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    Oh hell yes, a new part! Don't worry, I can totally understand that you have less time than before. This part once again proved that any amount of wait is worth it, because it was awesome :D

    “They’re human.” Samantha pointed out.

    Now, that is the weakest defense I have ever heard in my entire life. They're human? What is that supposed to change? Ashton was human, in some twisted way. Fredrik was human. Jessie was human. Still, they were worse than the walkers. And Billy and Trevor are worse than Ashton, Jessie and Fredrik together. Killing them is nothing bad, it is doing the universe a favour. And Samantha just lost basically every kind of sympathy she gained in the earlier parts of this chapter, because there is no excuse for defending Billy. Hell, that guy murdered Nick and he even did it on purpose. Show some fucking spine, Samantha! In turn however, Dylan, who gradually grows into one of my favourite characters, gained another pack of major sympathy points by bringing up the only way this situation can ever be resolved: They have to take over the lodge and at least Trevor and Billy simply have to die. They mustn't survive, especially not Billy. I only wonder who the hero will be that finally ends their worthless lives for good. I hope Kat gets to shoot Billy, but I am still undecided who should take down Trevor. Tony maybe? By the way, talking about Tony, I guess this part showed that flirting is not one of his strengths. There was this line in particular that was just amazing:

    “I feel the same way, I guess. You’re one of my closest friends in the group as well, only besides Eric.” I told her.

    enter image description here

    He did not just go there, did he? Out of all the terrible things Tony could have said in this situation, he chose the single most terrible line ever XD God, that line was priceless! I guess Tony is the first guy to ever accidentally put a girl in the friendzone, especially one that is so obviously crushing on him. In all seriousness though, I ship it so hard. It's adorable how awkward Tony's flirting skills are and Kat's aren't exactly better either. Seriously, it's adorable and I hope it lasts.

    [Stay at the lodge with Karen]

    I'm certainly not going to lift a damn finger to help finding this stupid, retarded, completely worthless son of a subhuman bitch. I hope they don't find him. Even better, I hope they only find his half-devoured remains. That would be a well-deserved fate for that murderous bastard, a painful offscreen death. Anyways, I'm certainly not putting Tony and Kat in danger just so that Billy gets to live a little bit longer. For anyone else, I'd do it. But Billy is not only a complete monster, he is also a dead man walking. Given the opportunity, this skeevy, brain-damaged subhuman simply must suffer the most brutal death the apocalypse has to offer. Saving his life now is pointless. They would simply delay the inevitable.

    However, I wonder why anyone is actually going with Trevor. It's not as if he has any authority. He's simply an unwanted intruder in this lodge that no longer belongs to him. Especially Dan and Dylan shouldn't be too keen on going with him and Trevor really has no right to order them. He can go alone, he can die alone and no one will mourn for him, at least no one that matters. Can't they just shoot his dick off and beat him to death with it?

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    Chapter 6: Part 8 March 16th, 2017. 10:35 A.M. [Let John stay] “Why don’t you stay? We can use someone like you.” I told him. Jo

  • [Go with Trevor and look for Billy]

    Maybe there's a chance to learn something useful in this instance. Mot sure, but it might be worth a shot.

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    Chapter 6: Part 8 March 16th, 2017. 10:35 A.M. [Let John stay] “Why don’t you stay? We can use someone like you.” I told him. Jo

  • [Go with Trevor and look for Billy]

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    Chapter 6: Part 8 March 16th, 2017. 10:35 A.M. [Let John stay] “Why don’t you stay? We can use someone like you.” I told him. Jo

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    No problem ;)

    Hey man, it's fine. As I've always said we're eager to read more but we're not impatient. Take as much time as you need. It's cool that you can keep us updated on this stuff though :)

    P.S. I think I've come to a decision... After changing my mind halfway through this post! Haha

    (Stay at the lodge with Karen)

    The last thing Katrina needs right now is to feel obligated to go search for someone who she has... a particular disliking for. Plus, two capable heads like Kat and Tony holding down the fort is better than one in Dylan. Dom's capable, but he's a bit more of a loose handle than the others. I'm not entirely comfortable with all the group's soldiers involved in a search and rescue, but they should be fine... Should be.

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    Hehe, thanks Glad to be back. Like I said in the update earlier, it may take a while to get new parts out as my cousins are still living wi

  • That was an awesome part! Tony and Katrina are definitely my favorite characters at this point. It seems that there's too many people for just a search party it's odd and I think it'd be best if they would [Stay at the lodge with Karen]. This part is making me even more excited to see how this develops throughout the next parts and how the characters change. It's all good if the parts take a little longer to get out, I appreciate you keeping us up to date. I cannot wait for the next part!

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    Chapter 6: Part 8 March 16th, 2017. 10:35 A.M. [Let John stay] “Why don’t you stay? We can use someone like you.” I told him. Jo

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    [Stay at the lodge with Karen]

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    Chapter 6: Part 8 March 16th, 2017. 10:35 A.M. [Let John stay] “Why don’t you stay? We can use someone like you.” I told him. Jo

  • [Stay at the lodge with Karen]

    I dont want to search for Billy. He is just too annoying and finding him would only cause more trouble. As long as he is around the group, things can only get worse. It would be for the best for everyone if he dies at this point, before he destroys the group.

    Also, I think Trevor is planning something with the group members he took with him. He chose them on purpose and not only to find Billy. I dont think he would put his sister in danger by planning something with the group members that stayed behind at the lodge but maybe he plans to "accidentally" cause the death of some of the stronger people on this search, to weaken the group. In this case, I would like if Tony and Katrina are as far away from him as possible. They are so cute together so I dont want to risk either of them.

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    Chapter 6: Part 8 March 16th, 2017. 10:35 A.M. [Let John stay] “Why don’t you stay? We can use someone like you.” I told him. Jo

  • [Stay at the lodge with Karen]

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    Chapter 6: Part 8 March 16th, 2017. 10:35 A.M. [Let John stay] “Why don’t you stay? We can use someone like you.” I told him. Jo

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    Chapter 6: Part 9

    March 16th, 2017. 2:52 P.M.

    [Stay at the lodge with Karen]

    “Yeah… I think we’ll just stay here.” I said as I turned to Katrina, who gave me a smile.

    Trevor shook his head and sighed. “Shows how much you guys really care.”

    “Yeah, care about a guy who killed my brother.” Katrina hissed.

    Trevor looked at Katrina and didn’t bother to respond, and walked back into the foyer.

    “It’s okay. I understand, I’m sure he does too.” Karen told us.

    “I’ve told him that so many times, and he still has the nerve to get an attitude.” Katrina snarled.

    Karen shrugged and changed the subject. “Well… I guess you’ll be staying here. I trust you guys to not steal anything while I’m in another room or something. If you see or hear anything out of place tell me. I’ll be upstairs in my room.”

    Karen walked out of the room and upstairs. I began to get off the couch, but Katrina yanked me back. “Where are you going? I want to go back to sleep.” She mumbled.

    “Then go back to sleep.” I chuckled.

    “Stay with me!” She demanded.

    “Come on, I wanna go talk to everyone else and walk around, maybe get some fresh air. You don’t want to?” I asked.

    “No, I’m tired.” Katrina said as she wrapped herself in a blanket. “Wake me up if anything happens.” She quickly drifted off to sleep.

    I shrugged and got up and walked to the foyer, where Trevor had rounded up everyone and walked out of the door. I stopped Adam before he walked out.

    “Adam, why are you going with him?” I asked him.

    “Uh... “ Adam muttered, then turned to see if anyone was near him. Me and him remained in the foyer alone. “Trevor kind of forced us to go… he threatened to kill all of us and even disarmed us. We’re all defenseless.”

    “Fuck him.” I said out loud, but luckily Trevor didn’t hear. “Just stay here, he won’t notice.”

    “I can’t risk it.” Adam shook his head. “What if he founds out? Which he will, by the way. He will not be happy.”

    “Who cares? He’s leaving all of you defenseless and putting your lives at risk!” I told him.

    “Yeah, but like I said… he’ll kill us, or do something to us. I don’t want to put anyone in the group at risk. We’ll be fine, Tony. I’ll be fine. Now, I gotta go.” Adam sprinted out of the lodge and closed the door behind him, leaving me alone in the foyer.

    I decided to walk into the kitchen, where Eric was eating a bag of fruit snacks. “Sup Tony.”

    “Did you ask Karen for that?” I asked him.

    “Nah, why would I? She did say we live here now, after all.” He replied.

    “I don’t know. Just curious.” I sat down at the table with him. “I’m worried for our group.”

    “Why? They’ll be fine right?” Eric asked.

    “Adam told me Trevor took all their weapons. I don’t know if he did that so they don’t kill him, or if he’s planning to do something to them…” I explained.

    Eric squeezed the bag of fruit snacks as hard as he can, and slid it across the table. “What?! Why didn’t you stop them? You could have shot Trevor right there, right?”

    “I’m not just gonna shoot him…” I responded. “Besides, I didn’t even have my pistol on me at the time. Katrina has it.”

    “Katrina? Why the hell does she have it?” Eric asked.

    “Oh, uh... “ I trailed off. I didn’t really know if Katrina wanted me to tell anyone about us. “I let her borrow it for something.”

    “For what?” Eric asked again.

    “Why do you care?” I told him.

    “Don’t get all snappy on me. Are you hiding something?” He asked yet another question.

    “Ugh…” I sighed. “Listen, promise not to tell anyone what I’m about to tell you?”

    “Uh, yeah… I’m your best friend, you can trust me.” He insisted.

    “Katrina and I… are… uh... “ I struggled to get out the words.

    “Say no more!” Eric stood up from his chair. “You’re banging Katrina!”

    “What? No!” I pushed Eric back into his seat. “No one better have heard that. What’s wrong with you?”

    “Sorry…” He laughed a bit. “But you two are… dating?”

    “I think…” I told him.

    “You think? The fuck?” Eric seemed confused as hell.

    “We never made it ‘official.’ But we kissed and slept together…” I scratched the back of my head.

    “So you did bang?” Eric’s face lit up.

    “No!” I picked up the bag of fruit snacks and threw it in his face. “We’re just… together.”

    “...Nice man! She’s cute.” Eric raised his hand for a high-five.

    “Yeah, not everything is about looks and sex, asshole.” I high-fived him. “She really cares for me and I think I really care for her too.”

    “I know, I know… I’m just messing around.” Eric grinned. “And what’s up with you unsure about loving her? ‘I think’ there, ‘I think’ that, is your mind made up yet?”

    “No… you know how bad I am with this stuff, shut up.” I told him.

    “Yeah, I know.” Eric’s grin faded away. “But in all seriousness, that’s good that you found someone you can really care about and vice versa, especially in times like these. You know I got your back too no matter what.”

    “Yeah, thanks man.” I smiled. “Hey, you know where Dom or Tom is?”

    “I think they’re upstairs in the guest room. I’m not sure though.” He answered.

    “Alright, thanks.” I left the kitchen and went upstairs. There were about six rooms upstairs, I had no idea which room was which. I have barely ever been upstairs.

    I took a random guess and entered the closest room, and I saw Karen leaning over her window, with her arms both crossed on the windowsill. She was staring outside, with the slight breeze blowing her red hair to the left. She didn’t seem to notice me. “Hello?” I asked.

    Karen turned around slowly, and spoke. “Hi Tony.” She said as she turned back to look outside.

    “What are you doing up here alone?” I asked her.

    Karen sighed and hesitated before she spoke. “Nothing, really. Just… nothing. The breeze feels nice. It’s pretty warm out too.”

    I walked beside Karen and looked outside alongside her. The trees were just blooming, ready to sprout for the spring. They swayed with the wind and made a relaxing, peaceful noise. I stood there for about a good thirty seconds without saying anything.

    “Feels like everything is just normal… you wouldn’t think that there’s dead things eating people around everywhere.” Karen broke the silence.

    “What I would do to go back to times like this.” I said. “Baseball season would be starting around now… you know, spring training at least.”

    “I love baseball.” Karen told me. “You do too?”

    “Hell yeah.” I smiled. “My favorite sport to play and watch. You like the Phillies?”

    “You know it.” Karen grinned. “Trevor and I used to watch every single game… Trevor and I argue a lot, but both of our love for baseball brought us together. After they won in 2008, pfft. We were going crazy. That really brought us together as a family.”

    “Yeah, I was so happy.” I replied. “You seem a bit dull though. Are you alright?”

    Karen shrugged her shoulders. “I guess. I’ve just been really stressed out… with you know, everything.”

    “With what exactly?” I asked. “Is it us?”

    “Well…” Karen trailed off. “I know most of you guys hate us. And I don’t know if Billy is alive or not, and Trevor told me that you guys were acting suspicious…”

    “It’s nothing.” I told her. “We just got mad at Trevor because he’s been a douche to us ever since we met him.”

    “Seems understandable…” Karen muttered. “Just know that I have nothing wrong with ya’ll… I hope Trevor can stop being an ass and we can all just get along. But with Billy and all… I don’t know if that’s going to happen.”

    “We’ll see, Karen.” I said, a bit optimistically. I didn’t really have a problem with Karen, she’s probably my favorite out of the three. But it’s just the people she’s related to… ugh. But I tried to not let that interfere with the connection.

    I walked away from the window and towards the door. “I’m gonna go check on Dom and Tom. Do you know what room they’re in?”

    “They should be in the room two doors down to the right.” Karen pointed.

    “Thanks.” I smiled. “Take care.”

    “You too Tony,” Karen said as she remained staring out the window,

    I walked into the hallway and over to the room that Karen directed me to. I opened the door and it was another bedroom, and sure enough, Dom and Tom were sitting on the bed. “What’s up guys?”

    “Hey Tony.” Dom said in a raspy voice and he leaned forward. “How’s it going?”

    “Good I guess.” I answered. “I haven’t really checked in on you two in some time.”

    “Yeah, you haven’t.” Dom responded.

    “It’s been a rough couple of days for me.” Tom spoke.

    “Don’t act like you got it tough…” Dom coughed. “I’m still in pretty bad shape. I’m so fucking sore.”

    “I thought you were dead, man.” Tom shook his head. “I don’t know how I would survive without you. I thought everything was over… I thought-”

    “Shut up and grow a pair of balls.” Dom chuckled.

    “I’ve been trying.” Tom responded with a small grin.

    “Do you guys think this is a good place to stay?” I asked.

    “Yep. This lodge is nice as hell… and there is no way I’m going back on the streets. Too much shit has happened.” Tom was the first to answer.

    “I don’t know.” Dom shook his head. “Fuck Billy. Fuck Trevor. Fuck Karen. Fuck them all. I deem them all responsible for Nick’s death.”

    “You might want to be a bit more quiet.” I informed Dom. “Karen is two rooms away, and she’s stressed out.”

    “I don’t give a shit if she hears me.” Dom swatted his hand. “And I don’t give a shit if she’s stressed either. She should be. And after everything that has happened to me so far ever since the world turned to shit… I really don’t care about anything anymore. Nothing besides myself and my family… and my only family alive being Tom.”
    “You don’t care for our own group?” Tom asked.

    “That’s not what I said.” Dom shook his head again. “Perhaps I worded that wrong. I consider most of you guys my family… we’ve been through the most shit together. From Ashton to Fredrik, to losing people I care about and love… it’s toughened me. I’m so used to now I just expect it to happen… it seems like I don’t care, but I do. I’m just used to it. And it’s even gotten to the point where my feelings for others are just non-existent, unless it is my family or people that I care about. And I’ve known Karen for how long? All she’s done is act annoying and be related to two monsters.”

    “I can tell you’re a bit different.” I told Dom. “I hope it doesn’t have a bad affect on you though.”

    “Bad affect?” Dom laughed. “If anything, I’m ten times stronger. My eyes are just opened more… once I get back in shape, you better believe I’ll be slaying these motherfuckers. And by that, I mean walkers or any asshole I come across.”

    “Good to hear, Dom.” I smiled.

    “I appreciate you checking on us Tony.” Tom said. “But Dom and I were just about to go to sleep… and I think now is a good time to crash.”

    “Alrighty then.” I said as I stood up and walked towards the door. “Take it easy.”

    “You too.” Dom and Tom both said in unison as I walked out into the hallway. I walked downstairs as I figured no one else was upstairs. I walked into the kitchen where Eric was no longer present. I assumed he went to another room or something. I look outside onto the backyard deck to see Ryan and Santiago having fun together, playfully. I decided to go outside and join in.

    “What’s going on out here?” I asked with a smile.

    “Nothing. Just having some fun, and talking.” Ryan replied. “I was just telling Santiago about how I used to hike in the woods with my dad. I love the woods.”

    “I never got a chance to go into the woods.” Santiago chimed in.

    “Maybe we’ll go exploring… that is, if there aren’t any walkers nearby.” Ryan responded to Santiago’s comment.

    “If you do, be careful… you know how people are nowadays.” I warned Ryan.

    “Yeah, you’re right… maybe we’ll work something out, Santi.” Ryan told the kid. “Man, I miss my dad.”

    “Sorry to hear.” I told him. “You know what happened to him?”

    “Nope, I don’t.” Ryan sighed. “I have no idea where my family is. I had to flee West Chester alone… I had to leave everyone behind. I don’t know if they’re dead, or alive… I should have done more.”

    “Don’t worry… I’m sure there was nothing you could have done.” I tried to comfort him. “Shit just happens…”

    “Yeah, it does.” Ryan sighed again. “Let’s try to get off this topic.”

    “No doubt.” I told them. “I think I’m gonna go inside… I’m pretty tired. Stay safe with Santiago.”

    “I will.” Ryan assured me. “Sleep tight.”

    “Bye Tony.” Santiago waved.

    “See ya guys.” I walked inside and into the living room, by the couch where Katrina was still sleeping. I wasn’t tired before, but there wasn’t much else to do and I was starting to get pretty tired somehow. I laid beside Katrina and covered myself with a pillow, I didn’t want to take the blanket off of Kat.

    I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

    No choices for this part.

    Hi guys, I just wanted to attach another update to this part. My cousin has left again, so that means I can write more freely and I will have much more time to write. School is still a factor though, but it won't be as bad as it was. I'll try to get out more parts faster than I have been. This part was originally supposed to be released on Friday, but I wasn't able to finish it in time before I left out for the weekend. I got home today and just finished it tonight. I know there wasn't much action or anything in this part, but it's for the better for future parts.

    However, I also wanted to note that I am happy to announce that this story is officially one year old! February 10th marked one year since this thread was created, and the very first part was posted on February 11th of 2015. I honestly can't believe it's been an entire year already. Writing this story has been a blast and as I said, I have no plans on stopping it soon. I know Chapter 6 is dragging on incredibly slow, and trust me, it irritates me more than it probably irritates you. I've only released nine parts since September, that's nine parts in six months... ugh. I know you are all probably sick and tired of me apologizing but it really does annoy me how I cannot find myself much time to write because of school. At least I know I only have four more months until my junior year is over... THEN I will have lots of free time, where you can expect parts a lot more often. Anyway, I just want to thank all of you who have stuck around to read the entire story and submit characters, and vote every part. Without you guys this story would be nothing. Even if you are a new reader, I appreciate you stopping by and reading very much. So here's a year's worth of writing and reading, from me to you!

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  • Woohoo, anniversary :D I have actually thought about it a few weeks ago, but I missed the exact date. Anyways, it is awesome that this story is already a full year old. What I said when the story turned six month old still applies. From the very beginning, this has been an amazing story and it only got better and better as time went on. It is definitely one of my favourites in the entire forum and I doubt anything is ever going to change about that. As for the slow pace, don't worry. Of course I am excited about the possibility for more frequent parts in the future, but naturally there is always stuff that should come first. It's awesome that you keep us updated though. You really created a wonderful story and I look forward for the next year and beyond.

    Now, this part was amazing as always. I like the calm, less action-packed parts a lot and this one did great in giving some screentime to characters who hadn't had that much to do in this chapter, particularly Dom and Ryan. Talking about Dom, what he said about Billy, Trevor and Karen has been so wonderful. I love it when he says stuff like this:

    “Fuck Billy. Fuck Trevor. Fuck Karen. Fuck them all. I deem them all responsible for Nick’s death.”

    He is so right. They are all responsible, especially Billy. They all have to die. Billy in particular of course, but Trevor mustn't live either and I doubt Karen has any chance of surviving this as well. And just as I thought Dom couldn't get any more sympathetic, he dropped this gem:

    All she’s done is act annoying and be related to two monsters.”

    That is literally my opinion on Karen in a nutshell! Dom was always a character with a lot of awesome moments, but this right now was by far my favourite Dom moment in the entire story. At the end of the chapter, it will be hard to decide if my favourite character is going to be him, Dylan or Kat, so the way it looks right now, I'm probably going to name all three as my favourites.

    This part also did something that is nothing short of a miracle: Karen appeared in it and I don't like her any less than before. To be honest, I like her more than I like Billy and Trevor. However, that still means nothing, considering that Billy is a deranged, cold-blooded and psychopathic murderer who is literally as evil as Charles Manson, while Trevor has the personality of a rabid dog. Previously, every time Karen opened her stupid mouth, I hated her a little bit more than before. In this part however, she at least managed to counterbalance her usual stupid shit with some surprisingly acceptable arguments. For example, it is good that she finally starts to consider the only possible outcome of this situation, namely that our group of noble heroes is never going to peacefully coexist with her group of worthless piece of shit bastards. And let's be honest, this part once again showed that there can't be any peace between the groups. The revelation that Trevor forced most of the group to accompany him made me hate him even more than before. At the same time, it also made me hate Billy even more than before, because everything that happened starting with Nick's death is entirely Billy's fault. I know I said it before, but I can only say it again: Billy mustn't live. His death must be painful and as pathetic as the "man" himself. Now that Kat has Tony's gun, I can only hope that she is going to use it to avenge her brother. However, I am more than ever afraid what Trevor is going to do and I am glad that Tony and Kat stayed away from him. He is about to snap and they have to put him down before that happens. Have I read that correctly that he forced the group to accompany him without any weapons? That's a new low even for him. Things are already escalating ever since Billy murdered Nick on purpose, but now it seems like the situation is about to explode. I can only hope that Dom, Dylan, Kat and the rest of the group will start to strike back soon, because the time for talking is over.

    To end this on a more positive note: I loved the little Bro-moment between Tony and Eric. Also, Tony and Kat continue to be utterly adorable. I hope the friendship between Tony and Eric is going to last and I hope even more that the relationship between Tony and Kat is going to last even longer. And since it has to be said once again: Dom is awesome and he absolutely stole the show in this part. What he said about Karen and her group sounds like something straight out of my comments :D

    By the way, I have one question which I just thought about: Can you, without spoiling anything, reveal how many parts are left in this chapter? Reason I ask is, there are so many alternative choices I am incredibly curious about and I can't wait to see what could have been if we had chosen a different route.

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    Chapter 6: Part 9 March 16th, 2017. 2:52 P.M. [Stay at the lodge with Karen] “Yeah… I think we’ll just stay here.” I said as I turn

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    Thank you for the kind comment Liquid. I appreciate it greatly and as I said before, I did put lots of thought into this chapter, as well as the future chapters.

    Since I did put a lot of thought into it, this is easily the most determinant chapter by far. I will reveal that there are three parts remaining. All of them should be out in a decently short amount of time. In fact, the next part will either be tonight or tomorrow. Feel free to ask away when the chapter ends, although it may be difficult since there are so many different outcomes, haha.

    Woohoo, anniversary I have actually thought about it a few weeks ago, but I missed the exact date. Anyways, it is awesome that this story i

  • Happy Anniversary! I totally just want to go and listen to Happy Anniversary by Motion City Soundtrack now. (I'd like to seriously apologize for not commenting on this until now, I thought I'd already commented. Sorry, bro. Sorry.)

    Seriously Trevor. Seriously? Just when I think I can no longer hate you any more than I already do, you go do something like this and totally make me have to go and reevaluate how much I can possibly hate something before I literally blow up. Turns out, I guess I won't actually blow up from hating something. didn't know that.

    I just have to say that Kat and Tony are so flipping cute together, and I approve of everything that is happening. (Between them) And I put my seal of Quality on this relationship. (See that pun? See it? It was a good one, you should laugh. ;)

    Anyways dude, great part like always man. Can't wait for more.

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    Chapter 6: Part 9 March 16th, 2017. 2:52 P.M. [Stay at the lodge with Karen] “Yeah… I think we’ll just stay here.” I said as I turn

  • Oooo, didn't see a new part was out, welcome back! :D

    A year already!? Weird how time flies by like that, especially when you're having a great time reading each part of this insanely good story. I'm not even fussed that there's been gaps between parts, it hasn't taken away from the quality and that's what counts. This story is awesome... And I'll say it again. This story is awesome :)

    Damn, the tension between these two groups is close to breaking point. And it's all down to one man's actions at the moment. Billy instigated the intial hatred by shooting Nick but ever since then, Trevor has further drove a wedge between them by being a total dick.

    Say what you want about Eric, but he has been there from the start. Either Tony or Eric would be devastated if the other died, they are that tight. Hell, doubt Dylan is over Franklin yet in the slightest.

    Dom underestimates himself quite a bit doesn't he? Hell, he was one tough S.O.B before Ashton and Fredrik.

    Also forget that Ryan is a kid really, when all's said and done. Was nice to visit his character for a bit.

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    Chapter 6: Part 9 March 16th, 2017. 2:52 P.M. [Stay at the lodge with Karen] “Yeah… I think we’ll just stay here.” I said as I turn

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    Chapter 6: Part 10

    “Dinner’s ready!” I called out. I walked around to get everyone.

    All of my relatives; my siblings, my cousins, my uncles, my aunts, even friends, my entire family gathered at the dinner table. I gazed over into the living room as I walked by: dozens of presents under the Christmas tree waiting to be unwrapped. My dad was yelling at the TV, mad at a baseball game that he taped from last night.

    “Are you fucking kidding me? Why swing at that?” He was fuming.

    “David, watch your mouth!” My cousin Andrea scolded him. “There are kids all over the house.” She pointed to her son Brett, who was also my little nephew. He was standing right next to her.

    “Calm down dad, come on. It’s dinner time.” I told him.

    “I’ll be there in a bit.” My dad growled.

    “When are we going to open the presents?!” Brett called out eagerly.

    “After dinner, sweetie.” Andrea responded with a smile. I couldn’t help but smile along.

    We all settled at the dinner table, which was pulled out to make bigger so all of us would fit. There had to be over thirty of us: some sitting at the counter, while most sitting at the table.

    “I would just like to say Merry Christmas to everyone… you know this is always my favorite time of the year. The family gets together, we all have a good time, and we get to see the kids excited.” My cousin Fred announced.

    “I love all of you guys.” My mom said with a big smile.

    “I just want to open the presents!” My little niece Haley shouted with a smile.

    “Eat your lasagna!” My cousin Drew playfully yelled back at her. “Uncle Tony spent a long time preparing this meal for everyone.”

    “Yes I did.” I grinned. “Do you not like it Haley?”

    Haley picked up her fork and jabbed it into the lasagna multiple time. “I do. I can’t eat it though!”

    “Give me the knife.” Drew made a sarcastic sigh as I handed him the knife. He began to cut Haley’s lasagna into tons of little pieces to make it easier for her to eat.

    “Hey… thanks for the dinner Tony, but my girlfriend wants me home now. My parents won’t get back from the city until ten o’clock.” Eric told me.

    “Why does she want you home?” I asked. “Come on, we’re all having a good time.”

    “No idea… I hate her.” Eric sneered. “I’m gonna head out now. Thanks for the lasagna, Merry Christmas.” He walked out the front door.

    I turned to eat my lasagna until I heard Eric scream. “AHHHHH!”

    We all turned and got up to see what was going on. There it was. Eric was laying by the front door, with a walker munching into his neck.

    “AHHHHHH!” All of us screamed. Tons of walkers piled into the house.

    “The fuck?!” My dad backed himself into a corner in the living room. “Someone help!”

    I turned back to see my dad being devoured by walkers. “DAD!”

    “Come on!” Andrea pulled me into the kitchen. Walkers were everywhere.

    “AHHH! MOMMY!!!” Brett screamed and cried for his life as a walker dug into his intestines.

    “Oh my god!” Andrea covered her mouth and fell to the floor and cried.

    “No….” I shook my head slowly. A walker dove for me, but I dived out of the way and instead began eating Andrea.

    “Tony! Outside!” Fred pulled me outside. He was with about ten other family members. All of them were practically crying.

    “What’s going on?” My cousin Henry asked.

    “I…. I….” I was lost for words.

    “HELP! OPEN THE DOOR PLEASE!” Haley screamed through the back door, as we all watched her get dragged down and eaten by walkers. We all cried harder, except for me. I was emotionless.

    “HALEY! NO!” Drew cried.

    “Tony? Where is dad?!” My mom asked, bawling in tears.

    “He’s gone…” I shook my head once more. “They’re all gone…”

    All of a sudden, walkers surrounded us on the deck. They were literally coming from nowhere. I saw three of my friends get devoured quickly. The rest of us ran onto the grass.

    “Come on Drew!” Fred yelled. Drew was stuck watching his daughter get devoured.

    “Haley…” He continued crying, until four walkers dove onto him and devoured him as well.

    Everyone around us seemed helpless, as they perished to the walkers one by one. "Come on Henry!" Fred called out.

    "I'm... trying...!" Henry struggled to run, and the walkers caught up to him and devoured him.

    "Henry!" Fred cried. "Climb over the fence!" He ordered.

    I climbed over first, and pulled my mom over. “Come on Fred!”

    Fred was just about to get over, until he was dragged down by walkers and devoured. “AHHH!”

    “Tony! What do we do? What do we do?” My mom asked as she was crying into my chest.

    I remained there motionless, as we were surrounded by walkers. They dove for my mom, and her screams were louder than ever. Then, they went for me. I saw one go for my face, and then everything go to black.

    March 17th, 2017. 5:36 P.M.

    “Ahhh!” I jerked up, and awoke to complete silence on the couch. Katrina was next to me out cold, and it was getting dark outside. I started to tear up. I hadn’t realized how much I actually miss my family. I have no idea where any of them are.

    Katrina moved around, and then eventually awoke. “Tony… are you okay?” She barely managed to get out.

    “I don’t know…” I replied. “Just a nightmare…” I hugged her.

    Eric came rushing downstairs and immediately came over to the couch, “What happened? Is everything okay?”

    I simply nodded in return. “I’m so happy everyone is alive.”

    “He had a nightmare.” Katrina answered for me, not caring that Eric had seen us hugging.

    “Alright… just try to get back to sleep… nothing much is going on. I’m so bored.” Eric said.

    That was until the front door bursted open. “Everyone! Get down here!” Trevor announced.

    Everyone else rushed inside, all alive and well. Except for one person…

    “What’s going on?” Karen asked as everyone met up downstairs in the foyer. “Where is Samantha?”

    “She’s dead.” Trevor stated. Most of us gasped.

    “She’s…” Dom began.

    “Gone. Devoured by walkers… that’s what you guys call them?” Trevor responded.

    “Walkers?” Eric seemed confused. “Where?”

    “They’re coming. We have to leave NOW.” Trevor insisted.

    “Trevor, we can’t just leave out of nowhere!” Karen fought back.

    “Karen! There are tons of walkers headed towards this lodge! TONS! We have to go!” Trevor yelled.

    “Did you at least find Billy?” She asked.

    “No.” Trevor shook his head in sadness. “It doesn’t matter. We have to leave.” He ran into the kitchen and got out tons of plastic bags, and began to stock up supplies and food. “Come on! Help!”

    We all ran and grabbed plastic bags and filled them up with anything useful. “Now what?” I asked.

    “What do you mean ‘now what?’ We get the fuck out of here!” Trevor said as he ran outside, all of us trailing behind him. I turned behind us… and Trevor was right. A horde of walkers… heading our way. They weren’t too close, but they were definitely not far at all. I’d say they were two football fields away.

    “Shit! Shit! Where do we go?” Tom asked, paranoid.

    “Where do you think dumbass? This way!” Trevor ran in the opposite direction of the walkers, which was to the right of the lodge.

    “Goodbye, home…” Trevor muttered, but lead us away from the walkers and into the woods. He actually seemed to care for us.

    “Trevor! The river is over there! We have to loop around!” Karen reminded him.

    “Fuck… okay, go up!” Trevor yelled out. We were now moving diagonal with the walkers. “Keep running! Don’t stop!”

    15 minutes later

    “Alright… I think we’re good.” Trevor stopped to catch his breath, as all of us did.

    I turned around, and the walkers weren’t in sight. However, I knew we weren’t done. They were still heading this way, and we still had to move.

    “This place seems awfully familiar.” John pointed out.

    “Not surprised. You were roaming around these woods just yesterday.” Trevor said while gasping for breath.

    “No.” John crossed his arms. “This is the place where we just were, looking for Billy.”

    “...It is?” Trevor mumbled quietly.

    “Yeah.” John scanned the area. “What is that over there?” He pointed in the direction of the walkers.

    “What?” All of us asked.

    John was pointing to a naked body, of a young female, who seemed to be in her 20’s. She was completely naked, and laid about fifteen meters away, not too far. Actually… it looked a lot like Samantha.

    “Is that Samantha?” I asked, disgusted.

    “Uh… I doubt it.” Trevor was quick to reply.

    I looked at Trevor, and then began to walk towards the body. “Wait! Don’t go!” Trevor stopped me.

    “Why not? What if that’s someone we know? What if she has anything?” I told him.

    “Because!” Trevor shouted in anger. “We don’t have time!”

    “I’m gonna check REAL quick…” I ignored Trevor’s statement and began to walk anyway. Something didn’t seem right.

    “Stop!” Trevor grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me back. “Let’s just go! Quick! We have to leave!”

    I broke free and narrowed my eyes on Trevor. He seemed very intent on leaving after a fairly short break.

    “Come on!” Trevor insisted.

    [Inspect the body] [Continue to leave through the woods]

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    Thank you for the kind words UkilledKenny! I really appreciate all of your comments that you have made throughout the story and your support as well.

    Also forget that Ryan is a kid really, when all's said and done. Was nice to visit his character for a bit.

    Actually, Ryan is 23 years old. He may sound like a kid, but it is because he is a very nice person. I guess he kind of is a kid, but rather a young adult. I know it might seem confusing, but I should have clarified that more, lol.

    Oooo, didn't see a new part was out, welcome back! A year already!? Weird how time flies by like that, especially when you're having a g

  • Haha, thank you mr.quality! Your kind comments are always appreciated and thank you for reading the story for so long.

    And I put my seal of Quality on this relationship. (See that pun? See it? It was a good one, you should laugh. ;)

    XD! I am glad you put your seal of quality on the relationship, because you're gonna have to stick with it!

    mr.quality posted: »

    Happy Anniversary! I totally just want to go and listen to Happy Anniversary by Motion City Soundtrack now. (I'd like to seriously apologize

  • [Inspect the body]

    There's something Trevor's not saying. The way he's acting, it makes me think he's the one that did that to that woman...

    And holy shit Samantha's dead? My hate for Trevor is at a new level. Like an impossible level of hate now.

    Also wanted to say that I've suitted a character. Just a heads up.

    Partition posted: »

    Chapter 6: Part 10 “Dinner’s ready!” I called out. I walked around to get everyone. All of my relatives; my siblings, my cousins, my u

  • Great character! Thank you for submitting!

    mr.quality posted: »

    [Inspect the body] There's something Trevor's not saying. The way he's acting, it makes me think he's the one that did that to that woman

  • edited February 2016

    [Inspect the body]

    Oh shit, Samantha! Damn it! I mean, even though my opinion on her got worse after she defended that monster Billy, I still liked her. She was part of the group and she was one of the good guys! She did not deserve that, I did not wish that for her and all differences aside, her sudden death saddens me. She'll be missed for sure.

    The only positive development from this part is that they haven't found Billy either. I seriously hope that subhuman psychopath is dead and I hope his death was slow and painful. And well, Samantha's death is obviously his fault as well, since she died while searching for him. Actually, considering that he already murdered one man on purpose, I wouldn't be too surprised if he's the one behind Samantha's death as well. He seemed a little bit too happy that no one wanted to accompany him on his supply run, so I now have the theory that he just waited for such a chance. Considering that he might be still out there, hunting for the rest of the group, to finish what he started with Nick, I am afraid for the group as long as his death is not confirmed. For the groups safety, they should shoot him on sight if they ever meet him again. We know that he gets sick pleasure from murdering people, so that theory is not too far fetched. And naturally, I want him dead more than ever. Now that he is at fault for a second dead group member, there is literally nothing he could ever do to redeem himself that could save him from my wrath. He must die. It is the only possible outcome for him.

    However, back to the current case, a second and similarly likely theory is that Trevor has something to do with her death. First of all, he is in many ways a toned-down version of Billy. While he can never be as evil as that retard, he is definitely capable of comitting the same atrocities and maybe he even had the better opportunity to kill her. The corpse they just found is most likely Samantha's, because during the apocalypse it should be close to impossible to accidentally stumble upon a different fresh corpse that just looks kinda like her. Considering that the group was fleeing from walkers, things probably got hectic, so there certainly were chances for Trevor and/or Billy to kill Samantha without anyone noticing. And considering that she is naked... the implications are horrible. In any way, Trevor is obviously hiding something and not finding it out could be dangerous in the long run. He either murdered Samantha himself, or he's covering for Billy the bastard, or they did it together. There is only one way to find out, they have to check the corpse. I just hope Trevor won't snap, because the group probably won't expect it right now.

    By the way, Tony's dream was well done! I like that we learned a bit more about his backstory and family.

    Partition posted: »

    Chapter 6: Part 10 “Dinner’s ready!” I called out. I walked around to get everyone. All of my relatives; my siblings, my cousins, my u

  • [Inspect the body]

    Something's not right about this..

    Partition posted: »

    Chapter 6: Part 10 “Dinner’s ready!” I called out. I walked around to get everyone. All of my relatives; my siblings, my cousins, my u

  • [Inspect the body]

    Partition posted: »

    Chapter 6: Part 10 “Dinner’s ready!” I called out. I walked around to get everyone. All of my relatives; my siblings, my cousins, my u

  • You're welcome :)

    Ah, when I say that I mean in comparison with the others. He's mature beyond his years, but he's still only 23. Not too old really.

    Partition posted: »

    Thank you for the kind words UkilledKenny! I really appreciate all of your comments that you have made throughout the story and your support

  • [Inspect the body]

    Holy shit! And it was definitely him as well. If it is, I'd shoot the fucker right there and then, especially since he's trying his very best for us to not see the body. Guilty as sin he is. Possibly why he wanted them to go without weapons!

    Partition posted: »

    Chapter 6: Part 10 “Dinner’s ready!” I called out. I walked around to get everyone. All of my relatives; my siblings, my cousins, my u

  • Chapter 6: Part 11

    March 7th, 2017. 5:57 P.M.

    [Inspect the body]

    I ignored Trevor’s remarks and quickly approached the body. The closer I got, the more I can make out who it was. I was able to confirm that it was Samantha…

    I turned to see that pretty much my entire group followed me. “You better hurry with this shit, Tony!” Trevor insisted.

    I ignored Trevor again, as I raised my hand behind me to signal them to stop. I took a few steps closer to Samantha, and noticed something… there was a gunshot wound in her head.

    “I thought you said she got devoured by walkers?” Eric questioned Trevor.

    “Yeah… why the fuck is there a gunshot wound in her head? And why is she naked?” I got furious.

    Trevor began to back away from me, but I grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him close to me. “Answer me!” I yelled right in his face. “Is this what it looks like?”

    “...Look behind you! The walkers are coming!” Trevor ignored my question.

    “I’m not turning around until you answer my question.” I told him.

    “Not to mention you took her BY YOURSELF when you insisted we split up?” Dylan joined in.

    Trevor sighed and shook his head. “I don’t have time for this shit. Let go of me!”

    “Trevor, what did you do?” Karen began to tear up.

    “I didn’t do shit!” Trevor squirmed but failed to free himself from my grip.

    “DID YOU OR DID YOU NOT KILL HER AND RAPE HER?” I screamed in his face.

    Trevor squirmed with all his might, as I saw his face get extremely sweaty. “Let me go or I’ll-”


    Blood splattered everywhere as Trevor fell to the ground, his head leaking blood. I turned to see Dylan with his pistol out, aiming it at him. “You fuck with my group, you pay for it.” He hissed.

    “NOOO!” Karen cried as she weeped over her dead brother.

    Ryan covered Santiago’s eyes as he began to run back from where we came from. “We gotta go guys! They’re coming!”

    This time I turned around, and the walkers were back in our view. We began to run away as Karen got up from her brother and ran with us, still crying.

    “Keep going guys!” I called out, until I realized that walkers started surrounding us everywhere.

    “Where are they coming from?!” Tom asked nervously.

    “Must’ve been the gunshot.” Deryck replied.

    “I’ll make the way! Kat, give me the pistol!” I demanded.

    Katrina tossed the pistol towards me. I caught it and started firing at every walker possible. The rest of our group who was armed began firing as well.

    “Man, they’re everywhere!” Mina pointed out. She was killing walkers, and I noticed she wasn’t a bad shot at all.

    “Just keep shooting!” John yelled as he killed walkers as hell. He was an even better shot than Mina.

    The walkers quickly began to close us in a tight space. “Kill them!” Santiago cried.

    “We’re almost out of the woods!” I informed my group. “Just… keep… pushing!”

    Dom was whacking each walker with a baseball bat, and grunted with each swing. “Gah!” He annihilated every walker he came across.

    Deryck sprayed the entire treeline with his machine gun. “Die, motherfuckers!” He was wiping a lot of them out. But that didn’t stop more from coming.

    I saw John begin to take off on a separate route. “John, where are you going?” I called out and asked.

    “Come this way! There aren’t any of them over here!” He responded.

    “Guys, follow John!” I yelled. We began to follow him, but a scream caught my attention.

    “TONY!” Katrina screamed for help as I noticed her isolated and surrounded by walkers.

    “No!” I called out as I tried to make my way to Katrina. I killed a couple of walkers that were on her. However, one leaped for her neck. I went to kill it, but I realized I hate to reload. “SHIT!”

    “Help!” Katrina fought with the walker, and it seemed as she was a goner. That was until an extremely loud gunshot filled the area, killing the walker attacking Katrina.

    We were all confused. “What the hell?” Katrina questioned.

    “Keep going! I’ll cover ya!” A voice shouted in the distance. I turned to see it was Billy, who was standing a good distance away from us. He began killing the walkers with his rifle, making a very loud noise with each shot. The walkers drew their attention to him, leaving us practically in the clear.

    “BILLY! COME ON!” Karen screamed out to him.

    Billy seemed to be having a hard time with the walkers. “I… I’ll make it! Just keep moving!” He called out.

    We kept running through the woods, and the amount of walkers seemed to disappear completely. “I’m going back for Billy!” Karen insisted.

    “Don’t go Karen, that’s suicide!” Ryan tried to stop her.

    “I don’t care! He saved us and I’m saving him!” Karen broke free and ran towards Billy.

    “Stay here guys! If it gets crowded just run!” I told my group as I followed Karen deeper into the woods.

    “KAREN! STOP!” I called out.

    I caught up with Karen who was pretty close to Billy and the walkers. Karen tried to kill as many as possible, but she wasn’t a good shot. I began to shoot and kill some walkers.

    “Guys! I told you to go! You’ll get killed!” Billy stated as he fought off walkers.

    “Trevor is dead, Billy! I’m saving you!” Karen cried.

    “He… he…” Billy seemed to ignore everything that was going on. “You motherfuckers!” He began to fire relentlessly at every single walker.

    Karen tried to get to Billy, but there were too many walkers in the way. “Where the fuck have you been?” She asked.

    “Getting extra supplies! I realize we have more people in the group now, so I tried to get as much stuff as possible!” Billy replied.

    “You crazy little shit!” Karen yelled back. “Just… come on!”

    I was able to see Billy shake his head once more, and then quickly remove the backpack he was wearing that I didn’t notice until now. “Here, take this!” He threw the backpack over the walkers. “There’s all of the supplies!”

    “Thanks!” Karen called to him. “Now come on!” We were all shooting at the walkers, there were just so many.

    “JUST GO!” Billy screamed. “I gave you everything I had! I’ll keep them all over here and I’ll meet up with you guys if I make it out!”

    “Billy!” Karen cried harder.

    “Go! I’ll be fine Karen, I promise! I’ll try my best! I love you...!” Billy promised.

    Karen shook her head and picked up the backpack and ran back towards the group. “Thank you!” I called to Billy.

    “No problem… now get outta here and take care of Karen! I’m trusting you!” Billy told me.

    “Got it… good luck!” I replied as I followed Karen through the woods.

    “FUCK!! AHHH!” I heard Billy’s voice echo through the woods. I turned to see the mob of walkers bend into one pile, as they began to devour Billy. I heard one last gunshot, which I assumed he shot himself with.

    “BILLY!!!” Karen wailed as she heard and saw what had happened. “You said you would make it!”

    “Come on Karen! It’s fine!” I tried to distract her from Billy.

    “It isn’t fine! My brother and my best friend just died in front of me within ten minutes!” Karen sobbed.

    “It will be if you keep fighting!” I told her. “Now follow me out of the woods before they catch up!”

    “I can’t…. I can’t…!” Karen broke down onto the ground.

    “Karen!” I yelled at her.

    Karen ignored me and cried on the floor. The walkers began to approach us now, as they had finished eating Billy. I had to do something now or we were both going to die.

    [Bring Karen] [Leave Karen] [Kill Karen]

  • That was an intense and amazing chapter! I'm getting a "No Way Out" vibe from this and I love it! Billy had redeemed himself to me by potentially saving all of them and bringing back supplies. Now for the choice. Damn this is such a hard choice on one hand bringing Karen can put more people in danger. Killing Karen seems a lot more of an extreme option as Karen hasn't really done anything wrong to the group she just listened to her brother. I'm going to have to say **[Bring Karen] **who knows, maybe she can be an asset to the group someday?

    Partition posted: »

    Chapter 6: Part 11 March 7th, 2017. 5:57 P.M. [Inspect the body] I ignored Trevor’s remarks and quickly approached the body. The cl

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    Okay, now let me get the choice out of the way first, before I make another long comment. There is only one option that makes sense here in order to save all of the group and it is:

    [Leave Karen]

    Honestly, I hate that bitch and I would gladly take the opportunity to kill her. To quote the great poet Dom, all she's done so far is acting annoying and being related to two monsters. She has no use, she can't be an asset and she does not belong to the group. She's literally as worthless as Billy, even though I have to admit that unlike him, she is not rotten to the core evil. Still, my choice is not motivated out of hatred, but out of concern for the group, which is also the reason why I won't choose to kill her. Karen is a liability in an extremely dangerous situation. Dragging her worthless ass with them could potentially endanger the group as they have to escape a shitload of walkers. Dom, Dylan, Kat, Santiago, Ryan, all of them could die if they waste time with her. Leaving her is the only choice I see, because that way, she can give the group some time to escape. We know, Walkers are primarily dragged towards living flesh, so killing Karen is out of question for me. But by leaving her, we can potentially save the whole remaining group. After they all just narrowly survived this part, I will not risk their lives even further to save Karen, of all people. I would do it for a group member, but Karen is not a group member and I will never see her as a group member. She's a liability, she's not Tony's responsibility and she's not worth loosing another member of the group in the attempt to save her.

    Now for the rest of this part: First, let me talk about Trevor. I admit, I was afraid of what he is going to do, once the group finds out what he did to Samantha. I knew it was him, even though Billy was just as likely. When they confronted him, I was sure he would snap and kill someone else. However, then Dylan had one hell of a great moment! As if choosing my favourite character at the end of the chapter wasn't hard enough already XD When he killed Trevor mid-sentence, that was equal parts badass and hilarious. He is one stone-cold badass and I have nothing for him but the utmost respect and admiration. I love that guy!

    And now Billy... you won't hear me saying anything positive about him. In fact, I'm gladly taking one final opportunity to blow off some steam by expressing my hatred of him. Behold, the last long-ass rant I'm ever going to make about him. That goddamn fucking subhuman monster didn't do anything to redeem himself. My opinion on him didn't get better in the slightest. In fact, it only got worse. First of all, Billy crossed a line when he murdered Nick and from there on, even the slightest bit of redemption was literally impossible. He saved Katrina's life, and with any other character in the entire story, aside from Trevor, this would be reason enough for me to downright worship the ground on which they walk. Billy however does not deserve redemption and he will never get redemption, at least not in my eyes. Actually, this part made it even worse for him and made me hate him even more, because it only strengthened my earlier argument about him murdering Nick on purpose. He only proved once more that he has one useful ability: He is one hell of a shot. Now tell me, how can one hell of a shot not realize the difference between a running, screaming and talking man and a walker, who is known to never run, never scream and never talk? The bastard painted it as an accident, but this part only proved that it wasn't an accident. It is literally impossible to be an accident. He murdered Nick on purpose, probably to satiate the same sick lust for blood that motivated Trevor to kill Samantha. Both of them are the same disgusting kind of monster and both of them deserved their deaths in this part. Thinking about it, there is literally no difference between Trevor and Billy personality-wise.

    The fact that he now saved the group, despite being a sadistic murderer, can only be explained with one thing: Pragmatism. Billy's decision to save them was motivated out of pragmatism. Paired with his brain-damaged stupidity and arrogance, he probably thought that he could take the horde out by himself. This in turn would have probably redeemed himself in the eyes of the more easier impressed members of the group, which would have likely saved his life when Kat would have tried to take her well-deserved vengeance on him. In turn, this would have given him another chance to finish what he started with the group, to murder each and every one of them like he murdered Nick. Of course, Billy was too stupid to realize that he would die against such a massive horde of walkers, which is something I am incredibly happy about. Part of me is just slightly disappointed that Kat got deprived of her vengeance. I would have loved a scene in which she would have been the one to kill him, preferrably as brutal as possible. You know what Michonne did to the Governor in the comics? However, Billy's death was appropriately and satisfyingly painful. I hope he even failed to shoot himself in the end, mirroring the utter and complete failure his life has been. Instead, I hope he had to suffer through the pain of being eaten alive right until the very end. I have, by nature, an agnostic stance towards religion. However, today I hope that there is a hell in the biblical sense and I hope that Billy, this goddamn, worthless bastard son of a bitch monster is going to burn and suffer in it, in unimaginable agony for all eternity. You know he deserves it. Even though I would have greatly preferred an opportunity to take vengeance on him, I am glad his retarded ass is gone. I will remember him as nothing but the cold-blooded sociopath that murdered Nick and I hope the group won't remember him as a "hero" or anything like that. Actually, he doesn't deserve to be remembered at all.

    Finally, this part was awesome! Definitely one of my favourites. It had everything: Action, drama, even a bit of comedy when Billy got devoured by the walkers. That scene, especially once I imagined that he failed to kill himself, put a smile on my face. So, I loved the deaths of Trevor and Billy. I loved that no one else died and naturally, I especially liked that Kat survived a very hairy situation. I loved Dylan. He was my favourite character in this part by a country mile and he has very good chances to become my favourite character in the entire chapter. I also love the choice, because two out of three options here mean that I don't have to keep up with Karen and her Billy-loving bullshit anymore. Think about it, people. Leaving her is a way to save the entire group.

    Partition posted: »

    Chapter 6: Part 11 March 7th, 2017. 5:57 P.M. [Inspect the body] I ignored Trevor’s remarks and quickly approached the body. The cl

  • [Bring Karen]

    Partition posted: »

    Chapter 6: Part 11 March 7th, 2017. 5:57 P.M. [Inspect the body] I ignored Trevor’s remarks and quickly approached the body. The cl

  • I am not online for a few days and I miss a whole voting? I should really check the forum more often :P

    Both parts were amazing! Fuck Trevor, I knew he would cause trouble. Poor Samantha, I liked her :( But I thought he would kill even more people so I am happy that he is dead now. It is also good that Billy is dead. I was afraid there could be a choice to execute him or not, because this choice would have destroyed the group. People like Katrina and Dom really want him dead and would never forgive him while I think others wouldnt have agreed to execute him and would have been upset if Tony would have killed him. No matter what choice we would have made, it would have angered a part of the group. It was good that he died without choice. The group is better off without him.

    [Leave Karen]

    The choice is hard. Karen never did anything wrong and she seems like a nice person. I dont like her a lot but I also dont hate her and I can sympathize with her. She just lost everyone. But she also reminds me of Sarah. I think I am the only person here who always left Sarah behind in the house in Episode 4. In my opinion, in order to survive in this world you have to want to stay alive. You dont need to be strong or smart but you need to have the will to carry on. This is important. After Karen lost her brother and her best friend in the same chapter, I think she is broken. She even ignores Tony and it shows to me that she has most likely given up. I dont see this as Tonys choice, I see this as her choice. If she wants to stay alive she will follow Tony out of her own strength. If she wants to give up she is going to continue sitting there. If Tony forces her to stay alive even if she gives up, then she will never be able to survive by herself and then she is going to drag the group down with her. She needs to show the will to stay alive right now or else she is going to die in the next walker attack. I hope she follows Tony by herself because it shows that she can become a good addition to the group but I am not willing to save her if she doesnt want to be saved.

    Partition posted: »

    Chapter 6: Part 11 March 7th, 2017. 5:57 P.M. [Inspect the body] I ignored Trevor’s remarks and quickly approached the body. The cl

  • [Leave Karen]

    We all know what happens when we try to force people to outlive their usefulness. They get people killed. I don't personally have a big hate for Karen, but she's the one throwing herself to the walkers here. Honestly, her death is on her hands. There's no use in trying to drag a crying, broken person along with you through a hoarde. That's just suicide.

    Will I feel bad for leaving her to be eaten alive? For a little bit. It must be done.

    Great part once again!

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    Chapter 6: Part 11 March 7th, 2017. 5:57 P.M. [Inspect the body] I ignored Trevor’s remarks and quickly approached the body. The cl

  • Woah, awesome part! :D Knew Trevor was guilty of that, blatantly obvious. Guess Billy died as he lived, trying his best but ultimately not doing anything brilliant. However, if there are loads of supplies in that bag, well he did OK.

    (Leave Karen)

    Sounds cold I know, but I see it as sort of like Jessie in the TV show. Sure it's sad and I don't hate her, but right now she's more of a danger to those around her.

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    Chapter 6: Part 11 March 7th, 2017. 5:57 P.M. [Inspect the body] I ignored Trevor’s remarks and quickly approached the body. The cl

  • [Bring Karen]

    I'm a sucker for a redemption/growth arc

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    Chapter 6: Part 11 March 7th, 2017. 5:57 P.M. [Inspect the body] I ignored Trevor’s remarks and quickly approached the body. The cl

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    Chapter 6: Part 12

    March 17th, 2017. 6:12 P.M.

    [Leave Karen]

    “Karen!” I called out to her. “Come on, we gotta go!”

    Karen ignored me, and continued weeping on the ground. It was now getting dark, and it was getting more difficult to see the walkers. “KAREN!”

    No response. She remained on the floor, broken. She wasn’t going anywhere. I shook my head and picked up the backpack, and turned around to reunite with my group. I felt terrible for doing this, but she was only going to hurt us. I hoped she somehow made it out alive.

    I dashed through the woods, unaware of my surroundings. The sun was barely visible over the horizon, and I can barely see. The walkers’ moans and unsettling noises were heard all over the place. For the first time in some time, I was frightened.

    I noticed the wind picking up, and the sun beginning to disappear. I couldn’t see any stars, so I assumed clouds have formed above us. This wasn’t good… it seemed as if a storm was approaching.

    “KATRINA! ERIC! DOM! DYLAN! ANYONE!” I called out at the top of my lungs. However, my voice was lost within the walkers and the wind. “Fuck!”

    I took a random route, to where I thought my group had went. All trees. There were still tons of walkers throughout the woods, I could hear them closer than ever. I knew this would attract walkers, but I felt like there weren’t any options left. I fired my pistol in the air, screaming at the top of my lung once more. “HELLO?!”

    I was barely able to hear my own voice in this chaos. I decided to fire a few bullets in front of me, and the flare of my pistol was my only source of light. I could see walkers only a few yards away. I was afraid for my life.

    I kept running, hopefully not running into any walkers. I felt like I got a good enough distance, and then laid the backpack onto the ground, and aimlessly searched through it as fast as I could. All I felt were plastic bags and solid random objects that I could not make out. However, something caught my attention. I felt something flat and rather light, so I pulled it out and fidgeted with it. I made it out to be a lighter. “Yes…” I muttered under my shaking breath.

    I pulled down on the lighter, and the small flame emerged from the top. It didn’t help much, but it was enough for me to realize that the walkers were still approaching. They were starting to corner me from where I thought my group went and to where I came from when I was with Karen. Unfortunately from the looks of it, I doubted that Karen made it out alive. Walkers were just everywhere.

    I began to sprint to my right, holding the lighter up in front of my face. And then… my worst fear had come true. I felt rain land on my head, and it began to drizzle. “Shit!” I growled. I covered the lighter with the top of my hand and kept running to the right. “Come on! Please be something good!”

    The drizzle turned into a light to medium rain, but luckily the trees above prevented me from feeling it’s full effect. I didn’t stop running. I didn’t care where I was going. I just wanted to make it out of these woods alive.

    But then I heard it. Water flowing at a pretty rapid pace, and I knew I had approached the infamous river. I knew it was in the area, but I never knew where it went exactly. This river had managed to get in my way three times already.

    I arrived at the bank of the river, and I can see that it was flowing fast, but not as fast as I thought. It wasn’t going to sweep me away or anything. I didn’t want to cross this river, but I turned around to see walkers coming from all directions. “Can walkers swim?” I thought to myself. The river wasn’t too wide, it was about your average river. I’d say it was a good fifteen yards wide. I thought about throwing the backpack across, but I knew I wouldn’t have the strength to do it. I had to swim across this river with the backpack, which was not light, on my back. I knew I wouldn’t be able to put the lighter in the water, so I kept it above my head as I dipped into the freezing water.

    “Goddammit!” I braced the cold water to the best of my ability, as I swam with one arm, trying my best to make it to the other side. “Come on! Don’t let everyone down!” I tried to motivate myself.

    I took a quick peek behind me, and while it was hard to see, I was able to make out some walkers at the river bank. I kept swimming as hard as I could. The river took me a bit far down, but I didn’t let it stop me.

    I dove onto the other side of the river, and pulled myself out. I was exhausted and freezing. The temperature was cold as well as the sun set. I flickered the lighter and I can see no walkers in front of me. I turned to see the walkers in the river, but they struggled mightily. Not one of them was able to make it halfway through the river, as most of them got swept downstream. I took a deep breath and watched as all of the walkers piled into the river, with no success of making me their next meal.

    I stood back up to the realization that I was alone. I was lost in the woods, without my group. I had no idea where they were, and my only supplies lay in this backpack. I couldn’t see what was in it yet, but since it was heavy and I searched through it before, I can tell that Billy did indeed get a lot of things. I hope it was enough though.

    I made my way through the woods, so cold to the point where I was shivering. I knew that I had to keep moving. The flame to the lighter would occasionally die out, and the rain was getting harder. It was dark and windy, and an overall terrible atmosphere. I knew that if I couldn’t find shelter soon, I wasn’t going to last long. I kept thinking about my group, my friends, people I love and care about, so I can keep pushing. I never stopped.

    March 17th, 2017. 6:35 P.M.

    I sat down against a tree to take a breather. It felt like I’ve been walking forever. I didn’t know these woods were this big. I used the lighter to search through the backpack: and I was able to grab an apple: fresh and non-eaten. I could really use one of these. I took a bite into the apple, while keeping the lighter on. Since I was sitting underneath a tree, the rain was not able to get to me. I wonder what my group was thinking of me right now… if they’re looking for me, or if they went to find shelter…

    I began to cry. Reality kicked in as I realized that I may never see my group again. What if I die right here? What if I never find them? What am I going to do?

    This motivated me to stand back up and keep moving. I was holding the lighter in one hand, and the apple in the other. I started to see the trees fade away. “Yes! YES!” I shouted. I hoped someone was able to hear me. I was desperate.

    I walked for about five more minutes until I emerged from the trees and onto the road. The air never felt so good. I was drenched in the rain and still wet from the river, I was freezing and I had Trevor’s blood on me. Not to mention I was also really dirty. I looked like a mess, I even looked like a walker.

    Now… do I go left or right? My group went left in the woods, so I made a left turn down the road. The road eventually led back to… Darenton. That run down town where Nick was killed.

    I made my way into the town, and struggled to keep the lighter lit. I made my way into the nearest building, and shut the doors. Shelter at last… it was pitch black in the building, but I had a roof over my head. That was all that mattered.

    However, a loud knock on the window made me jump. My heart almost flew out of my chest, when I saw a pretty woman with green eyes have red hair tied in a ponytail. She was wearing a bright zippered-up pink jacket along with black jeans and white and black sneakers. “Hello? Are you okay?” She tried to yell through the window.

    I got up and opened the door, letting her in. She didn’t seem threatening at all, and I was desperate as hell. “...Hello?” I said to her.

    “I saw you run down the road through the rain into here… you look like a mess. You need to get patched up.” The woman told me.

    “I got separated from my group…” I informed her. “I have no idea where they are… I have close friends, a girlfriend, please help me find them…”

    “God…” The woman shook her head. “I’m so sorry. Me and my group were up on the elevated part of town and I saw you. I couldn’t resist myself from coming to help… oh, and I’m Tina by the way.”

    “...I’m Tony.” I said optimistically. “Thanks for coming down…”

    “No problem.” Tina smiled. “Listen, follow me back to our group and I promise I’ll try to get you back to your group.”

    I raised an eyebrow. This woman seem a bit too nice. “I don’t know…”

    “I promise you I’m not a bad person… please trust me. I know how it’s like to be alone in this world. I want to help you… here.” She gave me her gun. “You can even check me. I’m not going to hurt you.”

    At this point, I pretty much said fuck it. Anything was better than the situation I was in right now. And my gut was telling me that this woman was a good person. “...Okay.”

    “Alright, just follow me. I’ll carry this backpack.” Tina picked up the backpack and opened the door. I wasn’t too comfortable with her holding the backpack. I was about to tell her that I can just hold it, but she had already walked out. “Come on.”

    I followed Tina up the road and made our way up a few steep hills. It wasn’t far from the building I was at, and we arrived at a bigger building. I can see that it was a gas station, but unlike all the other buildings in the town, this one was lit up. “We’re here.” She gave me my backpack. “Come on, I’ll show you everyone.”

    We both walked into the gas station, where four other people were laying down on the floor, all awake except for one woman. “Don’t worry guys, he’s good.”

    “Tina! You’re bringing random people into here?” A Mexican man freaked out.

    “Chill Mark, it’s fine, trust me.” Tina assured the man named Mark. “That’s Mark, that’s Kelsi, that’s Fiona, and that’s Joe.” She pointed to everyone.

    Mark was a Mexican man with brown eyes who seemed to be in his early thirties, and medium length black hair that was pulled back. She was wearing a grey sweatjacket with a white T-shirt underneath with blue jeans.

    Kelsi was young, in her late teens, definitely about eighteen or nineteen. She was very attractive and had big green eyes with wavy blonde hair.

    Fiona was older, not an elderly, but seemed to be in her mid to late thirties, a bit older than Mark. She had blue eyes and short, curly blonde hair. She was wearing a grey and blue shirt with blue pants and brown boots. She seemed about 5’ 7. She was person that was sleeping.

    Finally, Joe was definitely the oldest of the group. He was an elder, and seemed to be in his early sixties. He had wrinkles and short grey hair, and was a little bulky. He was brown eyes.

    “I’m Tony.” I introduced myself. “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna hurt you guys… I just want help finding my group.”

    “Of course…” Joe kindly responded. “Are you okay, young man?”

    “I’m fine… thank you.” I thanked him.

    “Excuse me, we barely know this guy.” Mark objected.

    “We aren’t just going to let him wander around in the dark rain.” Tina defended me.

    “He’s none of our business.” Mark stated. “Don’t you think so Kelsi?”

    “I don’t care to be honest.” Kelsi spoke. “I guess we’ll help him. As long as he doesn’t pull any moves.”

    I can tell these were good people for the most part. They weren’t going to do any harm to me.

    “Go ahead and rest, Tony.” Tina told me. “You look like you can use some.”

    “Alright, thanks…” I went and sat next to Joe.

    “You look horrible, no offense…” he chuckled. “You sure you alright?”

    “I’m sure.” I smiled.

    “Okay… we’ll help you find you friends tomorrow.” Joe grinned.

    “Whatever.” Mark turned to face the wall, and remained silent.

    “I… appreciate it, guys.” I announced.

    “No problem.” Tina and Joe said in unison.

    “...How old are you?” Kelsi asked randomly.

    “Uh… 28.” I replied, a bit confused.

    “Thought so.” Kelsi responded. “You’re not bad looking.”

    “Uh… thanks…” I replied, still confused. I think this teen was flirting with me.

    “Don’t act all weird Kelsi.” Tina laughed.

    “Just complimenting.” Kelsi let out a very slight giggle.

    The room fell silent for about ten seconds, and then I decided to lay down and try to get comfortable. Whether I find my group or not, I had to make myself at home with these people for now. These people that I met fifteen minutes ago. For the first time in this new life, I felt… alone. But that’s just how it goes nowadays.... and I hoped to find my group tomorrow, and no later than that. I got myself comfortable onto the floor and quickly fell asleep.


    And there it is… the end of the longest chapter in history. Haha, just kidding, but it sure felt like it. Don’t worry, Chapter 7 will be around soon, no longer than a week. I can finally write more often again. I would like to thank you for reading as always, especially for holding out on this long chapter. You guys are truly the best and I mean it. Thank you.

    I also apologize if this feels rushed, I had to get it out before tomorrow or else I wouldn’t be able to write for the next couple of days. And I’m not supposed to be up right now, so… yeah. I didn’t by no means rush it, but I am just a bit unsure since my parents can pretty much walk in at any time and catch me writing this, lol.

    I have also noticed a few new readers/voters. If you are reading this, thank you for stopping by and taking a quick read. Even if you do not return, I appreciate you giving this story a chance. I love writing this story and I hope all of you love reading it as much as I love writing it.

    As always, I have the usual questions. You don’t have to answer them, but it will greatly help if you do. Explanations also aren’t required, but again, it helps. I don’t really expect much detailed answers (or any answers really) because of the longevity of the chapter, but I’ll post them anyway.

    • Who was your favorite character(s) this chapter?

    • Who was your least favorite character(s) this chapter?

    • Was there any part of this chapter that particularly stood out?

    • What was your overall opinion on this chapter?

    • Was there anything you didn’t really like this chapter?

    • What would you like to see more of in future chapters?

    Thanks for reading everyone! I can’t wait to begin writing Chapter 7… I have lots of things in store!

  • Also, if you would like to know alternative choices/outcomes for this chapter, reply to this comment asking which choices you would have liked to know the alternative outcome for. As I said before, I put the most thought info this chapter out of all of the chapters in the story so far, so there are plenty of different outcomes that might take me a while to write, xD.

  • “I have no idea where they are… I have close friends, a girlfriend, please help me find them…”

    Well I guess that confirms how Tony feels about her.

    Who was your favorite character(s) this chapter?

    I would have to say that it was definitely Tony and Katrina. They are hands down amazing characters. (How funny that my two favorite characters are fans of one another). Haha

    Who was your least favorite character(s) this chapter?

    Kelsi, easy. That's Katrina's man and she doesn't need to be hitting on him. All jokes aside it was definitely Trevor he was just a straight up douchebag the entire time.

    Was there any part of this chapter that particularly stood out?

    I loved when Tony was running away from the walkers in the woods at night, with rain. It made me think about InKennyWeTrust and I's story and I particularly enjoyed how you played it off. It was very intense thinking that they could be anywhere and he would never know.

    What was your overall opinion on this chapter?

    I enjoyed it, I thought it was well written and the pacing was great.

    Was there anything you didn’t really like this chapter?

    I didn't really have many complaints, everything was good.

    What would you like to see more of in future chapters?

    A little more interaction with everyone in the group, some people were hardly talked to. This is very nitpicky by the way. Maybe the group could try finding their own place to set up shop and live there for a while and whatever you want to happen in the story happens.

    I seriously cannot wait for Chapter 7 to begin. So many questions are left to be answered! Is the group safe? Did Karen pull it together and get away? What is this new group like? Will Tony find his old group? The hype is indeed very real and I'm so happy how far your story has come!

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    Chapter 6: Part 12 March 17th, 2017. 6:12 P.M. [Leave Karen] “Karen!” I called out to her. “Come on, we gotta go!” Karen ignored

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    Thank you for the review! It is always appreciated.

    A little more interaction with everyone in the group, some people were hardly talked to.

    Yes, I agree. I always try my best to try and give each character their own amount of screen time, but sometimes it's just difficult to do with how the story is playing. Don't worry, we will get a chance to interact more and get to know each character more.

    I am glad you are excited for Chapter 7! Most of your questions shall be answered...

    The hype is indeed very real and I'm so happy how far your story has come!

    I am so glad too. I can't believe it has been going strong for over a year now. Thank you for your appreciation!

    “I have no idea where they are… I have close friends, a girlfriend, please help me find them…” Well I guess that confirms how Tony f

  • Oh man... that was one amazing finale! Tony's escape from the woods probably has to be one of the most tense parts in the entire story. And even though most of my favourite characters are currently separated from him, I am intrigued about this new situation. The people he just encountered are interesting characters and I look forward to learn more about them. I'm sure sooner or later he is going to be reunited with his group and it is going to be interesting to see how the two groups are going to interact with each other. And I hope the separation from his group won't be for too long. I need more Kat being adorable and more Dylan being badass and more Dom being one tough sonofabitch and well, more of this interesting group in general. Though I have the feeling that the search for the group could be one of the main plotlines in the next chapter and that the reunion might take some parts, maybe even until the end of the chapter.

    Who was your favorite character(s) this chapter?

    It is tied between Katrina, Dylan and Dom. Katrina is one of my all-time favourites for obvious reasons. In this chapter, I seriously loved her growing romance with Tony. The two were adorable together and I can't wait for when they meet again. Loosing Nick really brought out a softer and more vulnerable side of hers, which we haven't seen that much of before and as painful as Nick's death was, I enjoyed the development for Katrina that resulted out of it. Dylan has also been amazing in this chapter. He had always been one of my favourites, just always short of being among my top favourites, but I felt that he really stepped up in this chapter. When the group was unsure how to react towards Trevor and Billy, he was very decisive and it impressed me. I also loved how he dealt with Trevor, that has to be the most badass kill in the entire story so far. Meanwhile, Dom hadn't had that much to do in this chapter, which is justified since he still had to recover from his wounds. However, the little he did was wonderful and similar to the stuff I appreciated about Dylan. Everytime he opened his mouth, I found myself cheering for him.

    Who was your least favorite character(s) this chapter?

    Without a doubt it is Billy, this damn degenerate. I'm sure most of the readers will name Trevor as their least favourite, which is fine, but I hate Billy so much more that Trevor isn't even close to be my least favourite character. I mean, where to start? Obviously, I hate Billy for murdering Nick. I think I've explained in enough detail that he obviously shot him on purpose. Everything else makes no sense. Even if he would have shot another member of the group, I would have had nothing but hatred for him, because he murdered a group member in absolute cold blood. The previous antagonists who killed group members either did so in the heat of the moment (Dexter), sort of accidentally (Cole) or to punish the group for something they did (Fredrik), but Billy was actually the first villain who had absolutely no reason aside from being a complete sociopath. The implications his needless murder of Nick brought made me seriously shudder and I guess he would have slowly continued to murder group members if he would have survived this chapter.

    There is also one last thing I noticed, one more reason to despise Billy and one less reason to despise Trevor: Trevor never admitted that he killed Samantha. He obviously had a hand in her death, but the way he got nervous when confronted with it seemed a bit strange at first, considering how confident he was earlier. And then I realized one thing: What if Billy had raped and murdered Samantha? Since his entire personality is the epitome of evilness, it wouldn't be out of character for him. The way Trevor seemed to be obsessed with Billy made me think that he was certainly devoted enough to him to take the blame, but he never really got a chance to admit to it. So, I'm now pretty much convinced that Billy was also behind the rape and murder of Samantha. Perhaps he even raped her after he murdered her, he was certainly capable of such things. Seriously, Billy is the biggest monster they have encountered so far. He murdered Nick, he raped and murdered Samantha and even his final actions were nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt at manipulating the group. I'm so glad this monster is dead!

    Was there any part of this chapter that particularly stood out?

    In general, I loved the parts where Tony and Katrina had their moments together. They were utterly adorable and it was cute how they interacted. In terms of emotions, while certainly not my favourite part, the part where Nick got shot certainly stood out as well for me, because I was literally seething with rage. In fact, I was seething with rage every time Billy appeared or got mentioned, so I am glad that his appearance was kept to a minimum. But yeah, the Tony/Kat moments (They really need a fancy couple name now that they are official) stood out in particular. I also found the final two parts to be very intense.

    What was your overall opinion on this chapter?

    I loved it. Even though Nick got a painfully heartbreaking death, it might have been my favourite chapter so far. Truly, it was a brilliant chapter. The conflict between Billy the monster and our group was interesting, even though I felt the resolution a bit lacking (see next question). It was shocking to see someone like him, so completely devoid of redeeming traits. Of course, the developing romance between Tony and Kat was one of my absolute highlights in the entire story. I've been shipping them for a while now and it was awesome that it finally got canon. I can't wait to see what else is coming for them. The finale also has to be the best final part of the entire story so far, as I really felt this sense of chaos and danger that was going on there.

    Was there anything you didn’t really like this chapter?

    Actually, there was one detail I disliked, a nitpick at best. First of all, I am overjoyed that Billy is dead. He deserved to die and the nature of his death was one of the most painful ways imaginable. However, the more I think about it, the more I can't help but to feel slight disappointment at the fact that there was never any kind of resolution to his actions. He murdered Nick and was beaten up royally by Tony, but afterwards, nothing came out of it. I think there should have been at least some sort of confrontation between him, Tony and Katrina, considering that his actions took the most important person in Kat's life. I have actually highly anticipated some sort of confrontation between them. Sure, he ultimately had the painful death he deserved, but it was entirely unrelated to the monstrous acts he did earlier. In the end, I feel like this whole arc with him murdering Nick and Samantha had no real resolution. Considering that Kat and some of the others vocally called for vengeance, I would have loved a confrontation and feel like the absence of this confrontation is a bit of a wasted potential. Don't get me wrong though, this is only minor criticism. I still loved the chapter, I would have just liked some sort of resolution to this particular plotline.

    What would you like to see more of in future chapters?

    Maybe... more Katony? Yeah, this is my clever ship name for Kat and Tony XD Seriously though, this chapter has been brilliant. Despite my small nitpick earlier, there is nothing specific I can think of which I would like to see more of in future chapters. Just more of this wonderful story in general :D

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    Chapter 6: Part 12 March 17th, 2017. 6:12 P.M. [Leave Karen] “Karen!” I called out to her. “Come on, we gotta go!” Karen ignored

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    Hah, I was looking forward for this opportunity :D There are many, many alternative outcomes I'd like to know about, so let me start chronologically:

    In the second part, we had the choice to throw Nick's hand to the walkers to escape, or to help Deryck in fighting off the walkers. I'm curious, what would have happened if we had chosen to help Deryck instead?

    Then, of course, perhaps one of the most important choices in the entire story for me: In part 4, after Billy murdered Nick (in cold blood of course), what would have happened with the alternative outcomes? Specifically, what would have happened if we would have given him his well-deserved death right there and what would have happened if we wouldn't have hurt him or followed him back to the lodge?

    I can sort of think that it simply would have meant that the romance between Tony and Kat wouldn't have started, but what would have happened in particular if we wouldn't have chosen to kiss Katrina in part 5? Especially the [Thank Katrina]-option is awkwardly hilarious and I am curious about her reaction to this.

    Then, part Nr. 6. What would have happened if we would have chosen to go hunting with Billy? Considering how evil that guy is, I'm pretty sure he would have tried to murder Tony, but perhaps there would have been an alternative chance to kill him.

    And in part 8, what would have happened if we would have chosen to search for Billy? Would we have gotten a chance to prevent Billy from murdering Samantha?

    Finally, I have realized that Trevor's death had actually big consequences, since it alerted all the walkers, so what would have happened if we wouldn't have chosen to inspect Samantha's corpse? I mean, inspecting it was the logical choice, but I'm still curious about the alternative.

    Partition posted: »

    Also, if you would like to know alternative choices/outcomes for this chapter, reply to this comment asking which choices you would have lik

  • Who was your favorite character(s) this chapter? definintly Tony and Katrina. Those two are adorable together.

    Who was your least favorite character(s) this chapter?

    Trevor. Was that a question? That no good little piece of....

    Was there any part of this chapter that particularly stood out?

    Samantha's murder, for me at least. And that part where Tony was running from the walkers. That was good.

    What was your overall opinion on this chapter?

    It was great. I loved it.

    Was there anything you didn’t really like this chapter?

    No. I loved it all really.

    What would you like to see more of in future chapters?

    Nah. Not really. I like this story a lot and can't wait for more.

    So the chapter is over? Well snap. Tony is separated from the group, who knows where they are and well, who know anything anymore. This was a great chapter dude! I love it and want more!

    Partition posted: »

    Chapter 6: Part 12 March 17th, 2017. 6:12 P.M. [Leave Karen] “Karen!” I called out to her. “Come on, we gotta go!” Karen ignored

  • Karen made her choice. Tony tried his best but he did the right thing. This was the best for her and for him. I would have still liked if she would have showed a more determined side of her and would have pulled herself together but I respect her decision. Btw, this chapter finale was awesome! I hope Tony finds his old group soon.

    Who was your favorite character(s) this chapter?

    Easily Tony and Katrina. Both of them were among my favorite characters before but I like them even more now. I felt that they brought out the best in each other. Their interactions were cute and helped a lot in fleshing their characters out even better.

    Who was your least favorite character(s) this chapter?

    Trevor obviously! He was the most punchable guy in the entire story. I knew he would do stuff like that and as soon as he appeared, I have regretted that I chose to follow Billy back to the lodge. Billy is also one of my least favorite characters. Ever since Ben in the game, I hate characters who fuck up things because they are stupid. Billy put stupidity to a new leve and when he shot Nick, he appeared even mentally handicapped to me. There could have been more to him but in the end I was only annoyed at him.

    Was there any part of this chapter that particularly stood out?

    The final part was great! I also think the part where Ashley died and where Nick got shot stood out, because they were shocking deaths and I havent expected them.

    What was your overall opinion on this chapter?

    Awesome! Definitely one of my favorite chapters!

    Was there anything you didn’t really like this chapter?

    Yes, one thing that bothered me while I read this chapter again. I found it a bit strange that this entire group of badasses was so passive for most of the chapter. We had Eric and Dan and Dom and Dylan and Katrina who always said how much they hated Trevor and Billy but they never did anything. Even worse, Trevor was able to push all of them around so easily. They were all armed and all of them have been up to worse, so I found it hard to believe that he managed to intimidate them just with one gun. It made a bit of sense in the beginning, but in the part where he threw Tony and Eric out of the lodge, I have expected the group to turn against him instead of accepting it. It made no sense that they followed his orders just because he threatened to kill them because he was not in the position to threaten them.

    What would you like to see more of in future chapters?

    More everything! This story is so great, I cant wait for the next chapter.

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    Chapter 6: Part 12 March 17th, 2017. 6:12 P.M. [Leave Karen] “Karen!” I called out to her. “Come on, we gotta go!” Karen ignored

  • Liquid already asked most of the things I am curious about XD

    But I still have one question about the final choice: If we would have brought Karen along, what would have happened?

    Partition posted: »

    Also, if you would like to know alternative choices/outcomes for this chapter, reply to this comment asking which choices you would have lik

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