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  • As someone who suffered from verbal abuse, I hope she recovers and gets rid of that fucker.

  • Pretty cool, the script for Long Long Time has been released online to view and download for free!

  • It might not be at SGF :(

  • Guys, no need to worry. TLOU Factions has just become friends with Metroid Prime 4. Both have a lot of things in common and they are having a healthy chemistry. Why you gotta ruin their relationship like this?

  • The original The Last of Us turned 10 yesterday!

  • Oh yeah, a couple weeks ago TLOU Part 1 remake was on sale, and thanks to some funding from my sister hyped to get into it after the show, I paid just over 40$ for it, decent price IMO since I know I'll be playing it 100% again.

    Haven't had time to get into it with her until very recently now, but getting the Remake for her to use instead of using the original version was actually a really, really good decision on Accessibility alone.

    She’s still a novice at third-person shooter games right? And after a stressful run through the prologue, the first infected encounter and a few human encounters, while she was stressed and confused about the controls (and how stealth-survival games like this work) I managed to convince her to turn on accessibility options.

    And boy oh boy I forgot how crazy detailed Naughty Dog’s list is.

    We’ve turned on lock-on aim, Listen mode ping system, awareness indicators, auto pick-up items and increased the HUD size (it really is pretty small by default)
    We’ve also lowered some aspects of the difficulty (thank goodness for custom options) so that should make her live longer, enemies more fragile, and less lethal.

    It's only been turned on for the first tiny combat encounters in the Wharf, so I won’t know how/if this will help her that much until we get further in, but I’m confident.
    She kept getting very worried about enemy movement, but forgetting to use listen mode, and the dichotomy between stealth/spotting/spotted she didn’t totally understand. Also missing dropped items and other things in the level (the remake has less of a “exaggerated realism” style than the original, I think items are smaller and ‘flash’ less than usual.)

  • We seemingly have confirmation of a Last of Us Part 2 Remaster native to the PS5...

    Gustavo Santaolalla had a spanish interview recently, where he seemingly confirmed there's a new version on the way, that has an interactive Gustavo NPC, you can request songs he can play!
    The Last of Us Part 2 Remaster Seemingly Leaked by Composer

  • Introducing the Universal Studios Orlando parks, The Last of Us haunted house!

    Yes, that's right, this is the one you've all been waiting for!

    Remember the super popular HBO show from this year? Well, this actually isn't based on that, it's based on the game only. No HBO branding here.
    At least it has actors portraying the characters!
    No, wait, they're lipsyncing to pre-recorded dialogue. Surprisingly though they got recordings of Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson!

    This feels like a really weird Frankenstin-ing of a popular, viral IP.

  • So The Last of Us Day (Outbreak Day) came and went just a few days ago, with little fanfare as predicted.
    No reveals or any updates about current naughty dog projects -- I never expected that, since they're all essentially "not revealed" with any official title or promotion. If anything were to be revealed (Factions 2 UGH) it'll be at the TGA's.

    They released a VOD of Troy Baker performing various Last of Us related songs, which is actually the coolest thing about the Day's events. This was performed last year for some group of fans, idk where I never got invited smh, but neat! (Skip to 5:50)

    There was also Photo Mode competitions, as usual. Wallpapers to download, as usual. Cosplay Guides, as usual. Merch to sell, as usual. And a collab with Pearl Jam! And it's the most hilariously lame collab I've ever seen!
    Introducing the Outbreak Day 10th anniversary t-shirt with Pearl Jam!

  • I saw some other merch they revealed but this takes the cake, pretty low effort. The font doesn't even look right. Troy's live performance was good though.

    AChicken posted: »

    So The Last of Us Day (Outbreak Day) came and went just a few days ago, with little fanfare as predicted. No reveals or any updates about

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