Anyone else 'dislike' Snow White?



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    Orders given apply as well. And like I said drop the American judicial system and you are right on it not being allowed in Fabletown's judicial system.

  • Well I can't say that I started hating her as soon as episode 1 was done in fact at that time I liked her character, but as soon as she started complaining about Bigby's choices and actions, even when there the best choice btw I have tried I have played the game as the big gentle wolf instead of the big bad wolf and still she complains, which is why I noticed that while this isn't necessarily the characters problem, but the games since the choices don't affect what she says to you, she is what I would call still a B****h, since it is impossible to make her happy.

    I have played the TJ questioning scene at least four times and after each of those playthroughs I have never gotten a compliment even though she was rude to Bigby before the questioning, she goes on to say "well that went as well as I expected it to" and well she clearly states before the questioning that she expected us to idk scare TJ or something, so then is she indicating that it went badly.

    Forget about that like I said I played the game at least four times and have noticed that during the fist playthrough she wasn't too bad since I made some bad calls but the second playthrough(when I didn't kill dum) I notice just how annoying her character is the bigges example is when she starts complaining after I knocked dum out when they had shotguns, Bloody Mary also had the revolver in her hand so don't you think that is most definitely an indicator to go beast form, and honestly we don't even change until they empty an entire shotgun round on us so in other words we went apeshit after we got shot so wtf should he have done just be like "Snow I'm gonna die now since if I change and maybe protect you and crane then I won't be doing my job the right way" what is crazy is people in this thread think she is right at this particular scene, if so please enlighten me because trust me when I say this I want to like her character, because then I would enjoy the game more. Another thing I have to add is even when Crane is still mayor Snow disobeys your orders when you say I don't want you coming with me to the trip trap, I know you aren't her boss specifically but at that point in time she has no authority to disobey your orders regarding the investigation, and even then her boss Crane(yh he is a prick but still is her boss) says she can't go with you, so she should comply since she specifically complains when you don't listen to her orders, so in other words she is a hypocrite, I know her coming is what opens up Holly, but she does till disobey and that is the point I was trying to make not whether she should have shown up, but that she does exactly what she complains to bigby about.

    One final thing, because I have seen two individuals arguing about this topic but I can't be bothered to quote them but its regarding whether she has the right to order Bigby to bring the CM back alive. Now to a certain extent she does however it shouldn't be an order like bring him back alive no if's no but's, which is basically what she did, she specifically says "I want you to bring him back alive", then she has no right to order bigby to bring him back alive, however if she had asked it like bring him back alive if possible then she is definitely in the right, since the order was bring him back alive period, it doesn't matter how tough it is, what if this guy was going to kill bigby, yes I know in the game it wasn't the case and it was simple enough for bigby to overcome, but if it wasn't and bigby had blindly followed her orders he would have maybe died on the job, just because of her order, again I know this wasn't the case in the game, but she couldn't have known how it would have ended.

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    I played Bigby down the middle. Sometimes getting rough and sometimes playing it calm. It really came down to if the person deserved to be treated badly or not. It wasn't until the end of the game where Snow just hands you the keys and basically ignores you regardless of how well you handled things that i stopped caring about how she felt and i just went back killed the crooked man and acted as violent and arrogant as i could during the trial scene ending with me telling everyone to screw off and leaving early. I liked Nerissa more anyway.

  • Well, I love Snow so much guys. I dont hate her. The story makes me fall in love with them. Bigby and Snow are the best <3 Please I like how Snow acts I'm so obsessed lol just kidding. I really like her. I always love her conversation with Bigby, She cares for Bigby!!!

  • Part of the plot of TWAU is about how the crooked man gained so much influence by exploiting the mess that was made of Fabletown' s government. Snow is trying to fix that, and she can't very well convince the people that she is on their side if she doesn't know what's going on. She is a stubborn person-it's a very important facet of her character both here and in the origional comics- and she feels that since this whole situation came about because of the negligence of the government she works for, she has to fix it. Does she screw up a bit? Of course, she's just been thrust into an actual leadership position, even if she was doing all the work, she has to make the decisions now too. Add to that seeing a near perfect replica of herself, sans head, the community threatening to self-destruct, and yeah, her actions are perfectly understandable.

    Also, about that last line (and completely unrelated to my main point), fuck off. She has been treated like property, by that adultering fuck Charming, and in a much more literal sense by the dwarves (she was literally their property, to play with and order about as they liked), so she has every reason to react that way when someone says something implying property or ownership over her

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