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"Skyrim, also known as the Old Kingdom or the Fatherland, was the first region of Tamriel settled by humans from the continent of Atmora: the hardy, brave, warlike Nords, whose descendants still occupy this rugged land."

Seventy years after the dragonborn returned to Tamriel, the harsh winters of Skyrim still lead on. The dragonborn slowly nears death, growing weaker and older by the second. Alduin is dead, but the dragons still fly through the skies, pillaging and murdering entire cities. A new generation has arisen, here to deal with what their fathers and their mothers left them with. The new land of Skyrim is even colder and even crueler, and with no dragonborn, who shall protect the inhabitants of Skyrim?

In this version of Skyrim, none of the sidequests were completed in-game. This means the Dawnguard are still fighting the vampires, the Imperials and Stormcloaks have created a peace treaty, and so on and so on. All factions in the normal game of Skyrim exist, but with mostly new characters as it is seventy years after the events of the game.

Submit your characters here:

What is better? To be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?

Here's a map of Skyrim for your viewing pleasure:
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For that pesky dragon language -

Thanks @NoHopeLeft for this great character namer! Just scroll down to the Elder Scrolls section, and you should find it! -


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    Okay, I thought I would share this here, it provides a random generator for Elder Scroll names, you just have to scroll down a ways to find it!


    (I'm working on a character, but it might be a bit before I submit him.)

  • I've submitted a character and I may submit more later.

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    Submitted my character. That took me far longer than expected. But I will certainly submit a second character (or even more) later.

  • Ohh, looks super interesting. Looking forward to this. :)

  • I'll try... Although I just recently started playing Skyrim, so I don't really know a lot.... But seems cool!

  • Sounds really cool though I only vaguely remember playing Morrowind back in the day so I had to do some research for the character :P

  • Submitted a character!

  • Just submitted one character and I'm gonna submit a second later on. I'm really looking forward to this!

  • Submitted a character.

  • This looks cool, can't wait to read it :)

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    Any news on when you will start?

  • I promise it will be soon, as much as that word is dreaded. It should be at the most next week, or even possibly this Saturday/Sunday. I've just been very busy lately and as such couldn't write much. I have finally started writing, however little that may be, but I am making progress!

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    Any news on when you will start?


    Roetrom Alorkesson had his feet kicked up on a table in the Sleeping Giant Inn, smiling to himself and gulping down another tankard of mead. The broad, muscular Nord was grinning from ear to ear in this little bastardized bar. From the old Orc bard in the back, singing with a completely missed pitch and playing a broken lute, to the women gossiping like hens, to the young men fighting over the finest dame in the quaint little town of Riverwood. The village had certainly evolved since the times of before. Before, it had been a place full of nothing. There was a sawmill, there were a few houses, and there was this inn; but never had there been so much commotion before the Dragonborn popularized it. Adventurers and travelers had come far and wide to Riverwood in order to meet up with the aforementioned hero and make a journey to loot the ruins of Helgen.

    Helgen had since disappeared from the map. Eventually, people stopped going up there when they realized it was picked dry; all that was left were bandits and a few corpses. The Dragonborn had one day just disappeared. They had gone off into the wilderness to live a peaceful life in the wilderness. Roetrum thought this was a hilarious proposal, at best. Peace in the wilds of Skyrim? Ha!

    The Nord brushed back his long, blond hair and brought his feet down from the table. His hair was a grungy mess; curled into dreadlocks, but still a matted mess of tangles. His beard was in trimmed and grimy. He looked horrible, if he had looked over himself. The only clothes he had on was some armor he had made out of a skinned wolf, and some pants he had found on some dead guard outside the town. He stood up, and set his sights on the Orc bard. He was currently prancing about and attempting to play his lute, but horrendously failing. Roetrum didn't believe the bard would have been good with a working instrument, however. The customers of the bar booed him, but the poor old Orc continued smiling, before simply sneaking away to get away from the angry crowd. "Let's get a good bard for once!" An angry Argonian woman yelled, spilling mead all over the floor as she rose her cup in the air. The men and women around her raised a few glasses to her name in a drunken toast, laughing and then going back on to their business. Roetrum had found himself ignoring this ruckus however, in favor for a more striking figure...

    A person in a long, black robe sat at one of the tables, all alone. They were covered from head to toe in the drapes, their own face being completely concealed. Roetrum stepped over, and smiled at it. "Do you mind if I take a seat?"

    When the figure only responded with an extended hand, Roetrum took it as the liberty to plop on down across from the person. He looked at the person, straight at their face, only to realize it too was covered in black garb. He didn't know what he had expected.

    "So...what's your story, stranger?"

    The figure moved like that of the elderly. They simply shook their head, ever so slowly, then brought their head up to stare at Roetrum. "You don't have one?" He asked, but the stranger was simply quiet still. Until suddenly their head jerked towards the window.

    Roetrum thought they were crazy at first.

    The stranger pointed at the floor, then at Roetrum, and at the floor once more. "What are you trying say, stranger?" Roetrum stood up from his seat, immediately taking offense to the person's gestures. Of course, as the window shattered, the boards were ripped from the floor, and the planks of wood were thrown off their nails, all at one sentence.

    "Dovahkiin. .. Zu'u lost rund hi. .."

    Roetrum felt himself slung to the floor, as he watched the stranger also fly back. Screams echoed through the Sleeping Giant, as the roof was ripped off the top and slung from the building. A shadow engulfed the scared patrons of the Sleeping Giant Inn. It was the biggest creature Roetrum had ever seen. He began to piss himself involuntarily, as something maneuvered it's head inside and snapped the bartenders upper torso off with it's teeth.

    A dragon.

    Roetrum jumped up, looking at the stranger who had been sprawled out along the floor. He reached down and picked up the cloaked figure, draping one arm around his own shoulder and helping carry him away. Roetrum could feel heat on his back, and kicked down the door and leaped out, just as the dragon spit forth a fireball, sending the Sleeping Giant Inn and all who still resided inside of it up in flames. "We need to go!" Roetrum picked the stranger up and laid them down under a cart, in the desperate hope they wouldn't be caught in the crossfire. He then turned around, hoping to find others to save and help.

    Roetrum took notice of the Orc bard running off for the woods, as well as the Argonian woman and her friends. Behind him, the dragon took off from the Sleeping Giant Inn, sending it crumbling into ash. The night sky glowed in the wreckage, fire searing it's mark in the stars. The dragon quickly set fire to the sawmill, then took landing on top of one of the homes inside Riverwood. The five guards that resided in Riverwood rushed ahead, two armed with bows and arrows, the other three only swords. "Kill the dragon!" One yelled, only to be scorched alive by hot fire from it's mouth.

    One of the guards with the sword turned around and ran off for the woods, as two with the bows quickly fired arrows upon the dragon. The dragon recoiled, growling then rising up in the air. "Fus-Ro-Dah!" A vicious force flew through the air, tearing apart both of the archers and sending their body parts scattered about. The final swordsman held his weapon up in the air, and the dragon swooped up, it's wings flapping in the wind.

    The dragon dropped, crushing and killing the guard instantly.

    Roetrum backed up, looking back towards the cart where the hooded figure had hidden, but realized that the cart was gone, and there was no figure to be found. Roetrum turned his head, now seeing where the man had rushed to.

    The hooded figure stood at the center of the small town, a sword in their hand, pointed directly at the dragon. They looked back at Roetrum, and shook their head, then turned back to the beast.

    Roetrum would have grabbed the stranger, but soon realized it was of no use.

    "Hi lost kosaan geblaan, Dovahkiin!" The dragon shouted, sending shockwaves into the night sky, before fire flew from it's mouth and into the stranger. The person in the black robe was instantly incinerated, and Roetrum turned around and ran for the woods. The dragon lifted up into the sky, whipping it's tail into another building before flying up into the sky.

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    Okay, I thought I would share this here, it provides a random generator for Elder Scroll names, you just have to scroll down a ways to find

  • Zokeyr rup!

    PROLOGUE Roetrom Alorkesson had his feet kicked up on a table in the Sleeping Giant Inn, smiling to himself and gulping down another tank

  • That was a brilliant start! I'm so excited for more :D

    PROLOGUE Roetrom Alorkesson had his feet kicked up on a table in the Sleeping Giant Inn, smiling to himself and gulping down another tank

  • Really good, can't wait to read more!

    PROLOGUE Roetrom Alorkesson had his feet kicked up on a table in the Sleeping Giant Inn, smiling to himself and gulping down another tank

  • Hey guys, I guess it's time for me to sit down and talk for a second. I have good news and bad news. I'll go ahead and get the bad news out of the way.

    I'm no longer going to update any of the stories on this forum. gasp

    Yes, you did read that right. No more updating on this forum. However, I'm still going to update the stories.

    "Wait, what?" You ask. Yes, yes, I know. It's confusing, no? I mean, I'm leaving the Telltale Community for something a little more accessible. I'm going to start moving these stories ok to Wattpad. And yeah, I know Wattpad is kind of the lowest of the low, and with good reason too what with all of the stories of questionable quality on the sight, but I don't really mind that much. It's just so much easier to write stories under it's format rather then in an interactive Telltale like text adventure with a much larger waiting time. So, yeah, I'm moving to Wattpad. Writing will still stay as a hobby, as I'm still able to easily balance it with many other aspects of my life currently.

    Now, as exciting as that last paragraph was, here's something much more interesting. I have a few projects I'm announcing for the website. The Stand will return under the name of "Captain Trips," which I hope is good news to some of my other fans. Skyrim will be known under the subtitle "Fiery Ruins" and Borderlands "Run & Gun." The Walking Dead: Humane has been changed to not fit in with The Walking Dead world anymore, and will be known as simply "Humane." The World War 2 story I have, "60,000,000" will stay practically the same. I'm also going to take "Pet Sematary" and give to some more substance and take out a lot of the plot holes. It will be known as "Brain Damage." And finally, I'm adding a new series to the bundle called "The Normalities," which is an X-Files like series that is actually somewhat original? Whaaaattt? Meeee? Original?

    In all seriousness however, I realize this seems like a little bit more than I can chew. However, honestly, I feel it's going to be much easier to update stories without having to give out choices and having to constantly shift story lines. I can also take this time to fix up some of the inconsistencies in my stories and sort of clean them up. (Although primarily Borderlands, as it has so many inconveniences it's not even funny.)

    I do hope you guys can join me over on @VanillaPepsi on Wattpad, and keep giving me feedback on my stories. Very extra special thanks goes to @LiquidChicagoTed and @supersagig, as they have followed me through every one of my stories. Liquid, thank you for the great feedback on my stories, and thanks to sagig for being an overall positive guy. Thanks for the great times on this forum, guys. I'll still check in and read a few stories every so often, and I'm not sure too many people will really care that I'm gone. But thanks anyways for reading all of my stupid stories, and here's to hoping you keep on reading them. :D

  • Okay guys, I don't think that the whole Wattpad thing is working for most of you, so I was wondering if I could find a compromise...I can still update the stories here, and copy and paste new chapters from Wattpad into this thread, if you'd like. Of course, the Wattpad stories will be updated more frequently, but I was just wondering how this would work for you guys. :D

    Oh shiiiiiiittt it's back like praise the sun or some shit that's the wrong series I'm totally drunk whatsver. But, yeah, it's back. Sort of. You'll figure it out. Just read that paragraph right up there. I'm gonna regret this entire comment in the morning or something. It's like a cycle. Get drunk at bar with friends, do stupid shit, go home, write stupid comment, pass out. Oh well I'm ranting so whatever

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