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    Soon. (1000th comment!)

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    When is this going to continue?

  • One day in the near future. Planning on making it to where there is a small part everyday in February

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    When is this going to continue?


    She stared down your group, fury in her eyes. "Well?! What do you freaks have to say for yourselves?" With no answer she looks down, her hand on her head. "Get in your places, now!"


    "What did you say?" You could tell that she was feeling angered to the point where she wanted to just be done with everyone.

    "I said no. We're people too and not only were we born with rights but we have far past earned them back." You pull a pocket knife out of your pocket.

    She pulls out her gun and aims at you, giving you a questioning look before aiming at the "green-eyed monster," as Shakespeare would say. "I can't help but feel that this is all your doing. You've ruined my life, my love life, and my will to live. I just won't stand for you anymore."

    And at that, the freckled girl is out of the room in a heartbeat, out the open window.

    One down, many to go.

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    Final quote, anybody?

    "Please wake up..." You hear a voice, fading in and out.

    Short quote but hey I might get the writing done faster than I thought so there is that

    EDIT: Decided to add my personal favorite.

    She pulls out a journal from her backpack, making note of your presence. She throws the book to the ground and runs to your side, pulling you into a deep hug. "We thought you were dead!" Your eyes begin to blur as you hug her back. "I'm so sorry.."

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    Snick [Question Tatiana]

    "We're.... We're gonnaaaa..." You put your finger to your mouth, attempting to decide what to do. "We're gonna question Tatiana.."

    Sirena follows you down the hall that would lead you all to the main corridor. "Why would she tell us anything? If anything she'll give us false information that will get us killed."

    Sirena was right. You feel your chest get heavy but you keep running. Sammie needed you.

    Upon reaching the main corridor you see Rosie and AWESOMEO standing in front of the main office. "Rosie! Is Sammie with you?" Rosie shakes her head to tell you no and continues her conversation.

    You and Sirena go into the main office. "If Tatiana did something to Sammie, would she really come out about it?" Your thoughts flew about your head.

    Rosie and AWESOMEO follow you and Sirena into the office and hear Tatiana talking to someone in her office, probably Lucien. You all stop before going into her sight, hearing her words from the narrow hallway. "I'm going to give you one last chance. Where is your group and what is your name?" She sounded stressed.

    "About that... I don't remember my name.." You hear a young girl's voice as Tatiana lets out a muffled scream of defeat.

    "Lucien, Quinn, take her to the room." "The room? What in the world is going on? And if Quinn was here then where was Sammie?" You see Lucien and Quinn pulling a young woman by the arms, the girl only looked 5'3 to 5'5. You couldn't get a good look at her.

    You, Sirena, Rosie, and AWESOMEO go into Tatiana's office. "Speak, now. Where is Sammie?" Tatiana looks up but does not answer. "You don't get it!" Your words get bundled up and nothing comes out.

    "How would I know where Samantha was? And what don't I know that you do, Nad?" Tatiana stands up, facing the four of you.

    "It seems by the way you treated Sam that you seem to have warmed up to her. Always treating her better than anyone else, sneaking her food that we go out and risk our lives for." AWESOMEO was the only from Kara's group that hasn't hated you for a small time yet.

    "I'm not going to say anything." Tatiana goes for the door, stopping in her tracks.

    You look at what she was looking at, spotting ATR, Clementine, and Pia, all three holding a baby. From what Tatiana knew, there were only two babies.

    "What is this?" You hear the anger in Tatiana's voice, "Where did these three babies come from? Hm?" Tatiana confronts Clementine, hoping she would crack.

    "Leave her alone." Rosie speaks up and leaves the office, going to her new place in front of Clementine, staring Tatiana straight in the face. "She's just a kid, she probably doesn't know." The door opens and Katherine rushes in.

    Something wasn't right, they all seemed afraid, like something had happened, like someone had snapped at them.

    "Th-They're sick... The babies are sick." ATR looks up at Tatiana, tears flowing down her face.

    Tatiana gives ATR a smug look. "Maybe they shouldn't have been brought into here then... They're only going to die.."

    The door opens again, Quinn and Lucien come back in and Sirena runs out the door. "Where is she going?! How did the babies get sick? None of this is adding up."


    "Please wake up..." You hear a voice, fading in and out. "Don't go, stay with us." You knew this voice. It was Paul.

    You open your eyes and lean up very slowly. You saw the people who had remained by your side for the past few days.

    You don't remember much except for yourself, Cole, Paul, Adam, and Lucy in a rush to leave. Smoke had filled your lungs, making it harder and harder to breathe with every second you all remained there.

    Everyone went missing. Fox had come around only to make sure that everyone was okay but that was a day or two after the fire. He didn't stay and he had no one else with him.

    Even Cole was gone now. Paul had some bruise over his right eye which you noticed as he looked down to you when you lay back down. You reach out cautiously and touch the bruise. "What happened?"

    You pull your hand back and look to Lucy. She rests her elbow on her knee and puts her hand on her chin. "You passed out, we couldn't wake you up and when we got you awake you said you couldn't breathe. We set up camp here and you probably remember Fox stopping by, he left something for you."

    You get up and crawl over to your backpack that you thought got left behind. Is that what he left? You open it up and start digging through it. You find your journal that you left in the old Science Facility, your inhaler that you also left behind.

    "If it wasn't for that inhaler then you would have died." Adam notices you looking at your inhaler.

    You stand up and put your belongings backs. "Why didn't he stay?" You zip up your backpack and turn back to the three of them.

    Paul shrugs "He didn't say much. He said that he was tracking everyone down and we were the first ones that he found. He said he had a good idea of where Willy and Zack went. They weren't together though so he had to go fast." Paul looks up as if to be recounting what he had said. "He told us it would be best if we stayed here."

    "What about Brian? Where is he?" You sit down next to your backpack.

    Lucy knew a lot about what you were going to ask. "Brian went with Dylan and Santiago. That's all I really know but I can feel that he's safe."

    You knew this next question was going to hurt the most. "Who all died?"


    You knew what you had to do! You take off down the hallway. Could there have been a chance that none of them knew what happened?

    You reach the Seventh grade hallway and beat on the door until Kara opens it. She doesn't look too ecstatic to see you but she doesn't seem angry at the same time, was she already over the fight?

    "Well? What's up?" Instead of going in the room you take her out into the hall. Last thing you need to do was worry Katie.

    You take a deep breath. "I don't know if you knew this already but ATR is in the main office with all three babies and Pia and Clementine. Tatiana is mad enough at Nad and I but ATR and the kids will push it. I- We need your help."

    "All three?! What is she thinking?" Kara takes off running down the hall, you make sure that the door is shut and follow after her.

    When the two of you reach the office you hear yelling from Rosie and Tatiana both. The first thing you hear is "DON'T BURDEN ME WITH THESE RATS OR YOU'RE GOING NEXT, ROSIE!"

    ATR grabbed Clementine by the shoulder and pulled her back, Pia going with them. By then AWESOMEO had joined the argument but he wasn't yelling just yet. "You make all these threats but are you going to do something?"

    Lucien confronted AWESOMEO and raises his palm, waiting for AWESOMEO to flinch, but he doesn't. Somehow Nad and Quinn got in a fight, you heard the name Sammie repeated multiple times.

    You look to your right and see Kara, completely lost. You back to Quinn and Nad just in time to see Quinn smack Nad. You run for Quinn only to be stopped by Tatiana. "If you lay a finger on her and you're done, friend."

    "Again with the bullshit threats!" Rosie lowers her voice a little but keeps it raised enough so Tatiana knew she was serious. "Shut up and do something!" Tatiana releases your arm and turns back to Rosie.

    Quinn kept beating Nad like she was in charge. Kara makes sure that Tatiana is busy with Rosie and walks over to Nad and Quinn, throwing a punch at Quinn. Quinn gets back up and goes to fight with her next.

    ATR takes Pia, Clementine, and the babies and leaves. You observe the situation. Tatiana and Rosie about to murder one another, Lucien and AWESOMEO have stopped being civil, Nad had just regained her balance, and Quinn and Kara were bound to end up killing the other.

    Something had to be done. "THAT'S ENOUGH!" You yell at the top of your lungs. They all stop and looks at you. "Look at yourselves, you're all falling apart. Nad, you would never fight anyone unless you had to but look at you; three fights in a week." Nad looks down in shame.

    "Tatiana, we knew you as Amy. You lied to us, you earned our trust and you got lucky. Nad was supposed to kill you the day you got free. I would have killed you myself if I knew you were going to do this... I mean Steve is dead because of her!" Tatiana backs away from Rosie.

    "Rosie, you were all about keeping the peace. You've never argued with anyone but here you are now..." You feel tears strolling down your cheeks. "I don't know the rest of you enough to fix you but I do know that you are all good people with the wrong motives. We're going to fix those motives."

    "All I wanted to do was find Sammie... ATR needed your help more than I did." Nad looks up at Tatiana. Kara leaves the main office and returns a few minutes later bringing tissues for Nad's bloody nose.

    "Isn't it better when we're not yelling at each other?" You smile slightly as Lucien and Quinn leave the office. "Tatiana, will you please help us with the babies? We know that the three of them came as a surprise but they're so young and they don't deserve to die."

    Tatiana leaves the main office, everyone except Katherine following her, and goes to the nurse's office across the hall. "What are you waiting for? Get those babies in here."


    "Quinn! This isn't funny anymore, let me out!" How did you get here? You look to your side and see the girl that Lucien and Quinn brought in earlier, still huddled in the corner.

    You hear Quinn's laugh and look around for her, not spotting her. "I can't do that Sam... Tatiana and I have been in some relationship trouble lately and I remember that you two used to be a thing. I'm not letting you get in my way."

    "Well okay. That's fine and dandy and all but who is this girl?" You turn back to the little girl with the long black hair.

    "It's your job to find out!" You knew she was doing that fake cheery smile that she always did. Disgusting.

    You hear a door slam and assume that Quinn left. You go to the corner and sit next to the girl. "What is your name?"

    She looks up at you, her eyes blurry. She had a bruise on her head. "I don't remember. All I know was I was with my mom and we were driving." Her words become forced. "She hit something and we went off the road. I woke up at that mean lady yelling at me."

    "Oh my... Well then I'll give you a nickname. What's something that you like?" You hated replacing her real name but there was nothing that you could really do about her true name.

    "I like superheroes, they're pretty cool." She smiles up at you.

    "How does Super work for you?" You smile right back at the little girl as she jumps up with the brightest smile on her face.

    "I love it! Thank you so much!" She hugs you and then pulls away. "Wait... what is your name?"

    You completely forgot to introduce yourself. How embarrassing. "My name is Sam. Sorry about that."

    She moves her finger around her palm a few times and looks back up at you. "My mom taught me this thing to remember names easier. I can teach you if you want." Super takes your right index finger and guides it on your left palm. s-u-p-e-r "Now it won't be as easy to forget me."

    Super yawns and looks around the room. "Look!" She points to three small mats across the room. "I'm tired.." Super walks over to the other side and collapses on one of the mats.

    You think to yourself about how good some sleep would be and go over to the mats yourself. Super didn't even get to cover herself up with a blanket before passing out. You pull a blanket decorated as a beautiful Rose over her.

    You cover yourself up with a normal red blanket and close your eyes, drifting to sleep in no time.

    Athena "We're letting him go"

    Geronimo had already pulled his knife out and was staring at the kid, just waiting for you to give him the go.

    "Put the knife away. We're letting him go." You walk over to the door and open it. "Our group is too big as it is, any more and there'd be trouble. I'm sorry but you have to leave."

    The boy looks down sadly. "No... it's fine. I'll find another group." Santiago smiles and walks out the door, making a run straight for the woods.

    You shut the door and as if they all knew what was going to happen next, Hopeless, Andrew, Jenny, Peter, and Jude go to the kitchen. Seth stays in the room with you and Geronimo. "Athena... what the fuck was that?" Geronimo grits his teeth and stares you down.

    "I did what was right and let him go. He might have trouble surviving now but who knows, that boy could probably fix this entire mess." The chances were slim but if they were to come true, you wouldn't want to kill him.

    Geronimo lets out a deep sigh. "Let's go for a walk." You look to Seth and the two of you slowly stand up and follow Geronimo to the back door.

    Jenny looks at the three of you. "Where are you guys going? It'll be dark in about an hour and the monsters are out there.."

    Geronimo ignores Jenny and continues walking. "Athena, Seth, let's go."

    Jenny did have a fair point, this had happened in the group before. Someone went out at night and got bitten. But at the same time, Geronimo will stop at nothing to get his way. Maybe you guys would be back before dark.

    [Listen to Jenny] or [Listen to Geronimo]


    Your heart was thumping. Not only were you actually going to help the people you kidnapped but you were just now learning that there is a third baby. How could you be so blind to what was right in front of you?

    You sit down and play with your fingers at the nurse's desk. "What are you waiting for? Get those babies in here." You wait for a second to think about the possibilities. "Don't let anyone close to them in the room. I don't know what's going to happen.."

    Nad, Sirena, and Rosie leave the room at your command and go to find ATR and the kids. Kara and AWESOMEO remain in the room. She looks around picks something up off of the shelf before leaving the office quickly, like something was wrong. He sits down in one of the chairs and waits for Nad, Sirena, and Rosie.

    "I'm going to need someone's help, you seem like the only reliable person in the room." He looks up and looks around. "Who else would I be talking to?"

    "What about someone with medical experience? ATR has some.." He seemed uncomfortable about the fact he was going to be helping.

    "Just think, the chances I'm actually going to need help are very slim unless something goes wrong and I already said I don't want her in here." He looked lost so you dropped the conversation.

    Nad, Sirena, and Rosie returned with the babies who looked fine but who knows, there might be something you're missing. You set the oldest baby on the desk as Rosie shuts the door. "Which one is this?" You look over the kid thoroughly finding nothing.

    "That is Sardines, she's about a month old now. She was born back when the group had a set place, her mother died when giving birth so ATR takes care of her. At least, that's what I've heard." AWESOMEO wanted to help but it looked like he didn't know how.

    You feel Sardines forehead and under her arms but nothing was wrong. Could it be that ATR was wrong? "Someone go find Katherine and ATR..." You hand Sardines back to Rosie and take the next baby from Sirena and she leaves the room to go find ATR and Katherine.

    "That one is... Madilyn. It's hard to tell because they're twins but I'm pretty sure that's her. They are about 2 or 3 weeks old and were born on the road, their mother surprisingly lived but was shot by someone. Two people who were close to their mom decided to take them, they're both gone though..." These kids had it rough, you really sympathized for them.

    You look over Madilyn and notice that she is a bit underweight. "How often did they eat?" You assumed since that was Madilyn's problem that it would be the next kid's too.

    AWESOMEO looks ashamed to answer but he does anyway. "They used to eat everyday but since we got here and you only knew about Samantha, we would switch it up, letting one twin eat one day and the other twin the next day."

    That could be why ATR assumed they were sick. You hand the baby to AWESOMEO since Sirena hadn't returned. You take a quick glimpse at Samantha and notice the same. "They need to eat everyday. There's nothing wrong with them besides that." You think back to your observation with Sardines. "Rosie, let me see her." Rosie hands Sardines over to you.

    "Why are you looking over her again?" Sirena strides back into the room with only ATR following after her. "I couldn't find Katherine so I tried to find Kara, thinking she would know but I couldn't find her either."

    ATR was just in time for bad news. "ATR alone is just fine, thank you. ATR, the twins are slacking a little in nutrition and they both need to start eating everyday, no more skipping days." Sirena leaves the room as if it were her queue to go make lunch. "I want to keep Sardines for the night to make sure everything is truly okay with her."

    ATR nods and takes Madilyn from AWESOMEO and Rosie takes Samantha from Nad, ATR and Rosie leave the room in a rush, leaving you with Nad.


    You and the others had gone ahead of AC and the new guy. AC mainly wanted to get acquainted but you just couldn't help but feel unsure about him.

    The kid had assured you that he was a good man but something didn't piece together about his entire group.

    You wanted to protect AC so your only choice was to figure more of this group. You could probably convince Willy to give more of the group in time.

    You look over to the boy, who seemed super happy. "Hey, Willy, how about we go for a walk of our own?" Sylvester looks over to you, confused but not willing to butt in to your plan. Willy runs to your side and looks to be even happier than thought possible.

    Thinking back to what Willy had told your group, the place where they were staying shouldn't be too far.

    "Where're we going?" Willy was about ready to jump out of his skin, you felt his happiness. One kid's excitement gave you hope for the new world and other survivors.

    There was just one thing you couldn't plot, something that worried you beyond belief. Where was Emery?

    She had left you and the others alone for quite too long. She was an excellent tracker so she must have been planning something big.

    "You were talking about the leader's sister. Who shot her?" You feel Willy's happiness turn to guilt in a matter of seconds.

    He frowns before answering. "If it gets you to trust us... A man named Matt came around and he was a real jerk. We went outside to kick him out and get him far away from us but it was like someone knew that we were going to do that." He looks down. "Nina was one of the people outside with us. We were about to tell Matt to leave when someone shot Nina from somewhere. I don't know who did it, but I can't forgive them."

    He was only a kid but saying he couldn't forgive someone for such a cruel action was reasonable.

    You stop walking. For all you knew, Willy would become emotional, after all he only found two people from his group and one immediately left him. You had to keep the other guy around, no matter what. AC wasn't your only concern now.

    "Why did we stop?" Willy's voice didn't have as much heart in it. He wasn't jumping around anymore. Who knew one question could hurt him so much?

    "We're gonna go back, it doesn't seem safe out here." You felt like you ruined the kids day but after saying that he gets excited again and starts running back on the path.


  • Emery

    Has it really been a week?

    A week since you let Amario kill a woman. A week since your best frend left. A week since you last saw anyone from that group.

    A week since you last felt like yourself, since you last felt human.

    You remember letting Amario shoot the woman and Katherine leaving the group. You remember hunting for AC, James, Sylvester, and Hodge. You remember shooting Troy for letting the other get away.

    You knew it was just you and Amario left. But for now it was just you.

    Amario went on a run, a run that could possibly save your life. A life that you could feel slipping away from you with every second.

    You had gotten sick.

    Amario told you to take something but you refused, saying you would get better in no time.

    That was a few days ago though...

    In the recent time you had worsened. You had constant fevers that would often go into the danger zone, you had woken up in sweats the past five days, your breathing would have to be forced, your eyes could hardly see 10 feet in front of you. This was the end for you.

    "It's a pain, isn't it?" You hear a spectral voice and turn to your side. A woman. The woman you let Amario kill.

    You nod, unable to speak.

    "I was lucky. I didn't have to go through this pain." The woman's skin was pale, her eyes grey.

    You reach out to touch her face. Her skin is cold. How could she be back?

    "I may not have to go through this pain but you do. You did wrong." She pulls away from your hand.

    A sharp pain courses through your body and you let out a scream which brings you to tears.

    "Your body is done fighting. You can't win, Emery." You hold your knees to your chest as she continues talking. This couldn't be real. "I couldn't win either though... But I gave my group a reason to continue on."

    You feel your heart beat slow as you put your hand to your chest. "I... I'm s-sorry..."

    "Don't be afraid of the end for it is just a new beginning. I have just enough time to tell you one thing.." She waits before continuing. "Your wrong brought on a new life. You killed me and made my sister realize that we aren't going to live forever."

    Your hearing begins to fade out as she moves to stand above you.

    "Thank you." She dissapears as you stretch back out.

    You smile and close your eyes at the realization that this was your end. You had to suffer no longer.


    James and Willy were back at camp in no time at all. Willy had looked kind of down when reaching the camp but he still continued to talk to everyone.

    He talked to the new guy a lot, much more often than he did anyone else. It seemed that everyone was hiding something at the mment.

    Your conversations with Vanessa and John were brief while your conversations with Kylie were long. Your conversations with James were te best ones because when you taked to him, there was nothing to hide. Sylvester was different though, he hadn't been the same since Hodge died.

    It was like he had something he wanted to say but after Hodge he had no words.

    You had to admit, Hodge got an unfair death. No burial, no goodbyes, not even anything done to prevent him turning. You wanted to go back to take care of him.

    That's what you were going to do. You stayed up late with James and Sylvester waiting for everyone to go to sleep. John stayed up to keep watch but he knew where you were going.

    "Everyone's asleep so we're going to deal with this." You grab a knife, as do James and Sylvester, you grab one item that sends off a weird signal. A shovel.

    They don't question you as break into a sprint to the wooded area you and the boys showed up from.

    The area was familiar, the ground was especially dry. This is where you first met Kylie. Hodge shouldn't be too far.

    You take a deep breath as you continue walking, afraid of what you'll find. You being to get lost in deep thought of the many possibilities.

    James grabs you by the shoulder and pulls you back, pointing ahead. Even in the dark you knew who it was.

    It was Hodge, for sure. You could hear other lurkers around him so you had to clear those first.

    "AC, are you sure this is a good idea? It's too dark and it's getting hard to see." Sylvester sees Hodge as well. Maybe he just didn't want to handle it.

    "I mean we're already here. If we want to do it tomorrow then we'll have to remember how to get back here." You look ahead of yourself. "He's suffering.."

    "We'll do it now" or [Go back]


    You and Lucien had left the room that contained Sammie and the girl. The two of you were heading to Tatiana's office to give her a report.

    When you reached the office you see Tatiana where she should be but one thing is off. There's a baby on the desk.

    "What is this?" You charge into the office and point at the baby.

    "Apparently it's a sick baby so I'm watching over it." She pushes your hand away from the baby's face.

    "These people ruined everything about our group frm before and continue to put pressure on you and you choose to help them? What happened to getting Nad's group and killing them? Where did these other people even come from?" You throw your hands down and take a seat, Lucien sits down as well.

    Tatiana looks hesitant to answer. "Matt happened. He got the wrong group but we couldn't just send them back and assume they wouldn't come back with backup."

    You rest you arms on the sides of the chair. "Then why didn't we kill the people we already had instead of bringing more in?" You speak before she answers. "Let me ask you a question. Are you happy?"

    She stops messing with the baby and looks up. "Am I happy?" She laughs a bit as if you were joking. "Are you kidding me, Quinn?" She jumps up "WHEN HAVE I EVER SEEMED HAPPY AROUND YOU?"

    "Whatever.. At least I tried." Lucien watches the situation unfolod, staying in his place not saying a word.

    "What did you try? I see you doing nothing as of right now!" She lowers her voice a bit and keeps her hands on the edge of her desk and still manages to keep her eyes on the baby.

    You get out of your seat. "I got rid of Sam so we could be happy together!"

    Tatiana sits back down. "That's all she needed to hear. Go ahead and tell Nad."

    "She? Who is she?" Your anger is turned straight into fear.

    "She just went out the door. Have fun catching her." Tatiana goes back to tending the baby.

    You and Lucien run out of the office and spot a woman in all black clothing, her hair in a beanie. "Get back here!"

    She turns a little and raises her hand as if to wave and takes off running up the stairs. She wasn't going to Nad. She knew something you didn't know.

    The two of you follow her upstairs. She runs back downstairs and out the side door that leads to the wall where Nad is.

    She is swift in motion and climbs up the ladder in two moves, sparking Nad and Kara's attention to her.

    She looks back at you and Lucien and winks. "I found out who took Sammie." Nad's face lightens up with anger. The woman points to you. "She did it."

    Nad climbs down the ladder and confronts you. "Why? What did she do to you?"

    "She got in the way of my relationship. I coudn't have that." As you finish talking a man comes over the wall. "And who are you? I bet Tatiana would be glad to know that you've got someone leaving the walls."

    "She knows everything already, there's no point in hiding it." Kara goes down the ladder next and goes to Nad's side.

    "Were you involved in the conversation? No. Shut it." Lucien snaps at her.

    "Neither were you but here you are." She turns away from him, focusing on you.

    Nad puts her hands on her hips. "Your so called relationship was over before it even began. Bring Sammie back. You've got one day or you'll get what's coming to you."

    You smirk. "I see how it is.. You like Sam, don't you? I can't wait to tell her for you." You walk away, feeling accomplished with yourself.


    "What was that?" You climb the wall after Cole and AWEOSOMEO after you.

    "You heard it from behind the wall?" Katie chuckles and takes off the beanie. "These clothes don't fit me well but I got my job done."

    Snick looks up. "It's getting late, Sirena should have dinner done by now."

    Everyone agrees and heads inside, most going into the cafeteria and meeting up with the people they wanted to see.

    You didn't feel like eating so you went to the main office. You wanted to fix things with Tatiana or as you knew her before, Amy.

    You pass Quinn and Lucien and take a seat in Tatiana's office. Tatiana was attempting to feed Sardines though she wouldn't take anything.

    "Do you need help with her?" She looks up and nods, handing you the baby. You didn't know anything about babies but you wanted to be of help.

    "What brought you here?" She sits back down as you attempt to persuade Sardines to eat.

    "Oh.. I just wanted to talk about everything that's happened in our past." She seems concerned yet defenseive about the topic. "I'm sorry for everything that happened."

    She waits before responding. "I'm the one who should be saying sorry. I completely abused your trust. Nad should have killed me when she was told to... It would have saved so much trouble on everyone else's part."

    "But look at you now. I'm surprised you took all those new people the way you did. You didn't freak out at anyone, you welcomed them with open arms. These people truly trust you now and I sure hope that you don't turn back to your ways before." You feel the need to explain a little more. "You know... the bad leader.."

    She shakes her head. "There was a reason I was acting that way. It was Quinn but I'm over the act now." She puts her hands together and looks at Sardines. "I want to start over again, with all of you."

    "I could tell the others" or "You should tell the others"

    Didn't want to be even later so I had to skip out on Clarice's part for today but I'll do stuff with her in the next part. Thank you so much for sticking with me and dealing with my procrastination. Like I said, it's okay for you guys to become impatient with me and I am super sorry if I make anyone mad with saying I'm going to do something and then not but I do plan to work on that. See you guys in the next part!

    Snick [Question Tatiana] "We're.... We're gonnaaaa..." You put your finger to your mouth, attempting to decide what to do. "We're gonna q

  • [Listen to Geronimo]

    "We'll do it now"

    "You should tell the others"

    Awesome Chapter!!!!!!

    Emery Has it really been a week? A week since you let Amario kill a woman. A week since your best frend left. A week since you last sa

  • Whoa, that was a long chapter.

    [Listen to Geronimo]

    "We'll do it now"

    "You should tell the others"

    Emery Has it really been a week? A week since you let Amario kill a woman. A week since your best frend left. A week since you last sa

  • [Listen to Geronimo]

    "We'll do it now"

    "You should tell the others"

    Emery Has it really been a week? A week since you let Amario kill a woman. A week since your best frend left. A week since you last sa

  • [Listen to Jenny]

    [Go back]

    I have the feeling that if there's a choice for this then doing it now might seem dangerous.

    "You should tell the others"

    I feel like things feel better when you do it yourself.

    Emery Has it really been a week? A week since you let Amario kill a woman. A week since your best frend left. A week since you last sa

  • ............

  • Spring Break starts today technically so I have officially returned B)

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    Spring Break starts today technically so I have officially returned

  • ........................................................................................................................ I'll start working on a new part now

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    ....................................................................................... .p

  • Athena [Listen to Geronimo]

    You got to Jenny and hug her, you pull away and head for the door, smiling. "Don't worry, we'll be back."

    She reaches out to you and Andrew pulls her back. She seems physically distressed of your leaving. Were things really going to be okay?

    You and Seth leave the house and follow Geronimo out to the town. After what proved to be a whole lot of walking you arrive at said destination. The sun had already long set and the lurkers were getting restless.

    "We've been out too long, we can't make it back tonight without one of us getting bitten. This was a horrible idea, Geronimo." Seth took the words right from your thoughts. This was a bad idea. You should have listened to Jenny but now you have the thought of "Am I ever going to see them again? Am I going to die tonight?"

    "Ahhh lighten up, Seth, I know a place where we can set up for the night, it's no big deal." You knew that tone, all too well. Geronimo was planning something.

    It was like he was planning that you were not to make it home again.

    "How does that sound, Athena?" He gives you a look that sends fear coursing through your body.

    "That sounds fine..." You look over to Seth and shake your head, telling him that the two of you had to leave and fast. "Lead the way."

    Geronimo takes the two of you to a broken down building and you all head to sleep fast. The sooner you wake up, the better.

    You feel nothing. You see nothing but darkness. Lately you haven't dreamed of anything and this how your nights went.

    "Athena! Wake up!" You slowly open your eyes and see Seth above you, panicking. "That bastard left us!"

    You jump up and look around. "What?! You've got to be kidding me!" You collapse on the cold, hard ground. "Tell me you know how to get back..." You quickly turn to Seth who shakes his head. "We have to stick together. No matter what."

    "I don't know the way but there is someone who just might." Seth heads for the doors. "Santiago kind of went this way. We find him, we find home."

    You get up and follow Seth out of the broken down building.

    AC "We'll do it now."

    "It's fine if you don't want to do it, Sylvester. We'll do it now and get it over with." You pull out your knife and walk towards the group of lurkers.

    The first lurker spots you and starts stumbling your way. You stop walking, unable to see that far ahead of you.

    You squint your eyes in order to make an effort to see. You feel your arm get grabbed and pulled towards something.

    You let out a blood curdling scream and feel someone grab you by the hips and pull you away. You and the person fall to the ground, your attacker falling on top of you.

    By using your skills of deduction, the person who grabbed you from behind was James and your attacker was a lurker but not just any lurker. It was Hodge.

    You throw your feet out and kick Hodge off of you. Sylvester pulls you up and James gets up after you. "This is why I said it was a bad idea. Obviously none of us can see." Sylvester turns to begin walking back.

    "There isn't a thing I can't do and I'll prove it to you!" You take your knife back out and head towards Hodge.

    Before you can reach him you get hit with something "AC!" That was the last thing you heard from Sylvester before you are knocked out.

    You wake up to someone carrying you through the field that you had to pass through to get to your group.

    You open your eyes to see an unfamiliar man carrying you. James and Sylvester no where to be found.

    "Put me down." You could only bring yourself so far. "Where are my people?"

    The man ignores you and keeps walking. Something didn't feel right. If he was taking you back to your group then where were James and Sylvester? Why would they let some strange man take you away?

    "Who are you? Put her down!" You hear Vanessa's voice getting closer and you are dropped to the floor. "AC, are you okay?" Vanessa kneels down and looks over you. "Where are the others?"

    Before you can answer you hear a gun cocking and Vanessa's breathing slow. "If you don't want me to pick her up then you pick her up and come with me."

    Vanessa slowly gets up, picking you up off the ground.

    "Vanessa, come here." You see John, Kylie, and the new guy aiming their guns at this unknown man.

    Vanessa looks down to you. "What do I do? This guy has a gun on me but everyone else has a gun on him."

    "Go to the group." or "Stay with the man."

    Tatiana "You should tell the others"

    "You need to tell the others yourself, they'll understand and believe it more if it came from you." Rosie smiles and stands up. "I'm going to take Sardines to the cafeteria to eat. I mean if that's okay with you."

    "Sure it's fine but before you do that can you get everyone to gather in the cafeteria?" Rosie nods and stands up, carrying Sardines out of the room.

    You wait about five or ten minutes before going to the cafeteria seeing everyone gathered. "What's this about?" Lana, with one of the twins, sat next to Katie and Brian.

    Everyone quickly stops talking and gives you their attention. "I wanted to apologize to all of you for everything I've done in the past and I want to start over with you all. To start over, I've unlocked the front doors so everyone can come and go as they please."

    Kara looks over to Cole and questions him about it. Asking if she knew anything about it.

    "Guys, it's true. She wants to change for the better. I think we should let her." Rosie, still holding baby Sardines, looks over to you and smiles. "I promise you all the nothing can go wrong."

    Snick stands up and looks over to you. "Since we're all getting better with you, I need to talk to you. Alone."

    You look over to Snick and a sense of fear sweeps the room. Everyone knew what was coming. Everyone but you.

    "Sure, come into my office, we'll talk there." You smile and lead the way to your office. You take your seat as Snick shuts the door and sits in the chair across from you. "What did you need to talk to me about?"

    She takes a deep breath and puts her hands together. "Quinn has Sammie held up somewhere and I need you to talk to her."

    So that was why Sammie was gone. Quinn had said she was sick and just needed to rest.

    "I'll handle it but I have a feeling some people are itching to finally leave so I need to find where Quinn put the weapons." If you kept letting Quinn do these things, things would go to a bad standing.

    You leave the room and go to where Quinn had said she put the guns, only finding one of them. What did she do with the rest of them?

    There was one gun and three people who needed one. They hadn't told you they did but with their standing position in their groups, they should have it.

    [Snick needs it.] [Kara needs it.] [Rosie needs it.] [Forget the gun and question Quinn.]


    Things had seemed to calm down since those men were last there. Whenever the guys went on a run, one of them would start staying behind to watch over everyone else.

    Today was one of those days.

    Since you first joined the group, you noticed things were slacking in the order of just cleaning. The house was always filthy and you had to fix that.

    "Jessica!" You hear Christa yell from upstairs, taking off up the stairs you see the hallway empty, Aidan follows you up stairs, being the one who stayed.

    Emma comes out of her room in a hurry. "What's going on? Where are they?" Emma holds a gun in her hand and keeps it close to her side.

    You look around and go into Christa's room, neither of them are there. "So we all heard the yelling but they are just gone?!"

    Aidan rushes down stairs, Emma and yourself following behind him. You go out the front door and see a situation you would never want to be in.

    A girl with blonde hair sits in a tree nearby, who looked to be fifteen or sixteen, swinging her legs with a smile on her face. Jessica and Christa stand under her, their weapons on the ground.

    The blonde girl notices you and takes her gun's aim off of Christ and Jessica and points to you. " Come on, lady, join your friends."

    She had already noticed you and there was no turning back now. You step forward and go next to Jessica and Christa. "Who are you?"

    "Drop your weapons and then we'll talk. Don't tell me you don't have a weapon because everyone does and I don't like liars." She holds the gun steadily as you drop your own gun. "Good! We're going to get along just great!"

    "She dropped her stuff so answer her question. We'd like to know too." Jessica pipes up, the girl's wrist quickly turning to aim at Jessica.

    "Oh, right! My name is Jinx!" She looks directly at you, her blue eyes piercing you. The look she gave could strike fear into anyone. "Hey! Come out!" Jinx looks back to the house as Aidan and Emma come out. Her smile fades as she sees Emma's gun. "You're going to have to drop that. Now."

    Emma stands next to you and crosses her arms. "You're like seven, why should I listen to you?" Jinx gets a furious look on her face.

    "I'm not seven. I'm sixteen and you should listen to me because if you don't, one of your friends will die. It's as simple as that." Jinx goes back to swinging her legs while holding onto the tree branch. "Oh, you should drop your stuff too, sir." She turns to Aidan.

    "Emma, do something." Aidan says under his breath and drops his gun.

    Emma look to you. "What do I do?" She whispers to you. She could take a shot at Jinx but if she misses, it's all over.

    "Shoot her." or "Drop your gun."

  • "Stay with the man."

    [Snick needs it.]

    "Shoot her."

    Athena [Listen to Geronimo] You got to Jenny and hug her, you pull away and head for the door, smiling. "Don't worry, we'll be back."

  • "Go to the group."

    [Rosie needs it.]

    "Shoot her."

    Athena [Listen to Geronimo] You got to Jenny and hug her, you pull away and head for the door, smiling. "Don't worry, we'll be back."

  • "Go to the group."

    [Rosie needs it.]

    "Drop your gun."

    Athena [Listen to Geronimo] You got to Jenny and hug her, you pull away and head for the door, smiling. "Don't worry, we'll be back."

  • [Rosie needs it.]

    "Drop your gun."

    Athena [Listen to Geronimo] You got to Jenny and hug her, you pull away and head for the door, smiling. "Don't worry, we'll be back."

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    Where do I begin? It's been so long since I've updated and part of that is because I've been going through a long term block but GOOD NEWS!

    I've finally started writing for this story again and I've already taken my mid summer break so I'm all set to start this up again! I would say expect the next part sometime this afternoon or into the early hours of night, if not earlier.

  • Cool. :D But I kinda forgot what happened previously.

    Where do I begin? It's been so long since I've updated and part of that is because I've been going through a long term block but GOOD NEWS!

  • edited July 2015

    Let me go read it over and I'll give you a low down :)

    Athena, Seth, and Geronimo leave the house. Geronimo left Seth and Athena, the two don't know the area but they figure one person who may. Santiago's going to have a huge part very soon.

    AC and Vanessa are in a pretty sticky situation with an unknown assailant while James and Sylvester are missing in action. Vanessa is given the choice of staying with the assailant or going back to Kylie, John, Fox, and the kids. The attacker has his gun on Vanessa and Kylie, John, and Fox each have their guns on this man.

    Tatiana has decided to unlock the doors to the school but left an offer for the groups to stay. Snick brings up Sammie's disappearance to Tatiana. Basically Tatiana had a big part, while going on to think about how should approach Quinn about Sammie, she realizes that Quinn hid the guns that were taken up when the groups first arrived at the school and all but one are there, so she has one gun but three people who need it. She has the choice to give it to Rosie, Snick, or Kara.

    And last but not least is my favorite set of choices. Clarice and the group are slowly moving past what happened previously, their new order being that when the men went on runs, one man would stay with the woman. Clarice feels that the house is messy and decides to clean up. While cleaning, Christa yells out for Jessica, getting Aidan, Emma, and Clarice's attention. They look for the two but come up with nothing, heading outside to find a girl in a tree with a gun aimed at them, that girl being a new girl named Jinx. Emma is put with the choice of shooting at Jinx or surrendering, which is what Jinx wants her to do.

    And now we're here!

    Pipas posted: »

    Cool. But I kinda forgot what happened previously.

  • AC "Go to the group."

    "First, put me down. Then what I want you to do is slowly turn around and go back to the group." You keep your voice just low enough so Vanessa can hear you. She gently puts you down and turns to the group, like she was instructed to.

    You face the man who is waiting for the right moment to pull the trigger. Watching Vanessa and waiting.

    You feel your heart beating heavy in your chest as you look back at Vanessa. Expecting your next words to be your last. "VANESSA GO!" You take off in a sprint and put your hand on her back as a way of telling her to run.

    Three shots are fired.

    The first shot goes off, Kylie shot it. Since nobody had screamed or said anything you could only assume that it didn't hit anybody.

    You hear yelling but don't take the time to process it before the second shot is fired. Vanessa stops running and falls, holding onto her leg. You stop with her and look at the bloody scene. "Hey, hey, hey... Look at me! You're fine!" You look at Vanessa who had a panicked look on her face

    The second shot was fired by the man. None of this had to happen.

    The third and final shot was fired by Fox. It had hit the man in the shoulder and prevented any more casualties.

    "That's more than enough! John, go help them!" You hear Kylie yelling with a stressed out tone as she sends John to your aid. It was probably more of Vanessa's aid...

    As John carefully picks up Vanessa, you turn to the man. Gripping his shoulder with a bitter look on his face. "You happy now? You'll get what's comin' to you in due time, little prick." The man's words sent shivers down your spine.

    "You have no right to talk. AC, you've got a choice to make and limited time to make it." You look back at Fox as he glares down at the man. "Should we let him go?"

    "Leave, now." or "Shoot him."

    Tatiana [Rosie needs it.]

    You pick up the gun and walk out of the office, heading to the Kindergarten hall, keeping an eye out for Rosie or Quinn.

    Lana and Cole pass by, each giving a warm smile and going on their way. Things finally felt normal.

    Rosie leaves one of the rooms, Sardines in her arms. She smiles and goes to walk past you and you hold out your arm. "Hey I need to give you something, go give the baby to someone else and then get back to me."

    She nods and goes back to the room. "Brian, I need you to take her. She doesn't need anything right now but if she starts crying just take care of her. Got it?" Rosie comes back out of the room and puts her hands on her hips. "What do you need?" You hand her the gun and she gives you a confused look. "Thanks? But why do I have a gun now?"

    "I figured you would need it. I have no idea what you've got planned now that you're free, things are going to be different and that gun could very well be your savior in a life or death situation" She gives you a look the derives from suspicion but also from genuine trust. "because sometimes, the people we really think we can count on, won't pull through."

    Katie comes out of the room the Rosie took Sardines in and jumps at the sight of you. "I guess I should tell you now then. Kara told me to tell you that she went out and that if she's not back before night, just consider her dead and move on."

    Rosie looks back at Katie with a dazed look. "Night time is in an hour. Tops." Katie shrugs and looks at the gun. "Should I go after her? Where would she even go? Her group is here and she knows that."

    "I'm just saying what she told me to say. I don't know why she does half of the stuff she does, she gets these stupid bursts of energy where she feels that she has to do something and she'll drop whatever she's doing, regardless if she has a weapon or not. She's stupid dangerous is what my mom would call it." Katie crosses her arms and looks down. "You have to gun, it's your choice."

    Katie goes back into the room and Rosie looks back to you. "You gave me the gun and technically you're still my leader. Should I even bother asking you or just go to Snick?"

    "Go after her." ~Risk Rosie or "Stay here." ~Risk Kara

    Emma FLIPPED A COIN: "Shoot her."

    Clarice gives you a sorrowful look as she whispers. "Shoot her. Quick, Emma!" You're thrown off by Clarice's choice but do as she says. You fire a bullet at the blonde girl.

    It was like time slowed as you were waiting for the bullet to hit her but it never does. It goes right past her. "You idiot!" Jinx yells as she jumps from the tree, her gun still in the clutches of her hand. "Don't you want them to live?!"

    "C- calm down..." You drop the gun and raise your hands, taking a step back. "It... accidentally went off."

    She looks as if she was struck by a bullet after all. "Accidents like that don't happen! Do you really think I'm that stupid?!"

    Christa takes a step forward and grabs the girls shoulder. "There's no reason to yell. Nobody got hurt in the end and that's all that matters."

    Jinx pulls away from Christa and raises her gun. "Nobody got hurt, huh?" She fires her gun, the bullet going straight for Christa's stomach. "Don't Jinx yourself, honey..." Jessica runs to Christa's side as she falls to the ground.

    "What the fuck! She was trying to help!" Jessica yells at the girl who in turn, raises her gun again. She realigns her shot for Christa's head.

    "Do you want to rethink your tone? I honestly don't want to kill two people in one day." Jinx fires a final shot that rings out, the bullet going through Christa's head. "This wasn't how it was supposed to be..." Jinx stands back up and points to the house. "All of the rest of you, go inside. I'm going to get rid of the body. Cause any trouble, and there will be another body for me to get rid of."

    Aidan goes over to Jessica and holds her arm up. "Let's go." Clarice looks back to you and the four of you begin walking back to the house. You go in last and shut the door quietly behind you. "We have no guns, TinyCarlos and Tyler won't be back until morning, this is so fucked. What do we do?"

    "Actually, I have some guns up in my room, just enough to get us by. That's only if we need them though..." Jessica turns to face Aidan. "I think the choice is really up to Emma, she is in charge here after all."

    Clarice, Aidan, and Jessica all face you. "So, just tell us what to do." Clarice puts her hands behind her back, obviously feeling guilty for the choice she made just ten minutes ago.

    "We'll wait for the guys." or "We fight back now."

    (I originally intended for this to be longer but them i kind of just eh. I'm going to be writing more these next few months so this is not the end, no matter how slow part production goes.)

  • "Leave, now."

    "Go after her." ~Risk Rosie

    "We'll wait for the guys."

    AC "Go to the group." "First, put me down. Then what I want you to do is slowly turn around and go back to the group." You keep your voic

  • It's great that this is back :D

    "Shoot him."

    "Go after her." ~Risk Rosie

    "We'll wait for the guys."

    AC "Go to the group." "First, put me down. Then what I want you to do is slowly turn around and go back to the group." You keep your voic

  • "Shoot him."

    "Stay here." ~Risk Kara

    "We fight back now."

    AC "Go to the group." "First, put me down. Then what I want you to do is slowly turn around and go back to the group." You keep your voic

  • So it looks like AC is going to call for her attacker's death, Tatiana is going to tell Rosie to head out, and Emma and co are going to wait for the guys to return.

    Also, the two character limit is hereby voided so please submit characters to your hearts content!

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    Well this is embarrassing but I accidentally unfollowed my own story but I have some good news for newer characters!

    We're going to be taking to the streets of Ohio very soon. Now you might ask, what's in Ohio? I have no idea but all of these characters in the same location is getting rough but with that comes some cons, parts are going to get more spaced out POV wise but I will finish the part I've been working on since my last update and then get back to work!

  • YAY

    Well this is embarrassing but I accidentally unfollowed my own story but I have some good news for newer characters! We're going to be ta

  • I actually unfollowed my own story a couple times haha.

    Sounds interesting. Keep up the good work.

    Well this is embarrassing but I accidentally unfollowed my own story but I have some good news for newer characters! We're going to be ta

  • So I've updated the character creation form just a tad bit but I really need your guys' help. I've already got a new group in Ohio planned, called the Afterlife. What they do is go around and steal the identity of the dead, what do they gain from it? In due time, you'll find out.

    But the thing is, I need as many members of the Afterlife or victims of the Afterlife that I can get so if you're up to it, please go submit a character or two and make them as evil or as innocent as they come, in the minor details box please put either 'Member of the Afterlife' or 'Victim of the Afterlife'

    Thank you guys so much, new part is most likely coming today or tonight.

  • (Whoops! I only just realized now that I've been getting Santiago and Super mixed up for quite a few parts and I feel incredibly stupid but I went through and fixed the mistakes that I've caught, I read through this part as well and I hope I caught everything. In case I didn't, Super is with Sammie right now and Santiago is lone-wolfing it so there we go.)

    Willy "Shoot him."

    You keep an eye on AC and Fox as they talk over the man that had attacked AC. Bits and piece from the conversations "accidentally" came in, Fox wanted to do something about this guy and AC wanted to as well.

    Fox holds his gun ready to fire if anything happens. He takes aim at the fallen man's head as AC walks off. You run after AC as a shot is fired and Fox walks away from the body. "Where are James and Sylvester? Are they okay?"

    She simply offers a cold glare and shakes her head in response. "I don't know, kid. I'm going to go look for them but everybody here is exhausted. Y'know, you probably would've had better luck staying with your other group.." She looks down to the ground "Maybe If I wasn't so persistent about putting Hodge down then they would still be here... Willy, just know this..."

    She puts her hands on your shoulders and looks straight into your eyes. "This is my fault. Vanessa got shot because of me, James and Sylvester are missing because of me, and I am going to fix this, even if it takes my life." She begins to walk away as you chase after her. She quickly picks up on your running towards her and spins around, her dark brown eyes almost piercing you. "Stay put!"

    AC scans the area before confronting John and Kylie. "Have either of you seen my bow?" John shakes his head and turns his attention back to Vanessa's leg. "Kylie? You didn't answer the question." She taps her foot on the ground impatiently waiting for an answer. "Kylie..."

    "Jesus, you'd lose your head if it weren't on your shoulders." Kylie points out the bow as AC jokingly mocks her words, grabbing the bow.

    "I'm off. Make sure that Crystal and Joseph don't figure out what happened, it's too late to keep it from Willy but one kid knowing isn't going to hurt."

    Kylie nods and watches as AC walks off, she goes back to helping John with Vanessa when AC disappears. Fox goes back to the attacker's body and begins dragging it away. You run to the skinny man with messy black hair and watch as her drags the body.

    He looks from the body to you and shakes his head, remaining silent as he goes back to pulling the body.

    "....Whatcha doin'?" Fox grunts and pulls the body again, as you wait for an answer.

    "I'm getting rid of this guy. Go back with the other two." You cross your arms and stand on your heels. You had three options, you could go after AC and try to help her find James and Sylvester. You could stay with Fox and help him with the body, because it's obviously hard for him. Or you could do what you've been told multiple times and go back with Crystal and Joseph.

    [AC] [Fox] or [Crystal and Joseph]


    "Do you really think Sagig is going to want to help us after we turned him away?" You look at Seth. He sighs in response and shrugs, waiting for you to continue. "I mean sure, he's a kid and kids are usually forgiving, right?"

    The tall man laughs. "Do I look like a have a kid?" He stops laughing and the area gets a very serious aura to it. "I'm not sure, if you want the truth. We hardly know him." He rubs his beard and smiles slightly. "Before worrying about if he'll help us, we need to worry about finding him."

    "What about Geronimo? He left us, what if he tells Jenny, Andrew, Peter, Jude, and Hopeless some lie about how we're dead?"

    Seth stops and holds onto your shoulder. "He's not going to get away with it. That's what's going to happen. Don't worry about it and trust me, got it?"

    You go to talk again as he lets go of your shoulders but he taps your arm and points forward. You quickly close your mouth and look forward, seeing nothing. "What it is?"

    He laughs "Nothing, please stop talking if you're only going to talk about the negatives.

    "How do you expect me to stay optimistic about this bullshit?!" You feel your skin burning. Like you've been standing in the sun forever.

    Seth stop laughing again and gives off a worried look. "Athena, calm down. It's not that big of a deal..." He puts his hands in his pockets and continues walking. "Things could be worse. We could be dead, bitten, kidnapped, or stuck with Geronimo."

    You let out a huff and put your arms across your chest. "We need to find Santiago. No jokes, be serious." You send a cold glare Seth's way and he straightens up, remaining quiet as he follows you down the street.

    Jinx "We'll wait for the guys"

    What didn't those people understand?!

    Put your gun down means put it down!

    I warned them! That was the only thing you could think as you paced around the body of the woman you had shot.

    You run up the steps of the house and put your ear to the door. "We'll wait for the guys to get back. They'll take her."

    How could they do this?!

    They didn't even know you and they were already turning on you!

    You let out an unintentional scream and punch the door.

    The door opens as you push down who opened the door. "You people don't know a savior when you see one! I'm trying to help you!"

    The Chinese woman gets back to her feet and steps away from you.

    "You're all pansies! You can't help yourself! That dead bitch out there couldn't do anything to stop me, so what can you do?!"

    There was nothing wrong with what you were doing.

    You were helping those who couldn't help themselves.

    You remember back to the early days. Watching your father get bitten, putting him down. It was human.

    You were human. These people weren't.

    Coming up

    "You want to know something? Like really want to know?"

    After a moment of silence he pipes up "Of course I do! Tell me!"

    The boy in the white hoodie stands up and clears his throat. "I saw what you did. That's Afterlife quality but even you're not safe."

    "It's your fault. None of this had to happen."

    It was at that instant. Something clicked.

    "But because you did this, we're going to get you back."

    "Sleep tight, try not to die, alright?"

    //I'm going to leave it at that for now but with the new group coming along, I've got a lot more motivation to write so I am proud to say, and mean it this time, that I am back. Next part will come along later this afternoon, with all different POVs. :)//

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    [Crystal and Joseph]

    Awesome part!

    (Whoops! I only just realized now that I've been getting Santiago and Super mixed up for quite a few parts and I feel incredibly stupid but

  • [Crystal and Joseph]

    (Whoops! I only just realized now that I've been getting Santiago and Super mixed up for quite a few parts and I feel incredibly stupid but

  • [AC]

    Oh man, Jinx is crazy. Always enjoyably crazy though :P

    (Whoops! I only just realized now that I've been getting Santiago and Super mixed up for quite a few parts and I feel incredibly stupid but

  • If you think Jinx is bad, just wait for the Afterlife oof

    [AC] Oh man, Jinx is crazy. Always enjoyably crazy though :P

  • Sorry guys, another empty promise, but I sadly do not have a three sided coin

  • I changed my vote :P

    Sorry guys, another empty promise, but I sadly do not have a three sided coin

  • Thanks so much :D

    supersagig posted: »

    I changed my vote :P

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