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    *Biff walks over* "Ha ha ha Ha!" *puts down courthouse* "Hey look, it's Chuck Butthead!" *reaches over and yanks guitar out of hands* "Lemme show you how it's done." *turns up amp controls higher* "Now watch me blow the lid off this joint!"
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    *steps back slightly*

    "Whatever you say Biff."
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    *lifts pick and gives a knowing glance before forcefully strumming the guitar, the force of the amp slamming Biff back* "Wooooaaaaaaah"
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    "Rock on, Biff."
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    Bridge wrote: »
    "Rock on, Biff."

    *books fall on Biff's head*

    "Aw shiiiii-"
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    *Marty opens the top of model Courthouse, opens and looks through Doc's notebook.*

    Marty: "Aw Doc, where are you?"
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    *a familiar sound from outside coinciding with bright flashes of light, Marty's eyes widen in shock as he runs outside to find the DeLorean time machine in front of Doc's garage, covered in ice. He slowly approaches the car*

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    *Marty walks towards the driver side door, before he opens it, smoke shoots out the vents on the back of the car. Marty tries to open with hand, but pulls away from the intense cold. Marty uses his foot to open the door.*

    Marty: "Einstein! Where'd you come from boy? Didn't you bring Doc with you?"

    *Einstein jumps out of the car and Marty gets inside it, inspecting the interior of the time machine.*
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    *Marty's eyes are instantly drawn to a bright red high-heeled woman's shoe and he picks it up*

    "Okay Doc, I know I haven't seen you in a couple of months, but I'm pretty sure this isn't your shoe."
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    *Marty picks up the Handheld Tape Recorder with a piece of tape that says 'Marty!!!' on it*

    *Marty presses Play*
    Recorded voice of Doc: "Marty?"
    *Marty screams in shock and drops the tape recorder on the passenger seat.*

    Doc: "Marty, if you are hearing this recording then the DeLorean's automatic-retreaval feature is a resounding success."
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    "Automatic retrieval?"
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    Doc: "In case of my failure to return to the DeLorean within an alloted time, I've programmed the time machine to jump to these four-dimensional coordinates without me. As you are well aware, time travel is an inherently risky activity, and despite my elaborate precautions there's always the possibility that I could land in trouble sometime. And that sometime is now! Or then! Or, uh, maybe later!"
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    *Marty rolls his eyes knowingly at "time travel is an inherently risky activity" then grows worried as the message continues*

    "He's in trouble!"
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    Doc: "Marty, come to my rescue in the past - or was it the future? Anyway, I'm relying on you to do it again. Please take the DeLorean back - or forward - to whenever it is I'm stuck in time. When you get there, I'm sure you'll figure out what to do."
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    *slightly frantic* "That's it? Aren't you gonna tell me when that is?"
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    "Just go to the date specified on the time circuits under the heading 'Last Time Departed'. Good luck."
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    Marty : Last Time Departed, Last Time Departed. Okay
    *push button* Damn
    *hits date pannel*
    Come on, Come on !

    Aw Crap ! Now how am I supposed to find him ?
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    (Click on Time Circuit Switch)

    Marty: "Looks like the time circuits still work. Now I only need to know WHEN to look for Doc."

    (Click on Time Circuit Switch again)

    Marty: "I probably shouldn't fiddle with the time circuits again until I know WHEN to look for Doc."

    (Click on Time Circuit Display (or Keypad))

    Marty: "I can use those to enter a date into the time circuits...once I know when to look for Doc."
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    (click on 'Einstein')

    "What kinda trouble is Doc in, Einie?"

    (Examine 'Photo of George McFly')

    "I keep this picture of my dad to remind me that even the most hopeless losers can grow up to be pretty cool guys."

    (Combine 'Photo of George McFly' with 'Einstein')

    "That's a good idea but I already know where my dad is..."

    (Examine 'Tape Recorder')

    *Doc's voice is heard* "Marty!"

    (Combine 'Tape Recorder' (or 'Doc's Notebook') with 'Einstein')

    *offers item to Einstein who smells it and goes over to the DeLorean*

    (Examine 'Doc's Notebook')

    "This notebook has all of Doc's plans for the flux capacitor and the DeLorean...I'd better make sure it never falls into the wrong hands and by 'wrong hands', I mostly mean Biff."

    (Examine 'Mysterious Shoe')

    "This time traveling shoe's my only clue to finding Doc."
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    this is really the only thread on this board that annoys me every time i see it move up the ladder so to speak. i dont know why....i just think its irritating.
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    this is really the only thread on this board that annoys me every time i see it move up the ladder so to speak. i dont know why....i just think its irritating.

    "What's it to you, butthead?!"
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    I would join in but I do not know the next thing, but I do know how to get past that part. Will we be able to do all of the episodes of the game?
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