The Walking Dead: Blood [Character Submission Open]

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I am writing a fan fiction of the walking dead. Yes, some of you may have already seen it, but I'd like to try again, see if it gets more attention if I add a character submission so here it is. You should understand that I'm not going to take every character, because I've seen people try to do that, and they end up with a story that suffers from being overcrowded, so consider it an audition. The best 4 out of all of them get to be point of view characters along with mine.

I'd like to say more before I start the first chapter, but you'll just have to read and find out. All I'm saying is, if it gets popular enough, it will be a trilogy of Blood, Sweat and Tears. :)

Point of View characters are in bold.

Characters Introduced: Grace, Ashley, Noah, Leo, Laura, Jared, Kate, Natalie, Winston, Sebastien, Quentin, Thomas, Will, Usui, Parker, Gary, Brandon, Cecil, Trevor, Violet, Mitch, Lacey, Rosalyn, Isaac, Oberson, Roger, Willie, Anna, Larry, Claire, Cameron

Characters with Grace: Noah, Natalie, Sebastien, Jared

Characters with Thomas: Usui, Will, Parker, Cecil, Violet, Trevor, Mitch, Lacey

Characters with Rosalyn: Isaac, Anna, Claire, Oberson, Roger

Characters with Ivan:

Characters with Zayne:

Characters waiting to be introduced: Amelio, Wendy, Rei, Shino, Irvin, Erica, Dominique, Zayne, Jaxx, Sam, Zara, Ivan, Michelle, Candace, Molly, Jeff, Eli, Viola, Katrina, Seth, Darth, Hope, Grayson, Arthur, Amy, Pandora, Dana

If you want to see the characters dead or presumed dead tab, that's down on a comment on the first page under a spoiler tag.

Part 1: Times Once Lived - In Progress

Part 2: Bound in Chains - Coming Soon

Part 3: Path Less Travelled - Coming Soon

Part 4: Through the Chaos - Coming Soon

Part 5: Cry No More - Coming Soon

Part 6: After the Storm - Coming Soon

Part 7: Don't Look Back - Coming Soon

Part 8: Behind Closed Doors - Coming Soon

Part 9: Bite the Bullet - Coming Soon

Part 10: No Way Out - Coming Soon



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