her free time. As a result of her spinal implants she suffers from chronic back pain which she keeps under control with medication when she is on a mission.

    Extra info/Backstory: Elara, Ellie for her few friends, was born on the streets of a huge city. Her parents, who were homeless and very poor, couldn't afford to take care of her and left her to die as a newborn. She was saved by a petty criminal who's name was Booth. Booth took her in and raised her as his daughter and while he wasn't a very good father, Elara holds him in high regards. Booth taught her how to survive on her own and how to move in complete silence. She lived with him until she as ten years old. During that time she was already a skilled thief. Booth was working for a crime lord named Nito during this time and horribly failed a thievery for the crime lord. As a result, he was beaten to death by Nitos thugs and Elara was forced to finish the job in Booth's stead. She triumphed were her foster father failed and became Nitos favourite thief. Over the years, she rose in the ranks of his organisation, becoming an extremely skilled thief over the years. To further enhance her abilites, Nito forced her to undergo extensive surgery, which left her with state of the art implants in her bones. After this surgery, she also worked as an assassin for him. During all these years, she had one goal: She wanted to take revenge on Nito for killing her foster father. When she was twenty-three years old, her moment to strike came. She was alone with Nito, who fully trusted her, and quickly overpowered him. She then brutally tortured him to death. Afterwards she had to flee the planet, since Nitos associates tried to hunt her down. She joined Thanatos to have some sort of protection and quickly found out that her skills were highly useful for the organisation.

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    Yep, you can submit more than one character :)

    That sounds like a great idea for a story. I have one question though: Are we allowed to submit more than one character? Name: Elara Thry

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    So, I created two more characters and an alien race for you to use. Would be great to see some more people in here though. You could do some advertising (possibly in this thread : http://www.telltalegames.com/community/discussion/73577/advertise-your-fan-fiction-threads-updates-etc-from-forum-games-here) to make this more known :)

    Name: Jerek Firkraag

    Age: 48

    Role in the Team: The Gunner

    Race: Jerek is a Korth. The Korthians resemble bipedal, furless rams with very hard, shining black skin. They are a bit taller than humans, with 9 feet being an ordinary height. Every Korthian has two horns and the way they are shaped differs from Korth to Korth. Korthians are not necessarily stronger than normal humans, but have far greater potential for muscle growth, which results in them usually having superhuman strenght. Korthians usually aren't as smart as many other spacefaring races, but there are exceptions. Korthian scientist usually develop extremely innovative weapons. Most Korthians wear colourful facepaint, sometimes permanently painted into their skin. Calling a Korth a „goat“ is seen as a terrible insult and usually results in a severe fight breaking out. They were once a very proud race before they destroyed their own planet in a nuclear war. Today, Korthians have no home planet, most of them usually living either in small, secluded colonies that are distrusting to other races, or living as drifters, traveling from planet to planet, taking any job they may find.

    Appearance: Jerek is tall, even for a Korth, nearing ten feet in height. He is very muscular and has shining black skin. His horns are about 1 foot long and curved forward. He permanently wears red facepaint around his eyes. His eyes are deeply black without any white in it. Jerek has several deep scars all over his body.

    Personality: When Jerek is outside of the battlefield, he is cultivated, sociable and boisterous. He is very well-read and almost a genius for Korth standards. He likes to tell greatly exagerrated stories about his past adventures and shamelessly flirts with every unlucky woman that crosses his path. He also has a liking for strong alcohol and is a weapons expert. It almost seems as if Jerek isn't that bad. Whenever he is on a mission, his whole behaviour changes dramatically. He becomes violent, aggressive and cruel, showing no mercy to anyone and preferring to kill his targets, often in a very gruesome way. He is loyal to his team and would never deliberately hurt them badly.

    Backstory: Jerek was born into a family of mercenaries and raised on the battlefield. He killed his first man when he was 8 years old and immediately found a liking to it. When he was thirteen years old, he left his family and roamed the galaxy as a freelance bountyhunter. Over the next thirty years he became a famous bounty hunter. The extent of his adventures varies every time he tells them, but they always involve lots of shooting. Five years ago he was hired by Thanatos and hasn't regretted it, as long as he gets good payment and enough stuff to shoot at.

    Name: Luthor Griff

    Age: 31

    Role in the Team: The Medic

    Race: Human

    Appearance: Luthor is a very tall and thin man with long brown hair, which he keeps in a ponytail. He has a scruffy full beard and wears glasses. Usually he wears a white lab coat. He often mutters something to himself. Luthor suffers from a light case of stuttering. He also has a twitching eye

    Personality: Luthor is a brilliant man and groundbreaking medic, whose brilliance is slightly lowered by the fact that he has severe psychological problems. He has a problem talking to people and has severe OCD. He absolutely hates it when someone tries to tell him how to make his job. He is also severly anxious, having a severe problem when working under heavy fire. In his own way, he deeply cares for his squadmates and would do anything for them, except holding a real conversation for once. He is a very moral man and helps anyone in need, even if this means saving the life of a wounded enemy. He would also never sacrifice anyone. When standing his ground, he can be extremely brave, but it takes a lot to push him that far. While doing his job he is extremely calm and collected, but whenever he has nothing to do, he seems completely lost.

    Backstory: Luthor was born on a space station and became a brilliant medic soon in his career. His mental problems prevented a real career, however, and out of money problems he was forced to become a back-alley doctor in a poor district of a huge city. Here he was known to be extremely caring, charging only enough money to stay alive himself. He would rarely talk to the locals, however. One day, two years ago, he got into an attempted robbery and stood up against the robber. This got him a bullet in the stomach. He was saved by a member of Thanatos, who noticed the brilliant mind behind the weird man and offered him to work for Thanatos now. Luthor felt indebted and accepted this offer.

  • Thanks for the advice! =)

    So, I created two more characters and an alien race for you to use. Would be great to see some more people in here though. You could do some

  • you should post A New World too

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    Thanks for the advice!

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    Name: Nadia Hernandez

    Age: 27

    Role in the team: Silent assassin

    Race: Human (Hispanic)

    Appearance: At 5ft'2 Nadia can easily be overlooked as a non-threat at first sight, but at a very early age her space station saw potential in her and trained her to become a highly skilled assassin. She has olive skin and dark green eyes that are typically fixed in a cold glare. Has very short black hair that's almost shaved as they taught her in training that looks are an evil that aren't necessary when in combat, but could still be considered attractive by some. Has a small scar under her chin and a large scar that runs down her left leg she usually covered up with pants. I'm not too great at describing clothing or what the style is so I'll leave that to you. Very quick and light on her feet.

    Personality: Stand-offish. She tends to prefer being alone or with a small, close group of friends than a large crowd. She doesn't mean to come off as rude but she does, and usually regrets it when she talks to new people finding it rather awkward and difficult, it's possible that she was shaped this way because of how early she was cut off due to her training. Nadia is not the type to kill on impulse, while she isn't a premeditated killer she will think logically during a fight and attempt to kill if she believes it's her life or theirs.

    Extra: Good with throwing knives. She was sent to train as an assassin after she accidentally killed an older girl for making fun of her sister. Rather than having an executioner kill her 8 year old Nadia, they decided to mold her into what they wanted her to become. She regrets the killing not because she killed, but she never saw her family again.

  • Thanks :)

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    Name: Nadia Hernandez Age: 27 Role in the team: Silent assassin Race: Human (Hispanic) Appearance: At 5ft'2 Nadia can easily be

  • Hey, I would like to join this story :)

    Name: Jefferson McClannon

    Age: 62 years

    Role in the Team: The Strategist

    Race: Human

    Appearance: He is an old man but still very fit, he has short grey hair and a mustache. During a war he lost his right eye, right arm and right leg and has to use cybernetic protheses. The cybernetic arm and eye work fine, but the leg prothesis does not work properly and gives him a limp.

    Personality: He is very clever and pragmatic and thinks always like a tactician. He is also honorable and cares for his men like a father. He thinks he is useless in battle because of his prothesis. He is still very brave.

    Any other info: A former military officer, who was crippled during a war. After he was honorably discharged, he joined Thanatos to have a purpose.

    Name: NE0

    Age: 7 years

    Role in the Team: The Technician

    Race: Sentient A.I.

    Appearance: It is a robot that resembles an adult human made out of metal. It has no gender and refers to itself as „It“

    Personality: It was built to resemble a human, but is still inexperinced with human emotions. It tries to always think logical and rational and is highly confused whenever it experiences an emotion. It always tries to calculate the outcomes of a situation and has no sense of privacy.

    Any other info: It was created by Thanatos. Since it is an A.I, it doesn't matter if it's body is destroyed, since it has backup files saved on a computer in the Thanatos headquarters.

  • Name: Moria Ikro

    Age: 25 Memps years (15 human years)

    Role in the team: The Medic

    Race: Porjh. The Porjh are similar to human but with in 5 eyes and much taller than the human people. They also has green dark skin and healing powers

    Appearance: purple eyes , black long heddle hair , 7 feet tall

    Personality: Calm , Smart , Friendly

    Extra Info: Likes the fruit

  • Thanks :)

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    Hey, I would like to join this story Name: Jefferson McClannon Age: 62 years Role in the Team: The Strategist Race: Human Ap

  • Thanks!

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    Name: Moria Ikro Age: 25 Memps years (15 human years) Role in the team: The Medic Race: Porjh. The Porjh are similar to human but w

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    Hey everybody, while we wait for the remaining character, here's a little prologue


    -We have arrived to the location-Harvey said on his radio, he was accompanied by other three persons, all with one mission, to kill the head of an important drug cartel that have been operating on Luna’s second moon, Plena , it was your typical hideout , you know a warehouse on the docks, nothing suspicious for a big drug exchange .He took out a pair of binoculars, they were really big and seemed heavy, he hit a bottom on the side , a bip sound was heard and ta da he could now see inside the place.

    -What do you see?-Trent asked-

    -I see the target, he’s holding the case there’re three bodyguards. -Harvey replied-

    -You see “the client”?

    -Yeah, he’s getting outta the car now-the client was wearing a pair of weird looking sunglasses-

    -Ok dude, take the target to one of the windows.-Trent said through a radio to “ the client”-

    Trent prepared his sniper rifle, Harvey connected earphones to his binoculars, he put on one, and gave the other to Trent, they now could hear everything the client and the target said.

    -What’s even in that case?- Harvey asked

    -I don’t know ,Deimos didn’t tell me

    -Sir I think you should aim a little to the right, the wind is quite strong tonight- a womanly robotic voice coming from his sniper rifle said-

    -I know what I’m doing, Jade – Trent said very confident-

    -You should listen at her, she’s a sniper rifle after all -Harvey advised-

    -She’s just an AI programed to tell me what she THINKS it’s better, she can still be wrong.

    -You’re an honorable man Mr. Kravic –Trent and Harvey heard the client’s words through the earphones -

    -The signal!-Trent said- he’s in position.

    Trent squeezed the trigger and two shots were heard with 3 seconds of difference, the first shot was a drill like bullet that shattered the glass in hundreds of pieces and almost failed but luckily (well not that much for the target) went right through Mr. Kravic’s head killing him instantly, the second one was a blinding bullet, when it impacted on the floor a blinding light was instantly seen in the whole warehouse, it gave the client enough time to take the briefcase and run, the light didn’t affect him thanks to the sunglasses.

    -Elvis has left the building-Harvey said-

    -Who the fuck is Elvis?-Trent asked

    -He was a famous…never mind, just explodes the damn thing

    Immediately another of the men accompanying him pressed a button, and BUM! The warehouse was now a lot of pieces flying through the air.

    -Deimos the job is done- Harvey said through a communication device on his ear-

    -Understood, I will deposit the money on your bank account- Deimos said with a deep and distorted voice- Oh, and please come back as soon as possible, I have a really big job for you.

  • I really like that prologue. Looking forward for what is going to happen next :)

    btw, I think we only need one more character, a gunner, since there already are two technicians (supersagigs and janitors characters Hook and Neo) unless you need three of them.

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    Hey everybody, while we wait for the remaining character, here's a little prologue Prologue -We have arrived to the location-Harvey sa

  • Yeah, you're right, we only need one more character, Thanks :)

    I really like that prologue. Looking forward for what is going to happen next btw, I think we only need one more character, a gunner,

  • If nobody else wants to make a character, I would like to create the last character.

    Name: Dan Eames

    Age: 32

    Role in the Team: The Gunner

    Race: Human

    Appearance: He is nearly 7 feet tall and muscular. He has blue eyes, brown hair and a full beard. His arms are covered in burn scars.

    Personality: He is an asshole to everybody. He believes humans are a superior species and often makes terrible jokes about other people. He does not like orders and usually acts very aggresive, but he will follow orders when he is in danger. He is very ruthless and cruel. He loves fire and explosions.

    Any other info: He is a mercenary and very good with heavy weapons and explosives. He joined Thanatos as an explosives expert and usually fights with a grenade launcher or a flamethrower.

  • Thanks for the character @janitor, now that we have all the characters the story will start very soon, remember everybody that you can still submit characters so they appear later in the story :D

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    Fallen Heroes

    Episode 1: White Lies

    Chapter 1

    After another successful job, the team heads to Thanatos, Jerek took a break from piloting the spaceship and left the automatic pilot do its work.

    -Ok guys another job well done-Harvey congratulated everyone-

    -Next time you’re the one that gets the briefcase, I’m still watching lights-Jerek complained-

    -Just be thankful you had those glassed, or you could be temporarily blind right now-Moira the team’s medic said while she exanimated his eyes-

    Ne0 the team’s technician was examining the briefcase.

    -I don't recognize this encryption system used in this briefcase-he said looking at the briefcase’s electronic lock, that was weird considering that he was an AI programed to recognize most of the galaxy’s encryption system, it had to be a really weird one if Ne0 didn’t know it-

    -Give it to Harvey, maybe it’s an old language- Tent said, Harvey was an expert on antique history, Ne0 handed the briefcase to him-

    -Nope, the don’t seem like any old language I know –still the letters looked strangely familiar to Harvey- But I think I’ve seen them before.

    -What do you think is in that case?-Jerek asked-

    -Well, I bet 30 Federation Coins that it isn’t Half Life 3-Trent joked-

    -Oh and what was that big job Deimos was talking about Harvey?-Moira asked

    -Dunno, he only told me it was something about a bandit king

    -A bandit king? Ever told you about that time when I took out a whole bandit group just with an sniper rifle and at the same time rescued a Tanarian princess?-Jerek said, he was starting with the stories again-

    -Yeah you have… about ninety times now- Trent said- and the story changes ALWAYS.

    -What can I say? I have lived so much adventures that I get confused sometimes.

    -Yet all of them have one thing in common, there’s always a woman-Trent pointed out-

    -Yep,I’m quite lucky with ladies-Jerek said very confident-

    -You should teach our friend Harvey here a lesson or two about dating ladies-Trent said, while putting his arm on Harvey’s shoulders-

    -Shut up- Harvey said and shook Trent’s arm off-

    -Well I don’t see you conquering ladies hearts either-Ne0 said trying to be funny-

    Suddenly everyone’s reaction changed, Ne0 was the latest member in the team, he was assigned to the team after the old technician and also Trent’s girlfriend died on a mission.

    -Did I say something wrong?-Ne0 said surprised of everyone’s reaction-

    -No, don’t worry Ne0; it’s just that you made us remember…things-Trent said lost in his thoughts-

    -We have arrived to the destination [Thanatos] –the robotic voice of the auto-pilot said-

    -Ok, we better get off this thing, Deimos said he had a big job, right?-Moira said trying to break the awkward silence-

    -Yeah we should- Jerek said-

    They entered the space station, it was a very big one, even bigger than some of the federation, there were dozens of spaceships flying around it, inside it was a very normal looking office complex, a nice place to work at, if you ignore the sinister fact that most of the people in there were professional assassins. They entered the main lobby. As always there was a speaker making announcements, ammo discounts, new contracts, but between them one stood out for Havey, - We’re sorry to confirm the loss of one of our partner bounty hunter, Aerys Vicmar has been loss in action.

    -That’s the fourth this month- Harvey pointed out-

    -It’s a dangerous job, of course a lot of people are gonna die in it- Jerek said-

    -Yeah, but the death rates weren’t that high 7 years ago when I started-Harvey said, he started bounty hunting when he was 15, and trained to be an assassin since he could walk, he never knew his parents, and was raised by Thanatos themselves to become an assassin, this was one of the few things he and Trent had in common.-

    -Anyway, you should go see Deimos for that job- Moira said, the Strategic was considered the leader of the team most of the time, it was his work to choose the jobs that he thought would be easier for his/her team, and this case wasn’t the exception, everyone considred Harvey as the leader of the team-

    Harvey separated from the group to go take the job, Deimos was the only Keres (Thanatos’ high council) that spoke to the bounty hunters , he rarely assigned jobs himself, he only did that when it was a very important job , Harvey entered his office, Deimos had never been seen by any bounty hunter, the only thing that they saw when entering his office was a speaker on his desk.

    -Hey Deimos-Harvey had a very good relation with him-I think you know why I’m here.

    -Good afternoon BH-950 –He answered-

    -I’d prefer if you called me Harvey-he didn’t even remember that was his identification number-

    -As you wish Harvey

    -So what’s the work about?

    -There has been a bandit group operating on the planet of Varemys, the federation wants us to take out its boss, the payment is very generous.

    -Really? That’s the “big job”? You know I don’t do this for the money.

    -Then why do you do it?

    -For the emotion, and well I owe it to you after taking care of me.

    -So do you accept the job?

    -I guess, it shouldn’t be too complicated.

    -There’s still something, your friend BH-949 better known as Trent won’t be able to help you he is requested by another client.

    -But the silent assassin is a vital part of the team

    -I’m aware of that, that’s why I’ll assign you another one just for this mission, her name is Elara Trhyme.

    -Why don’t you simply assign us to that other job then?

    -No, the client has paid an extra charge to be able to choose the members of the team, and he only requested 949 from your team.

    -I didn’t know you could do that, but ok…I guess.

    -That is all for today Harvey, I’ll sent you the job’s report with the extra information.

    -Yeah ok,have a nice day Deimos.

    Choices will start on chapter 2

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    Fallen Heroes

    Episode 1: White Lies

    Chapter 2

    Harvey joined the team at the cafeteria, he explained them the job and why Trent wouldn’t come.

    -There’s something fishy here, I don’t know, do you know the team members that are on that team?-Jerek said

    -Yeah, Deimos just sent me the details, they are, Jefferson McClannon, Luthor Griff, Dan Eames, and Hook Norkm.-Harvey said looking at the information on the holographic screen of his watch-

    -Ne0, investigates them- Jerek said, being an AI Ne0 has access to the Thanatos network and all of its files (or at least that’s what they think)-

    -They are all part of the same team.-Ne0 answered after searching in the network-

    -And what‘s their record, are they outstanding?-Jerek asked-

    -Their record is nothing too outstanding; they’re good though-Ne0 answered-

    -Isn’t that suspicious Harvey? –Jerek said-Why would the client pay an extra charge just to replace the assassin? And it’s not like they’re the best team ever, they’re just another team, nothing too outstanding about them.

    -You’re just jelly that they didn’t chose you-Trent said-

    -I’ve been in this agency way longer than all of you, and I know what I’m saying-Jarek tried to convince everyone-

    -He kinda makes sense, actually-Moira agreed with Jerek-

    -Look, maybe Thanatos isn’t the best place to work, but they care for their people-Harvey tried to defend the people who he called family-They know what they’re doing, the client must have his reasons to choose those people.

    -I hope so-Jerek said-

    Next day, 5:35am.

    Trent woke up earlier than usual; his team was leaving at 5:30, he got ready and went to the hangar where he was supposed to meet them. An old man walked towards him, he limped a little.

    -Hey my name is Jefferson, -The old man said as he extended his hand-Jefferson McClannon, I’m the strategist of the team, you can call me Jeff

    Trent shook his hand.

    -Nice to meet you, I’m Trent; I’ll be your silent assassin for this mission.

    -Yeah, you’re kinda late; we were supposed to go 5 minutes ago

    -Oh sorry is just that I’m not used to waking up so early.

    -Ok, that’s our spaceship-Jeff said pointing at a really big spaceship- The Spes, maybe the smallest ship on the float, come on let’s get in.

    They got on the ship; there were other three people in there.

    -This one right here’s Dan he’s our gunner, he’s a bit of a jerk, that weird dude is Luthor the medic, and Hook our Technician –Jeff presented the team-

    -Where’s the girl?-Trent asked, one of Thanatos most important rules is that there must always be a team member of each gender in every team-

    -That’s Elara, but she will be helping your team for now.

    -That’s weird; Thanatos is breaking one of its rules

    -Money can make you break even the most sacred laws in this world.

    -Yeah, you’re right, and which is our objective?

    -Protect a Senator; apparently some assassins are after him.

    -Sounds simple.

    -Yep, oh and Hook special has something for you.

    -What is it?

    -Something the client wanted you to have , I don’t know ask him.

    Trent went into Hook’s room.

    -Jeff said you had something for me-Trent said-

    -Oh yeah, the client gave it to us, it’s an electric bullet modifier- Hook handed the modifier to Trent-

    -What is it for?-Trent asked-

    -Apparently the assassins use an special type of vehicle that can only be deactivated with electrical charges.-Hook answered-

    -Nice, but will it affect the rifle’s AI?

    -No, not at all, why?

    No, nothing just wondering.


    The team boarded their ship, The Starslayer, a very old ship that has antimatter cannon supposedly capable of destroying a star, that was 200 years ago, everyone who ever saw that weapon working is already dead, that’s why most people think it’s a legend , the cannon doesn’t work anymore, there’s no more antimatter in the galaxy, all of it was mined a long time ago.

    -So what’s your story Elara?- Harvey asked trying to know better more his temporary team mate-

    -You know though childhood; I was always good at this so I said why not? It’s a nice way of winning money-Elara answered-

    -If you ignore the fact that you kill others to win that money-Moira said-

    -Most of those dudes have it coming to them-she replied-I mean if they were innocent little lambs why would someone put a price on their heads?

    -I get what you’re saying, once I was assigned by the federation to kill this dude who apparently was a rapist murderer-Jerek said-He surely deserved it.

    -Still it’s not the best way to live-Moira said-

    -Then why are you in this?-Elara asked-

    -Well, I’m the medic, I save lives rather than ending them-She said trying to justify her job-

    -You won’t get anything from her Elara, she never talks about her past-Jerek said-

    -I receive electronic signals from you, do you have technical implants in your body?-Ne0 asked-

    -Yeah, they make the job easier-She answered-

    -Ha, Trent doesn’t like those, he’s a bit of a conspiracy theorist, he says they can control your body functions with them-Havey remembered-

    -Yeah, it might feel weird at first but you get used to it.

    -Ok it looks like we have arrived-Jerek announced-

    They landed on Varemys, it was a deserted planet with the only big city being its capital, the team reached the bandit’s base, it was a four story fortification in the middle of the dessert with walls made out of iron, there were just three entrances, a huge gate with surveillance cameras, another big gate which seemed to be some kind of garage, it was open but there were a lot of bandits there, and an hangar for small spaceships on the third floor, that and a few windows.

    -Wow, I should become a bandit, these guys sure make money-Jerek said noticing how big the fortification was-

    -Then I’d have to kill you-Harvey said-

    -Yeah, I’d like to see you try –Jerek replied-

    -I think I see an entrance- Elara said pointing out a window with her finger –

    -We don’t know what’s inside that window, let me check with my binoculars-Harvey said while taking out his binoculars-

    -No, I already used my scope; it’s some kind of storage if we can rappel all the way up to that window we should be able to get in there without anyone noticing.-Elara said-

    -They already make sniper rifles with X-ray view? –Jerek asked-

    -Yeah, they updated them about a year ago –she said a little surprised-Didn’t you assassin received the modification?

    -Trent prefers the old ways-Moira answered- he likes the challenge.

    -This thing is a life saver you should tell him to update when we get back-Elara said-

    -I’m not sure that’s his style but sure-Moira said-

    -Hey look!, a car is getting out of the garage-Jerek said pointing at the base-

    -Is the target there?-Moira asked-

    Elara saw the car through the sight of her rifle.

    -Positive, he’s on a backseat-She answered-

    -We just follow them, attack, and the job is done, they don’t have the protection of their base -Jerek suggested-

    -Are you mad ? We don’t know where they are going to, or what weaponry they have in there and i asure you it's armored, I say we should enter through that window at night; when everyone's asleep a surprise attack is a better idea-Elara replied-

    -Girl, no offence but I’ve been this way longer that you, i kniow what i'm doing, i have a rocket launcher on the ship, that armour is no match for it
    -Jerek said-

    -No offence but gunners aren’t exactly known for their intelligence-Elara pointed out-

    -Shut up you two, we’re just loosing time here-Moira stopped he discussion-Harvey you’re the strategic here, what do you think we should do?

    The team will attack at night

  • [Attack the car] Great Chapter!!!!!

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    Fallen Heroes Episode 1: White Lies Chapter 2 Harvey joined the team at the cafeteria, he explained them the job and why Trent woul

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    [Attack at night]

    Seems to be the safer choice. I doubt the Bandit King leaves his base without some sort of protection.

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    Fallen Heroes Episode 1: White Lies Chapter 2 Harvey joined the team at the cafeteria, he explained them the job and why Trent woul

  • [Attack at night]

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    Fallen Heroes Episode 1: White Lies Chapter 2 Harvey joined the team at the cafeteria, he explained them the job and why Trent woul

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    Fallen Heroes

    Episode 1: White Lies

    Chapter 3.

    [Attack at night]

    -We should attack at night-Harvey decided-

    -Harvey, I know you’re the strategic here but we might not have an opportunity like this again -Jerek replied- the dude is completely vulnerable right now!

    -Honestly, we don’t know what kind of weapons that thing has, what if they have shields? –Harvey said-

    -We’ll solve it somehow, I don’t know, we have already destroyed shields before

    -Yeah, but we used Trent’s FE bullets, we don’t have them now.

    -FEs? Where did he get those? I thought they were forbidden-Elara asked-

    -Trent has some contacts in the army-Moira answered-Thanatos lets you use illegal gear as long as you sign a contract making you completely responsible for it.

    -This is weird I detect Thanatos’ technology in there-Ne0 interrupted the conversation-

    -They must be stolen-Harvey said-…or from previous teams….however it is decided we’re attacking at night.


    -You can be sure Senator Mykas; we’re the best when it comes to protection.-Jeff assured-

    The team had already arrived to Senator house in the rich district of Luna. Apparently some people weren’t that happy with a law he was supporting.

    -Thanks Kiari you came, -The senator was a Harui, a reptilian race known for their high intelligence- Those assassins have been following me for a week now, those people simply don’t want the galaxy to progress.

    -Do you know if those assassins are part of some kind of organization?-Hook asked-

    -No, I think they have symbols in their guns but I haven’t been able to see them.

    -What kind of guns do they use?

    -You can ask that to me-another Harui in the room said before the senator could answer-

    -And who’re you?-Dan abruptly asked-

    -I am Harik Domes, the senators’ personal bodyguard.

    -You really trust this idiot to take care of you?-Dan asked -Now I see why you called us

    -I’m a highly trained…

    -That doesn’t matter my friend, all those things you learned in whatever shithole you call academy- Harik looked at Dan with contempt- they’re all garbage, none of those things will help you in battle

    -Enough Dan!-Jeff shouted-We’re not here to fight with Mr. Harik.

    -I don’t trust this dude; he looks like an asshole -Dan said-

    -Look who’s talking- Harik said with arrogance-

    -I think it would be better if we got to our room-Trent suggested-

    -Yeah, we should-Jeff agreed-sorry for this senator, I’ll make sure that Dan receives his punishment.

    They went to their room on the senator’s house

    -What was the result Luthor? –Jeff asked-

    -There’s definitely something odd about that guy-He said, Trent hadn’t even noticed Luthor was in the room, he was just sitting there very silently looking at some notes-

    -What? I don’t understand…-Trent said confused-

    -When you protect people the first people you have to suspect of are the most “trustable”-Dan explained-We always go through that routine, I make the dude angry so Luthor can study the guy’s reaction.

    -And he definitely was nervous; he was hiding something in my opinion-Luthor added-

    -Well, I would also be nervous if a 7 feet tall man with your temper shouted at me-Trent said-
    -Of course, I am the best at scaring people.

    -I already checked his record but there’s nothing strange about him-Luthor said after looking at his computer-

    -So he’s innocent-Trent asked-

    -No! we can’t never be really sure -Jeff answered-



    The team was ready for the attack they arrived to the bandit base on an agency’s armored vehicle.

    -Ok, so Jerek, Elara and Ne0 are gonna enter through that window, Elara and Jerek will go eliminate the target while Ne0 deactivates the building’s security, Moira is already installing traps around the place in case someone wants to escape, understood?

    -Yeah, but what’re you exactly doing Harvey?-Elara asked-

    -I’ll be guiding you through the building, that’s why you have cams on your suits.

    -I’d like to see these strategists doing some actual work for once.

    -Hey I’m just doing what I was trained for…. ok so everybody ready?

    -Yep, I have had that bandit king’s head on my sight since I was born-Jerek said really confident-

    -Why did it take you so long to shoot?-Ne0 asked not understanding the joke-

    -You just do your job Ne0-Jerek answered-

    -Yeah, I know his jokes are terrible-Harvey whispered on Elara’s ear-

    Ne0 approached the building and took out a pistol, he aimed at the window and shoot, a rappelling rope came out of it and hooked on the window, Jerek went first, then Elara and lastly Ne0.

    -Everything is clear- Jerek said through the radio, Elara then proceeded to cautiously open the door.-

    -The hall is clear too-She said-

    -Ok, the report says that the target’s room is on the fourth floor-Harvey informed-Ne0 I don’t have anything on the security system, you’ll have to look for it.

    Elara and Jerek continued advancing through the building after a while they got to the fourth room, there was a long hall and at the end of it a big golden door.

    -I wonder which is the bandit king’s room-Jerek said sarcastically-

    Jerek and Elara opened the big golden door, the silently approached to the bed.

    -There’s something strange here-Ne0 said to Harvey through the radio-There is an alarm system, but it was deactivated two hours ago.

    It’s a trap!-Harvey realized- They knew we were coming! Jerek ,Elara! Get out of there now.

    As soon as he stopped speaking various men with machineguns appeared out of nowhere, Harvey quickly covered with the vehicle.

    Elara started sniping some of the men from a window.

    -Go get them! I’ll cover them from here.-She shouted at Jerek-

    Jerek quickly started going down the stairs as fast as he could; he killed a few guys trying to attack him on his way down. When he arrived to the main door Ne0 was already out and had deployed turrets. Moira has also managed to take cover with the vehicle too.

    -Shoot at the traps!-She shouted-

    Elara started shooting at the traps; lots of men were sent flying through the air due to the explosions. Jerek also started shooting the men to distract them, Moira managed the vehicle’s door.

    -Harvey! Come on let’s get in!

    Harvey and Moira got inside the car. Harvey started shooting the vehicle’s turrets to the bandits. Elara heard an authoritarian voice say:” Keep shooting those motherfuckers”, she immediately noticed it was the target, she had a clear view from where she was, a shoot and the contract would be fulfilled, then she heard Jerek scream, he had been shot in the leg, and was on the ground.

    What should Elara do?

    [Defend Jerek]

    [Kill the target]

  • [Kill the target] Job Done XD

    Awesome Chapter!!!!!

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    Fallen Heroes Episode 1: White Lies Chapter 3. [Attack at night] -We should attack at night-Harvey decided- -Harvey, I know y

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    Lore Time


    Goddess of light and everything dood in the Harui culture, though she is actually genderless, most of her statues represent her as a woman,on the last decades the Harui religion had also extended to other races.Her polar opposite is Rai, the goddess of darkness and everything bad.

    F.E. Bullet

    A focused energy bullet is an special kind of projectile that is mostly used for the destruction of shields, as the name suggests the bullet focuses all of it's energy in a small spot on the shield, most times breaking it after 1 or 2 impacts, these bullets where considered dangerous by the Royal Federation of Planets, as they could be used to break the electronic shields that law enforcers use and were forbiden, currently they're only used by the Federation's army and some law enforcers around the galaxy

  • [Defend Jerek]

    They can still kill the guy after Jerek is saved

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    Fallen Heroes Episode 1: White Lies Chapter 3. [Attack at night] -We should attack at night-Harvey decided- -Harvey, I know y

  • [Defend Jerek]

    Killing the target is not worth loosing a member of the group

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    Fallen Heroes Episode 1: White Lies Chapter 3. [Attack at night] -We should attack at night-Harvey decided- -Harvey, I know y

  • Name: Vivienne Emprior

    Age: 27

    Role in the team: The Gunner

    Race: Human (African-American)

    Appearance: She is 6'0", skinny but with curvy hips. She is bald and has sharp cheekbones. She has high-arched eyebrows and thick lips.

    Personality: Cold, ignorant and quiet.

    Extra Info: Her favourite weapon is a sniper rifle for long distance, but up close is a metal staff.

  • Thanks for the character :)

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    Name: Vivienne Emprior Age: 27 Role in the team: The Gunner Race: Human (African-American) Appearance: She is 6'0", skinny but w

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    Sorry for taking so long, i took a little break.

    Fallen Heroes

    Episode 1: White Lies

    Chapter 4

    [Defend Jerek]


    Jerek was crawling towards the safety of the base, the bandits around him felt to the floor due to Elara’s shoots.

    -JEREK HERE-Moira yelled, telling Jerek to go the car-

    He made an effort to stand up and ran towards the car, he fell in the middle of the way.Elara kept defending Jerek.

    -Elara, i’ll take care of them, come down-Ne0 said, while deploying turrets-

    Elara started running down the stairs.

    Jerek finally reached the car, Harvey helped him in.

    Elara made it downstairs,she ran to the car, while Ne0’s turrets kept shooting, then Ne0 went in.

    -Let’s go -Moira said-

    They sped off heading to the city.

    -They are following us-Ne0 said-

    -Get my rocket launcher, it’s in th back-Jerek wasn’t going to let an injured leg stop him-

    Elara reached the rocket launcher with difficulty due to it’s weight.

    -Are you sure about it?-She asked-

    -Pfff,I’ve been way worse girl-Jerek answered-

    Jerek aimed the rocket launcher out of the window.

    -They’re gone-He said, the bandit car’s were nowhere to be seen.

    -Maybe they got scared?-Harvey suggested

    -Actually the probabilities say that they have a larger chance to win-Ne0 said-

    -Well bandits are dumb-Harvey pointed out- But somehow they knew we were coming, we’ll need reinforcements.


    The senator had been invited to a dinner in one of those fancy restaurants, he was sitting on a table with other people, while Trent and the others were in a table next to him acting like normal customers.

    -I’ve always hated these places-Dan expressed- The people here sicken me.

    -Why i’m not surprised? -Harik was sitting in that table too- Coming from someone like you.

    -We don’t need to start a fight here Mr. Harik- Jeff tried to calm them down-

    -Well if Thanatos educated their agents more…

    -The people in that table-Trent interrupted-there’s something odd with them.

    -There must be something wrong with our intuition-Harik said-It’s a family, they even have kids!

    -He’s right -Hook added-I don’t think they’re a danger.

    -There’s something wrong with the guy, i don’t know why.

    The family on the table stood up, Trent kept watching them,the father sticked a bubblegum under the table.

    -Well they sure have bad…

    -The bubblegum…-Luthor interrupted Harik staring at the bubblegum-

    -The bubble…?Oh shit!-Trent realised-SENATOR TO THE FLOOR!!

    BOOM! the table exploded, almost instantly dozens of armed thugs entered the restaurant shooting everything that moves.

    Jeff felt to the floor, he had been hit in the shoulder, he started yelling orders.

    -Trent take the senator to the back, Dan don’t let them get to him, Hook help Dan, Luthor come here.

    Everyone was running in panic,hundreds of bullets were flying through the air, Harik and Trent helped the senator to get in the kitchen.

    -I’ll go see if the alley in the back is clear -Harik said-

    -Yeah ok-Trent answered-

    -I can handle this anymore!-The senator shouted-

    -Calm down-Trent said-Everything will be ok!

    -No you don’t understand, you’re not here to help me!

    -What are you talking about?

    -The assassins they’re not after me, they’re after you!, They say no one will get injured but look at all those people out there!

    Trent was shocked-But...but who?

    -I don’t know they just said they’d forgive all my debts if i did it, they also talked about killing a friend of yours.


    Tren immediately took his radio out and called Harvey.

    -Harv, get out of there ASAP you’re in danger!...

    Tren felt an electric wave travel through his body, he fell on his knees.

    -You couldn’t keep your mouth shut ,eh senator?-Harik entered the room-

    -The electric modifier-Trent said with difficulty, he almost couldn’t move-it was a trap!

    The senator tried to get out.

    -You stay there-Harik shot him in the leg-And Trent i’m so sorry it had to end this way.

    -Why?!-Trent asked-

    -I’m just a pawn in this game, just a bounty hunter doing what he’s told to.

    Harik activated the electric modifier again, Trent screamed, he tried to hit Harik but he quickly took out his knife and stabbed Trent.

    -The knife is poisoned even if the electric charges doesn’t kill you, the poison will, now let’s get what we came for.

    Harik took Trent’s sniper rifle.

    -It’s a good gun and all, but i don’t know why they wanted it so much...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH

    The electric modifier suddenly activated and electrocuted Harik with all it’s power, he felt dead in the floor.

    -Jade-Trent said-I can always count on you.

    He took the rifle, and took out Jade’s AI module, after she died and was replaced by Ne0, he was devastated, he couldn’t think of living without her, without his love... he contacted a guy in the black market that assured that he could download people’s brains into an AI ships, and as advertised, it worked, but Thanatos has a policy of not having any kind of relations with AIs and/or robot, so he installed her an inhibition chip,while it was active Jade would seem like a normal AI,he was hoping that someday he could install Jade’s AI into a body, and live a normal live along with her, but that day might never come…

    Trent brusquely took out the inhibition chip, he put the AI module back in, the shoots were still going outside.

    -I...i am so sorry for making you live like this all these years- He was bleeding out, he knew he wouldn’t make it-

    -Trent, what?what happened?Why can’t i move?-She had been unconscious for years now-

    -I am so sorry, Jade, i knew it wasn’t right, but i couldn’t stand the idea of living without you.

    Trent heard the senator crawling out of the door, he pointed his gun at him.

    -Please, please don’t kill me! I didn’t know it would be this way, they would have killed me if i didn’t do it!!!-The senator begged him-

    What should Trent do?

    [Kill the senator]

    [Spare the senator]

  • Good to see this back! I really liked Trent in this chapter

    [Spare the senator]

    It seems he is just a pawn in this too. Also, pawn or not, he is still a senator and killing these usually means big problems. And if they spare him he might be useful.

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    Sorry for taking so long, i took a little break. Fallen Heroes Episode 1: White Lies Chapter 4 [Defend Jerek] Harvey Jerek

  • [Spare the senator]

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    Sorry for taking so long, i took a little break. Fallen Heroes Episode 1: White Lies Chapter 4 [Defend Jerek] Harvey Jerek

  • [Spare the senator]

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    Sorry for taking so long, i took a little break. Fallen Heroes Episode 1: White Lies Chapter 4 [Defend Jerek] Harvey Jerek

  • [Kill the senator]

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    Sorry for taking so long, i took a little break. Fallen Heroes Episode 1: White Lies Chapter 4 [Defend Jerek] Harvey Jerek

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    Fallen Heroes

    Episode 1:White Lies

    Chapter 5

    [Spare the senator]

    -Please let me live…i...i’ll pay you.

    -Haha, money doesn’t mean nothing when you’re about to die...Go, stand up and go, you’re just a pathetic bastard..

    The senator stood up with difficulty, and walked towards the door as fast as he could.

    -Jade, i know this is new for you, and migh be scary but please forgive me, i...i couldn’t stand living without you cough I’m so sorry…

    -Well that was weird they retired all out of sudden-Jeff entered by the door-How’s the...Oh fuck!! Luthor come here fast!!

    Trent was laying in the floor with his eyes wide open, Luthor felt his pulse.

    -He’s already dead, there’s nothing i can do.

    -Look what we’ve got here -Dan noticed Harik- Fried asshole.

    -What the fuck happened here?!-Jeff was disconcerted-

    -The modifier!- Hook realized after thinking for a second- But, how? These things have tons of security systems to make sure shit like this doesn’t happen.

    -And more important, where the fuck is the senator?-Jeff said-

    -This AI might know something-Hook took Jade of the rifle-Let’s take it to the ship.

    They heard the recordings from Jade’s AI.

    -That motherfucker Harik-Dan hit a table-i knew there was something fishy about him-

    -I guess the job is done then-Jeff said-I don’t think the senator need our protection anymore

    -There’s something really interesting in this chip-Hook was still examining it-I think there’s two AIs in here.

    -A role play AI? -Dan joked- Didn’t know Trent was that kind of guy.

    -It doesn’t look like an AI actually, it has some files that a normal AI wouldn’t need, and the memory file is massive, almost like...a brain.

    -Isn’t an AI basically a brain-Jeff asked-
    -Yeah, but these looks like an actual brain-Hook answered-But how? Storing a brain in a AI is nearly impossible.


    -Ok,we can also approach by the east, the defences seem a little weaker there-Harvey was planning how to take out the bandit king-

    -They’ll have it more protected this time-Jerek said-It’s their weak spot, they’ll protect it.

    -Yeah, you might be right, but how then? By air,underground?

    -I say we wait for the reinforcements-Moira was still healing Jerek’s injuries-We barely made it out alive, if Elara wouldn’t have been there...i don’t want to think about it.


    -What the fuck was that?-Elara was surprised-

    Harvey looked through the window.

    -It’s them…

    -How the fuck did they know we were staying here? -Jerek was confused-

    -They’re wreaking havoc out there.-Harvey said-


    -This is bad, this is really bad-Moira said-

    -No this could actually be good-Harvey seemed to have a plan-We know where they are, but they don’t,plus the streets aren’t near as wide as the dessert,we’ll have more palces to cover.

    -Cat and mouse?-Elara took out his sniper rifle-I like where this is going.

    -Elara, to the rooftop-Harvey started giving orders- Ne0, turrets in every window, Jerek, up for a little fight?.

    -Of co…

    -His leg is injured, he can’t fight!:

    -You worry too much Moira-Jerek had never let an injury stop him-I’ll be ok.

    -One of these days Jerek, you won’t have that much luck.

    Everyone hurried to take position.

    -HEY! Mothrfucker here!-Jerek went out and called their attention-

    -You just made a huge mistake-The bandit king shouted-SHOOT!

    Thousands of bullets covered the street,Jerek quickly ran into an alley.

    BOOM some cars parked on the side of the street started exploding.

    Ne0 activated the turrets,another storm of bullets covered the bandits.Elara started shooting too,and finally Jerek fired his rocket launcher at the bandit king.After a while all of the bandits were either dead or severely injured.The bandit king was trying to reach his armored vehicle, the explosion had cut him a leg.

    -Well that was easy-Jerek went out of his shelter, he approached the bandit king-


    BANG Jerek finished him off.

    -Damn, that was cold-Harvey said through the radio-

    -You get used after so many years-Jerek said-Never let that happen to you.

    -Well i guess mission accomplished, i’ll call Trent to see how he’s going.

    Harvey called Trent...He dropped the radio.

    2 Days later.

    -They said it would be an easy job-Harvey repeated the bandit king’s last words to himself- Who? who could have done it?Who wanted us dead?

    -We’re bounty hunters Harvey-Jerek said-It’s part of the job

    Deimos had offered to pay for Trent’s funeral they were heading there right now.

    -I am receiving an strange signal-Ne0 said-
    -Hello? Harvey? -A distorted woman voice said through the ship communicator-

    -Yeah, i’m here-He answered very confused-

    -Listen, i know you don’t know me, but it’s imperative that you don’t go to Trent’s funeral, listen i know this sounds strange, but it’s for your own good, i need you to go to the coordinates i’ll show you after this message.

    -No, for what we know you could be the one who wanted to kill us-Harvey said-

    -Harvey,i know you might have hundreds of question, but you have to believe me,i can’t tell you everything right now, Thanatos is listening, please come.

    The transmission stopped, the coordinates appeared on screen.

    What should the team do?

    [Go to Trent's funeral]

    [Go to the mysterious coordinates]

  • [Go to Trent's funeral]Awesome Chapter!!!

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    Fallen Heroes Episode 1:White Lies Chapter 5 [Spare the senator] -Please let me live…i...i’ll pay you. -Haha, money doesn’t m

  • [Go to the mysterious coordinates], sure thing, mysterious voice, why not XD

    That option seems to be more interesting story wise. Maybe there will be some answers.

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    Fallen Heroes Episode 1:White Lies Chapter 5 [Spare the senator] -Please let me live…i...i’ll pay you. -Haha, money doesn’t m

  • [Go to the mysterious coordinates]

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    Fallen Heroes Episode 1:White Lies Chapter 5 [Spare the senator] -Please let me live…i...i’ll pay you. -Haha, money doesn’t m

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    Fallen Heroes

    Episode One: White Lies

    Chapter 6

    [Go to the mysterious coordinates]


    -Ne0, we’re going to those coordinates right now!

    -You can’t be serious Harv-Moira was surprised- We don’t know who this woman is, or even if she is one.

    -We need answers Moira, I need to know why Trent died, but don’t worry, i still haven’t loss my mind, Ne0 call Deimos.

    -In a sec-Ne0 answered-Communication has been stablished.

    -Harvey? What’s going on? You’re late to the funeral!

    -We got a call from a mystery woman, she gave me some coordinates to go.

    -And you’re heading there now...Harvey, didn’t i teach you that teammates are more important than job?

    -Yeah, i know Deimos, but i’m doing this FOR Trent, if we know why he was killed we can avenge his dead.

    -I have to remind you Harvey that revenge is against our honor code, but sigh I can’t stop you right? And if you’re calling me it’s for a reason.

    -Yeah, i’m aware this could be a trap, so i wonder if you could send some reinforcements to those coordinates,just in case you know?

    -Under normal circumstance i wouldn’t accept your request...but Trent was like a son to me, ok i’ll send those reinforcements, i hope you’re rignt Harvey.


    The transmission stopped

    -The bosses little boy, eh?-Jerel said jokingly-

    -Shut up,he’s doing it for Trent, he’s trying to pretend like if it didn’t affect him, but it did, i know him.

    The coordinates took them to The Coal Belt, a little asteroid belt were small mining companies used to extract well.... coal , that was until they found out that it also contained other more expensive minerals like gold, and there’s even evidence that there could be anti matter somewhere in it, ever since it has been a magnet for rich people trying to get richer.

    -There’s nothing here... just asteroids-Jerek said-

    -I knew this was a bad idea, Harvey lets go-Moira was insisting-

    -Ne0 any signs of the reinforcements?


    -Maybe we have to go to one of these asteroids-Harvey was trying to be optimistic-

    -There are thousand-Jerek said- maybe even millions of then even if…

    -I detect a very large object getting closer!-Ne0 reported-

    -Well we’re in an asteroid…

    -No, it’s around us…

    -Around...us?-Harvey was confused-

    Suddenly, a huge ship, maybe about ten times bigger that the Starslayer, started appearing around them, they were inside it’s hangar.

    -Invisibility shields-Ne0 realised-they sneaked up on us .

    -It’s a rebellion ship-Jerek noted-

    Just like every other government in the universe, there were people against The Federation, these were often depicted as criminals, though most of them were people from the poorest parts of the galaxy, The Federation has a tendency to favor the rich.

    -Ne0 get us out of here-Harvey quickly ordered him.-

    The ship suddenly turned off.

    They have deactivated our system-Ne0 said-

    Without their control the ship landed in the hangar.

    A woman was waiting them outside, she seemed to be alone.

    Harvey and Jerek got out of the ship, both with their guns pointing at her.

    -Put down those things,we’re not here to fight.-She said-

    -Vivienne Emperor-Jerek recognised her- One of the most wanted rebel commanders out there, tell me why shouldn’t i kill you and collect the bounty on your head.

    -Well,to start-she said- you’re surrounded, our ship are not the only invisible thing around here-Harvey looked around him-And second i know who killed your buddy.

    -Why would you help us?-Harvey asked -

    -Mutual interest, look The Federation is full of corrupt politics and…

    -Yeah, yeah just like every other government-Jerek interrupted- what’s the point?

    -There’s something really big happening, something that you’re involved in…-She was interrupted by her communicator-You brought friends…! Motherfuckers…

    -Don’t worry we’ll tell them not to arrest you, just continue.

    -No you don’t understand,this is very bad, they're the ones that ordered your deaths… and they’re here to finish the job.

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