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  • No arm? Sounds savage. Make me Rhys and give me a robot arm :) Sick part, though!

    FOTD Tales: A Mad World Intro- Part one LeeTheProfessional Destruction all around. People dying, bodies piling up. Gunshots and exp

  • No arm? Sounds savage. Make me Rhys and give me a robot arm Sick part, though!

  • what the fuck : )

    Lmao a robot arm, Bee?

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    Me and Tiger were hidden behind a tree and waiting for Falcon to take out the sniper on the rooftop of The Hive. These guys were carrying AK’s and FAMAS’. We needed to be careful not to get seen.

    “Hope to God that we can avoid getting seen before we retrieve the device,” Falcon told us as he started to take aim.

    “There is no God on the battlefield. The only person watching your back here is me. I’m your lord and savior out here and I’ll do my damnest to keep you guys safe,” Tiger told us.

    “In JonGon we trust,” I replied.

    “Getting ready to take out the sniper. I have a clear shot…,” Falcon said. I peeked out and there was a Humvee in front of us that we could move to once the sniper was taken care of. I saw a guard smoking a cigarette on the other side of it that we could maybe take out with a distraction. There were two guards on the main entrance and two other guard walking around. “Here goes…,” Falcon took the shot. “Sniper down. Go, go, go!”

    I moved over to the front passenger side of the Humvee while Tiger moved to the back. I tapped on the Humvee and got the attention of the guard that was smoking. I took out my knife and waited for my opportunity. The guard was getting closer, once he was in arm’s reach I grabbed him and slammed him onto the ground, I finished him off by jamming the knife into his throat.

    “Good job,” Tiger told me. “Now for the others. How’s it looking up there, Falcon?”

    “I’m going to go around and relocate to where I took the sniper out. I don’t have a good angle from here.”

    “Okay, watch out for the enemy. Let us know when you get there.”

    We waited around two minutes until Falcon contacted us. “In position.”

    “Roger that. Think we can move forward?” Tiger asked.

    “Hmm, from here I could take out those two guards that stopped walking around. One shot, two kills. But that leaves the two guards near the entrance right below me to take care of.”

    “I have an idea,” I said. “Me and Tiger will take out the guards near the entrance at the same time you take out the other two guards nearby, Falcon.”

    “Let’s do it,” Tiger told us.

    “Okay, I have a shot. Are you two ready?” Falcon asked.

    Tiger aimed his M4, I crawled under the Humvee and aimed my G36. “Get the one on the right, Fox. I got the one on the left.”


    “We’re ready, Falcon. Start the countdown.”

    “Copy that. Three, two, one now!” Falcon said. We all shot simultaneously and all four guards went down. “Fuck! That was fucking great! Holy shit.”

    “Relax, Falcon, we still haven’t completed our mission,” Tiger said. I saw him walking toward the entrance. I got out from under the Humvee and started to follow him. “Check the bodies, check if there's anything on them that we could use or might need.”

    I went over to the two dead guards that Falcon took out. I searched their bodies but found nothing useful. I saw Falcon coming down off of the rooftop. I went over to regroup with them. “Found anything?” Falcon asked.

    “Just basic stuff, nothing we’ll need,” I replied.

    “What’s this…?” I heard Tiger say as he was crouched down checking a body. “Found a keycard.”

    “Better to take it with us,” I told him.

    Tiger got ready to contact the Colonel. “Colonel, this is Tiger. Do you copy?”

    “Yes, what’s your current status?” The Colonel replied.

    “We’ve taken care of the guards who were outside of the base. One of them had a keycard on them. We’re about to enter The Hive right now.”

    “Understood. Once you enter The Hive you have to be careful. The Queen Bee could be anywhere in there, make sure you don’t shoot her. Bring her in alive and procure that device of hers. Watch out for more guards as well.”

    “Roger. Tiger out.”

    “Okay, what’s the plan?” Falcon asked.

    “We go in there quietly, look around for any cameras or guards that might be nearby. Our number one priority is to retrieve the device and bring the Queen Bee with us alive. Stay low and keep your heads down. If things don’t go as planned then you have the permission to fire at will.”

    “Got it,” I told him.

    Tiger used the keycard and the door opened. We peered inside and there was a small hall that led down somewhere. We all looked at each other and nodded. We were ready to take down the Queen Bee…


    I went over to the roof door and slowly started to open it. I looked inside and saw some stairs that led down to the third floor that Hugo was in. I started descending the stairs, making sure to be as quiet as possible, I had my gun ready if anything as well. The building was pretty small, one wrong move and Hugo’s backup would be here in less than a minute. I made my way over to a wooden door, I could hear the women screaming from here. I heard some of Salazar’s guards telling them to shut up, cursing at them and threatening their lives.

    “Raven, I’m inside the building. I can hear some of the women from here. You told me that there were two guards standing outside on this floor, right?”

    “Those poor women… and yes, Wolf. I can see the rooftop door through the cameras, so once you open it there will be two guards to your left. The closest one is standing right in front of the elevator and the other guard is at the end of the hallway right in front of the room that Hugo is in, it’s a small corridor if that helps. I can freeze the frame for about sixty seconds, that should be enough time to eliminate Hugo.”

    “Okay, do that now. I’m going to take the guards out.”

    “Copy that… Okay, you’re good to go.”

    I opened the door and quickly took aim. I saw the guard near the elevator and shot him in the head before he spotted me. The guard in front of Hugo’s door widened his eyes and got ready to do something but I shot him in the head before he could react.

    “The two guards are taken care of,” I told Raven.

    “Perfect! Now you just need to kill Salazar.”

    “What do you see in his room?”

    “Hmm, it’s dark in there now. The lights are off… wait, I see a small light… it’s a cellphone. I’m zooming in… it’s Hugo’s. Okay, he just turned the lights back on, oh God...”

    “What’s happening?”

    “Nothing he just uh… he got out of bed and he was wearing a leopard speedo, I think I’m gonna be sick...”


    “Nevermind. Uh oh…”

    “What now, Raven?”

    “Oh no… damn it! One of his guards are moving toward the elevator.”

    “What?! That means the guy watching the cameras is going to notice that something is up.”

    “I know! Fuck! You have to eliminate Hugo now, Wolf! Go!”

    “On it,” I told her. I made it over to Hugo’s door and got ready to open it.

    “Wolf, they know something is wrong! Hugo has grabbed one of the women he had in the room and is using them as a human shield. Be careful!”

    “Thanks for the heads-up.” I kicked opened the door and Hugo had a knife on one of the women he had kidnapped. She was naked and had bruises all over her body, she had track marks on her arms and looked drugged, I saw another woman on his bed who was out of it too. Hugo looked frightened and pissed at the same time.

    “Who the fuck are you!?” He shouted at me in a thick Spanish accent.

    “Let the girl go. It’s over.”

    “Fuck you! I’ll cut this bitch’s throat if you get any closer!” Salazar was just a two-bit thug trying to be a kingpin in this city. He was a real coward, only picking on the weak and innocent. He let his guards do all his dirty work for him, when it came down to it, Salazar didn’t have the balls to finish the job himself. It’s a wonder how he ever even managed to get this far. He must have had some good connections.

    “I’ll put a bullet in between your eyes before you even have a chance to blink, Salazar.”

    “How do you know my name?! Who sent you?! Tell me!” Salazar was getting paranoid. He was just waiting for his guards to come and rescue him.

    “Wolf! The guards in the other rooms have been alerted, they’re getting ready to go out and kill you!” Raven told me.

    “Put the gun down!” Salazar shouted.

    “The other guards are using the stairs! The one who went up the elevator will be there any second now! Wolf!” Raven shouted.

    I had my gun aimed at Salazar’s head. I made a promise to myself that I was going to kill him tonight. His guards were going to be here any moment and a gun fight would ensue. Salazar was gritting his teeth and his eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his head. He was crazy, but I could tell he was scared for his life. He was sweating and trying his best to look tough in front of me. At that moment I had a decision to make…

    1) Shoot him.

    2) Surrender.


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    1) Pew pew

    Gus: "Let's do the do and kill him." (#1)

    BlueShadiw Me and Tiger were hidden behind a tree and waiting for Falcon to take out the sniper on the rooftop of The Hive. These guys we

  • 1) Shoot him.

    BlueShadiw Me and Tiger were hidden behind a tree and waiting for Falcon to take out the sniper on the rooftop of The Hive. These guys we

  • 1) Shoot sex-trafficker Carlos.

    BlueShadiw Me and Tiger were hidden behind a tree and waiting for Falcon to take out the sniper on the rooftop of The Hive. These guys we

  • . Raven’s real talent came from her vast knowledge of computers though, she was able to hack into and sabotage enemy intel, she later became a very important asset to the team.

    Imma hack into yall's iClouds.

    Intro- Part two LeeTheProfessional Now, before we continue their story, let’s focus back on me to make more sense of things. It starte

  • 1) Set the room ablaze.

    BlueShadiw Me and Tiger were hidden behind a tree and waiting for Falcon to take out the sniper on the rooftop of The Hive. These guys we

  • DLB :D

    1) Set the room ablaze.

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    (!) Shoot him.

    To be honest with you, I wanted to make Salazar suffer, I wanted to make him beg for his life, to feel the way he made those women feel, to be even more scared than he already was. But… his guards were making their way to us and I was in a hurry.

    “You know, Salazar… no matter how long you get to live for, it only takes one second for your life to get taken away.”

    “What?!” I was God in this situation, his life was in my hands. I squeezed the trigger and almost immediately Salazar’s neck snapped back. A dark bullet shaped hole on his forehead with blood leaking out of it, death was the easy way out for a piece of shit like Hugo, but at least now he would never be able to harm anyone else.

    Both Hugo and the woman fell onto the floor, she was safe for now. I heard Hugo’s men making their way to me. I closed the door and then dragged the woman to safety. “Sir! Are you okay?! Can you hear us?!” His guards were right outside the door, getting ready to bust through the door and start firing. I hid behind a nearby couch and waited.

    “Wolf! You have to get out of there! Once his guards start shooting, the police will be on their way,” Raven told me.

    “Contact Penguin and tell him we have a code red at the building across the Mason Hotel. Tell him to meet me in the alleyway.” If there was one thing I learned when I was in the military, it was to expect the unexpected. To always have a contingency plan and to have a contingency plan for that contingency plan. If all else failed, then you have to improvise.

    “We’re coming in!” One of his guards shouted. Like true amateurs, they let me know exactly when they would plan to invade the room. They kicked the door open and one of his guards charged in, I already had my gun aimed and took him down with one shot to the head.

    “What the fuck?! Hold on, everyone! Stay back!” Now the rest of the guards were spooked, they see one guy dying in front of them and they don’t know where the shot came from or how many people they’re dealing with, this is what causes stress and nervousness. “Stay in the hall and light up the room!” Another mistake on their part. Bullets started flying all around, windows breaking and furniture getting ruined, I could hear the women in the other rooms screaming. They were trying to shoot through the walls and hoping to hit someone without even knowing where to aim. They were relying on luck, but Lady Luck wasn’t on their side tonight, every shot they fired missed me, they weren’t even close.

    “Did we get them?!” Another guard shouted.

    “Go in there and check!” Again, they were letting me know their next move without me even having to ask, these guys were complete morons.

    I stood up and waited, this time I was going to toy with them. If I had to guess, they would be sending at least two guards into the room. “You two go in there and check to see if Hugo is okay!” As expected.

    Letting them know that Hugo was dead was a better way to get them even more frightened. They would then be lost on what to do and their first instinct would be to kill the person or persons who murdered their boss. Without anyone to lead them, they’d either foolishly try to go after the killer, or run away with their tails tucked between their legs. The only way into this room was through the same door that I came in, I didn’t have to worry about anyone sneaking up on me or surprising me. Raven had me covered as well, she’d let me know if any of these guys were feeling suicidal.

    Two guards walked in, I stayed hidden. They’d see Hugo’s corpse and then go to it like idiots. That’s when I’d be able to take them out without getting seen, they’d be too focused on their boss’ lifeless body. “Shit! Hugo!”

    “Fuck! Is he dead?!” What do you think, you idiot? They both ran toward Hugo’s corpse. One crouched down and the other stayed on guard. “He’s been shot!” Another genius remark from the low paid thug.

    I came out of the shadows and took aim. They were too focused on the corpse to even notice me. I shot the one on guard first, the one crouching down turned his head to look at him falling, I fired a shot into the back of his head, he never saw it coming. “Guys! Did we shoot Hugo? What happened?” Good thing my gun was silenced, they still didn’t know I was in here. Now they were questioning themselves, asking if they were the ones who shot their boss during that senseless act of ‘lighting up’ the room. “Guys?” No response from the two guards they sent means they’d all soon barge in. I couldn’t let them do that, I went across the room while aiming my gun and looked through the open doorway, I fired a couple of rounds on the nearest guards and then hid behind some cover, that should keep them at bay. Next would be more gunfire from them.

    “Who was that?! What the fuck?! He just killed two of our men! Shoot him!” Of course. They fired through the wall again, hoping that a stray bullet would hit me. It didn’t work the first time and chances are it won’t work a second time either.

    I reloaded and waited for the firing to stop, I then got up and took out a flashbang. I went near the door and threw it out into the hall. “What is—” The flashbang went off and did it’s job, that’s when I took the opportunity to go out the door and start firing at the disoriented guards, there were three of them in the hall, one by one they went down. I spotted a guard near the stairs and getting ready to shoot, I opened a door nearby and took cover.

    There was a woman in here, helpless and scared. “Stay down,” I told her as the guard kept firing.

    “Fuck you! Fucking die!” I could hear the guard say.

    “Wolf, there are two guards remaining; the police will be there in about ten minutes, give or take,” Raven told me. “Are you okay?”

    “Still here, are they both by the stairs?”

    “Yeah, you have to be careful, they’re both behind cover.”

    “I have an idea.” Here’s where the improvisation comes into play. I didn’t want to waste another stun grenade on just two guards, I took out one knife and peeked out, I didn’t see the two guards. I went out the door and stayed close to the wall, I spotted the foot of one of the guards by the staircase and got ready to throw the knife. He got out of cover and tried to shoot but I threw the knife and it caught him in the forehead before he could fire.

    “Oh fuck!” There was one more guard left. I laid down in a prone position near a dead body and waited. He was either going to come out of hiding and shoot, or just run away. He could either take his chances with me or run into the cops when they got here. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” He had a decision to make and he was running out of time. He finally came out from hiding and started to fire blindly. I put two bullets into his heart and then finished him off with a headshot. All guards were taking care of, I eliminated my target and all I had to do now was escape. No matter how bad a situation seems, you have to always remain calm and keep a level-head. One mistake could be fatal, any day could mean the end of you, I left the Grim Reaper some early Christmas presents, but he’d have to wait longer if he was planning to take me away.

    I got up and went over to pick up my knife. I started opening the doors nearby and told the women to head down to the first floor and wait for the cops to show up. They were all terrified, crying and worried. I assured them that everything was taken care of and that they could go home to their families. They followed me to the staircase. “Go on! Your families are all waiting for you!” All of them headed downstairs. “Have a nice day.”

    “Good job, Wolf. Penguin is outside and waiting, the police should arrive in about three minutes. Get out of there while you still can,” Raven said.

    I opened a nearby window and climbed out. I went down the fire escape and saw Penguin’s SUV down below. I made it down to the alleyway and checked inside the car, Penguin unlocked the door and I got in the passenger side. He started driving off. “Who was the target this time?”

    “Hugo Salazar. Human and sex trafficker. He’s been disposed of.”

    “Good, one less piece of shit to worry about. Are you done for the night?”

    “Seems like it, nothing really going on tonight. How’s the wife?”

    “She’s doing well, thanks to you, we’re able to live peacefully for the time being.”

    “No. It’s because of you, you’re taking care of her and doing your best to be there for her. You do your job and you get paid, simple.”


    “Don’t mention it.”

    Penguin was driving me back to the safe house. I didn’t see anyone following us, we were in the clear. Penguin’s SUV was bullet proof anyway and had some nitrous oxide, he knew this city like the back of his hand. He would be able to lose them in mere minutes. He was the only guy I could count on to make a quick getaway. The snow was falling down more than before, the sidewalks were covered and the streets were wet; no one was really outside at this time, it was the reason why I chose to do this sort of thing during nighttime hours, less risk of harming innocent civilians.

    We were about halfway to the safe house now. Everything was going well until suddenly there was a loud explosion. “What the fuck?!” Penguin shouted.

    “Stop the car!”

    Penguin parked the car and I got out. I saw a huge cloud of black smoke near the center of the city. Alarms were going off and I could hear people shouting. “Shit!”

    “Penguin, go home. I’ll check it out,” I told him. He nodded and then sped off. “Raven, what the hell was that?”

    “I’m checking it now, oh God... Some sort of bomb I-I don’t know what it was.” I saw numerous amounts of people running in my direction. There was something chasing them but I couldn’t see what. I ran toward the nearest building and ran up the fire escape. Once I reached the rooftop I saw what they were running from. “Oh no… what are those things?! Wolf, are you seeing this?!”

    “Yeah… we have a problem,” I replied...

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    We were finally inside of The Hive. From here on out we had to be extra careful. I wanted to make sure that I would make it home to my wife and kid. My daughter had recently turned five and started kindergarten a few months ago. She’s been pestering me about some new doll she wanted to get for Christmas, with the money I would receive from completing this mission, I wouldn’t have to worry about not getting her what she wanted and providing her with whatever she needed. I’d be able to move away with them and we’d live the rest of our lives in peace.

    Tiger led us down the hall, we kept an eye out for any cameras or guards that might be nearby. “Maintain radio silence…,” Tiger told us.

    We kept walking and we saw some sort of lab in front of us. We could see through the glass that there were some strange chemicals lying around and a couple of humans strapped down onto tables, I could also see an elevator at the end of the lab. I went to the wall beside me and Fox did the same with the wall on the other side. I peeked out and my side was clear. I turned back to look at Fox. He put his index and middle finger near his eyes (enemy spotted). He then held up just his index finger (one enemy).

    Fox turned to look at Tiger. Tiger nodded and Fox went over to sneak up behind the guard. He took out his knife and was getting closer. Fox managed to grab the guard and then brought him over to us. “Where’s the Queen Bee?!” Tiger asked him.

    “What?!” The guard was struggling to get free.

    Tiger took out his M9 and aimed it near the guard’s crotch. “Maybe you didn’t hear me clearly…”

    “No, wait! Please don’t! I’ll tell you!”

    “Start talking.”

    “She’s down in the basement. Take that elevator inside that lab there, this base is small. It’s just this floor and the basement.”

    “No cameras? What about the other guards?”

    “Queen Bee doesn’t have any cameras here, the rest of the guards are down in the basement with her. She always sends one guard here until we switch shifts. Another guard should be here any minute now.”

    “Anything else we should know about?”

    “She’s experimenting on humans, she didn’t give us the details and I don’t know what the hell she’s working on.”

    “What about that device on her wrist?” Fox asked.

    “I don’t know, she didn’t tell us anything. She just pays us to guard the place.”

    I saw the elevator door opening. “Someone’s coming.”

    Tiger looked at Fox and nodded. Fox then proceeded to snap the guard’s neck. We moved forward and got into cover. Another guard was making his way toward us, he was whistling and looking around.

    “Hey, George, it’s my turn to keep guard of this floor. Queen Bee wants you down in the basement,” the guard said. “George?”

    He got closer and then Tiger grabbed him and flipped him over. Tiger brought his knee down onto the guard’s throat and started crushing it until he was dead. “Let’s move,” he told us.

    We followed him over to the lab door, he used the cardkey and the door opened. We went over to the elevator and got inside. “What are we going to do once we’re down there?” I asked.

    “Shoot everyone except for Queen Bee. If she has a gun on her than toss a stun grenade, that’s when we’ll be able to go up to her and grab her,” Tiger told us.

    “And we have to be careful not to shoot at that device of hers,” Fox said.

    “Short, controlled bursts,” Tiger told us.

    The elevator door opened, we had our guns ready. “What the?” There was a guard right in front of us but we got rid of him quickly. We got out of the elevator and there were more guards nearby. Inside the basement we saw even more humans on tables, but these had respirators and they looked dead and rotted away. The guards turned around and spotted us, we started firing at them.

    We saw the Queen Bee at the end of the room. “Get them, you imbeciles!” She shouted.

    We ducked into cover. The remaining guards were getting closer. “Fire at will!” Tiger ordered.

    We started shooting back and picking them off one by one. “Switching cover!” I shouted. I switched cover and took out my PSG1, I saw the Queen Bee getting into cover at the end of the room. I started shooting the guards that were further away. Fox moved in closer while me and Tiger covered him.

    “Reloading!” I heard Tiger say. I covered him until he was able to shoot again.

    “Cover me! I’m going in!” Fox shouted.

    “No! No! Get them! What are you idiots doing!” Queen Bee was getting angry. I saw her pressing a red button near the wall. Some sort of strange, red vapor went through the clear tubes and into the mouths and noses of the nearly dead-looking humans on the tables. Suddenly they opened their eyes and broke free of the straps. They stood up and got off the tables that they were in. They started killing the nearby guards as well.

    “What the fuck?!” Fox shouted...


    Those strange dead-looking humans were biting and tearing the guards apart. They were running around and eating the guts and intestines of the ones that were already dead.

    I heard the Queen Bee laughing as she picked up the cylinder device and made her way out of a secret exit on the wall. She turned around to look at us before leaving. “Behold, this is just the beginning of things to come. Soon the whole world will be infected with this new zombie virus I have conducted. The device in my hand is a bomb that will release the virus wherever I choose to detonate it. I have a few more too, you won’t be able to stop me,” she said with a smile. She turned around and started to run away.

    “Zombie virus?!” I said out loud. The zombies started running toward us, we all started firing at them but they just kept coming. “Move back!” I ordered Falcon and Fox.

    We kept firing at the zombies until they finally started to go down. Headshots seemed to work exponentially well. The zombies were agile, we had to be sure that our aim was on them before firing. My back was up against the wall, I had to reload, the last zombie jumped onto a table and leaped toward me. I saw it getting shot in the head while in midair and turned to see that Falcon had killed it. “You okay?”

    “Fuck… yeah, thanks.”

    “Queen Bee got away,” Fox told us.

    “Yeah, but we still might be able to catch her,” I replied. I radioed the Colonel. “Colonel, come in.”

    “Tiger! We’ve just spotted a Hind-D ascending off of the island and heading toward Crystalwood City! Satellite images showed that it was Queen Bee who got on the chopper. What happened?!”

    “We ran into some… zombies.”

    “Zombies?! What?!”

    “She was experimenting on humans. Turning them into the undead. She took that cylinder device with her and said she had a few more. It's a bomb, Colonel.”


    “Tiger, we’ve disabled all the devices here. Fox is going to plant the C-4 now,” I heard Falcon say.

    “Damn it! You have to stop her, get to her before she does more damage. No matter what happens you have to bring her in alive. We’re sending the chopper back to get you. ETA five minutes,” the Colonel told me.

    “Understood. We’ll proceed with the blowing of the base and wait for the chopper for EVAC.”

    “Good luck. The whole world is in your hands now.”

    I sighed and looked around at the corpses. Bad memories were beginning to flood my mind. “I’ll start heading out and seeing if there’s anymore guards outside,” Falcon told me.

    “I’ll be right behind you,” I replied. I looked at Fox as he was planting the C-4. “How much longer?”

    “Just one more minute, go on ahead. I’ll catch up with you two in a bit.”

    “Alright, the chopper will be here soon. We’ll be outside. Radio us if anything.”

    I started making my way over to the exit that Queen Bee used to get away. Falcon had already gone through it and was waiting for us. I went through the door and saw him at the end of the hall. Falcon saw me and turned around. “This exit leads right back to the front of the base.”

    “Fox will be with us shortly, he’s just setting up the timer.”

    I was halfway through the hall when I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around and it was Fox.

    He stopped and got ready to start the timer. “Alright, setting the timer for four minutes.”

    “What the?! Fuck!” I heard Falcon shout. I turned around and saw him struggling with one of Queen Bee’s guards.


    “Shit! Where the fuck did you come from! Tiger! Help!” Fox shouted behind me.

    “What?” I turned around and Fox was struggling with a zombie on top of him.

    I turned around and saw that Falcon was struck down onto the ground and the guard got ready to shoot him. Time suddenly slowed down, I could hear my heart pumping. Both of my teammates needed help. I needed to do something and fast.

    1) Save Falcon.

    2) Save Fox.


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    2) SAVE ME

    I snapped a dude's neck, you can trust in my abilities! Also...I kinda haven't armed the C4 yet...

    He stopped and got ready to start the timer.

    ComingSoon We were finally inside of The Hive. From here on out we had to be extra careful. I wanted to make sure that I would make it ho

  • 2) Save Fox.

    CS shall die once again.

    ComingSoon We were finally inside of The Hive. From here on out we had to be extra careful. I wanted to make sure that I would make it ho

  • Savage.

    TDMshadowCP posted: »

    2) Save Fox. CS shall die once again.

  • 2) Save Fox.

    ComingSoon We were finally inside of The Hive. From here on out we had to be extra careful. I wanted to make sure that I would make it ho

  • 1) Save Falcon.


    ComingSoon We were finally inside of The Hive. From here on out we had to be extra careful. I wanted to make sure that I would make it ho

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    (!) Save Fox.

    Both teammates were in trouble and I only had mere seconds to act. I made up my mind and took out my M9 out of the holster. I took aim at the zombie on top of Fox and got ready to shoot. I heard a gunshot behind me before firing my gun. I shot the zombie in the head and Fox was saved. I quickly turned around and saw Falcon grabbing the guard and putting him in a Gogoplata lock. Fox started to get up, we both ran over to help Falcon. We got near him and aimed our weapons at the guard.

    “Don’t shoot him!” Falcon proclaimed.

    I made a fist with my hand and told Fox to hold. The guard was being choked out, his face was turning purple and blood was coming out of his mouth. Falcon let him go and rolled over. He grabbed the guard’s gun and stood up. Falcon then proceeded to aim it at him and started shooting his face. Falcon unloaded the whole clip on him and then dropped the gun.

    I noticed some blood coming out of Falcon’s shoulder. “You were shot, Falcon.”

    “I know.”

    “Sorry, I wanted to help the both of you but Fox seemed like he was in more trouble.”

    “You made a choice. It doesn’t matter now. We’re all alive and we still need to stop the Queen Bee,” Falcon said while walking out of the base.

    I felt like I let him down. Like I should have tried to save him first, but it was done now. All we had to do was put our focus back on the Queen Bee and stop her before she creates more of these monsters around the world.

    Fox placed his hand on my shoulder. “Thanks…”


    “We have less than three minutes so let’s get out of here.”

    We made it out of the base and spotted Falcon ducking behind the Humvee from before. We saw a few guards patrolling the area. Me and Fox hid behind some nearby bushes. Falcon saw us and told us to wait. Another Humvee came by and more guards started coming out. “Shit.”

    “The chopper will be here soon, we need to do something, Tiger,” Fox told me.

    I counted eight guards in the area. One of them was making his way over to the Humvee that Falcon was hiding behind while three of them were making their way to the The Hive. “Inspect the base. Queen Bee told us that there was three of them,” One of them said.

    “Dead bodies on the ground. Son’s of bitches are going to pay,” said another.

    Falcon started crawling under the Humvee, the guard was nearing him. The three guards heading for the base were getting closer. “We’re going to take out those three first and then the one near Falcon. Once that’s taken care of, we'll relocate and flank them. The guy on the Humvee gunner will be a problem… that .50 cal will tear us to shreds if we’re not careful.”

    “There’s blood here!” The guard by the Humvee that Falcon was under shouted.

    “Shit! Tiger, we have to take them out,” Fox told me.

    “Get ready then.”

    All the other guards turned. “Fresh?” One of them asked.


    Falcon was waiting for us to do something. Me and Fox aimed our guns at the three guards closer to us. We fired our weapons and took them down, we then fired at the guard near the Humvee that Falcon was under and we started relocating.

    “Son of a bitch! They’re still nearby!” One of the guards shouted. The guy on the Humvee gunner started firing blindly into the woods. We saw the rest of them getting into cover. I started hearing a chopper’s rotors in the distance. I looked up and spotted our helicopter making it’s way to us.

    Me and Fox moved around to try and flank the remaining guards. I saw more Humvee’s and guards coming out of the woods from the other side. I radioed the Colonel immediately. “Colonel! LZ is hot! We need immediate EVAC!”

    “Roger that. The chopper is nearing your location now, get to the beach ASAP!”

    I saw Falcon tossing a grenade at a Humvee and then running toward our location. Me and Fox started firing and covering him while he reached us. The grenade went off and we started running for our lives. I saw our helicopter above the island as it started to fire on the enemy troops. “Less than a minute now! Come on!” I shouted.

    We ran through the woods, keeping our heads down, running as fast as we could and trying not to slip up. We kept hearing gunfire and explosions behind us but we never looked back. We made it out of the woods and saw the helicopter descending onto the beach. We ran for it and then got in. The helicopter started ascending, I got on the turret and started firing at the remaining guards that were following us while Fox started patching Falcon’s shoulder up. Soon after The Hive blew up. The explosion covered nearly the whole island, all the enemy troops that were nearby went up in flames along with it. I made sure that I didn’t miss any enemies and then turned around to check on Falcon.

    “How’s that shoulder coming along?”

    “The bullet went right through. I’ll be fine but I don’t think I’ll be able to use my sniper as proficiently as I want to.”

    “Are you going to stay behind?” Fox asked him.

    “Fuck no. I’m in this until the end. I need that money.”

    “Good. We’re all in this together and we still have a mission to finish,” I replied.

    “Tiger come in,” I heard the Colonel on the radio.

    “Colonel, is the Queen Bee still heading toward Crystalwood City?”

    “She’s already there. We saw her chopper landing on top of an apartment complex. She took one of the cylinder bombs with her when she got out. She was with another person, he was wearing sunglasses and a suit and was carrying a duffle bag with him.”

    “Where did they go after that?”

    “We don’t know, we lost them when they went inside the apartment. You guys need to find her and stop her before she releases that virus onto the streets of Crystalwood City.”

    “Don’t worry, we’ll stop her. I’m going to make damn sure that we do,” I said. We were nearing Crystalwood City now.

    “Good luck, guys. We’ll try to—” Before the Colonel could finish his sentence, a loud explosion went off.

    “Shit!” The pilot shouted.

    “What the hell was that?!” I said.

    “Tiger! A bomb just went off in the middle of Crystalwood City!” The Colonel told me.

    “Fuck! That bitch!” Falcon shouted.

    “Mother of God…,” Fox said.

    We could see the explosion from here. It almost seemed like it was straight out of a nightmare. None of us wanted to believe this was real…

    InfiniteDawn- A little earlier...

    I made my escape and headed toward Crystalwood City where I would experiment the first viral bomb. Years and years of research and experiments were finally paying off. They were all going to pay for what they had done. We made it to Crystalwood and landed on top of an apartment in the center of the city. I got out of the helicopter with my right-hand man Cobra (SimonElagamy).

    “Have you heard word from Raccoon (TDMshadowCP) yet?” I asked him.

    “Yes, Queen Bee. But Raccoon has informed me that he will not be able to make it as he has other business to attend to.”

    “That fucking idiot! The one time I need weapons from him and he’s nowhere to be found!”

    “Want me to call him again?”

    “No. It’ll be useless. Let’s just proceed down to the streets and activate the device.”

    “Yes, Queen Bee.”

    We made it off of the roof and took the elevator down to the first floor. Cobra had the duffle bag with the other bombs in it. We received strange looks from people but no one dared to approach us. We made it outside and a few people were still out at this hour. The snow was coming down a bit heavier than before. We walked down the sidewalk and Cobra made sure the area was clear before placing one of the viral bombs behind a dumpster. We moved away from the area and got to a safe distance. We went on the rooftop of a building to get a better view.

    I brought up my arm closer to my mouth, the device that I invented on my wrist was voice activated. I just needed to say the words that would activate the viral bomb and soon everyone in the whole city would turn into zombies. “Activate and detonate V-Cylinder244.” Immediately after saying that the bomb went off and the red vapor flooded the area. The people that were caught in the explosion were coming back to life and the ones that survived were suffocating and turning into the undead. Everything was going according to plan...

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    1) Save Falcon. ;-;

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    A red vapor lingered in the center of the city. Anyone near it started turning into those strange creatures running around. The police arrived in the scene and tried to neutralize the creatures but to no avail. More cops would be on the way and S.W.A.T would be arriving shortly as well. If this kept up then the FBI would have to intervene.

    “Wolf someone is still trying to hack into the COMM link. They’ve been at it all day in fact,” Raven told me.

    “You’d be able to block them out once they’re in, right?”

    “Yes, I could do that.”

    “Then let them into the line. This rarely happens so I’m thinking it isn’t just your typical hacker.”

    “You have a point. But if anything I’ll be able to flush them out, just as long as I don’t wait too long. Okay… here goes.”

    Raven started letting the firewalls down and soon I heard a familiar voice. “Hello? Wolf?”

    “The president?!” Raven said.

    “President Holmes. To what do I owe the pleasure?”

    “Ah, finally. Wolf, your old employers informed me about a problem we have.”

    “Old employers? We?”

    “Yes. Colonel Thompson contacted me to contact you. They told me they couldn’t get a hold of you. You’re a hard man to track, Wolf,” he said with a chuckle at the end.

    “Yeah that’s the point,” I replied. “But what’s this problem you’re talking about? Does it have to do with some sort of bomb that releases a red vapor turning anyone who inhales it into a monster?”

    “Looks like you’re already in Crystalwood City… Yes, Wolf, that’s the exact problem we have. I say ‘we’ because if nothing is done to stop the culprit then the whole world will be in danger. As you may have seen already, that red vapor turns human into zombies. They’re agile and can take a lot of damage. A bullet to the head will take them down with no problem though. Colonel Thompson has already contacted your old teammates and they’re on their way to stop the woman behind all of this.”

    “Tiger, Falcon and Fox? And who’s the target?”

    “Yes. They were on an island trying to stop someone who goes by the name of ‘Queen Bee’. I’ll switch the line over to the Colonel now so he can explain the situation to you. It was good to speak to you again, old friend. I know we can count on you for this. Please do this not just for me but for the whole world. I’m counting on you.”

    “Understood, president Holmes.”

    “Wolf? Can you hear me?” I heard Colonel Thompson’s voice.

    “Loud and clear, Colonel.”

    “Is the line secure?”

    “You guys couldn’t breach into it so what do you think, Colonel?” I said sarcastically.

    “You’re right. Sorry I’m just trying to gather my thoughts. Queen Bee has just released that zombie virus of hers into that city. God… we need your help, Wolf. Your old teammates should arrive shortly, you should regroup with them and help stop her from releasing that virus around other places.”

    “What does she look like?”

    “I’ll send you a photo right now… Okay did you receive it?”

    “Got it. Raven see if you can track her down via satellite images or traffic cams,” I told her but received no response. “Raven? Are you there?”

    “Oh! Sorry I… oh no…”

    “What is it?”

    “Um… nothing. Hold on, I’ll check now. Yes, I’ve spotted someone on a roof of an apartment near the Gordon Park not far from your location. She’s wearing a lab coat, the side of her head is shaved, no arm and scars just like the picture. There’s a man beside her carrying a duffle bag. He has a suit on and sunglasses.”

    “That’s her! I’ll let the others know. Wolf, will you help us? There’s a lot of money in it for you if you do.”

    “I’m not in the CTFO anymore, Colonel. But I’ll think about it. Wolf out.”

    Raven secured the line again. “Wolf… what are you going to do?”

    “I’m going after her,” I replied while making my way down to the streets. I took out my silenced M1911 and and started running over to the building that Queen Bee was on. I used the alleyways as shortcuts and as a way to avoid the police and the zombies that were running around. I started going up the fire escape of another apartment and then started running on the roof of it while jumping over to other buildings. I spotted someone on the roof of the building that I jumped to. They were holding a sniper and looking down below at the destruction going on. They stood up and turned around. I immediately recognized them. “Black Sheep (TheWalkingSheep).” He was an old friend of mine. We’ve worked together on a few occasions. He’s been in this city since the first time I arrived here. He works for money and does things his own way.

    “Wolf. What are you doing here?”

    “I could ask you the same question. I’m on a mission to stop the person who caused this.”

    “Damn, you know who did this?”

    “Just from intel. I suggest staying out of trouble tonight.”

    “Don’t worry, I was actually just about to leave this city. I need to start over some place new.”

    “Really? Any particular reason?”

    “Nah, just for the hell of it. Seeing where life takes me and then doing what needs to be done.”

    “Sounds good. You take care of yourself. Maybe I’ll see you around someday.”

    “Thanks. I’m going to get drunk and head to the strip club one last time before my departure,” Black Sheep said while laughing. “See ya around, Wolf.” He ran off and jumped over to the building behind us. I turned and continued on my way.

    I saw Queen Bee and her bodyguard in the distance. I was almost there. I jumped over to the building’s roof that they were both on and aimed my gun at her. “Queen Bee.”

    “Who are you?!” She asked while turning around.

    “You’re the one responsible for that zombie bomb.”

    “Yeah, so? What’s it to you? You have no idea what my intentions are. You should leave now while you have the chance.”

    “Seems like you just want to kill millions of people for your own good. And what happens if I don’t leave?”

    She started laughing. “Cobra, give this fool a lesson.”

    Her bodyguard tossed her the duffle bag, he clenched his fists and got into a fighting stance. “Get rid of your weapon and let’s fight like true warriors,” he said. He turned his head to look at Queen Bee. “Go now. I’ll meet up with you later.”

    Queen Bee smiled while retrieving the duffle bag. “Well this was a nice little chat, but I have a train to catch.” I could hear the train getting closer. She jumped off the roof and on to the top of it while it passed by. I could have shot her there but I needed more information. I had to take care of her bodyguard first before going after her again.

    “Wolf, the train that Queen Bee jumped on will be stopping near Parkside road. You’ll have at least twenty minutes before she reaches that destination,” Raven told me.

    “Come on!” Cobra shouted.

    I put the M1911 in my holster and got ready. Shooting him in the head would have been too easy. This guy wanted a challenge, I knew it was just a way to buy the Queen Bee some more time but I decided to play along. He ran up to me and started throwing some wild punches. I dodged them and then countered when he was open for attack. He stepped back and then started to rethink his strategy. Trying to go for a knockout too early wasn’t working for him. From the way he fought I could tell that he used to be a boxer. He got in closer and threw another punch, I caught his fist and then went for his legs. He fell down on one knee and then I kicked him in the chin knocking him onto his back. He quickly got up and went for a tackle. I used my hips to get him off and then punched him in the face until he kicked me off.

    Cobra was bleeding from his mouth. He stood up and spit on the floor. He cracked his neck and then started getting closer. “Give it up,” I told him. He ignored me and tried to hit me. I grabbed his arm and jumped up to knock him down onto his back using my legs. I put him in an armbar and he started screaming. “You’re not my target but I won’t hesitate to break your arm. Tell me where Queen Bee is headed and where she plans to attack next!”

    “Never! Queen Bee must succeed in her mission!” he shouted.

    The fight was over and Queen Bee was still out there. I had to get to her fast. Cobra was done for and there was no reason for him to continue to fight me. I had to do something with him.

    1) Kill him.

    2) Cripple him.


    My wound was patched up and I was ready to go. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to aim like I wanted to, but I would have to ignore the pain for the time being. My family was the motivation I had to keep going. I needed to do everything in my power to make sure I got back home safely to them.

    “Wolf said he would go after her but I’m not sure…” The Colonel told us. He was informing us more on Wolf and how he got into contact with him. He gave him no confirmation as to whether or not he would help us.

    “We’ve made it to Crystalwood City, get down there now,” the pilot said. We used the fast rope to head down onto the rooftop of an apartment. We looked down below and the destruction of this city had already started. The zombies were loose and the police were having trouble dealing with them.

    “Jesus Christ. It’s like the beginning of the apocalypse,” I said.

    “We have to stop her ASAP,” Fox told us.

    “Head down onto Parkside road. Queen Bee should arrive there soon. Hurry, guys,” the Colonel told us.

    “Alright, guys. It’s time to finish this mission,” Tiger told us...


  • 1) Kill him.

    LeeTheProfessional A red vapor lingered in the center of the city. Anyone near it started turning into those strange creatures running ar

  • 2) Break dat arm

    LeeTheProfessional A red vapor lingered in the center of the city. Anyone near it started turning into those strange creatures running ar

  • 1) Kill him.

    LeeTheProfessional A red vapor lingered in the center of the city. Anyone near it started turning into those strange creatures running ar

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    (!) Kill him.

    “This whole world shall burn down to ashes! Everyone will die!” Cobra said as I kept him in the armbar.

    “One last chance, why is Queen Bee doing this?!” I shouted.

    Cobra started laughing. “Screw you! I’ll never tell you anything! Queen Bee will purify this world of all the vile humans that inhabit it! Accept your death!”

    This guy wasn’t talking, he would rather sacrifice himself before revealing any useful information. He kept laughing like a maniac. I took my M1911 out of the holster and shot him in the head. I got up and looked down, I remember seeing a smile on his face, like he died knowing that no matter what happened next, that he at least did something to help his boss.

    I walked over to the ledge and stared down. Destruction all around. People dying, bodies piling up. Gunshots and explosions everywhere, civilians running for their lives only they don’t know that they’re running straight into their inevitable doom. Death was all around this city. As I watched above from the rooftop of this building, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was the way the world was going to end. This was all the work of one person and they were still planning on causing more damage.

    Which brings us to where we left off in the very beginning of this story. Queen Bee was still at large and she needed to be stopped before she fled and released more viral bombs in different cities or counties. No one was safe as long as she was still out there.

    Raven contacted me. “Wolf, you still have thirteen minutes to get to the train station.”

    “Heading over there now,” I replied. I made my way down to the streets and hijacked a nearby vehicle that was left unattended. I raced my way over to the train station as fast as I could. I watched as people were being eaten alive by those zombies, police doing all they could to stop them and firefighters doing their best to put out fires that started around the area. “Have you heard from the Colonel?”

    “No. But Wolf, there’s something you need to know about Queen Bee…,” Raven told me.

    “What is it?”

    “I’ll tell once you get to the train station.”

    “Okay.” I didn’t know why she couldn’t tell me then and there, but I trusted Raven enough not to pry her of information. She would tell me herself when she was ready. I kept driving over to the train station. hopefully it wasn’t too late…


    I jumped onto the train that was passing by. I left Cobra behind to fend for himself against that unknown gunman who was after me. He would buy me the time I needed to get away and activate the next viral bomb. The snow was hitting my face like tiny pieces of shrapnel. It was freezing up here but I needed to hold on just a while longer while I reached my destination. I grabbed my cellphone and contacted a few of my remaining guards to meet me at City Hall. We were going to take over the building and then set off the next bomb.

    A few minutes had gone by and the train had finally stopped at the station. I jumped off before anyone could notice and ran off. I took out my cellphone and tried to contact Cobra but he wasn’t answering. I made it to the streets and ran across to the City Hall building. A few of my guards spotted me and came out from hiding. I heard a car screeching behind us and saw that gunman from before. I told my guards to fire at him while we made it inside. He started firing back at us and took out a few of my guards in the process. I told them to hold down the area while I ran for the stairs. I needed to make it to the rooftop…


    I reached the train station and spotted the Queen Bee running over to the City Hall building. I stopped the car and a few of her guards started firing at me. I hid behind the car and went around to fire at them. I took out two guards before the rest of them went inside.

    “Wolf, use the rooftop of the building next to City Hall,” Raven told me.

    “How’s that going to help?”

    “You’ll see.”

    The coast was clear. I ran to the building next to City Hall and started using the fire escape to reach the roof. “He’s over there! Get him!” I heard one of Queen Bee’s thugs say.

    They started firing at me with their automatic weapons. I’d have to get to cover fast. I fired back with my P30L until it ran out of ammo. I reached the rooftop and noticed that a few of her guards were coming after me. I saw the rooftop door and ran to open it but it was locked. I could hear her guards getting closer, I took out my M24 Sniper and hid behind some cover. Her guards reached the rooftop and I peeked out a just enough to be able to pick them off. I fired and killed one of them and then took out my M1911 and went around to finish two more before going back into cover. They kept firing at me, they had me pinned down. I could hear their footsteps getting closer. I fired at them again and quickly counted at least five more before going back into cover.

    “Go around! We have him!” One of them shouted.

    “Nowhere to hide now!”

    “Just stick your head out, I dare you!”

    I could hear them laughing with confidence as if they already knew I was done for. I gripped my gun and sighed. I knew that it was going to be difficult to get out of this situation, but I had to try my best to take them all out. I saw the shadow of one them to my left getting closer. While the shadow of another to my right was nearing me as well, I got ready. The guard on my left ran up to me and I turned and grabbed his gun while elbowing him in the throat. I used his gun against the guard that was on my right and then I grabbed his head and brought the back of his neck down to my knee. I aimed my M1911 at the two guards that were following behind them and shot them both in the head.

    “Freeze!” I heard the last guard say. He ran up to me and held his rifle to my head. “Let him go!”

    Two choices here: either do what the guard says and let him kill me. Or try my chances against him and hope that he’s not as good with that weapon as he thinks he is. “Don’t move,” Suddenly I heard Raven’s voice in my earpiece.

    “What?” I responded.

    “Huh?” The guard said.

    I heard a gunshot behind us and the guard's blood splattered onto the roof door. He hit the ground and kept his eyes on me the whole time. I brought my elbow down onto the guard I was holding and broke his cervical spine. I heard something hitting the roof door and spotted Raven coming down on a zipline from the building beside this one.

    “Saved your butt,” she said.

    “Thanks but what are you doing out here on the battlefield? Why aren’t you back at the safehouse?”

    “Well remember that thing I had to tell you about Queen Bee?”

    “Yeah, what was it?”

    “It’s really important… Whatever you do, do not kill her, Wolf.”

    “Okay… but what is it that you need to tell me?”

    “Okay. Queen Bee—” A shot went off and I saw Raven falling over. I caught her before she landed face-first and I spotted Queen Bee on the rooftop of City Hall. She was laughing.

    “Raven!” I shouted. Raven was trying her best to stay alive. She handed me something and then started whispering into my ear. Everything was starting to make sense now…


    We made it onto the streets and started running over to the train station. There were zombies all over the place, we shot the ones in the way and ignored the ones that were further away from us. No use wasting time trying to save people when Queen Bee was planning to detonate more bombs and cause even more destruction. This was just from one bomb and the whole city was nearly destroyed. I didn’t even want to imagine if she managed to release this virus all over the world. She needed to be stopped.

    We saw the S.W.A.T team firing back at the zombies and keeping them at bay in one location. We ran up to them and hid into cover to help finish the ones that were in our way. We spotted a four door car and got in to try to reach the train station a lot quicker.

    A few minutes went by and then the Colonel contacted us. “Queen Bee is in City Hall now. You must hurry!”

    “Roger. We’re on our way,” I replied. Every second that went by meant the destruction of this city. We needed to get to the Queen Bee ASAP...

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    As I was in the elevator waiting to reach the top floor, I went into the duffle bag and found a Glock 43. I took it out and was ready to fire upon anyone who stood in my way. I could hear gunfire outside from my guards. I made it to the top floor and ran for the roof door. I opened it and went up the stairs that led to the rooftop. I opened the door and planted the duffle bag down, I opened it and started taking out all of the viral bombs and stacking them up next to each other. There were six of them, this would be enough to destroy the entire city and then the world. There would be numerous amounts of zombies, too much for them to handle. No one would be able to survive.

    I heard one last gunshot on the other building and peeked out to see a woman zip lining down onto the roof of it, I didn't get a good look at her and she was turned around. She was talking to someone but I couldn’t see who since they were behind some cover. I aimed my Glock at the woman and fired. I saw her go down, I spotted the gunman from before catching her. I started to laugh, he was too late. I went back to set up the other bombs and getting ready to detonate them.

    A few minutes went by and I heard something behind me. I saw the gunman on the zipline and then landing on the rooftop. He took out an M1911 and aimed it at me. “Bee, let it go. It’s over.”

    “Not a step closer or I’ll activate all these bombs and kill us all!” I was out of ideas and desperate at this point. This was my only option.

    “I know about your past… I know about your sister.”

    “What?!” What the man had said sent shivers down my spine. I had never told anyone about my sister. No one else knew about her. “How… how do you—” He cut me off.

    “Raven told me all about it. The woman you just shot, she’s your sister,” he told me.

    My eyes widened. “Impossible! You’re lying!”

    “Then how else would I know? She told me after you shot her… and, she gave me this.” The man reached for his pocket and took out a heart-shaped gold locket necklace. “Here,” he said before tossing it.

    The locket landing next to my feet, I kept my gun aimed at him, he put his hands in the air while I placed the gun on the ground to try to open the locket. Once I opened it I saw a picture of me and my sister when we were younger. We were both smiling like we didn’t have a care in the world. I started to cry. “I… I remember this… our parents took this picture before we moved to Russia nearly ten years ago.”

    “What happened, Bee?”

    “Russia wasn’t what we hoped it would be… a civil war broke out and many lives were taken. Houses were demolished, people were starving. We stayed up all night because of the sounds of gunfire and explosions, dogs barking and people screaming. It lasted five years… it was horrible. One night our parents decided that we were going to try to escape, we followed them down the streets, I remember seeing corpses piled up on top of each other. The ground was painted with the blood of innocent lives. We nearly made it out of the city before we got caught. They held us down at gunpoint and made us watch as they killed our parents in front of us. They grabbed me and my sister and they were going to kill us next but I kicked one of the soldiers in the groin and my younger sister managed to escape. The soldiers started beating me, making me bleed and making cry in agony. An older man ordered them to stop and then told a few people wearing lab coats to take me away for his ‘experiment’. “

    “Experiment? What do you mean?”

    “Yes, experiment. Years of torture, they injected me with strange serums, tested my abilities. They wanted to see how fast I could run and how fast I was able to process things. You see this scar on my head? That’s when they tried to implant something in my brain where they would have full control over me. One day I tried to fight back and they cut my arm off for not cooperating. Each and everyday I wanted to die, I wanted my suffering to end, for all of it to be over. I wondered if my sister was even alive, if she managed to escape and if she was still okay out there somewhere… I managed to escape one day when the place got attacked...”

    “You can call me Wolf by the way,” the man told me. “Your sister, Rachel, I found her five years ago in Russia. She was outside of a dilapidated house, covered in dirt. She wanted to go to America to start a new life. She sneaked onto the plane and when we landed I gave her a new identity and told her to leave wherever she wanted. But she had no friends or family and no place to go, she decided to stay in my safe house until she decided what to do with her life. She became part of my team, helping me out on these missions that I partake in to keep this city safe. She never told me much about her past, she never told me your name or even what you looked like, she even told me that she had never met her parents but now I know that that wasn't true. Now I know why she used to visit Russia a lot, she was there looking for you.”

    “And now she’s dead… because of me. I shot her…,” I said. I covered my face and started crying some more. “I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for those damn monsters!”

    “They made you suffer, I get that. But what you plan on doing is no better, in fact, it’s even worse. You’re killing innocent people, people with families. Parents, friends, people just wanting to live a normal life and getting through each day as best they can. Don’t you see that? What you’re doing isn’t the answer, you may be able to ease the pain for the moment, but it’ll never go away. Not this way. You won’t be satisfied, the pain will return one day and you’ll want to cause more harm again. You have to learn that in time the pain may go away or it doesn’t, but you can learn to deal with it.”

    “Dr. Petrovich… that evil son of a bitch!” I yelled out.

    “The mad scientist who planned to nuke the world?”

    I looked up at Wolf. “Yes… how do you know?”

    “He’s dead. I was assigned a mission to kill him with an old team of mine. We got the job done, he’s been dead for years.”

    “What…?” The news shocked me. “All those wasted years I’ve searched for him… my God… I’m so stupid!” I pounded the ground. “I can’t believe I let it get this far! I wanted to make the world suffer, I wanted people to know what I went through. I was angry at the world and was blinded by my fury. I was going to stop at nothing until everything was destroyed…” I started crying some more. I stood up and got ready to activate the bombs.

    Wolf aimed his gun at me. “Wait! You can still get help, it doesn’t have to go down like this. Your sister would want you to get the help you need so you can live out the rest of your life in peace.”

    “There’s no point, Wolf… the world would be better off without me. The world would be better off without humans…”

    “Humans are evil, sure. But there are still some people in this world that are purehearted. People that care and would help you. People that you can talk to, people that will listen and understand. People that have been in dark places before and know what you’re going through. I promise you that things will get better. The first step starts with you believing in yourself, and from there on, going on to believe in others.”

    “I… I don’t know, Wolf. I don’t know if it’s worth it anymore…”

    “It is. If not for yourself then do this for your sister. I can make sure that you will be treated properly and not like a guinea pig. You won’t ever be afraid anymore.”

    The roof door opened and out came three armed men. “Wolf! Put the gun down! We need that woman alive!” Seemed like they knew Wolf, maybe they were his old teammates that he mentioned before.

    “Tiger,” Wolf replied while keeping his focus on me. “It’s been a while.”

    “Stand down, Wolf!” Tiger shouted.

    “I’m not under anyone’s orders, Tiger. It’s up to Queen Bee to decide what happens to her,” Wolf told him.

    Tiger turned to look at me. “Give it up, Bee. There’s nowhere to run.”

    I turned to look at Wolf. He was staring at me like he wanted me to make a decision…


    Queen Bee looked down. For some reason she was crying. She went on her knees and put her hand up. “I give up. I’ll go quietly.”

    “Fox, cuff her and bring the duffle bag with the bombs here. Falcon, keep an eye on her,” I ordered.

    “Understood,” Fox replied. He went up to her and took the device off her wrist, he then started packing the duffle bag with the six viral bombs and then he cuffed his wrist onto hers. “It’s done.”

    “Good job. Now we just have to take her back to base.”

    “Finally…,” Falcon said. Fox and Falcon started heading toward the rooftop door. I kept my eyes on them the whole time.

    “Thanks for not killing her,” I told Wolf.

    “Did you really think I was going to shoot her?” Wolf asked.

    I turned around to look at him but he was nowhere in sight. He had vanished. “Thanks…,” I said and started making my way off the roof.


    I jumped off the building and used the grappling hook gun that I grabbed from Raven to land safely down onto the streets. I ran toward an alleyway and hid before hearing Colonel Thompson’s voice in my earpiece. “Wolf, do you copy?”

    “I’m here. Mission accomplished, huh?”

    “Yes, thanks to you and the rest of the team. Albeit you never really told me if you had accepted the mission, you still went after the Queen Bee. The three million dollars is yours if you simply accept it.”

    “Give it to Queen Bee. Make sure she gets the help she needs.”

    “Understood. We’ll do that.”

    “One question, though, Colonel…”

    “What is it?”

    “Why did you need her alive?”

    “Her blood is the cure, we’ll be able to manufacture a vaccine and Crystalwood City will be back to normal within a week or two.”

    I chuckled a bit. “You knew the whole time, didn’t you?”

    “Yes. But I knew I could count on you guys to not screw this up.”

    “That’s one hell of a gambit, but it worked. Good talking to you Colonel. Hopefully you won’t need my help again.”

    “Likewise. Take care of yourself, Wolf.”

    The mission was over. The military would roll in to gather up the remaining zombies. A cure would be made soon and this nightmare would be over. Luckily we were able to stop the Queen Bee from destroying the planet with her viral bombs. There was nothing to worry about for now…

    “Wolf, are you there?” I heard Raven’s voice.

    “I hear you. Are you okay?”

    “My shoulder’s still killing me but I’m fine. I made it back to the safe house, I don’t see any of you on the rooftop of City Hall. What happened?”

    “Everything’s taken care of. The mission is over, Queen Bee will get assistance and her blood will be used to manufacture a cure for this zombie virus. You’ll be able to visit her in a week or two.”

    Raven sighed. “Good… I’m glad you kept your promise. Finding out that my sister was still alive was shocking enough, but knowing that she was the one who caused this… oh God. I’m just glad it’s over. And I'm sorry about lying to you for so many years...”

    “She’s suffered a lot. She’s going to desperately need you. She’s been through a lot and has trouble trusting people. She was more afraid than she was angry. She just needs you to be there for her while she gets through this. You had your reasons so it's understandable, don't worry about it, it's in the past.”

    “Thank you... Yes… I hear you. I’ll try my best to comfort her. She still doesn’t know that I’m alive, does she?”

    “No. Your plan worked. After I patched you up and you told me that she was your sister, you wanted me to convince her to seek help. And that’s just what I did.”

    “Thank you so much, Wolf…,” she said. I could hear her starting to cry.

    “I’m going to head back to the safe house. You’ll see her soon, don’t worry.”

    “Okay… there’s so much I need to tell her. So much catching up to do.”

    “Yeah, and you’ll get that chance soon enough.”

    “I need to know what happened to her.”

    “It’s a mad world we live in.”

    “And it’s the people who make it that way…”

    “Things will get better. Hang in there. Wolf out.” I started making my way back to the safe house. It was finally over.

    A week later the vaccine was given out to the infected. They were coming back to normal and remembering everything before turning into zombies. Lots of people were angry, and a few accepted Bee’s apology after hearing her out. Raven visited her every week and they caught up on everything. A few years went by and I recruited Bee into my team so she could help me out on missions and to keep her out of harm. She and Raven worked well together, I always felt invincible knowing that they were watching over me. Penguin occasionally helped out whenever I needed him as well, he recently had a daughter with his wife and was taking care of the both of them. Falcon moved to Hawaii with his family and lived the rest of his life in peace. Fox met someone and got married, he started a family with them and quit the mercenary gig. Tiger, well, I don’t really know what happened with him, but last I heard he was traveling around the world and enjoying his life to the fullest. And as for me, I still protect Crystalwood City as best I can. If I don’t do it, then no one else would. At least now things were beginning to get better for everyone. Hopefully they would stay that way...

    End of FOTD Tales: A Mad World

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  • Hurrah for happy endings!

    Fox met someone and got married, he started a family with them and quit the mercenary gig.

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    InfiniteDawn As I was in the elevator waiting to reach the top floor, I went into the duffle bag and found a Glock 43. I took it out and

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    InfiniteDawn As I was in the elevator waiting to reach the top floor, I went into the duffle bag and found a Glock 43. I took it out and

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  • Damn... can't believe today makes it two years since FOTD started... two years. Had fun writing it and met some cool people along the way, it also brought a lot of people together as well. There were some up and down moments but in the end it was still an amazing ride through out the whole thing. Thankful for everyone that joined and enjoyed the story until the end, some of the votes could have gone differently from what I wanted but it still ended pretty well. Who knows if there will be more in the future but wanted to thank everyone, whoever's still here that is, and glad everyone liked the story.

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    Thanks man. This story will always have a special place in my heart for all the good times that came out of me reading it. You are an amazing writter. If you ever make anither one of these, you have my support :).

    Damn... can't believe today makes it two years since FOTD started... two years. Had fun writing it and met some cool people along the way, i

  • Thanks a lot, man. Good to see that you're still around here. We'll see what happens in the future.

    Lord_EAA posted: »

    Thanks man. This story will always have a special place in my heart for all the good times that came out of me reading it. You are an amazing writter. If you ever make anither one of these, you have my support .

  • I shall always remember the good times we had

    PruPls forever


    Damn... can't believe today makes it two years since FOTD started... two years. Had fun writing it and met some cool people along the way, i

  • Lol yeah I still remember that, good times.

    BlueShadiw posted: »

    I shall always remember the good times we had PruPls forever :P

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