Forum user contest.

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Hello. I have decided to start something I call the forum user contest (tell me if I should change name). The titel itself is pretty self explanatory.

So the thing you are voting for is your favorite forum member. For example, you can vote on the one you think have the best theory's or the one with best humor or just the all out happy ones. You decide yourself.
The rules are you can vote for three people.

(This is how)
1. Your favorite forum member.
2. Your second favorite forum member.
3. Your third favorite forum member.
So the first one gets 3 points and the second one 2 and the third one 1.
The contest will probably end in a week.

If there is anything you think i missed or you think should change please tell me. Thank you.
And sorry if there is anything you don't understand I'm sorry but English Is not my first language.
I whish you all luck and let the best User win :)

Edit: new rule: you can't vote for yourself.
Edit: Please try to pick 3 people. I'm not gonna make you tho.
Edit again: I changed the of this to about a week cause a month is a bit too much.

If I'm gonna vote I will go with 1. Ohyoupokedme I really like this guy. 2. Mr_Euss same with him.
3. FreddeN93 even tho he is banned ;(
honorable mentions: Goustt, Saltlick, Twdfan 86 and Azlyn. All great people for the community.



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