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  • My mom and I watched the latest Last of Us episode last night.

    It was a much quieter episode, focused more on building up Joel and Ellie's parental relationship, and they did a great job!

    You also get to see a much more CGI-d Alberta apocalypse, which they also did a great job too!

    That last scene where they're laughing over the stupidest pun is such a fun moment

    this episode had great recreations of the magazine scene, the joke book!! (My mom was so confused why I was hyped for that book), and the hunter ambush...

    Jeffery Pierce (Tommy) appears! That was surprising! woohoo!

    I think its cool that they're tying in Henry and Sam's introduction to this more fleshed out hunter group. They somehow wronged leader Kathleen's brother, and she is out for blood! Yikes.

    Next episode comes earlier because of a superb owl thankfully, so that's exciting!
    And there's definitely something big and infected in that apartment basement... 😯 oooh yeahhh

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    Ellie seems to be heavily implying that she killed Riley after they both got bit. It's been a while since I've seen the original game

    No, I don't think it's ever implied how Riley ends up dying in the end... we just know that she had a profound effect on Ellie and she still is sad about her death at the end of Part 1.
    (There's the American Dreams comic, but it takes place before Left Behind IIRC)

    The big thing in the game is the line
    "Wait it out, and lose our minds together..."
    But obviously Ellie lives and Riley somehow dies. I'm assuming the fireflies might've done it in the game. Would be pretty sad to see Ellie do it in the show.

    Goddamn he looks cool. He's 100% gonna die a horrible death. Maybe death by Bloater?

    Now that you mention it, now they've gotta do a reference to the terrifying death animation from the game. Either Perry dies that way, or someone else, but I think this might be the one time we see a Bloater in the show to show how deadly it can be... and it's gotta rip someone apart to show that.

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    Very much enjoyed episode 4. It's a little lighter in tone with most of the episode focusing on Ellie and Joel bonding, there's still that e

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    I really hope they don't stop at having it kill one or two people, but rather have the bloater go on a whole rampage. I always felt that was a missed opportunity in the games. Every time you faced off against a bloater, it was always treated like an isolated boss fight; just you (and occasionally an ally) versus the bloater. Imagine a scripted sequence where a fight you were in got interrupted by a bloater showing up, which immediately starts ripping everyone apart as they freak out and turn their full attention to it. The infected infighting was already criminally underused in both games, but the fact that we never got to see NPCs go up against a bloater is a tragedy.

    Given the more grounded nature of the show when it comes to its action set-pieces, I think the only way they could truly get across the viciousness and threat of the bloater would be to have it go absolutely ballistic on a small group of people before it gets taken down by focused fire from like, everybody. Adapting it as if it was a boss fight would feel too video-gamey, but on the other hand, if it only takes out like 2 people in what I imagine will be its relatively short screentime, it'll just feel like a pushover compared to its size. They managed to get the threat of the clickers across using only two of them, so in order to make the bloater really stand out, you pretty much need to have it be the biggest threat on the playing field; the kind of thing where even if you were in the middle of a shootout, everyone would call a temporary truce to take it out instead.

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  • I agree with you! They should make the bloaters feel extremely terrifying! I still remember how annoying they were to beat on the hardest difficulty.

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  • Spoiler from the game:

    Am I the only one who is a bit upset that they did not have Joel hanging upside down and fight some of the infected and clickers? That was one of the most memorable parts from the game.

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    Another great episode of The Last of Us! Some pretty interesting changes, plenty of great character moments, well choreographed action scenes, and of course more emotional anxiety ridden moments. Lamar Johnson and Keivonn Montreal Woodard were fantastic as Henry and Sam. The showrunners did an amazing job expanding on these characters, similar to what was previously done with Bill and Frank.

    As usual, looking forward to the next episode! Unfortunately since this episode was released earlier in favour of the Superbowl, the next one's gonna be a slightly longer wait.



    • I'd heard that Sam was going to be played by a deaf actor, so I was curious how it would turn out and thankfully it's great.
    • Seeing Ish's hideout was great! Apparently Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann wanted to expand on that story more but the budget wouldn't allow for it. It'd be cool if that story gets told in some way eventually. Maybe a short film or movie!
    • Lol at Joel getting the sniper with unlimited ammo. Truly the most faithful adaption.
    • I love that Henry and Sam's story is a hint of what Joel will face by the end of the season.
    • I was right that Perry would die a horrible death. Straight up gets the Bloater death animation.
    • Kathleen talks about how kids getting killed and in turn gets annihilated by a child Clicker. Brilliant!
    • That Clicker kid was amazingly terrifying. Give her actress all the money.
    • I'm sure it would have been cool to see Joel fight the bloater, but I like that the gangs immediate response to seeing it is just, "Fuck that!". Makes me wonder how they'll handle the Rat King, which was an even bigger threat.
    • Fuckin' RIP Kansas City.
    • Kathleen's quest for revenge caused the total annihilation of not just all the people in her group, but the entire city. Maybe the next time someone goes on a vengeance fueled killing spree it will turn out better :)
    • When the gang made it to the motel, I just had this ball of anxiety in my chest since I knew what was coming. I can't believe they made it even sadder lmao.
    • The moment with Ellie giving Sam some of her blood, hoping and praying that maybe it'll help was wonderfully depressing.
    • Infected Sam not being alerted by Ellie until she touches him was a great detail.
    • That whimper Ellie makes when Henry unfortunately kills himself. Holy fuck, that is some sad shit.
  • A Nurse saw my dad today at the hospital, and he says that she is eagerly awaiting to hear his thoughts on the latest (episode 4) Last of Us Episode that he's still behind on...

    A random nurse and my dad talking about The Last of Us. If you'd have told me that would happen 3 years ago I wouldn't have believed you.


  • Well that latest episode of the Last of Us was as sad as I expected... yikes... :disappointed_relieved: (Episode 5)

    We get to see a bit more of the Hunters/Rebels group, and how they're just yet another brand of chaos and violence to ravage Kansas City.

    The inclusion of many adapted scenes from the game was nice, such as Ellie and Sam having fun while the adults formulate a plan, the Sewer community they come across, the Sniper battle (very surprised that made it in!), and the final hunkering down together before the final sadness comes in.

    Kathleen proves to be a very interesting antagonist. Someone who is very valid in her views of retribution and justice for someone she loved, but goes way too far and whose survival pursuits clash intensely in this very morally grey world.
    My mom was confused about who the real good guys & baddies were, and we had a great discussion about it being basically no one. Not so clear cut.

    The addition of Ellie's line "my blood is medicine" to Sam at the end makes it so much more heartbreaking and touching of a scene... she's just a kid, she doesn't know enough of how her immunity works, but she still tries and believes she can help him in that moment... aaagh my heart..

    Also that was a wild Infected action scene near the end. Kinda sucks that they painted over every real person there with CGI though. Lots of scares involved however! Seeing a Child Clicker was INTENSE.
    And we now know how that Bloater takedown ends: grabs you by the face and rips your head off HOLY SHIT!

    Anyway this episode and the last were a great little two-parter covering the Pittsburgh chapter. Had a couple laughs, had a lot of intensity, and some sadness. Woo great stuff!

  • Very very good episode once again! A lighter in tone episode for the most part with some pretty damn emotional scenes. Also zero infected this episode. I guess last week had so many they figured people would like a break from them. Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay absolutely fucking kill it this episode, they are just so damn good! Great to see Tommy again, and we finally get introduced to this universes version of Maria who I quite like. I hope to see more of her in the future. This is a first for the series so far but I do think the last few minutes of the show are a little rushed. There just needs to be like 5 more minutes in there and it'd be perfect. Other than that, it's another great episode with more Joel and Ellie bonding, some great banter and emotional emotional moments, and a lot of foreshadowing for the future.

    Very excited for what's to come, looks like next weeks episode will be adapting Left Behind.


    • The couple in the cabin were great, I loved how snarky they were! I hope they make it out okay lol
    • Joel talking about wanting to live on a farm was a very unsubtle reference to Ellie and Dina in the future lol.
    • Speaking of Dina, that girl peeking out at Ellie had to be her right?
    • Also Shimmer makes an appearance!
    • Lmao at Tommy's realisation that he lives in a commune.
    • Tommy and Maria having a baby is VERY different. I wonder if he
    • Ellie unlocks her winter outfit! She only wears it for like 5 minutes but still.
    • I really like the inclusion of Joel's PTSD and panic attacks in this episode. I do kinda wish we got a little more of that spread throughout the season.
    • Joel's monologue was a tour de force of acting. Pedro Pascal had better win an award for this.
    • The reasoning behind Joel wanting to drop Ellie with Tommy is a little different here. In the game by this point he still treated it like a job and wanted it to be over with despite his progressing relationship with Ellie, but here he's straight up fearing for Ellie's life because of how old he is and he doesn't trust himself to be able to protect her.
    • Joel lying about how every loved contractors was fuckin' great. I'm sure the next lie he tells will be just as funny and cute.
    • MONKE.
    • Joel gets stabbed instead of falling two storeys onto rusted rebar certainly makes his survival more realistic.
    • Ellie begging Joel to get up here reminded me a lot of "the future." I wonder what the reactions for people who haven't played the games are lol. Do they just think Joel just straight up died?
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    Speaking of Dina, that girl peeking out at Ellie had to be her right?

    The showrunners have implied it was Dina but didn't outright confirmed it. So yes must be her.

    Tommy and Maria having a baby is VERY different. I wonder if he

    If he what?

    Ellie begging Joel to get up here reminded me a lot of "the future." I wonder what the reactions for people who haven't played the games are lol. Do they just think Joel just straight up died?

    I feel bad for all the casual watchers that are gonna Google "Is Joel dead?" Just to get spoiled his death in Part II. Sucks to be them.

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    Very very good episode once again! A lighter in tone episode for the most part with some pretty damn emotional scenes. Also zero infected th

  • If he what?

    Oh lmao. Don't know how I missed that, and unfortunately I can't remember what my thought process was at the time :p


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    Saw Episode 6 of the Last of Us (last week's episode)

    I enjoyed it! I liked the additions to their journey to Jackson, and how much longer the sequence in Jackson (and in the actual town this time) was.

    Seeing how Ellie learns of Sarah from Maria and Joel having a much much deeper heart to heart with Tommy -- and especially THAT scene from the game. They did a superb job, though I still think I prefer the game's rendition.

    The University sequence was surprisingly quick. Would have liked 5-10 more minutes of exploration or debate on why its so quiet or empty. Or fighting more than just one raider.

    I've seen people complain about no action or infected in the episode but I don't mind at all. This isn't an action series, its way more a character-driven drama. The violence and scares is in smaller segments but they still hit hard.

    What I really liked: Joel's frightening confession to Tommy. He's afraid, so very afraid, and having panic attacks about it.
    I LOVE how they're doing so much more to set up his choice at the end of the game. Bill's letter to protect someone, his fear of not being able to protect someone again, being overpowered by someone younger, the loss of control... oh man he's gonna flip by the end and I can't wait.

    What I didn't like: How Ellie finds out Joel is giving her to Tommy. Where the hell was that? In the game, she overhears an argument. In the show.... did they just forget to add in that bit? She quotes Joel about leaving her, but we didn't see her overhear that at all!
    My mom and I are very confused about that, though I know the root of her reaction so I know where its from...

  • The latest episode of The Last of Us, is a great (albeit a little slower paced) adaption of the Left Behind DLC! I think this is the episode that really showcases Bella Ramsay's acting ability. Bella and Storm Reid, have wonderful chemistry and put on some really exceptional performances. Providing the season some much needed levity, that inevitably comes crashing down. Though I do think some people might find another flashback episode frustrating, especially since the season is so close to its ending.

    Looking forward to next weeks penultimate episode, where Troy Baker gets a starring role!


    • Joel isn't comatose in this like he is in the game. Makes sense, Joel surviving the impalement was probably the most unrealistic thing from the original game lol.
    • Ellie yelling at Joel to shut the fuck up is the most Bella Ramsay has sounded like game Ellie.
    • Joel :cry:
    • Lots of really adorable scenes this episode, like with Ellie being impressed by escalators, fixing her hair up, the carousel, etc. Unfortunately, such is the world of The Last of Us, it doesn't last long.
    • Aww, no Brick Master.
    • I was waiting for that Stalker to pop up for like 30 minutes lol.
    • The two of them getting bitten was about as heartbreaking as I expected. Ellie pretty much in complete denial, yelling and breaking things around her was nuts. It's also a nice contrast to Riley who has pretty much accepted their fates.
    • Riley apologising to Ellie was depressing. She pretty much dies thinking she got her and Ellie killed.
    • I was wondering if they were gonna show Ellie shooting Riley like it was implied a couple episodes ago, but I think leaving it up to the audiences imagination was the right choice.
    • Finally, they show a character rummaging through cupboards to look for supplies.
  • Yo I just realised from Episode 6 that the scene where Joel attempts to “interrogate” the Indigenous couple might lead into the actual very scary scene from the game where he violently interrogates two of David’s men. He unsuccessfully uses the same line in the show
    “Where is it on the map? And your buddy better say the same thing… :rage:

  • Yeah we haven't gotten a truly ruthless Joel yet, and I feel like the last two episodes are really gonna showcase the best/worst of Joel.

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    Yo I just realised from Episode 6 that the scene where Joel attempts to “interrogate” the Indigenous couple might lead into the actual very

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    Episode 7 of The Last of Us! Whoohoo Bella Ramsey killing it as Ellie, Storm Reid also matching her energy and having such a great dynamic together.

    It was a nice best-of, slightly cut down version of the flashback scenes from the Left Behind DLC. They got in quite a few references to the game as possible which I loved.

    What really impressed me is that they kept the RAJA's ARCADE and Macho Nacho stores, both Uncharted references! (Raja being Eddie Raja from Uncharted 1, and Macho Nacho eventually got referenced in Uncharted 4 in an optional conversation. To think we now have Uncharted Easter Egg references on a highly successful Last of Us TV Series is WILD)

    The whole episode was a great detour into seeing Ellie's backstory, though I can't help but lament the fact that TV viewers won't be kept in suspense as to Joel's fate like how it works in the game. -- You get a lengthy 60-90-minute sequence in-game after Joel's injury, not knowing where Joel is, who Ellie is with, and seemingly surviving on her own.

    One thing I really did not like at all in this episode

    was when they showed that one Infected waking up in the mall. It just... wakes up, and you don't even see it again for another 20 minutes or so. For my mother who knows nothing of the games -- it really killed the mood for every other scene after that -- since she kept expecting it to jump out at them at every turn.
    The game's events don't handle Infected in the flashbacks until the very end of it. You get a very safe, mostly stress-free experience with Riley, until they all get drawn out by the music at the end! It's supposed to be an unexpected moment, not keeping you on edge-of-your-seat suspense!

    Really great one though and it adapted it all well. I will miss the Water Gun fight though...
    Bella Ramsey's anger and desperation in the final scenes was EXCELLENTLY PERFORMED
    EP8 is gonna be cool! Troy Baker appears! OOH

    EP9 prediction: Given that we haven't seen it yet, which I was somehow expecting it in this episode -- that one damn shot of Ashley Johnson with a newborn baby from the trailers! I'm betting since the last episode will be about the Fireflies, the Hospital, and The Cure (tm), we will finally see a cold open for that episode, showing Ellie's mom, probably with Marlene as she gets bit and teases the fact Ellie could be immune, tying up that loose end (though whether it needed a definitive answer is up for debate)

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    New episode of The Last of Us with the introduction of David and his gang! Bella Ramsay once again kills it as Ellie, as she tops her own performance from last week. Pedro Pascal, is of course wonderful as usual, with the chance to be a little more ruthless than the Joel we've seen so far in the show. Scott Shepard is terrifying as David and does a fantastic job playing such a despicable character! Troy Baker also gets a good amount of screentime in this as David's lackey and he's great! For those who've played/watched the original game and thought certain scenes in the winter section were uncomfortable, boy do they make it even more so here.

    Fantastic episode overall, cannot wait for the finale next week! I have no idea how they'll close everything off in a single, and supposedly the shortest episode of the season. Hopefully they manage to pull it off!


    • David is a "preacher" with a flock in this! I like that they made him a lot less alarming than the original at first, before the cracks start showing. In the game he might as well have been holding a big red flag the second he appears.
    • The rabbit gets to live!
    • David gets a big bowl of human stew while everyone else gets a couple spoonful's.
    • Troy Baker's character hesitating before forcing himself to eat the stew was a nice touch. He's not completely all in on the cannibalism.
    • James tries to convince David to let Ellie go but a few minutes later tries to kill Ellie and is even encouraged by the others to do so before being stopped by David. I wonder if this means that they knew what David would do to Ellie and thought killing her would be an act of mercy.
    • I also like that Joel had to get his bearings together when attacking David's crew, instead of immediately going into murder mode. Still a little too quick in my opinion.
    • Speaking of murder mode, they did the thing! They even made it a bit more gruesome by having Joel stab the dude to death instead of just breaking his neck.
    • Fuckin' RIP Troy Baker.
    • The final confrontation in the burning diner was way more uncomfortable holy fuck. It's been a while since I'd seen anything from the original game, but I don't remember David trying to straight up rape Ellie. Him trying to unbuckle his belt as he joyfully smiled at Ellie's pain was horrific.
    • In the game Ellie destroys David's face, but in this she DESTROYS his face hot damn. She turned his mug into minced meat!
    • Baby girl :weary:
  • Episode 8 was fantastic. Bella Ramsey freaking murdering it as Ellie in this one. (That "fucking finger!!" line was exceptionally well-done!)

    Troy Baker had a sizeable part as James and he did it really well.

    God DAMN that ending. Whoa. Neil and Craig wanted to "subvert expectations" of the big hero coming in to save the young girl, and they did both that with the usual trope, and with how it plays out in the game.
    What was originally a satisfying rage-mode-murder turns into an uncomfortably long butchering of someone's head. Jeez.

    Very excited and interested in how next episode is gonna play out. Rumors are they only have a 40-45 min run time... I guess that might be enough, but... I don't see any more Infected appearing or even the iconic giraffes.

    Also Where are the pallets Craig?! I find the lack of them in this adaptation disturbing.

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    Been going through Grounded Mode Plus, this part was mad difficult as it was the first go-around... took me over 30 minutes of deaths to get it right.

    …Also wtf was up with that last enemy? What trickery is this game pulling in the background?
    I encounter a black shirt dude with a gun, I startle him to run away, then a hoodie guy with melee gets the jump on me, I kill him, and that’s the last enemy?? Whaaa??

    Edit: I now realise black shirt guy may have died after that one bullet - collapsing on the ground, not running away.

  • That finale to The Last of Us was pretty great! They got all the major beats I expected them to, and all-in-all was a pretty one-to-one adaptation of the final chapter in-game.

    It was a sad, heartwarming, tense, uncomfortably hopeful ending.

    Great cold open featuring

    Ashley Johnson in an I-can't-not-hear-you-as-Ellie performance for me lol.


    hospital sequence felt a bit rushed however, IMO due to the massacre montage. It was sad and scary, yes, but it all felt a little unbelievable. Would have preferred a bit more over-the-shoulder, tense, frantic hiding escaping, and avoiding the odd patrol, rather than killing literally everyone pretty quick.

    Also, I think there was a bit of a lack of mushroom infected throughout the series. Could have at least done with at least one more encounter in Ep8.

    Other than that, it was good! Really great adaptation overall. Now to wait 2 years for another season.
    Hopeful this might catch a few Emmy noms later this year.

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    Great, if a bit flawed finale to an overall fantastic show. It just needed like 5 or so minutes and it would have been golden. It's sad, tense, uncomfortable, and violent, true to the games. We truly are living in the golden age of video game adaptions. I can't believe we can call The Last of Us prestige television. Thank fuckin' God they pulled it off. Big applause to Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay for their incredible performances!

    What an incredible season. I do think certain things could have expanded upon a little more and maybe make some things a little more subtle. Although considering the ever decreasing media literacy people seem to have maybe unsubtlety was the right call. Also more infected would have been nice to see. Other than that, I've loved what we've gotten and can't wait for season 2!


    • I can't not hear Ellie from Ashley Johnson lol. Great performance though!
    • Marlene shooting Ellie Anna so quickly gave me a terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach.
    • I don't quite know how to feel about them explaining why Ellie's immune. At least no one else knows.
    • We finally get to see the infamous pallet and ladder!
    • I honestly thought the giraffe was just really good CG, but it turns out that they actually got a real giraffe to do the scene with which is pretty cool!
    • Hot damn, Joel was fuckin' ruthless here! It's like he completely disassociated himself from reality and became a one man killing machine. It's probably the most unrealistic moment in the whole series, but I personally found it to be great, and it does a good job of showing how horrific Joel can be.
    • He easily kills 3 to 4 times the number of people he's murked in the past 8 episodes.
    • I like that the camera lingers on the doctor's body. A nice little hint of what's to come in the future.
    • Apparently Laura Bailey plays one of the nurses in the operating room, which is cool! I wonder if she'll appear in the second season as well.
    • Joel's interaction with Ellie towards the end made me feel a little uncomfortable. Not because of anything nefarious, but because to me it really felt like he was treating Ellie like a replacement for Sarah. Even if it does bring up how different the two are.
    • I was a little worried that they'd change the ending, since Bella Ramsay talked about how the ending might be controversial to viewers, but I'm glad it's pretty much a shot for shot remake of the games.
  • Apparently Laura Bailey plays one of the nurses in the operating room, which is cool! I wonder if she'll appear in the second season as well.

    Since Joel left her alive, I could see her being the one to tell whoever is playing Abby that Joel killed her dad.

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    Great, if a bit flawed finale to an overall fantastic show. It just needed like 5 or so minutes and it would have been golden. It's sad, ten

  • I... Have.... The Powerrrrrr!!

    Grounded Plus complete!

    Finally did it! I am now a master of TLOU. Fear me!

    Man, this was tough (again)

    I think the David fight took over 7 tries instead of a lucky 1.

    Always terrifying to only have 2-3 bullets and so little health, despite all my exploring and scavenging.
    But it's done! And now every difficulty below this one will feel like cheating lol.

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    Something neat: The ethereal, calming version of The Cure's Just Like Heaven that plays on the carousel in the Left Behind episode, is actually a real song cover - not something made by Gustavo or HBO or the other composer on board.

    It's a Lullaby version of the song from an artist called Rockabye Baby! they make lullaby songs of tons of different artists, too. Queen, Justin Timberlake, Snoop Dogg, Johnny Cash, chances are if they've had a hit song, they've made a cover!
    No idea if it's actually meant for babies' lullabies, or just a fun creative project, but they're great!

  • Suddenly, I'm getting GTA Definitive Edition flashbacks

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    Holy shit, they got Iron Galaxy to handle the port. The same company also handled the Uncharted 4-LL Collection Port which turned out poorly at launch, and very infamously handled the Batman Arkham Knight PC Port which was reported as extremely broken at launch.

    There's been no official response to player complaints around The Last of Us Part 1's PC release from Sony, Naughty Dog, or porting studio Iron Galaxy as yet


    I wonder if this was a contract deal to develop these two titles back-to-back for PC, since if the first port turned out bad, I wouldn't want to partner with the same people for my even greater high-profile IP

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    Suddenly, I'm getting GTA Definitive Edition flashbacks

  • They are literally doing the same mistake as Rockstar. No early reviews, no warnings and no response. I smell greediness.

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    Holy shit, they got Iron Galaxy to handle the port. The same company also handled the Uncharted 4-LL Collection Port which turned out poorly

  • Good lord...

  • Ellie, we need to get a Victory Royale

    AronDracula posted: »

    Good lord...

  • DeltinoDeltino Moderator
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    I just love the fact that this is going to permanently haunt Naughty Dog now

    no matter what they do, how well they fix this, or whatever they release in the future, I guarantee that every post will have at least one person that posts this picture in response

    this is their legacy now, and they better start embracing it

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    Good lord...

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    caveman moment

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    Good lord...

  • I'm stunned that it even came out in this state.

    Like... there's no way not a single person could have known about this. There's no way the superiors at ND/Sony/IG thought they could get away with this with reputation unscathed.
    This was a massive risk to release like this, and will forever go down as one of the most embarrassing PC ports of one of the most beloved video games of all time (and one that's shaped modern action-adventures so heavily today). It's so embarrassing to see.

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    I just love the fact that this is going to permanently haunt Naughty Dog now no matter what they do, how well they fix this, or whatever

  • I honestly didn't know TLOU PC was going to come out this week. It doesn't help that there were no early reviews for this version. This is the third time a new release wouldn't have any early reviews until the launch day. First GTA Definitive Edition, then Callisto Protocol and now this.

  • Was talking with my sister about what she thought of the Last of Us finale.
    She really enjoyed it and the ambiguity of Joel's choice.

    She also mentioned she already got spoiled on the sequel a bit... :( She knows Joel dies.

    She also dropped the bombshell that she "knows" that Ellie "befriends/dates the daughter of the doctor Joel kills" .... "Abby right? the doctor that joel kills?"
    LMAOOO wow that'd be freakin weird.
    I have the heart to tell her that she's dead wrong, but I hope she can cut herself off from the REAL truth about Abby.

  • She also dropped the bombshell that she "knows" that Ellie "befriends/dates the daughter of the doctor Joel kills" .... "Abby right? the doctor that joel kills?"


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    Was talking with my sister about what she thought of the Last of Us finale. She really enjoyed it and the ambiguity of Joel's choice. S

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    I mistyped there, she still specified Daughter of the doctor... but still, yeah, that's quite the "spoiler" she came across.

    "I was positive I saw that..." she said.

    Anyway she says she's very interested in playing the game once she's home now that she's finished the show. I'm worried about her inexperience with third-person games in general, but I can always help if need be.
    There's some part of me pretty interested in seeing how ND upgraded the visuals of Part 1, as well as taking advantage of PS5 features, so I'm hoping they can put it on sale at 50$ or less soon so I can get it. My sister said she'd spare me a 20$, so that'll greatly help soften the blow of getting this game for a third time. Plus in all those accessibility options there's gotta be stuff to help her with the control scheme easier.

    lupinb0y posted: »

    She also dropped the bombshell that she "knows" that Ellie "befriends/dates the daughter of the doctor Joel kills" .... "Abby right? the doctor that joel kills?" LMAAAOOOOOOOO

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    Oh shit. Hopefully she stays safe and the guy leaves her the fuck alone. Though unfortunately a restraining order doesn't always dissuade these types of people.

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