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  • Harlund XI

    At the Stark Farm

    “Fine. I won’t tell anyone.” Harlund spoke, and Arya gave him a quick nod and turned her gaze to Ned, who nodded. Arya took a deep breath, and turned around to the face again. “I can’t believe that I am telling this to a minor lord and a thief, when no one else knows but Gendry.” she said. Everyone was quiet for a short moment, yet it felt like an eternity. Harlund noticed Ned looking uncomfortable at him, before Arya finally broke the silence.

    “Okay, alright.… It’s.. It’s Sansa.” Arya quickly said, and yet again the room was awkwardly silent for a moment. “Sansa? Sansa Stark?” Harlund asked curiously. “Yes, Sansa Stark! My sister.. I’m sure you know the story, when I, Sansa and father went to King’s Landing. He was to serve as Hand of the King, and you know what happened. The Joffrey-cunt ordered him dead.. Me and my sister.. We weren’t close. We got separated after that, I was heading north while she stayed in the capital.. A lot of things happened in between, the important thing is that we met up with each other again, after years away from each other, we finally met up. And it was only then I realized how I missed her.” she explained, and let out a quick chuckle before she continued.

    “We were still at each other's throats. But both of us had been going through so much. Sansa had been raped, assaulted… But she had learned how to play the Game of Thrones. I had been blind, I had become a girl I never thought I would be. I ruined houses. I became what I always thought I wanted to be. And it was fun. I enjoyed it for a time, but that life wasn’t for me. I finally settled down, peace and quiet.. And then I hear the news that Sansa has been killed by our enemies, and that Jon gave up the King title, and passed it on to his son, Robert. I haven’t seen Jon in 20 years, since the incident. He had a very special mission, they said. But I don’t know, he disappeared, and never came back. You know that part, of course… I know this is sick.. I do. But I just.. I couldn’t just let her rot. I couldn’t. I should get rid off it. Bury the face.. Like she deserves, but I can’t. I couldn’t live the rest of my life without seeing her face. When I feel insecure or uncertain of what I want, I go down here, put on her face, look her in the mirror, and thinks what she would do in this situation. Then I make my decision… She guides me. I don’t like it, but she does.” she continued and continued, with tears in her eyes. Harlund was speechless, but Ned clearly wasn’t.

    “So, what you are saying is that the second King in the North since Torrhen kneeled, left his duties for a mission no one knows about?” Arya only gave him a stern nod. “Ha! That is just Hilarious! Why would he do that? Why didn’t he tell anyone?” Ned rambled to which Arya only shook her head in disbelief. “Is this really important? He’s been gone for 20 years. I’m sure you both are wondering why I kept her face. I couldn’t live the rest of my life without seeing her face.

    Harlund thought about what she had said, and came to think about something she said that he reacted to. “We all heard the stories, and you said it yourself just now. Sansa was killed by enemies of the north, by poison I heard.. The man who killed her has not yet been found, has he?” Arya tensed up a little, before she answered. “Who said anything about him? For all we know it could be a woman.. But no, the killer hasn’t been found. But I have dedicated my last 20 years to find the killer, and I will.. I’m not going to Winterfell because I like the place, I am going because I got a tip on an old man who might know something about it.” Arya answered, more like trying to convince herself rather than Ned or Harlund.

    “Well.. The rest of the faces then? All faces here aren’t family, are they?” Ned asked curiously, as he turned around and examined an old man’s wrinkly face. “No, they are not. That one there you are looking at is Walder Frey. One of the men behind the Red Wedding. The 2 next to him are his sons, Black Walder and Lothar Frey. I cut them up and served them as a pie to Walder, before I cut his throat. Then I called for every Frey family member, put on Walder’s face and poisoned everyone.”

    Ned’s mouth was wide opened, and his eyes full of excitement. “What?! Is that really how it happened? I always thought half of it was made up, but that is outrageous!” Ned said, clearly excited to hear that the stories are real. Harlund rolled his eyes, and Arya chuckled before she nodded.

    Arya pointed at another face, this face did not have a nose. “This here is Ser Ilyn Payne, the mute fuck. The man travelled to the Payne-castle in the westerlands after Daenerys took the throne in the south. I heard of this and travelled there, I cut off both his ears, eyes and nose before I beheaded him. It wasn’t as satisfying as I hoped, but it was enough. I never got the Mountain or Cersei’s faces, since they saw it more fit to explode themselves in the red hall, when their loss was a fact.” Arya dreamed away, but snapped out of it quickly. ”Well! I think we had enough stories for tonight. I trust you can see yourselves out. Oh, Lord Marbrand, can I just borrow you for a second?” she calmly asked. Harlund nodded and waved at Ned to go wait outside. Sneaky Ned nodded and gave Arya a clumsy bow before he walked up the stairs.

    Arya took a step closer towards Harlund, whom started to feel a little uncomfortable. “I just wanted to tell you something quickly. If you ever sneaks into my house again, you will end up like Ser Ilyn here, no tongue, no nose, no ears, no face and no life. Have I made myself clear?” she spoke, clearly threatening Harlund. Harlund had taken more serious threats before, and was not scared of this one. However, he knew that starting an argument here would be stupid. “Of course, my lady.” he confirmed with a strong and powerful voice, before he turned around and walked up the stairs.

    When he reached the outside, he saw a very excited and happy Ned and a interested and listening Farengar. Ned was clearly talking about the meeting they had, and confirmed that the stories that are told are real. “So you know, the story, “The North remembered House Frey”? That is completely true, it was Arya, she killed and ruined House Frey!” Ned enthusiastically shared with Farengar, keeping the face of Sansa from the conversation.

    “Huh. Never thought that was true.. Oh, my lord. You got what you came for, right?” Farengar guessed, and to his relief, Harlund nodded and started to walk back to the camp, Farengar and Ned just behind him. “So. Judging by Ned here, Arya is real?” Farengar asked curiously, and to this, Harlund was uncertain. For all he knew, this could be someone using Arya’s face. But can you have several layers of faces? He kept these thoughts to himself, as they walked pass the first tent. “It seems like it, Farengar.” Harlund mumbled as the continued to walk past tent after tent.

    They had walked for a minute or so, when Sneaky Ned stopped. “Well, here’s my stay, my lord. I promise you that this… y’know. I won’t ever tell anyone.” Ned said quietly to Lord Harlund. “Good.” he simply answered, and continued to walk. Harlund heard Farengar saying something to Ned, before Farengar followed Harlund again.
    “My lord. I can spot a liar anywhere. It’s my gift I suppose. You’re still not sure about Arya, are ya?” Farengar concluded, and Harlund saw no point in lying. “Aye. Didn’t want to crush Ned’s dream there. For all I know, this could still be anyone with her face. But she had some details that not everyone knows.. It’s likely that it is in fact Arya, but one can never be to sure. We got to keep an eye on here. Have I made myself clear?” Harlund explained and turned around to Farengar. “Very clear, my lord… Ah. Jurgen! We actually talked about you not to long ago.” Farengar exclaimed.

    When Harlund turned around, he saw the man that has been in service the absolute longest during Harlund’s time as lord. The man that more or less taught Farengar everything. The man that helped Farengar survive that night that Farengar told him about. The man that kept Frosthorn from destruction that night. A man that Harlund by many means admired for his loyalty to the Marbrand’s name. And his will to serve, not demanding ranks or titles, he just want the house he serves to be safe.

    “Farengar. I trust you only spoke good things about me, eh?” Jurgen joked, and Farengar nodded. “My lord, I didn’t see you praying earlier this night.” Jurgen stated, to which Harlund gave him a quick nod. “No, you are right. I had some things to attend to. What are you doing up in this late hour anyway?” Harlund answered and asked. Ol’ man Jurgen gave him a quick smile. “I just had to take a piss. Going back to my tent now. Anyhow, if you want to go and pray, the weirwood tree is that way.” Jurgen started and pointed north. “My lord.. Farengar..” he finished, and continued to walk towards his tent.

    “Well, my lord. I’ll go and pray for a bit. Will you accompany me?” Farengar asked, and Harlund was quick to answer…

    [Go and Pray] [Go to your Tent]

  • [Go and Pray]

    Harlund XI At the Stark Farm “Fine. I won’t tell anyone.” Harlund spoke, and Arya gave him a quick nod and turned her gaze to Ned, who

  • So much messed up. I highly disapprove of this!

    [Go and pray]

    Harlund XI At the Stark Farm “Fine. I won’t tell anyone.” Harlund spoke, and Arya gave him a quick nod and turned her gaze to Ned, who

  • Aye. Pretty messed up indeed. Arya has certainly changes a little over the years.

    AgentZ46 posted: »

    So much messed up. I highly disapprove of this! [Go and pray]

  • Who we assume to be Arya at least. I think Harlund is right to suspect.

    Aye. Pretty messed up indeed. Arya has certainly changes a little over the years.

  • [Go and Pray]

    Harlund XI At the Stark Farm “Fine. I won’t tell anyone.” Harlund spoke, and Arya gave him a quick nod and turned her gaze to Ned, who

  • [Go and Pray]

    Damn, Arya! She truly has changed a lot. You know, I actually had a slight idea that the face might be Sansa's, but I have not voiced it before, but still, seeing that theory actually confirmed... man, she's messed up now. Making her own neat face collection, that is stark, pun intended. But no matter what I personally think of this, it means they truly have to get away from there and from her. She seems unstable, probably a danger to be around and I am not sure how to feel about this.

    Harlund XI At the Stark Farm “Fine. I won’t tell anyone.” Harlund spoke, and Arya gave him a quick nod and turned her gaze to Ned, who

  • The Voting is Close!

    You guys choose to Go and Pray, which I probably would've chosen as well from a reader perspective.

    Anyhow, sorry for the slight delay, but this business trip took a little longer than I initially thought. The same thing might happen between this and the next part, but after that, everything should be going smoothly for a little while. When I came home I finally got around to play Firewatch, fantastic game, certainly deserved the praise it got (and the critique for the ending). But I can definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn't played it.

    Next part should be up in the evening, or tomorrow.

    Now, spoilers for Season 7 of GoT under, don't read if you haven't seen the entire S7 (and 1-6 of course)

    Under this line, Don't read if you don't want Spoilers

    Seriously, Do not go under this text if you don't want spoilers!

    You have been warned!

    Well, that certainly didn't play out as I'm going to play it out. I'm specifically talking about Littlefinger, Mr. Game of Thrones himself. Don't get me wrong, the way he went out isn't my problem, the mastermind and manipulator behind the whole Game of Thrones died by being manipulated himself would be a poetic way for him to go. But this early? Come on! Littlefinger is the smartest motherfucker in Game of Thrones, and I can't help but think that the minute Bran said 'Chaos is a Ladder' he would've understood that something's wrong, and would've went the fuck back to The Eyrie. Instead he tried to turn the Stark sisters against each other, and I loved it! When he lurked in the shadows while manipulating Arya was fantastic. But as I said, I can't see him die that early. Therefore, I can confirm that Littlefinger doesn't go out this way in my Canon. In my opinion, and to the best o my knowledge, Petyr is smart enough to survive for a couple more decades.

    Also, Fuck Dany.. I cannot stand her. And Jon.. I love you mate, but you made a mistake in that pit, and before as well. You shouldn't have bent the knee. You literally had gained her help without bending your knee finally, and then you do it! Bloody hell! Cersei gave a perfectly understandable deal to Jon and Dany, where Jon would've been standing neutral, like the North should. I can also confirm that Jon does not bend the knee. Relationship wise between them... Well, no comment.

    That's a little rant from me. Enjoy that! :3

    As I said, next part should be up within 24 hours.


    I've been ranting so much about Jon bending the knee! XD I hated it so much,, I was like "What the fuck happened to a free North?" When Cersei made those terms I was like "YES! You shouldn't have anything to do with this war!" I didn't really like Petyr's death either. I thought there was so much more in store for him. For all his plans to come together so perfectly and then just die so suddenly felt really shallow to me.

    The Voting is Close! You guys choose to Go and Pray, which I probably would've chosen as well from a reader perspective. Anyhow, sorry

  • Catelyn X

    At King’s Landing

    Lady Catelyn and Ser Alliser had just left the King’s quarters, as they started to talk. “I’m sorry if I disturbed you, my lady. But we have some matters to discuss.” Ser Alliser spoke in a low tone, so that no one around them would hear. “What is this about, Ser Alliser?” Catelyn asked confused, yet curiously. Alliser let out a grumpy sigh before he answered. “We are northerners, you and I. Undoubtedly loyal they say, yet it has been proven over and over that some of us are not to be trusted, some of us aren’t loyal.. Question is, are you to be trusted, lady Catelyn? As a fellow northerner, can I trust you?”

    Cat was quick to nod. “Of course, Ser. I’ve been here for a long time, but I am still a northerner at heart. I will always be, always. Besides, you and I have known each other for years. I hope that means something.” This caused Alliser to smile proudly, and quickly started to talk.

    “It does, Lady Catelyn… Alright then. I’m not only here for the Targaryen army.. Truth be told, it doesn’t matter to me.. My brother, Edrick Forrester, ran away from home a while ago. I volunteered to go down south to get this army, to find him… I don’t actually believe that he ran away, I believe he was being fooled, a toy to someone else. He isn’t the smartest of us Forrester’s, but he’s the kindest, easily trusts others.” Cat was distraught about this. She knew Edrick well, and they got along rather well as well. She could remember playing with Barney, Edrick and Alliser in the Ironwood grove with fath… with father, and Edrick and Alliser’s grandparents, Lord Rodrik Forrester and Lady Elaena Forrester née Glenmore. They had always been so nice, well, surely they are still nice people. It had been one of her favourite childhood memories.

    “Do you have any clue to where Edrick is?” Cat asked worryingly. “Sadly, I don’t. But I know of a person that might know. Do you remember the stories of the wise, old man far in the north, beyond castle black? A man who knows a great many things?” Alliser explained calmly, and Cat nodded when she remembered the stories. The old man in the north. Cat herself didn’t believe them though.

    “Good. As far as I am concerned, there is a spymaster in flea bottom, this spymaster knows a great deal, from what I gathered.. A successor of sorts to Lord Varys, I suppose. I intend to find this person, and get answers, the best I can.” Alliser finished, and Cat was quick to ask. “How can I help, ser?” Alliser gave her a quick smirk.
    “I will head down to this spymaster tomorrow. If you’d like to accompany…” The northern knight started but was cut of by Catelyn. “I would love to, Ser Alliser. Come to me whenever you want tomorrow, and I’ll accompany you.”

    “Thank you, Lady Catelyn. You knows this city better than I do after all… Well, here we are. Your new chambers, was it?” Cat quickly nodded and opened the door to her new room, and she could she that it looked pretty much the same as the one before. All of her belongings have already been moved into this new room. She turned around and flashed a smile to Alliser, who reciprocated the gesture. “Goodnight, my lady.” Alliser said gently. “Goodnight, Ser.” Cat spoke before she closed the door.

    She made sure to lock the door, and then Cat turned around and walked to the window. The view was definitely better than before. It was sunset, and blackwater bay looked beautiful in this light. To think that battles had been taking place on this sea was unbelievable, with the Battle of the Blackwater being the biggest. She stared on the water for quite some time until she decided to go to bed.

    Lady Catelyn took of her clothes carefully to not hurt her shoulder any further, and put on a nightgown equally careful. She cuddled down in her bed and quickly fell asleep.

    “Oh my sweet little girl. Fell and hurt your leg did you?” Cat’s father said friendly and calmly, while he kissed his 7 year old sobbing daughter on the forehead. “Remember, every time you fall and get hurt, see it as a lesson to not do it again. Every time someone hurts you with words, don’t take it in. You know why? Because you are my little girl. You are pure, you are kind and you are a Beartilde. The fools that would be mean to you are neither. Remember that, Catelyn.” he continued and gave Cat a warm smile. He quickly examined the leg. “Well, it’s just a fleshwound, you’ll be fine, Cat. It’ll hurt for a while, but it’ll be fine.” he concluded.

    Cat had stopped sobbing and crying. She had fallen on a rock and started to bleed from the knee. “Littlesister? Are.. Are you okay?” a boy of 10 walked forward and asked. It was Barney, her big brother. Cat nodded, and Barney gave her a childish smile. “Do you want to continue to play hide and seek with us again then?” he asked hopefully. Cat looked at her father, whom nodded and then she nodded too. Barney gave her a happy smile and ran away to the others. “Go on then, Cat. After all, we aren’t here in Ironrath very often.” he gently said, and helped her up.

    Cat wasn’t limping, but the wound hurt a lot. She walked towards her brother, as well as the Forresters. Alliser and Edrick, and also their grandparents, Rodrik and Elaena Forrester. The Forrester kids real parents had died early. The father dying shortly after the mother becoming pregnant with their Second-born, Edrick. And the mother dying when giving birth to Edrick. Rodrik and Elaena took them as their own kids instead, despite they both being in their late 50’s.

    Elaena was a beauty despite her age, her brown hair moving in the wind. Rodrik, while being a handsome man, half of his face was full of scars, and he always enjoyed telling stories about them, every story a little different from the other. The kids meanwhile both had their father’s body, but their mothers eyes. Both of them looked different, yet similar to each other.

    “How’s your knee, Cat?” Elaena crouched down to Cat’s level and pulled her into a hug. “It hurts, but father said it will heal” she shyly answered. Elaena flashed her a smile, “It will, I promise. Rodrik hurt his leg once as well.” Elaena stood up again and looked at the rest of the kids. “That is true. I had to use a cane for quite a while… Well, Enough with all this talk about old wounds. In the Ironwood Grove we only have fun, right?” Rodrik explained with a smile, and all the kids smiled as well.

    “Alright, alright. Alliser, are you up for counting this time?” Rodrik asked his grandson. Alliser showed a grumpy expression, but he nodded and started to walk to a tree. Edrick was 7, like Cat, and Alliser was 11, one year older than Barney. Cat’s and Barney’s father meanwhile was 32.

    “I’m counting to 30!” Alliser shouted and started to count. Barney ran towards one of the trees, Edrick hid behind the same rock he always hides. Elaena and Rodrik both hid behind the same big tree, and Bernhard hid behind a big stump. Sixteen. Seventeen. Nineteen. Cat quickly decided to run to a tree pretty close to Lord and Lady Forrester. *Twenty-seven. Twenty-eight. Twenty-nine. Thirty! Here I come.” Alliser exclaimed, and started to search behind the rock Edrick was.

    “Ha! Got you, Edrick!” Alliser giggled. “You’re no fun, Alliser. You always goes for me first!” The little Forrester complained, but Alliser only ignored him and continued to search. He found Barney, then he found Bernhard. Cat peeked and noticed that Alliser was walking right towards them. She stopped peeking and looked over at Elaena and Rodrik. She was going to warn them but it was to late, Alliser was already there, laughing. Instead, Cat spun around the tree to not be seen.

    After a couple of minutes she peeked again, and saw that he had started to move away from her, a little irritated. “Okay. Fine. You win Cat. Come on out…” Cat quickly decided to reveal her location, and ran out to show herself.

    Then Cat heard something.. Something flew through the air, and before she saw it, it landed right in her father’s throat. It was an arrow that had penetrated Bernhard, and Cat could only let out a high-pitched shriek. Rodrik, Elaena and Alliser didn’t react, they just stood there, watching while Bernhard sank to the ground. But Barney and Edrick looked scared, although they didn’t really move. Another arrow flew through the air and landed on Ser Alliser, right in his stomach, and he fell on the ground with a scream.

    Now 2 dark shadow flew through the air, one of them stopping in front of Cat and looked on her with a tilted head. Cat looked at the shadow in horror, but she couldn’t help to think.. To think that this shadow looked familiar, but she just couldn’t put her finger on it. She looked at the other shadow, whom had stopped in front of Barney. She could hear the shadow whisper something.. “Wiiiiiitth Fiiiiiireee… … ...aaandd blooooooood.” Before the shadow slammed its fist right in Barneys’ face, knocking him out.

    Yet another arrow came flying, and landed straight in Rodrik’s left leg, causing him to lose his balance and fall to the ground. Elaena started to become pale and cough a lot, falling to the ground as well. This caused Rodrik to scream, and grabbed Elaena. The shadow that had faced Barney before started to move towards Cat, and the little lady started to panic. But she didn’t know what to do.. “Loook beehiiind yoouuu.” The shadow that had stared at Cat the whole time whispered, jovial. And she quickly decided what to do..

    [Run] [Stay] [‘Look behind you’]

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    ['Look behind you'] Well that's a quiet a turn of events. I could go either way with this choice.

    EDIT: Really enjoyed knowing finding out more of how House Forrester turned out.

    Catelyn X At King’s Landing Lady Catelyn and Ser Alliser had just left the King’s quarters, as they started to talk. “I’m sorry if I d

  • [Look behind you]

    Might as well, we might as well see who is doing this. We know she survives anyways.

    Catelyn X At King’s Landing Lady Catelyn and Ser Alliser had just left the King’s quarters, as they started to talk. “I’m sorry if I d

  • Look at that, it's Rodrik and Elaena! Always been an Asher guy, but it is great to see House Forrester featured in the story as well =)


    Nope. Nope! My own reaction would not be one of curiosity here, but one of noping the fuck out of there and that's what I'd prefer here. That said, I myself am a bit curious, so I would not mind turning around either, if only out of morbid curiosity.

    Catelyn X At King’s Landing Lady Catelyn and Ser Alliser had just left the King’s quarters, as they started to talk. “I’m sorry if I d

  • Look at that, it's Rodrik and Elaena! Always been an Asher guy, but it is great to see House Forrester featured in the story as well =)

    Aye. I did have a hard time to choose between them, but in the end, it felt a bit better with a happy ending for these two. Let me tell you though, there was one thing, that almost made me choose Asher, and it is of course

    Aye, that fucking Asher grin almost made me do it, but in the end I was strong, just as strong as good ol' Croft here.

    Look at that, it's Rodrik and Elaena! Always been an Asher guy, but it is great to see House Forrester featured in the story as well [Ru

  • The Voting is Closed!

    You guys choose to look behind you, and well, curiousity, right?

    Anyhow, next part should be up later today, it's Jeyne again. And last time we left her off with a dying guardsman. I won't really say anything else. I hope that you do enjoy that part.

    I also thought a little, and have decided to fix the first couple of parts of this story, rewriting them, or well, remaster them at least. So the part after Jeyne might take a little while again, but I figure that it's important to have a better written start than what I have right now. Because I think everyone can agree that my writing is better than when I started, as it should be. So beware yet another wait.

    Thank ye for readin'!

  • Jeyne III

    At the Eyrie

    The Viper

    “I-I.. I’m so sorry!” Jeyne sobbed with tears in her eyes, before she slit the throat of the young guardsman. She rose up quickly when she heard someone coming towards her. Jeyne ran to the closest door, a little shed, and was just able to close the door before the person walking reached the location of the guard.

    “Fuck.. Fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!” she could hear a familiar voice scream. Willem had caught up, but more footsteps could be heard. The other footsteps stopped abruptly, and she could hear another very familiar voice. “Fuck indeed.” Lord Arryn confirmed while Jeyne opened the door, just a little, very carefully and very quietly. She saw Willem kneeling down at the corpse, and Lord Arryn standing above it, eyeing the corpse carefully. “Is this Jeyne’s doing?” Richard Arryn asked, and Willem nodded. “Couldn’t’ be anyone else but that whore.” Willem answered.

    Arryn started to look around the corridors, and Jeyne noticed that he looked at the door she was hiding behind for just a moment longer than the other doors. “Willem, I need you to get reinforcements from the barracks, triple the guards at the gates, understood?” Willem nodded, but had an uncertain look about him. “Yes, my lord.. But is it safe to leave you here? What if sh-”

    “Just follow my orders, guard. I can handle her if she comes to me.” Lord Arryn interrupted Willem, who nodded once again before he ran towards the barracks. As soon as Willem was gone, Richard focused his glare at the door Jeyne hid behind. “Jeyne.. The door has small bloodstains on it.” he revealed. Jeyne closed her eyes and sighed, and then opened her eyes and the door simultaneously.

    “Listen to me, Jeyne. Jasline back there, I know that wasn’t you.” The falcon Lord started and pointed at the guard’s corpse. “But that.. that was your doing, that cannot be denied.” Richard continued, looked around and took a step closer.

    “However, I am thankful that you killed him. It confirmed a suspicion of mine. You really are Viper-Jeyne, aren’t you? One of the notorious assassins of the Vipers. The tragic story we’ve all heard, one woman in your gang killed your parents and little sisters, and you decided to leave that life behind… But it’s like an addiction, isn’t it? It’s hard to quit, yet so easy to fall back in that same pattern. You killing this guard here, that awoke something inside you. The madness you thought you never had to see again, it’s slowly rising inside you, isn’t it?” Lord Arryn finished and looked deep into Jeyne’s eyes. “Yes… This madness, it’s rising in me, slow but steady. Before too long I will be a psycho killing bitch… Again. I can’t stop that, just like I couldn’t before… But maybe I can at least put my madness, my anger on the right people. On those fucks who killed my family.” Jeyne explained with a sad, yet angry tone, and Richard gave her a sorrowful glance.

    “I’m sorry… We got to make our move quickly though.” Richard suggested quickly and Jeyne gave him a confused expression. “To get you into hiding. Listen to me, Jeyne. i understand why you did it. I don’t like it, but I understand and accept it. 2 doors to the left of you is a set of stairs down to the cellars. You take that route, and find a way out of the eyrie, and don’t come back, okay? Oh, and I am going to need you to hit me over the head. I’m still going to have to blame you, but it won’t matter, since you are out of here already.” he arranged with a thin smirk on his face.

    Jeyne took a moment to process this and then she nodded in agreement. “But why are you doing this, Lord Arryn?” Jeyne asked curiously. Lord Arryn hesitated, but in the end, he decided to answer. “You said it yourself, my lady… Soon, you will be a killer, a danger to the Eyrie, and right here and now, I wouldn’t stand a chance against you. This is simply the way it got to be. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am going to knock myself out, making your escape more believable. Go!” he exclaimed and prepared to run into the wall. Jeyne turned around and opened the door Richard had talked about, when she heard a smash against the wall.

    She ran down the stairs, and reached the cellar. Cold… Cold and grey was the words she could describe this place. Grey stone walls, not very high roof and a crooked, grey floor. The room was wide, she could tell that it probably reached through the whole Eyrie. Almost empty, aside from pillars keeping the floor up, and a big circular pillar in the far north that must be the moondoor. Jeyne Stone did see something besides the pillars though, a cell, or rather a big cage with a coughing, dusty woman with what Jeyne thinks is auburn hair, but now rather a big mess.

    The woman looked up at Jeyne, revealing a beautiful face, and 2 piercing, but tired blue eyes. Jeyne noticed that she was missing 3 fingers on her hands, chopped right off. “Oh my…” she started baffled and slowly arose with the help of the cage. “You shouldn’t be here.” the woman addressed the problem directly, but Jeyne was too curious to answer. “...Who are you?” she asked, with a hint of uncertainty in her voice.

    The woman looked down on the ground for a couple of moments, equally uncertain, but in the end, it seems that she decided to answer. “Oh, what’s the point. I’ll die here anyway… Short story, I am a woman who got captured while doing terrible things and now I am raped and tortured from time to time. The long version would be that my name is Kendra, I am, or was I suppose, the leader of the group called the torturers. Yeah, whichever god that is real surely has an awful taste in humour. Anyways, one of our missions went… a little sideways, I got captured, brought here to…to... where am I?” Kendra realized and Jeyne quickly answered.

    “You’re in the Eyrie… That’s the keep of th-” Jeyne started but Kendra abruptly put a finger on her lips. “I’m no fool, darling. I know where the Eyrie is. It’s just... You usually end up in a skycell around here. No matter, you’re going to get me out of here now. You wouldn’t leave a woman to get raped, are you?” she spoke, or rather commanded, with a somewhat pleading voice. Jeyne felt something inside her, remorse perhaps. She was ready to tell Kendra that she would free her but the words that left her mouth wasn’t what she wanted.

    “Actually. I don’t have a problem with that. What can you offer me?” Jeyne said cold as ice to the woman in this cage, and she couldn’t believe she just said. Kendra though, she smiled, and the smile grew wider and wider. “Hmm… You know, this whole time. I thought I recognized you, but I just couldn’t place you. But I think I have it. You are Viper-Jeyne, aren’t you?... I met you once, darling. You didn’t meet me though… For your question, What can I give you? I can give you the locations of your former Viper-friends. I assume you have some things to discuss, with Kaela and Deerot especially. So how about you break me out of here, and we will together travel south, huh? What do you say?”

    [Help her out] [Leave her in the cage]

  • [Leave her in the cage] Whether it's true that she's raped or not (she may be trying to gain some pity) she's admitted to doing terrible things and letting her loose enables her to do it again.

    Well there's an unexpected twist about Jeyne. I hope she isn't as hopeless as she believes herself to be. I really like her and I hope she can break whatever darkness is inside her. She just has to keep trying. As of right now she hasn't intentionally killed in the story. The guard's death is completely her fault but she didn't kill him on purpose.

    Jeyne III At the Eyrie The Viper “I-I.. I’m so sorry!” Jeyne sobbed with tears in her eyes, before she slit the throat of the young

  • [Help her out]

    If what she says is true, than Jeyne can finally find both her former friends and enemies.

    Jeyne III At the Eyrie The Viper “I-I.. I’m so sorry!” Jeyne sobbed with tears in her eyes, before she slit the throat of the young

  • Sorry that it took me so long to vote on this. I read it on my phone and forgot to comment once back on my PC. I somehow can't even blame the broken forums for that :D

    [Leave her in the cage]

    So, we got a woman that claims of herself to have done terrible things and she wants us to free her? She seems honestly not the slightest bit trustworthy. While her help might be valuable to Jeyne, we must also keep in mind the damage she can cause. Jeyne is already on the verge of a psychotic breakdown. She clearly has her inner demons to fight, so just imagine what the poisonous influence of such a woman could cause. At the absolute best, she'd only make things harder. At the worst, she'd make it impossible for Jeyne to control those issues. No, I think the help she offers is not worth the danger she poses.

    Jeyne III At the Eyrie The Viper “I-I.. I’m so sorry!” Jeyne sobbed with tears in her eyes, before she slit the throat of the young

  • [Leave her in the cage]

    Jeyne III At the Eyrie The Viper “I-I.. I’m so sorry!” Jeyne sobbed with tears in her eyes, before she slit the throat of the young

  • [Help her out]

    This cannot possibly be a bad decision, can it? In all seriousness, I think it makes for quite the interesting storyline. Besides, good ol' Jeyne here needs some maties on her journey, right?

    Jeyne III At the Eyrie The Viper “I-I.. I’m so sorry!” Jeyne sobbed with tears in her eyes, before she slit the throat of the young

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    That woman will be left to rot in that cell. Safety first, aye?

    Sorry for the long wait, but the next part should hopefully be up in 3-5 hours if my calculations are correct. Where we will visit Duncan, who has had a time skip, which all PoV's soon will have. Anyways, Duncan decided that a wooden wall would work the best for them, and now a week later, we will see how that wall is going.

    After that part, we will visit Barney, who have been praying for, like 6 months now. And I think it's time for him to come back.

    Thank you, everyone, for your patience!

    Also, I hate this update. But I won't talk about that any further here since I've been discussing it already. My main hope is that the main post will be visible since that is the real important thing for this thread.

    Thanks once again for the patience you guys show!

  • Duncan VII

    At the Hunter’s Imperium


    “Gods. These builders work wonders.” Duncan said to his son, as he watched them finishing up the wooden walls, as well as the beautiful sunset. His last night, before he leaves for King’s landing. “They certainly do, father. Only the best at the Hunter’s Imperium, right?” Duncan’s son answered with a smile.

    Duncan had thought about what he was about to say for quite a while, but finally decided to tell his son. He turned to his son with a stern expression. “Kail. You won’t like this.” Kail already shook his head, knowing what this was about. “Dustin will be released tomorrow, won’t he? He can rule while you are gone.” Duncan shook his head. “He won’t. He will stay in his room until I come back. I don’t trust him ruling after what he did to Anders.” The lord continued. “Fathe-” Kail started but Duncan cut him off. “This is no offer, Kail. It is an order. You will rule. It won’t be for long. I’ll be back before you realize I am gone.” he ordered, and his son gave in, nodding. “I doubt it. But fine.”

    “You’ll do just fine, my son… Now, I have some matters to attend before I take my leave tomorrow morning. Good night, Kail.” Duncan spoke, as he put a hand on the wound on his head. “Aye father. If you’ll excuse me, I have a woman to fuck before my acting lordship starts.” Kail stated and started to walk towards the center of the town. “Kail!” Duncan shouted and Kail turned around, looking at his father with a questioning look.

    “You can fuck whoever you want during your acting lordship.” This caused Kail to smile brightly before he turned around and left for the town center. Duncan himself turned around and headed inside.

    Duncan closed the doors and walked through the main hall, going up the stairs to Duncan and his family’s chambers. He walked up to Dustin’s door and unlocked it. “Dustin.” Duncan called out as he opened the door. He found his son lying in his bed, staring on the ceiling. “Hello, father. You don’t even have to say it… You will leave me locked up in my room like an 8-year old and leave Kail in charge?” Dustin revealed, but Duncan could sense a slight hint of uncertainty from his son. “That is correct, Dustin.” Duncan confirmed, and the uncertain look on Dustin’s face disappeared, replaced by a stern expression. The two just stared at each other for what felt like an eternity.

    “We don’t approve of each others methods, father. But always know and remember that I am your son. I am loyal, forever, to my family. Family and duty, that’s what matters, that’s all that matters.” Dustin spoke out. “I agree, Dustin… Goodbye.” Duncan agreed, and started to walk out of the room. “Bye father. Don’t get yourself thrown in a cell.” To this, Duncan turned around. “Oh, I won’t. And even if I do, I’ve had my fair share of that life. I’ll survive.” Duncan explained with a proud voice. “I know you will.” Dustin added before Duncan closed the door.

    The tired Lord started to walk towards his chambers as his daughter just walked out of her chamber. She wore a green, sleeveless. beautiful nightgown. “Good evening Father.” Alicia said in a mixture tone of sadness and happiness. “Alicia. Where were you going?” Duncan asked sternly. “Oh. I was just going to Nate. I’m trying to teach him how to read, and he’s a smart little guy. He is well on his way to read fluently.” Alicia explained, and Duncan couldn’t help but chuckle. “You really love Nathaniel, don’t you?” Alicia nodded as an answer. “Do you mind if I join, my daughter?” Duncan asked, and Alicia quickly grabbed her father’s arm and started to walk towards Kail’s room, where the 5-year old bastard awaited them.

    “Alicia. I need you to keep an eye on Kail. Make sure that he rule to some capacity at least.” Duncan calmly explained to his daughter, who nodded in agreement. “Thank you, Alicia.” Alicia smiled brightly at her father. “Do not mention it, father… Oh, and by the way… You should probably be prepared to be bombarded with questions from Nate.”

    She opened the door and on the considerably smaller bed than the big bed in the room sat a little boy, sitting there only in trousers. Unlike Duncan’s blonde hair and brown eyes, he had inherited Velaena’s looks, or maybe Nathaniel’s mother’s look. Duncan wouldn’t know. Shaggy red hair and 2 pair of green, beautiful eyes.

    “Woah. Lord Duncan. I don’t see you here so much.” Nathaniel said with a gigantic smile as he arose from his bed and stood now on the floor, showing that the 5-year old is about half the length of Duncan. “No need for such formalities, Nathaniel.” Duncan explained and Nate nodded enthusiastically. “Okay, grandfather!” Ouch, Duncan felt. He doesn’t consider himself a grandfather.

    “Are you leaving tomorrow?” The young boy asked curiously, to which Duncan nodded. “Where?” Nate continued. “To King’s Landing, Nathaniel.” Duncan said with a thrilling voice, and the boy’s eye lit up greatly. “What?! Can I come? I- I always wanted to see King’s Landing.” Nate asked genuinely, but before Duncan could answer, Alicia did. “Next time perhaps, Nate.” Alicia said and lay down on her back in Kail’s bed, putting her hands behind her head. “Come on, Nate. Put your head on my stomach, just like you always do, and read a bit for me and fath… Grandfather.” Alicia spoke and put a lot of emphasis on Grandfather, while she gave her father a smirk. Duncan mumbled something.

    “Okay. What should I read, Alicia?” Nathaniel asked and turned around and looked at the pile of books on the floor. “Could you tell me which books there is in that pile again?” Alicia spoke, and Nate nodded. “Daaance… offf dra- dragons!. And… The an-and-andals inv...invasion! The good- No, god of ti.. tits-” he said but Alicia interrupted him. “Nevermind that book, Nate,” Alicia said quickly. “Okay. Cri..mi..nals of- Old… OLDTOWN!” Nate shouted, overjoyed that he read it correctly. “Yes. A very interesting book, but I think we’ll save that one until you get a bit older.” Alicia explained calmly and turned her gaze to her father.

    “Have you read it?” she asked, but to her disappointment, Duncan shook his head. “What a shame. I recommend it. If I recall correctly, it takes place about 400 years ago, when crime in Oldtown was higher than ever. Several self-proclaimed crime lords fought against each other, usually ended with both sides being too weak to continue. The one that particularly caught my interest was the war between the Burned Man and Butterfly.” And just then, Duncan remembered something Alicia drew when her mother taught her to paint a couple years ago.

    “You drew that when your mother taught you, no? 6 butterflies annoyed a man made of fire and ashes.” Duncan remembered and Alicia gave him a slightly annoyed nod. “If she would only talk I would’ve learned a lot quicke-” “Alicia…” “But yes, that’s where I got that from.”

    “Well, it’s been a long day. I’m going to bed.” Duncan decided and Alicia gave him a surprised glare. “But… Weren’t you supposed to listen to Nate for a bit?” she asked, to which Duncan turned around and looked at Nathaniel. “I just did. You are doing great, Nathaniel. Keep it up and you’ll read just as good as any grown man within a year.” Duncan spoke, but noted that Nate wasn’t fully satisfied. “And I promise that I will listen to a whole book when I return from King’s Landing.” he continued, and this gave Nathaniel the hopeful smile Duncan wanted. “Goodnight,” he finished before he closed the door.

    The Lord walked through the hall up to his and his wife’s door. He opened up and noticed that Velaena painted something, “Hello, Velaena.” Duncan greeted her, and she gave him a beautiful smile. Duncan walked up to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek, and he saw what she painted. It was a picture of the Hunter’s Imperium, only bigger, and better. “One day, my wife. One day we will Rise Above being attacked by bandits, one day we will Rise Above what we have now. You have my word.” Duncan promised, and started to walk towards the big bed in the middle of the room.

    He quickly lay down in the bed, and closed his eyes. “Good night, Velaena.” he spoke, before he drifted off to sleep.

    The sunrise almost blended Duncan, when he packed some things in the wagon he would bring to King’s Landing. Anders stood just next to him, his one hand tied around his waist, along with his other arm. Arvak, Duncan’s horse, was ready to drag the wagon together with another horse. Duncan had already said goodbye to his family and the maester, only the Castellan, Gregor, was present just outside the walls through the secret entrance in the back of the city.

    “Do not forget about Garen during your stay in King’s Landing, old friend.” Gregor reminded Duncan, and Duncan nodded. “I won’t. Goodbye, old friend.” Duncan spoke, and Gregor waved a goodbye before he started to limp back into the town. Duncan, Anders, 5 guards and 6 horses was now alone outside the walls, and 4 guards took a horse each, and the fifth sat up on the carriage to steer the horses. Duncan and Anders were to sit in the carriage.

    “Get in.” Duncan commanded and Anders followed with a sigh. Duncan walked in to the Carriage as well, and sat down. The carriage started moving, and they sat silent for a while. “My lord. Are these ropes really necessary?”

    Maybe it would be a good idea to cut the ropes, building trust between them. But who knows if Anders tries to escape then? Then again, knocking him out would ensure a piece of quiet and also no escape attempts.

    [Cut the ropes] [Leave the ropes] [Knock Anders out]

  • [Leave the ropes] Just doesn't seem wise to do otherwise.

    Really enjoyed this part! Duncan seeing the whole family, one by one was a real treat.

    Duncan VII At the Hunter’s Imperium Goodbyes “Gods. These builders work wonders.” Duncan said to his son, as he watched them finish

  • [Leave the ropes]

    Better safe than sorry.

    Duncan VII At the Hunter’s Imperium Goodbyes “Gods. These builders work wonders.” Duncan said to his son, as he watched them finish

  • [Cut the ropes] I don't know, but Anders doesn't strike me as a person who would escape.

    Really liked that we took time to talk to everyone, kinda felt like a Hub that telltale desperarely needs right now.

    Duncan VII At the Hunter’s Imperium Goodbyes “Gods. These builders work wonders.” Duncan said to his son, as he watched them finish

  • [Leave the ropes]

    I really don't think Anders has deserved such trust yet. Knocking him out is a bit too harsh, but he doesn't have these ropes for no reason and cutting him free, nah, I'm not going to risk it. If he wants to get rid of them, he has to earn it, not just ask for it.

    Duncan VII At the Hunter’s Imperium Goodbyes “Gods. These builders work wonders.” Duncan said to his son, as he watched them finish

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    The Voting is Closed!

    Y'all decided to Leave the ropes and what can I say, seemingly minor choices may have bigger consequences.

    I hope that the next part will be up later tonight, but it could be later. But expect the part rather soon. Next part will be Barney, the first one in 6-7 months I believe. So what has he been up to? Well, he prays, but as we learned in Harlunds last part, Harlund is on his way, praying as well. So we might have a bit of a conversation between the two lords.

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    Barney VIII

    At the Stark Farm

    A Much Needed Talk

    It felt like Barney had been praying for an eternity, and when he once again opened his eyes, he noticed that everyone had left already. Barney heard a noise behind him, and as he turned around, he saw Harlund walking towards him, or rather, the weirwood tree. “Barney..” Harlund greeted Barney with a glum tone. “Harlund.” Barney greeted him back.

    Barney’s curiosity quickly got the better of him. “So… What did you find out?” And Harlund gave him a look like Barney was the dumbest shit in the North. “I thought you wanted no part in what I did. I think you made that rather clear.” Harlund muttered, and Barney gave him a short, angry glare. “I did. But asking doesn’t get me involved, does it?” Barney assumed. Harlund shrugged as he sat down a meter or two away from Barney. “Depends on who you’re asking, Arya would probab-” Harlund started before was interrupted by Barney.

    “So it was in fact Arya!” Barney exclaimed. Harlund shook his head. “I never said that.” “You just did!” “Fine… As far as me or Ned could tell, it is infact Arya.” Harlund revealed. “Hmm… That’s it? No big secrets of hers? Nothing else?” Barney disappointedly asked. For a moment, everything was so quiet, so peaceful. Only Owls could be heard in the woods. “No. Nothing.. It’s a normal farm. We couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary.” Harund convinced Barney, to which Barney nodded, once again disappointed by the answer.

    For a while they sat completely quiet, just sitting there. Listening to the animals moving in the woods, the wind through the leaves, but maybe most of all, the whispers from the weirwood. “What happened between our houses, Harlund? It was so very known throughout the north that house Marbrand and house Beartilde was so very close.” Barney started, and Harlund gave Barney a bored look. “You know well what happened, Beartilde. Me and Bernhard took a decision that night 15 years ago. You and Adrion could clearly not be in the same hold, and we felt that it was… easier, to just stop meeting.” Harlund spoke.

    “Was it an easy decision? Were you sad?” Harlund chuckled like Barney was a fool to ask those questions, and Barney understood that it was quite a stupid question. “Your father certainly were sad… Listen, boy.” The lord of Frosthorn started. “Our houses stood together for decades, until my son, and you. I could sit here and blame you for that, but I won’t… Because I know it wasn’t your fault, Because I know what a shit my son is.” He continued, “Was I sad? Yes, I was. Your father was my dearest friend, but for the both of us, our childrens is the first priority.” Barney felt responsible, even though he knew it was Adrion who started that fight 15 years ago.

    “Aye… My apologies for my acti-” Barney started but was interrupted by Harlund. “Stop. I do not need your pity right now. I just wish to get to Winterfell as quickly as possible. I would like to pray now.” Barney rose from the ground, without a word, and respectfully nodded at Harlund before he walked away. “Barney.” Harlund spoke, and Barney turned around. “A strong lord does not apologize for something he did not do.” he advised Barney, and Barney took in the words as he left him by the weirwood.

    On his way back, Farengar walked past him, towards the Weirwood. "Lord Barney." Farengar greeted him. "Farengar." They spoke before they keeped on walking two different ways.

    Barney, meanwhile, walked to his tent to sleep…

    “Have you seen the women in Winterfell, Yrin? I’ll tell you this, the women back at Frosthorn are goats compared to capital-women, ain’t that right boys?” Alfdan teased his brother on the road to Winterfell. “Aye!” Many Marbrand men shouted in agreement. “I don’t want to hear it, Alfdan. I’m to be married, I don’t care about other ladies.” Yrin spoke, and Alfdan flashed him a grin, and Barney noticed in Alfdan’s eyes that he had a good response coming.

    “If you think that’ll stop you, you’re wrong. You cannot resist, brother. The tits, by the old gods, the tits! You’ll only believe it when you see it.” Alfdan responded and glanced at Farengar, who listened, but didn’t really care for what Alfdan said. “Out of everyone here, only one man could resist, and that is Farengar.” This caught Farengar’s attention. “Uh, why’s that?” Farengar genuinely asked. “Let me remind you. The women had surrounded us in the brothel, ready to take us down, and only you kept your sword unsheathed.” Farengar realized what Alfdan meant, and sent him an angry glare. “Fuck off.” he uttered, and Alfdan grinned widely.

    “That really happened?” Sneaky Ned had sneaked up on them and spooked Alfdan slightly, which caused Barney to chuckle slightly. “Bloody hell, Ned… But yeah, of course that happened. I mean, why do you think we call him Farengar the Survivor?” At this moment, the men from Frosthorn burst out in laughter, a few men from Beartilde hall who had overheard it laughed as well, Farengar couldn’t help but smile, and even Harlund and Arya cracked a smile. “Good one.” Ned complimented Alfdan.

    “How are you feeling, Jaesa?” Barney turned his gaze to Jaesa, who also couldn’t help but smile towards Alfdan’s response, despite their verbal fight 2 nights ago. “My ass hurts like all the hells from sitting on this horse for the last few days, and that ass- “she spoke and pointed at Alfdan, whom luckily looked the other way. “-apparently is the joking soldier of Frosthorn… Bloody hells, I’m glad I choose Beartilde Hall. But otherwise, never been better, Barney.” Barney chuckled slightly at this and looked up noticing that they were just a few minutes away from Winterfell.

    “I’m glad you chose us.” Barney spoke, and this took Jaesa by surprise. “I… It was random, really.” she said, clearly a bit uncomfortable by Barney’s comment, which Barney only found more amusing. “Anyhow, welcome to Winterfell, Jaesa.” Barney welcomed her, while they rode up to the gates.

    “Open the gates!” A guard on the walls could be heard shouting, and the gates slowly opened.

    The courtyard looked just like he remembered it. A lot of people in the courtyard, but not a lot of things. There’s a wagon in the middle of the courtyard, full of cabbage, but not much else. The walkway along the walls was rather empty, only a few selected ones stood up there. Arya jumped of her horse, and Barney and Harlund hurried after her. “Jaesa, make sure the horses are taken to the stables.” and Harlund spoke a similar line before they hurried after the Princess.

    “Why the hurry, Princess Arya?” Barney asked while she rushed through the courtyard to the main hall, she turned around. “I haven’t seen my nephew in quite some time, and I am always happy to see him.” she explained and continued towards the door to the main hall. She almost slammed it open.

    The dimly lit hall with 2 long-tables and a podium for the king’s table looked just like last time. A few candles around the room and a couple of chandeliers hanging from the roof. In the King’s chair sat Robert. Robert was inspired by Eddard Stark a lot in how he rules, and how he looks. He has the same hairstyle, and the same hair, although his hair has started to grey, since he is around 45. He also have the same eyecolour and similar stark clothes worn by the Stark’s for generations.

    He looked up, and his glum expression turned into an overjoyed smile when he saw not only one of his closest friends, Barney, but also his Aunt, Arya Stark, whom he also looked up to. “Aunt Arya!” he almost shouted with happiness. “My grey wolf.” Arya exclaimed and pulled her nephew into a long and beautiful hug. “How is uncle Gendry and my cousins?” Robert asked when they finally let go of each other. “Good. How is your wife and kids?” Arya asked back. “Great… They are great.” he answered, and finally gave Barney a look. “Barney!” he greeted him, and gave him a friendly handshake. “We will talk later.” he told Barney, and turned to Harlund. “Lord Marbrand.” he spoke to him and gave Harlund a firm handshake. “King Robert.” Harlund greeted him proudly with a respectful nod.

    “This is no family visit, Robert.” Arya spoke. “No? Why have you come to Winterfell then?” Robert wondered and tilted his head slightly. “I’m heading north, beyond castle black.” she revealed, and slowly started to walk towards Barney and Harlund, every step echoed throughout the hall. “That is too dangerous, Arya.” Robert protested, but Arya quickly answered. “Not at all. I’m bringing brave men with me, Lord Marbrand here for example.” “What?!?” Barney and Robert simultaneously said, whereas Harlund just a second later said the same thing, only higher.

    “I’m asking your permission, King Robert, to bring Harlund and a few of his men north.” Arya spoke, in a demanding yet somehow pleading tone. “Why… Why are you even heading north?” Robert responded. “I’m going to find someone there… I hope.” she cryptically told him, and Barney already knew what Robert would respond. “Fine. Lord Harlund Marbrand, you are hereby sent on official business with Princess Arya Stark to find… someone.. somewhere north beyond castle black.” The King in the North ordered, and Barney noticed on Harlund’s expression that he was unhappy with this, but knew better than questioning the king. “You will leave in 2 days, when we head south, you will head north.” Robert finished. “Thank you, Robert.” she gave him a quick relieved hug, and then walked out of the halls. “Your grace.” Harlund spoke and left the halls as well.

    “You must be exhausted after the long ride.” The King began as he looked out of the window, and noticed that the night had started to take over the day. “Would you prefer to rest before our talk, or shall we talk now?”

    [Go and Rest first] [Talk with Robert first]

  • [Talk with Robert first]

    Barney VIII At the Stark Farm A Much Needed Talk It felt like Barney had been praying for an eternity, and when he once again opene

  • [Talk with Robert first]

    I feel like it is not very respectful if Barney lets the king wait now. There's always time to rest later on, but even if Robert just gave him this offer, I don't think it is all that respectful to make him wait. Quite the contrary, it will probably make a good impression if Barney insists on speaking now.

    Barney VIII At the Stark Farm A Much Needed Talk It felt like Barney had been praying for an eternity, and when he once again opene

  • [Talk with Robert first]

    Barney VIII At the Stark Farm A Much Needed Talk It felt like Barney had been praying for an eternity, and when he once again opene

  • Le Voting is Over!

    And we shall indeed have a chat with the king and then rest. And I-d say it's wise to choose the king over tiredness(?),

    Next part'll hopefully be up in the next 24 hours, and we shall revisit Jeyne, and an old segment of mine will return for this part. And last part ended with a decision to leave Kendra in a cage or not, and you decided to leave her in that cage. We shall where that takes us this part.

    Thank ye for readin'.

  • Jeyne IV

    In the Eyrie


    “You know, as much as I would like to kill Kaela and Deerot, you simply aren’t worth the risk.” Jeyne decided and immediately Kendra’s face dropped. “Wh.. What?” she wheezed. “I could tell you secrets, many, many more secrets. Like if you stand over there-” she started desperately and pointed at one of the pillars in the cellar. “- you can overhear the Lord, whenever he is in his room. Or… Or there-” Kendra continued and pointed at another pillar. “- y-you hear the council meetings.” she started to stutter. Jeyne thought that it’s good acting but Kendra just tried to play Jeyne with the stutter and desperate attempts.

    “How would you even know that?” Jeyne asked and took a step towards the pillar to the Lord’s room. “When… Wh-when I sleep in this bloody cell, the guards could come at night, dragging the cell, it’s not stuck in the ground you see. Often.. When I finally drift off to sleep, these fucking guards are here to wake me up.” Kendra explained, still with the stutter and desperate act. Without a word to Kendra, Jeyne walked away from Kendra and towards the pillar under the Lord’s chambers.

    ”Willem, You will put out extra guards here, and here.” Jeyne immediately recognized Richard Arryn’s voice, coming to the conclusion that he did not knock himself out, which means that he lied to her. ”And send down guards to the cellars, where that assassin-bitch is.” the Lord continued. ”And I want you personally to man the gates, a carriage should arrive soon, and I want you to say to the man driving the carriage: ‘Everyone is your enemy.’ and if he answers ‘Everyone is your friend.’. let him in. And personally take him to me. No one can know.” the Lord’s tone darkened with the last sentence. ”Understood” Willem’s disgusting voice was easy to hear.

    “You speak the truth, Kendra.. This time. Tell me something about Kaela, and maybe I reconsider.” Jeyne pressed Kendra for answers, but Kendra was no fool. “B-but-” “Drop the act!” Jeyne interrupted her, mildly irritated. Kendra’s desperate face expression dropped, replaced by a confident and cold face, she also straightened her back. “Darling. I won’t say a word, until you open this fucking cell.” Kendra spoke. “I think we are done here, Kendra. I hope you live a long and good life in this cell.”

    To this Kendra only smiled and chuckled coldly. “You think I will just let you go like that? No, no, no.. I’d advise you to run, about now.” Jeyne chuckled at this threat, like she could do anything to harm Jeyne. “GUARDS! GUAAAARDSS! JEYNE, VIPER-JEYNE RUNS!” Kendra started to scream with the loudest voice Jeyne had ever heard, and she gave Jeyne a bloodthirsty grin. Jeyne started to run towards one of the small entrances where hopefully no guards would show up. “YOUR TIME IS COMING!” Jeyne heard Kendra continue to scream, barely even breathing between the sentences. “WE WILL MEET AGAIN, VIPER-JEYNE!” Was the last thing Jeyne could hear from Kendra, the rest only being inaudible screams.

    The Passageway was getting tighter and tighter, the stone closing in on Jeyne, and she could hear in the distance that guards were following her as well as Kendra’s insane screams. How she hoped for the passage to split in two ways…

    And just as she wished for it, she received, and quickly thought about how lucky she is right now. Jeyne was quick to choose to run right, as she thinks that would lead closer towards the gate out of here. The passage had started to get wider once again, and Jeyne was relieved. She really dislike small passages. She continued the path, met several more splits, and choose one of the 2 ways.

    Finally, no guards could be heard, and a set of old stone-stairs stood just in front of Jeyne, and she saw no other way but going up, hoping she was close to the exit.

    Jeyne slowly walked up the stairs, breathing heavily after the chase, as a sudden headache came like a brick in the face, and it hurt so much that Jeyne almost had to scream. She groaned and moaned heavily and quite audibly, and put both her hands on her head, but no one seemed to hear her, luckily. Suddenly, the headache just stopped, but something just felt different. She suddenly started to cry, as she realized what it is that she had done for the past hours.

    What have I done? she thought for herself, as she thought about the guard she had killed What have I done… Jeyne thought once again as she thought about how she left a defenseless, raped and tortured woman in a cell. Kendra isn’t a good woman by any means, but she was still raped and tortured. The former Assassin cried and thought for a long time, until she finally rose from the floor, and walked up the stairs.

    The room she entered was rather dark, with the only light source being a window. The odd thing about the room was that, apart from the door Jeyne had entered from, there was no entrance to this room, sealed off from the rest of the castle. The room itself was completely empty, no furniture, nothing. A very odd room indeed, but Jeyne gave it no thought, and walked up to the window to breath.

    A lot of things could be said about the Eyrie, positive and negative. But the views from the castle are astonishing. She put her hands on the stone and just looked at the view for a long time. Then she just closed her eyes, collects her thoughts and breathes the fresh air.

    When she opened her eyes, she noticed something weird on the left side of the window. It looked almost like a walkway, a lot wider than the right side’s stone. Now, Jeyne knew this was risky, but she was not going down the stairs again. She made sure the detailed knife was safely placed, and then stepped up on the stone she previously had her hands on.

    It wasn’t very windy, Jenye noticed and was relieved. Lucky me I’m not scared of heights. Jeyne thought and took a step out on the walkway, pressing her body to the wall to not fall down a very, very long way. And now Jeyne made a classic mistake. She looked down. Fuck… I think I might be scared of heights now. Jeyne tried to joke for herself to forget about the heights.

    “Breath, Jeyne.. Breath.” she wheezed to herself as she continued to walk sideways, pressed to the wall behind her on the relatively small walkway, which is about 3 decimeters wide. Jeyne didn’t care what would be in the next window and room she would meet, but all she knew was that she would get in the first window she meets.

    It felt like she had walked for an eternity, like the wall would never end, when she felt a window. She let out a relieved sigh, and quickly climbed in. The room was, like the other room, completely empty, but at least this room had a way out to the rest of the castle. Jeyne walked up to the door and slowly opened it, and to her relief, no guard could be seen in the corridor.

    The previous Assassin had learned to be great at sneaking, although she could admit that she wasn’t as good as she once was. Jeyne walked out, leaving the door open, and quietly ran through the stale, grey stone-corridors. It was to notice that more guards patrolled the castle now, as Jeyne noticed when she had to stop running and quickly hide several times.

    Finally, this place looks familiar. Jeyne noted when she started to recognize where she was, she directly took left, knowing that would be the closest way out of the castle, but in the middle of that corridor, she heard guards coming around the corner in front of her, and as she was about to turn around, she heard guards, although more distantly, from behind as well.

    She noticed a door to her left, but wasn’t sure if it was worth the risk, but she quickly decided between running back, and possibly being caught by guards, or going into an unknown room, where guards possibly could find her..

    [Run Back] [Run into the unknown room]


    Long time no see, eh?

    I just wanted to know what you think of this ‘thought’ element? Is it something to keep or to thrash?

    Thank ye for readin’.

  • [Run into the unknown room]

    We know for sure there are guards behind her. There is a good chance that she will be caught if she runs back there. I think going into the unknown room is a risk worth taking.

    Jeyne IV In the Eyrie Kendra “You know, as much as I would like to kill Kaela and Deerot, you simply aren’t worth the risk.” Jeyne

  • [Run into the unknown room]

    Jeyne IV In the Eyrie Kendra “You know, as much as I would like to kill Kaela and Deerot, you simply aren’t worth the risk.” Jeyne

  • [Run back] Better the threat you know than go into a room. She knows that guards are back there and a bit further away. And she knows the area, she knows what to expect and can prepare herself to hopefully avoid the guards. She knows nothing of the other room and would be going in blind.

    I like the thought process. Always nice to know what a character is feeling and thinking.

    Jeyne IV In the Eyrie Kendra “You know, as much as I would like to kill Kaela and Deerot, you simply aren’t worth the risk.” Jeyne

  • Wow. Many of you might not know this, but I entered the competition of best profile picture on the forums, and I was victorious. I officially hold the title of 'Best Avatar on Telltale.com 2017'. And as I stated in that thread, i fought long and hard, which I obviously did. :3

    Anyhow, next part hopefully won't take to long. We're coming closer and closer towards the end of chapter 2, and I am very excited om what's to come. I want this story to be remembered, and for that, plottwists' a big help. And so far I would say that the plottwists have been few, if any at all. I will put all my strength in terms of writing to make this story as good as possible. Which also means that your critisism is important for me, as long as it is constructive.

    Furthermore, I'm not certain if you have noticed, but I'd say that the story is going faster, the parts isn't, but the story itself is moving along faster, and I am trying to explore more locations and so forth. I'm also reading a World of Ice and Fire right now, to work on my lore, because I think that is rather important for a 'fanfictioneer(obviously a word)' to know his lore and history properly.

    As I said we are coming to an end of this chapter, with mostly 1 part each left probably, except for Cat who has the most left to do in this chapter, and Jeyne who might be done for the chapter.

    So that was a little update, and as per usual...

    Thank ye for readin'.

  • Wooo, I almost forgot to vote. Glad I made it in time, because I really liked that part :) The stuff with the thoughts is something I particularly like, I think you should definitely keep it! Really gives some valuable insight into Jeyne as a character we otherwise probably wouldn't have gotten in the same scene, so I say, yeah, please keep it.

    [Run into the unknown room]

    That entire situation is a risk. Running back is a risk and there is no guarantee it's less so than running into the unknown room. Instead, that could be a chance to actually throw them off her track. Plus, you know, every time you give such a choice, I am just too curious XD

    Jeyne IV In the Eyrie Kendra “You know, as much as I would like to kill Kaela and Deerot, you simply aren’t worth the risk.” Jeyne

  • The Voting is Closed!

    Y'all choose to Run into the Unknown Room and I'm not sure whether we'll meet up with Jeyne this chapter or not, but next part, we shall see what's in thy mysterious room.

    Also, I apologies for the longer wait, but as I mentioned last year, if you remember, Decemeber is a hectic and stressful motherfucking month for many, including me. I simply didn't have time, but I hope that the rest of the year and the start of next I will have more time to write. Next part will hopefully be up late tonight or tomorrow, with tomorrow being the most likely right now.

    We shall revisit Cat, because she has quite a lot to do in this chapter, and thanks to my not so good planning for chapter 2 in this year a lot of Cat will be featured in these last couple of parts. But it shouldn't be a back to back Cat part.

    Thank ye for readin'.

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